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The Nature Of Contradiction Ep. 14 - Running With The Hunted

In this week’s episode of the show The Other Guy takes on The ‘Nature’ of Contradiction. Listen in as he talks about how a Corona commercial got him thinking about the environment, and what our future may hold (if we aren’t careful). He continues to speak on his time in Tonga and shares a bit on a moment when the universe almost caused him to drown; and why everyone should embrace being a ‘tree hugger.’ [remember you can follow the show on Twitter or Facebook. Reviews, Shares, Comments,...


The Moon & The Raindrops Ep. 13 - Running With The Hunted

In this week's episode of the show The Other Guy talks about the moon and the raindrops and how they pertain to his time living in the South Pacific. Listen to a tale of embracing the possibilities, running toward the future and how a little inclement weather shouldn't keep you away from what you desire. [remember to follow the show on Twitter and Facebook & Reviews, Shares, Comments, Follows and dialogue are always appreciated]


Fear Of The Wasted Years Ep. 12 - Running With The Hunted

In this episode The Other Guy talks about his 'I was in a band' chapter of the story of his life and how his time grinding for the group changed his outlook and work ethic forever. On the eve of his 40th birthday The Other Guy examines his time in San Francisco playing music; and how talent isn't the deciding factor in success. He touches on working in the Airline industry, spending time with family, and how we control our own sense of self. Tune in to this episode to learn a little more...


The Debt Collector Ep. 11 - Running With The Hunted

In this episode of Running With The Hunted, The Other Guy talks about the importance of communication between couples, milestone memory markers and how you can never avoid the debt collector. Tune in to hear about how his musing on hot water heater technicians, foot fungus and how micromanagement is never a good idea. Remember to comment, share and review the show – and you can contact The Other Guy anytime on Twitter or email at


Truth That’s Hard to Find Ep. 10 - Running With The Hunted

In this episode of the podcast The Other Guy keeps it short and sweet... concentrating on the topic of truth - The way we accept it, find it and ultimately deal with the inconvenience of it all. Be sure to follow, share and review the podcast - and remember you can always contact the show at or on Twitter.


The N Word Ep. 09 - Running With The Hunted

In this episode of the show The Other Guy speaks on his time in Northern Italy and how Milan, LeBron James and the N-word took center court on his vacation. He gives his thoughts on Nationalism and how every aspect of our life is intentional. Listen in to hear why desire involves the recognition of the lack of something and how we have the freedom to change the basis of our values. Be sure to leave a review and remember you can always contact The Other Guy at...


The Scripture Writers Ep. 8 - Running With The Hunted

In this episode of Running With The Hunted The Other Guy ponders the idea of media, journalism and the truth. He observes children playing together at the opera and sees an outline for the future. Please be sure to review, comment and share the pod! You can contact The Other Guy at and don't forget to follow him on twitter.


Green With Envy Ep. 7 - Running With The Hunted

Green With Envy has The Other Guy talking about the world of baby apparel. With the addition to his family he has recently undertaken the task of purchasing baby gear. Listen in to hear about his experience with the apparel envy taking place while he walks the streets in his Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air; and the painstaking measure he took in selecting just the right stuff for his daughter. He offers an open and honest review of multiple products and welcomes your input as well! Be sure...


Parenthood Ep. 6 - Running With The Hunted

In this week’s episode aptly titled Parenthood, The Other Guy returns from hiatus to talk about a huge life change… the addition of his daughter Frances Olivia. He discusses with sincerity the struggles of conceiving as well as the stress that having fertility issues place on a relationship. Take a listen to his thoughts on Facebook comments as well as knowing the difference between friends and acquaintances. Remember to take the time to review the show and please share this episode with...


Hunters & Gatherers Ep. 05 - Running With The Hunted

In Hunters & Gatherers, The Other Guy speaks with Ilana Strauss, Assistant Editor at From The Grapevine. They discuss an article she wrote for the Mother Nature Network regarding Why I Spent My Vacation Living With Hunter-Gatherers in the Rainforest. The conversation evolves into a discussion about the perfect society, communal living and the arbitrary nature of the eight-hour workweek. Please be sure to leave a review of the show and don’t forget to follow the podcast and Ilana on Twitter.


The Hard Yes vs. The Easy No Ep. 04 - Running With The Hunted

The Hard Yes vs. The Easy No, has The Other Guy talking about his rough week of trying to get things done. He reflects on an epiphany he had while drinking Jack Daniel's at a Gelato shop, his broken Italian and getting lost at the circus. He also finds out first hand that paying attention to the little things can change your whole perspective. Be sure to listen and see what The Other Guy challenges you to do this upcoming week. Plus, don’t forget to leave a review or drop The Other Guy a...


Lousy Quarterbacks and Bad Baristas Ep. 03 - Running With The Hunted

In Lousy Quarterbacks and Bad Baristas The Other Guy tackles the idea of overcoming adversity, how being a rational response to an irrational situation doesn’t make you the crazy one and warns you of the dangers of becoming someone you don’t want to be - in your quest to achieve your goals. The Other Guy shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick as well as navigates the waters of Hazelnut verse Caramel Frappuccions. Enjoy the episode and remember to leave a Review.


Ass Not Class Ep. 02 - Running With The Hunted

Ass not Class brings the structure of Running With The Hunted into clear focus. Now that the awkward introductions are out of the way The Other Guy dives right into the heart of issues. The show begins with ‘the thinning of the herd’ where The Other Guy talks about some of the accusations Donald Trump and his underlings have made regarding surveillance; reminding us that you “never go full retard.” Shifting focus from the freak show of the current administration The Other Guy also dives...


Quiet Lull Between Problems Ep. 01 - Running With The Hunted

The Quiet Lull Between Problems is your second date with The Other Guy. We are a little past the awkward introductions, but still in that getting to know you phase. In that spirit your host continues to let you in on more of his background and thoughts. The Other Guy talks about his time spent in the South Pacific, a three mile walk and trees that fly. The episode picks up steam as he talks about the similarities of bipolar disorder and marriage. The Other Guy dives into the love and...


Those Awkward Introductions Ep. 00 - Running With The Hunted

Running With The Hunted host “The Other Guy” gets deflowered in the first episode of the podcast. He talks about buying his first album, city life in the underbelly of San Francisco, cheap perfume and travelling the world: All in the first three minutes. The show highlights his personal experience ranging from sex and heartache to being sent to “special” school in his youth. The episode serves as an icebreaker between your host, The Other Guy and you: the listener. Tune in and listen to...