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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.

Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.


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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.




Episode 40: Paterson

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Whether you plan on grabbing a pint at the bar, or sipping tea from a black and white spotted mug, get comfortable and prepare to be soothed (actually, not likely) by the dulcet tones (ha!) of your podcasters as they cover Jim Jarmusch's poetic masterpiece, 2016's Paterson! Be lulled by Lisha as she pines over a fictional bus driver and laments the fact that he's, you know, FICTIONAL, don't be put off by the fact that Jules might use this film as a hypnotic...


Episode 39: Standing Up, Falling Down

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! The beverage of the night this time around is the classy Jägerbomb; 3,2,1, drop it in and get ready to lose your balance with Lisha and Jules this week as they cover Matt Ratner's 2019 directorial debut Standing Up, Falling Down! Listen up as Lisha finally gets to lose her mind over her current celebrity infatuation David Castañeda, Jules gets a bit salty over some good 'ole J.J.-style lens flares, and your hosts get a bit snippy over a difference in...


Episode 38: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Get the espresso machine up and runnin' for this one, or head on down to the Bean-N-Gone for a cup 'o java to get your energy up as Lisha and Jules get down 'n dirty with Kevin Smith's 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno! Turn the volume up and listen as Lisha cackles over her favorite one liners, Jules can't get over the adorable Jason Mewes, and both of your podcasters croon over how Craig Robinson is honestly too good for this world. Get Barry over here...


Episode 37: Trick 'r Treat

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Load up on candy and sugar this week, friends and fiends; it's Trick 'r Treat time! Throw on those costumes and light up those jack 'o lanterns as Lisha tries to adopt a demon and a baby witch, Jules does her best to clamber out of the basement this week, and both of your hosts nearly murder each other over a movie that has nothing to do with Trick 'r Treat or the brilliant Michael Dougherty before the episode even starts. Don't...


Episode 36: The Blair Witch Project

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Your podcast hosts encourage you to fill your canteens to the brim this week, because they're taking you deep into the woods to talk about the 1999 cult classic, The Blair Witch Project! Listen close as Lisha reminisces about being a terrified and obsessive ten-year-old weirdo, Jules keeps meandering down into the basement, and both of them relate to and defend Mike to death because he's just the best and that's a hill they will...


Episode 35: Hereditary

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Brew yourself something strong (and preferably nut free!) and join us around the séance table as we discuss Ari Aster's 2018 feature length debut, Hereditary! Listen closely (cluck) as Lisha passionately devolves into madness over her admiration of Alex Wolff's performance, Jules somehow squees and laments at the same time over many things (squaments? lamees?), and both of your podcasters lose their heads (cluck) over the...


Episode 34: Afflicted

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Grab yourself a red (wine, rooibos, platelet drink?) and turn down the lights, because your hosts are thrilled to be covering Derek Lee and Clif Prowse's 2013 found footage masterpiece, Afflicted! Cover your eyes and open your ears as Lisha waxes poetic about tragic characters, Jules gets excitable over the technical aspects of frugal filmmaking, and both of your podcasters marvel over the fact that two friends with a few cameras...


Episode 33: Filth

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Grab a pint and a bunch of Clorox wipes (if you can find 'em!), because it's about to get gross as the gals cover Jon S. Baird's 2013 adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel, Filth! We swear it's not a hallucination, Lisha really is outraged over just about everything depicted onscreen, Jules really is obsessed with James McAvoy, and both of 'em somehow find a lot of nice things to say about the filmmaking aspects of one of their lowest rated films covered on the...


Episode 32: The Devil All the Time

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! We hope that whatever you're brewing up for yourself this week, it's stronger than hell, because you're gonna need it to jump into the pit of horror and spiders that is Antonio Campos' 2020 adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's novel, The Devil All the Time! Pull up a seat at the prayer log (but, like, please don't) and give Lisha a listen as she damn near goes DEEEELUSSSSIONAL over Robert Pattinson's performance, lend Jules a helping hand as she rank-orders the...


Episode 31: Taxi Driver

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Order up a Coke (unless all you got is a Royal Crown Cola), hop in the back of our cab and crank up the speakers because this week, we're coming at you with a down 'n dirty classic: 1976's Taxi Driver, directed by none other than the legend himself, Martin Scorsese! Lend us your ears as Lisha hate/love/hates on the film's protagonist villain, Travis (but just straight up loves on Robert DeNiro), Juliet spouts off about wanting to punch everyone except for sweet...


Episode 30: Django Unchained

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Put on the kettle and settle in for a wild wild ride out west as Lisha and Jules take on Tarantino for the first time with 2012's Django Unchained! Get snazzy and buckled into the tooth-mobile while Lisha fights off tears of fury in order to lavish praise over Hildi/Kerry Washington, Jules adores Christoph Waltz and refuses to say Monsieur (because FUCK CALVIN CANDIE), and both of your podcasters struggle to find words to describe how much they love Django,...


Episode 29: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

*Hello, dear listeners! Thank you for your patience; we know many of you were excited about this week's episode, and we appreciate feeling supported as we took a few days off from, well, everything, in order to allow ourselves the time and space to begin processing the loss of the ineffable Chadwick Boseman on August 28, 2020. From the outpouring of love we received during Marvel Movie May, we know that this is a difficult loss for a lot of you as well. We love you all, and we're all in this...


Episode 28: You Can Count On Me

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Jump on a bus and head to the small town of Ridiculous Podcasters, because this week Lisha and Jules are covering Kenneth Lonergan's directorial debut, 2000's You Can Count on Me! Let us all sit down for a mildly (wildly?) uncomfortable lunch together while Lisha spirals down a pit of Lonergan-dialogue obsession, Jules fights tooth and nail to pronounce ANYTHING related to the damn DIRECTOR of the film, and both of them cock their heads in confusion over Brian...


Episode 27: Jojo Rabbit

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Get ready to hunt some carrots with Lisha and Jules this week as they review the brilliant Taika Waititi's 2019 genre-bending war/dramedy/satire, Jojo Rabbit! Lend the ladies your ears as Lisha simultaneously giggles and holds back sobs over the brilliance of Waititi's use of foreshadowing and handle on female characters, as Jules breaks character to get her feelings all over the place (namely regarding Sam Rockwell, those gut-punch moments, and the CHILDREN),...


Episode 26: Pan's Labyrinth

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Draw yourself a chalk door and crawl into a world of horrific fantasy this week as Lisha and Jules delight over Lisha's favorite film of all time, Guillermo del Toro's 2006 masterpiece Pan's Labyrinth! Grab a seat at the table (but don't touch the grapes!) and listen to Lisha get teary eyed over the character alignments of mythical creatures and asshole fascists, Jules fawns over the faun, and both ladies lament over how Ofelia is just the epitome of A GOOD...


Episode 25: Knives Out

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Can you believe Lisha and Jules have made it to episode 25? They can't; it's a mystery! Join them as they dissect an even greater mystery, of the murder persuasion; This week, they're covering Rian Johnson's 2019 star-studded whodunit, Knives Out! Brew up a nice cuppa or light up a hefty cigar and lend your ears to Jules get geeked about backstory and detail, Lisha try to stumble her way (via improv!) through approximately seventy five thousand characters, and...


Episode 24: Shaun of the Dead

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Come on down to the Winchester with your lovely hosts Lisha and Jules as they review Edgar Wright's first feature length film, 2004's Shaun of the Dead! The first of two fan requested films this month, grab your nearest zombie-beating weapon and listen in as Jules spills her guts over her all time favorite film, Lisha dissects word play and the beauty of *expletives*, and your dear podcasters dissolve into mindless giggles over hordes of various topics. It's a...


Episode 23: Up In The Air

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Check your bags and take the middle seat between Lisha and Jules as they review Jason Reitman's 2009 film Up in the Air! It was Jules' pick this week, and it'll be easy to hear why as you listen to her squeak over Anna Kendrick...though to be fair, there's a lot of praise happening over just about everything in this week's episode. From Lisha getting really, really deep with her character analysis of Ryan (is he or ISN'T he a total twat?), the gals losing it...


Episode 22: Just Like Heaven

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Snuggle into your own lil cloud and tune in as Lisha and Jules change the pace, because this week they're reviewing a...romcom? And LISHA chose it?! What fuckery is this. Anywhoo, join the gals as they cover 2005's Just Like Heaven, which of course includes Lisha crooning over Mark Ruffalo (but for legitimate reasons, she promises!), Juliet ripping apart every possible logical fallacy, and both of these idiots being baffled over how bad even decent romcom...


Episode 21: Pariah

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! *Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: The word ‘queer’ is used frequently in this episode and is used as a term of identification and orientation, both in the context of discussing the film and because both of your podcasters identify as big ole queers. The term ‘dyke’ is used multiple times in this episode in context of the film. The term is used in the film both as a slur and as a term of identification and orientation. You're also in a space where Black Lives...