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Episode 11 - Troy Millette

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 010 of Riff On, with very special guest, Vermont singer, songwriter, guitarist and Netflix enthusiast, Troy Milette (@MilletteMusic). Troy has been playing the Vermont music scene since 2010 and after starting off his musical career as a solo guitarist, he partnered with violinist, Dylan Gombas, and they won the 2017 Grand Point North Seven Days Local Band Contest. For the 2018 edition of Grand Point North,...


Episode 10 - Radio & Podcasts

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) once again welcome The Voice of God, Mel Allen (@TheRealVoiceMel) and launch Episode 010 of Riff On, planning to talk solely about podcasts and podcasting...our new on demand lifestyle. Eric D., after going to school and having a radio background, wishes there was more music-based podcasts. However, due to music licensing and copyrighting, it's not as common as talk-based podcasts. Andrew immediately brings up Mike Luoma,...


Episode 009 - #BTV: Music & Beyond

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 009 of Riff On talking about Wheel of Fortune out of all things, and how they used to "shop" at Service Merchandise at the end of the show, a store that Eric worked at in 1992 and 1993. Andy's family bought an Atari in Service Merchandise in 1981 and years later, his wedding ring, which he just lost. Eric recollects his enjoyment of working at Service Merchandise, including all of the different rolls he had...


Episode 008 - What's New?

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 008 of Riff On off talking about what's been keeping them busy over the last five months. Eric D. blames Andrew on his gigging schedule with The Owl Stars. One of the last shows that The Owl Stars performed was at Stone Corral Brewery in Richmond, Vermont. Stone Corral hosts bands and open mics, typically from 7pm to 10pm. Richmond has an outstanding community, and On The Rise Bakery is mentioned, as well...


Episode 007 - Top of Our Head

Riff On's co-host Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) is joined by Pauly V (@varricc) to launch Episode 007, talking everything right off the top of their head. From music and CDs and Spotify to radio, maps and television. Pauly V. visits the Riff On studio in Colchester, Vermont for the very first time. Left alone in the studio, he admires some of the artwork on Eric D's studio wall, which includes a drawing of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam who he thought was Max Cavalera of Sepultura. Eric D. reflects...


Episode 006 - Electronics

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) are joined by Mel Allen (@TheRealVoiceMel) to launch Episode 006 of Riff On, talking electronics and namely computers, video games and technology because at this point, all of the hosts have been around computers and technology for 30+ years, including Coleco Vision, the Atari 2600, Merlin and Simon. Recollecting Ames, Service Merchandise and Star Trek technology, Mel was introduced to computers in 1984, Andrew, in 1981 and...


Episode 005 - Daughters

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) and joined by Mel Allen (@TheRealVoiceMel) to launch Episode 005 of Riff On, talking daughters and family. Andrew has a seven year old and ten year old daughter, Mel a four year old, nine year old and twenty-two year old and Eric D. has an almost sixteen year old, who lives in Los Angeles with her mom, a four and a half year old daughter and an almost seven year old son. Andrew, Eric D. and Mel immediately go down a...


Episode 004 - Live Music

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 004 of Riff On, talking live music. Andrew and Eric discuss how they met when Andrew was playing with his former Citizen Bare bandmate, John Gratton, at the Monkey House in Winooski. Eric recollects his DJ background at WIZN and WEZF and his experience working with the Burlington-based band, Currently Nameless. Beyond Andrew's experience in Citizen Bare, which started in 2007, Andrew plays live music out...


Episode 003 - Social Media

Podcast: Episode #003 Subtitle: Social Media Post Date: January 2, 2018 Hosts: Andrew James and Eric D. Show Notes: Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 003 of Riff On, talking social media. Andrew and Eric discuss how they connected at first mainly over social media and how the platforms have changed from anonymous profiles to the Google-ability of todays. MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ello, LIVE...


Episode 002 - Bleed Celtics Green

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 002 of Riff On, titled 'Bleed Celtics Green'. Andrew and Eric discuss their one mutual love when it comes to professional sports, the Boston Celtics. With their love of the Green going back to the mid-80's, the showtime Lakers, the Bad Boys of the Detroit Pistons and the original Big 3 - Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish. The ESPN 30 for 30 'Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies'...


Episode 001 - 21 Years of Craft Beer

Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 001 of Riff On, titled '21 Years of Craft Beer'. Andrew shouts out the Two Brews Podcast early on, started by Matt Gadaus and Kris Jarrett, check their archives out at http://twobrewspodcast.weebly.com/ Andrew and Eric discuss their history with craft beer and namely, Vermont Beer. Andrew lived in Haiti, Toronto, Belfast, Rwanda, Burundi and Asheville, NC and then got into beer started a wee late, in 2006,...


Episode 000 - Riff On What?

Andrew James and Eric D. host the Riff On Podcast. What do they plan on talking about? The sky is the limit. Craft beer. Live music. Sports. Pop Culture. Vermont. CDs. TV. Movies. Whatever is on their mind that they can 'Riff On' Andrew James hosts The Local Haunt on Facebook. Eric D. also hosts the Let's Fix Construction podcast. www.LFCpodcast.com Thank you for tuning in and be sure to give us a follow on Twitter or Instagram at @RiffOnPodcast and a like on Facebook at...