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Episode 19: Rubix Kube/Trixter

2 interviews in 1 episode! I had the honor of interviewing members of the band Rubix Kube, just before their show in Foxboro, on April 21, 2018. First up is Cherie and Scott - the lead singers, and John, the drummer. Then the second interview is Steve Brown and PJ Farley the guitarist and bassist, respectively, for both Rubix Kube and Trixter.


Episode 18: 80s Rad Retro Run - Pre Race w/ Toni McAlister

Come join Toni McAlister and me as we get psyched up for the most awesome race - The 80s Rad Retro Race. This will be State #7 as the Rhode Runner travels to Atlanta, Georgia for this May 5 race. Toni and I discuss the history of this race, and talk some 80s as well. And, we may love to Return to the 80s, but the chip technology for this race is on the cutting edge. So whether you're an elite runner, or you like taking you're time enjoying The Great Outdoors, come join us at Kennesaw State...


Episode 8: 1980 Year in Review

R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds; Play This, Not That - John Waite; Remember That Song; Top 10 Songs of 1980; Top 10 Movies of 1980;Top 10 Television Shows of 1980; Most Popular Toys of 1980; Long Distance Dedication; News Events of 1980


Episode 5: Slippery When Wet

We welcome Scott Compton of 80's Mixtape Autoreverse and 80s Reboot Overdrive to the show; "Rock & Roll" Hall of Fame voting; R.I.P. Florence Henderson; Remember That Song; '80s Trivia; Main topic: Slippery When Wet