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Ep. 11: The Ketchup's Catchup

In this week’s episode your co-hosts get back to their bread and butter and catch up on news that they’ve missed over the past few weeks. Gorgo and Roger discuss what’s been going on at the White House including the block of certain (left-leaning) news outlet; the Republican’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare with the American Health Care Act; how women ruined A Day Without A Woman--including Gorgo; the disgraced and former pick as the National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn; what the...


Ralf DeLuz interview--The Urban Austin Soound

In this week’s episode Gorgo interviews Audio Visual Producer Raf DeLuz (@raf_deluz) about his job in the music industry and learns a little more about the Austin urban music scene. The two delve into his personal style, artists he’s worked with and discuss ways to improve the participation of both artists and consumers of Austin live music. This inaugural guest episode even features music from Cody Brandell and B. Chenz. This is one you don’t want to miss! To hear more from Cody Brandell...


Ep. 7-The Dicks, dicks, dicks

This week Gorgo and Roger talk about the outcome of SuperBowl LI, why guys send unsolicited dick pics, Betsy De Vos’ appointment as Secretary of Education, Trump Tweets, why human organs are being grown in pigs and highlight a little known African American trailblazer in celebration of Black History Month! Don’t forget, if you like the show we LOVE for you to rate us FIVE stars and tell your friends about and make them subscribe to us and make them rate us FIVE stars too. It’s super easy....


Ep. 4: The Government's Chastity Belt

In this week’s episode Gorgo goes on a bit of rant. She’s not happy about a few things and is going to give you all an ear full. She revisits an earlier topic on fuck boys and tries to make sense of why guys make plans that they have no intentions of keeping. She also circles back to her Snapchat (sippisfinest) rant that was briefly mentioned in the previous episode. Gorgo and Tony review one of the latest hits to women’s health--the Senate’s vote that is poised to decrease the amount of...


Ep. 6 The sorry not sorry

In this week’s episode, The Sorry Not Sorry, Gorgo is joined again by Roger as they discuss Facebook and free speech, an episode of The Hidden Brain titled The Deep Story (more later), Trump’s infamous tweets, boring sex (yawn) and if you can truly be friends with an ex...along with other random tangents as they get off topic per usual. The two go into a lengthy discussion about this new phenomena the “oppression” of the white working class. This is spurred from haven recently listened to...


Episode 3: The Homeless Trump

In this week’s episode we go over the age old argument of who should pay for the date and etiquette when the bill arrives. Gorgo is up to her usual shenanigans but today’s story comes with an unsuspecting twist. We’ll discuss what’s going on in the American government, make fun of people in the TIFU thread, discuss president-elect Trump’s “twitter fingers” and let you know about some of OUR favorite podcasts. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/rogerthatpodcast and like...


The Sequel

In Episode 2, Gorgo and Tony are back discussing Donald Trump, Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunes, Fuckboys, Social Media, and the prospect of being catfished in the year 2017. Happy New Year.


The Pilot

The Pilot Episode of the Roger That! Podcast. Gorgo and Tony discuss customer service, flying on the airlines, and various topics relatable to any listener.


Show 0.5: The Prequel to Roger That! Podcast

This isn't actually the first show of our podcast, but we wanted to say hey to you guys! It's short, so you shouldn't have any problem paying attention. We are excited to bring you Roger That! and hope you'll stick with us throughout this journey! Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/rogerthatpodcast Follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/rogerthatpodcast Follow me (Gorgo)on Twitter at @notyour_queen For inquiries email us at rogerthatpodcast@gmail.com Chat soon :)


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