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Episode 27: The Breakfast Club

Lizzie and Paul are back with a new crossover episode between Liz Laugh Cry and Return to the '80s. This time, they are covering the classic '80s movie, The Breakfast Club. First, Paul gives a recap of the Rubix Kube concert he attended, Then Lizzie recaps the Cher concert that she attended. Then they get into the main topic - The Breakfast Club. Lizzie had never seen the movie before, and Paul gets to relive his '80s days. Contact Lizzie Newton Instagram Podcast: Liz Laugh...


Return to 1989: March

Todd, Del, and Paul Return to March 1989 to go over news events, movie releases, and album releases. News Events March 2 Madonna's "Like a Prayer" premieres on worldwide Pepsi commercial - NY Mets stars Keith Hernandez and Darryl Strawberry famously nearly come to blows in front of reporters and TV crews at spring training March 9 Eastern Airlines files for bankruptcy March 12 15th People's Choice Awards March 15 "Les Miserables" opens at Royal Alexandra Theatre...


Episode 26: The Dirt

Good friends, Lizzie and Paul, are diggin' The Dirt - the Mötley Crüe movie on Netlfix. Lizzie, of the Liz Laugh Cry podcast, is a Millennial who has a love of the '80s. Check out this episode as Lizzie and Paul discuss The Dirt, and have a blast talking 80s music, and pop culture across both generations. Come join in on the fun!


Return to 1989: February

Todd, Del, and Paul Return to February 1989 to go over news events, movie releases, and album releases. News Events Feb 3 Military coup overthrows Alfredo Stroessner, dictator of Paraguay Feb 10 Celtic KC Jones & Cavalier Lenny Wilkens elected to NBA Hall of Fame Feb 15 Soviet military occupation of Afghanistan ends Feb 21 Paul leaves for Navy boot camp at Great Lakes, IL Feb 22 31st Grammy Awards: Don't Worry Be Happy, Faith, Tracy Chapman Record of the Year Linda Goldstein...


Episode 25: Prince March Madness

After the success of last year's Hall & Oates March Madness, this year Prince's top songs of the '80s will be doing battle against each other. We will begin with the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday, March 21, 2019. In this episode, we go over the first round brackets. When voting opens, you can visit, Twitter - @Returntothe80s, and the Return to the '80s Facebook page and Facebook group. Also, please check out Del's radio show, 80s at 8 on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8am...


Episode 24: Helen O'Hara - Best Movies of the 80s/The Princess Bride

Welcome Helen O'Hara, from Empire Magazine and The Telegraph, as well as author of the new book, Best Movies of the 80s. Helen and Paul discuss Helen's awesome new book, Best Movies of the 80s (available on Amazon). They also dive into one of the movies that is covered in the book - The Princess Bride. They talk about the actors and characters, as well as some behind the scenes stories, and not to mention, a philosophical discussion about female titles in film (or a lack thereof). Enjoy...


Return to 1989: Episode 1 - January

Welcome to a new podcast series called, Return to 1989. Inspired by T.G Monahan's Dreamin' in '89, we decided to take a look back and see what happened 30 years ago. Todd "T.G." Monahan Return to 1989 to go over news events, movie releases, and album releases. This month, we Return to January.


Episode 23: 1981 Year in Review

Robert and Paul welcome Ty Ray, from the Beats and Eats podcast, to the show. The guys Return to 1981, and count down the year's top songs, movies, and television shows. Also, find out what the biggest selling toys were in 1981, and reminisce on the big news stories of the year. As this current decade comes to a close, come join us to Return to the greatest decade ever, and check out the awesome year of 1981! Check out the web site at You can find Ty at the Beats and...


Epsisode 22: T.G. Monahan - Dreamin' in '89

Paul and Del welcome author Todd "T.G." Monahan. T.G. has released a novel that takes place in a time that is near and dear to our hearts - the 80s! The story takes place in the summer of 1989. It is a coming-of-age story as Seb deals with bullies, tries to win the attention of a girl, and goes on a mission to make enough money to buy the Dreamin' and become a world-renowned radio-controlled pilot, earning his father's respect. It has all the elements of a great '80s story, and actually...


Episode 21: Summer Concert Series 2018

We welcome Del Roehling to the show! He hosts 80s at 8 on WEDM FM on Saturdays and Sundays at 8am. He also gives us Each Remember That Song trivia. Del, Robert, and Paul each discuss a concert they went to this summer. Check out the show notes at


Episode 20: Journey and Def Leppard 2018 Tour

Robert and Paul coincidentally saw the Journey and Def Leppard concert 2 nights apart. So we discuss this awesome tour! **WARNING: SPOILER ALERT IN THIS EPISODE!!!** If you plan on seeing this concert, and want to be surprised with the set list, please come back after the show. Robert and Paul cover every song and solo played during this show. Go to for the show notes.


Episode 19: Rubix Kube/Trixter

2 interviews in 1 episode! I had the honor of interviewing members of the band Rubix Kube, just before their show in Foxboro, on April 21, 2018. First up is Cherie and Scott - the lead singers, and John, the drummer. Then the second interview is Steve Brown and PJ Farley the guitarist and bassist, respectively, for both Rubix Kube and Trixter.


Episode 18: 80s Rad Retro Run - Pre Race w/ Toni McAlister

Come join Toni McAlister and me as we get psyched up for the most awesome race - The 80s Rad Retro Race. This will be State #7 as the Rhode Runner travels to Atlanta, Georgia for this May 5 race. Toni and I discuss the history of this race, and talk some 80s as well. And, we may love to Return to the 80s, but the chip technology for this race is on the cutting edge. So whether you're an elite runner, or you like taking you're time enjoying The Great Outdoors, come join us at Kennesaw State...


Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to Rhode Runner Radio! This episode is just a little introduction to myself and my running history. Check me out at


Episode 17: Glass Houses

We welcome Scott Ryan back to the show. This is the first of our Billy Joel album series. The gang discusses the loss of Tom Petty. Then there is some Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination talk. We have our regular segments, Play This, Not That, featuring the other Piano Man, Remember That Song, and '80s Trivia. Then we get into our main topic - Billy Joel's Glass Houses album. Go to to find out more about Scott, and to purchase his book, thirtysomething at...


Episode 16: Footloose

The Return to the '80s Podcast is back! We return in a big way, talking about one of the most iconic '80s movies. Robert and Paul are joined once again by Marissa (who last appeared on the '80s Crushes episode). So come cut loose with Return to the '80s, where dancing IS allowed, and join in on the discussion of this classic movie, and enjoy some great music along the way!


episode fifteen: thirtysomething at thirty

We welcome Scott Ryan to the show. Paul and Scott discuss Scott's new book (available June 7, 2017) thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history. But, that's not all! We look back on the lives of the late Erin Moran and Don Rickles. This week's Play This, Not That features Billy Joel, which leads to a discussion of Billy Joel. There is also a new Remember That Song and '80s Trivia, along with some more '80s talk. So, hop in the Delorian, and enjoy the ride of this episode of Return to the...


Episode 14: Never Seen It - Highlander

We welcome Doug McCoy to the podcast. Doug is a podcasting veteran, hosting shows such as 80s Anthologies, In the Theater, Crazy Creepy Cool Movies, The Pappy and the Pastor, and Never Seen It. In the spirit of Never Seen It, we decided to review a film that at least one of us had not seen - Highlander. In addition to our review of this classic movie, Robert has a concert review of Asia and Journey, a new Play This, Not That, and an all new Remember That Song and 80s Trivia.


Episode 13: 80s Movie Villains

It's time for another '80s crossover event! This month, The 80s League is covering 80s movie villains. In this episode, Paul gives a review of the recent Ghostbusters movie; Robert and Paul discuss Robert's latest article, 'In Defense of Journey Without Steve Perry; There is a new Play This, Not That, featuring Survivor; There is a new Remember That Song, and '80s Trivia is still up for grabs; Then the guys talk about their favorite 80s villains. We'd like to hear about yours. Email us at...


Episode 12: This Week in March 1984

We Return to the week ending March 10, 1984, and count down the top 10 hits from that week, as well as see what the top movies were at this time. We also take a look at what was on television this week.