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10: The Perfect Christmas Present (2017) with Ellen Tannam

Journalist and podcaster Ellen Tannam joins Alan and Jeanne for the last episode of this series of Roast Chestnuts. The gang talk about 2017’s The Perfect Christmas Present, the heartwarming tale of a man who can find the perfect present for anyone and a woman who’s just moved across the country to be with a boyfriend that she’s kind of meh about. He finds himself getting too close to his latest client ( the woman we just mentioned) and everything he thought he knew begins to unravel. Will...


9: Undercover Christmas (2003) with Patrick Freyne

Happy St. Stephen’s Day! Patrick Freyne of the Irish Times joins Alan and Jeanne to talk about 2003’s Undercover Christmas, the heartwarming tale of a cocktail waitress who agrees to give evidence against her fraudster boyfriend and ends up being taken to an FBI agent’s parents’ house for Christmas to hide out. The waitress and the FBI agent have to convince his parents that they’re a couple. Will the fake couple become a real couple? Who knows. Fun fact: this is the film that inspired this...


8: A Bride For Christmas (2012) with Conor Behan

2FM DJ Conor Behan joins Alan and Jeanne to talk about 2012’s A Bride For Christmas, the heartwarming tale of a man who makes a sociopathic bet that he can get engaged in less than four weeks and a woman who’s left three men at the altar and sworn off marriage forever. Will they get together? *shakes magic 8 ball* All Signs Point To Yes. A Bride For Christmas was written by Barbara Kymlicka, directed by Gary Yates, and stars Arielle Kebbel, Andrew W. Walker, and Kimberly Sustad. Follow Conor...


7: Fir Crazy (2005) with Eithne Shortall

Eithne Shortall, Sunday Times chief arts writer and author of Love In Row 27, joins Alan and Jeanne to talk about 2013’s Fir Crazy. Fir Crazy is the heartwarming tale of a woman who takes over her family’s Christmas tree lot for one fateful Christmas, steals electricity from a department store, and finds love along the way. Fir Crazy was written by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy, directed by Craig Pryce, and stars Sarah Lancaster, Eric Johnson, and Colin Mochrie. Eithne Shortall‘s...


6: Recipe For A Perfect Christmas (2005) with Bobby Aherne

No Monster Club’s Bobby Aherne joins Alan and Jeanne to dissect 2005’s Recipe For A Perfect Christmas, the heartwarming tale of a food writer who gets her big break and sets her lonely mother up with a desperate chef in order to stop them both from annoying her. Will she find love along the way? Will there be salsa dancing? Will a man get fired for sleazy behaviour in the first five minutes in a way that we’re only learning to do now in 2017? Recipe For A Perfect Christmas was written by...


5: Christmas With Holly (2012) with Caroline Foran

Writer and co-founder of Caroline Foran joins Jeanne and Alan to watch Christmas With Holly (2012), the heartwarming story of a man who moves in with his brothers in a last-ditch attempt to get his deceased sister’s traumatised daughter to speak again. It’s also the heartwarming story of a jilted bride who opens a toy shop on an island in order to start over. Will they find love? With each other? Even though one of them has a long-term girlfriend? We’ll see. Christmas With...


4: A Heavenly Christmas (2016) with Emer McLysaght

Writer Emer McLysaght joins Jeanne and Alan to watch A Heavenly Christmas (2016), the heartwarming story of a woman who dies and goes to heaven but gets sent back to Earth to make a little girl’s wish come true and falls in love along the way. A Heavenly Christmas was written by Gregg McBride, directed by Paul Shapiro and stars Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack, and Shirley MacLaine. Near the end, Alan says that Albert Brooks starred in a 70s movie called Heaven Can Wait. It’s actually a 1991...


3: A Wish For Christmas (2016) with Roisin Kiberd

Writer Roisin Kiberd joins Jeanne and Alan to watch A Wish For Christmas (2016), the heartwarming story of a woman who gets a wish granted by SANTA CLAUS and has 48 hours to use the wish to change her life for the better and maybe fall in love and help others along the way too. We talk about the film, Vancouver, serial killers, actors pretending to work in offices, sigils, The Secret, and more serial killers. A Wish For Christmas was written by Helen Frost & Don McLeod, directed by Christie...


2: I’ll Be Home For Christmas (2016) with Esther O’Moore Donohoe

Esther O’Moore Donohoe of The 80% podcast joins Jeanne and Alan to watch I’ll Be Home For Christmas (2016), the heartwarming story of a single mother trying to accommodate her cranky ex-cop father’s behaviour even though she’s very busy with AN IMPORTANT CASE. Along the way, the Roast Chestnuts gang find out what honey pears are, decide that Sharon Horgan’s Divorce was underrated, and write a very excellent sequel to I’ll Be Home For Christmas. I’ll Be Home For Christmas was written by Robin...


1: A Princess For Christmas with Fuchsia MacAree

Welcome to the first episode of Roast Chestnuts, a podcast about made for TV Christmas movies. This week, Jeanne, Alan, and special guest Fuchsia MacAree watch A Princess for Christmas (2011), a heartwarming tale about a woman who brings her orphaned niece and nephew to a fictional European country to spend Christmas with the family they never knew. Will she find love along the way? Yes, of course she will. A Princess For Christmas was written and directed by Michael Damian and stars Katie...


Roast Chestnuts | A Christmas Movies Podcast

Jeanne Sutton and Alan Maguire believe that the true spirit of Christmas lives in Made For TV Christmas Rom-Coms. That’s why they’ve started Roast Chestnuts, a new, limited-run series on the HeadStuff Podcast Network. Every Friday from November 3rd until Christmas they, along with a special guest, will be introducing you to a new Christmas movie, some good, some not great, but all very much made for TV. The first movie is 2011’s A Princess For Christmas so get watching and we’ll see you...