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A podcast about gaming history, fueled by beer.

A podcast about gaming history, fueled by beer.


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A podcast about gaming history, fueled by beer.




RHP, Episode 74 – Silent Hill: Sirens in the Fog

What better way to truly kick off Spooptober than with one of the most influential survival horror games of all time? Shane’s a huge fan of the series, so he’s got a whole lot to say on this one. Dim the lights, turn the radio dial to some soothing static, and wander into the fog...


RHP, Episode 73 – House of the Dead: Overkill (ft. Ginger & Willie of GRPVG)

Wassup, muthaf*ckas!? Guest hosts Ginger and Willie of the Grand Rapidians Play Video Games podcast join us to discuss one of their favorite Wii lightgun games of all time: House of the Dead: Overkill!


RHP, Episode 72 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tasteful Boob Physics

The votes are in for the inaugural quarterly PatronPoll, and we have been given this masterpiece… Boy, are we ever excited. Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the Game Boy Color with us; we’ll be at the Bronze, grabbing a drink and talking mad smack about those pesky vamps.


RHP, Episode 71 – Ninja Gaiden: F***in’ Birds, Man

Bats, cougars, and birds… Oh my! Ok, terrible cinema jokes aside, seriously: why is the wildlife just so MAD at Ryu Hayabusa, anyway? Nintendhost LPTyger joins the show once again to chat about Tecmo’s hard-as-nails NES action platformer: Ninja Gaiden!


RHP, Episode 70 – Interview w/ Derek Buck and Ashton Ruby of CGR Undertow

On a very special episode of RHP, we are joined by our most excellent Patron Ashton Ruby and the one and only Derek Buck of CGR Undertow to discuss their time working at one of the pioneers of gaming YouTube channels: Classic Game Room!


RHP, Episode 69 – Phantasy Star, Part 2: Myau is Life (ft. Paul of RFG)

Part 2 of our dive into Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System / Mark III has arrived! Join us for the conclusion of our time with Paul of the Region Free Gamers Podcast. Also: nice.


RHP, Episode 68 – Phantasy Star, Part 1: Myau is Love (ft. Paul of RFG)

Paul of the Region Free Gamers podcast joins us once again to discuss his favorite game of all time: Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System / Mark III! We had so much to discuss, we split it into two episodes, so be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 in two weeks!


RHP, Episode 67 – Portal: Aperture Science Enrichment Transmission

Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Podcasting Center. We hope our brief, regularly-scheduled absence was not entirely unpleasant. Your RSS feed has been processed and we are now ready to begin the episode proper.


RHP, Episode 66 – Diablo II: Not Even Death Can Save You

With rumors of an HD remaster swirling about, and (perhaps more importantly) the 20th anniversary of the game’s release in a matter of days, what better time to discuss Diablo II? So prepare yourself, mortal, for host Shane to gush a whole lot about quite possibly his favorite game of all time!


RHP, Episode 65 – Street Fighter II: The Search for Sheng Long

You must listen to this episode to stand a chance! Nintendhost LPTyger joins in once again to regale us with tales of stomping fools at the arcade. Just like Guile’s theme, RHP goes with everything, so pop those earbuds in and listen in as we discuss Street Fighter II!


RHP, Episode 64 – The Legend of Zelda: Ganon’s Pretty Bad Creatures

Turns out Nintendo’s marketing campaign for The Legend of Zelda may not be the only thing that has aged poorly. Nintendhost LPTyger jumps in once again to discuss Link’s very first adventure on the NES!


RHP, Episode 63 – Command & Conquer: The Tiberium Must Flow

Whether you’re defending the free world with the GDI or furthering the ideals of the Brotherhood of Nod, we’ve got you covered with our discussion of Westwood’s genre-defining classic: Command & Conquer!


RHP, Episode 62 – TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine (ft. Paul of Region Free Gamers)

Paul from the Region Free Gamers podcast joins us to discuss a system that, at least here in North America, lived in the shadow of behemoths like Nintendo and Sega: The NEC TurboGrafx-16 (or PC Engine in Japan and France). Join us as we shed some light on a console that should not be overlooked!


RHP, Episode 61 – Bleszinski’s Buff Bois: Gears of War

Tighten your doo-rags and rev up those chainsaw guns, ’cause we’re talking about the cover shooter that defined a console generation: Gears of War!


RHP, Episode 60 – Final Fantasy VII: Jenovah’s Witnesses (ft. LPTyger & Brianna)

This is a big one. Not only do we finally take a crack at one of gaming’s most beloved JRPGs, we are also joined by not one but TWO guest hosts, a first in the show’s history. Slot your materia and jump into the fray with us as we discuss Final Fantasy VII!


RHP, Episode 59 – Bowling with Grandma: Wii Sports (ft. LPTyger)

Honorary co-host LPTyger joins the show once again to talk Nintendo! Specifically, the game partly responsible for not only the company’s resurgence, but countless shattered television screens: Wii Sports!


RHP, Episode 58 – Star Wars Episode I Racer: Now THIS is Crashing!

Do you know what you get during a pod race? A lot of sand. Which is irritating… And gets everywhere. Strap in as we discuss the most thrilling competition in the Outer Rim!


RHP, Episode 57 – Sonic the Hedgehog: Mr. Needlemouse’s Wild Ride

GOTTA GO FAST… Until you don’t. Grab a chili dog or three and join us to determine if the Sega Genesis system-seller Sonic is an untouchable classic, an overrated relic of its time, or somewhere in between.


RHP, Episode 56 – Darksiders: God of Zelda May Cry

Demons! Angels! Fire! SKULLS! It’s one big very-much-Blizzard-art-style-inspired RPG adventure romp through a ravaged Earth! It’s Darksiders! Join us as we ride into the End Times with one of the legendary Four Horsemen: War!


RHP, Episode 55 – Super Mario Kart: Poopin’ Shells (ft. LPTyger)

Hot Mode 7 kart racing action! Special guest LPTyger, well-known figure in the Jacksonville gaming scene, comes on the show to discuss the SNES title that started it all: Super Mario Kart!