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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.




Episode 71: Knock at the Cabin

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! WARNING, WARNING, THIS EPISODE IS FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH SPOILERS for every M. Night Shyamalan movie ever made, including the film your hosts are actually covering, Knock at the Cabin! Lock your doors and rearrange all heavy furniture to block all possible entrances before kicking back, relaxing, and listening as Lisha and Jules debate the merits of the film vs. book version of this story, whether or not the film version was Good or Bad for us Gays, and also...


Episode 70: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Tie your ascots and fix yourselves a Hard Kombucha, it's time to talk about Rian Johnson's Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery! Join your hosts this week as Lisha celebrates how the gays just keep winning while she also geeks out over sound design, Jules inbreathiates over Benoit Blanc and gushes over cinematography, and both of your hosts fall at the altars of Rian Johnson and Janelle Monáe (see above: gays, we keep on winning). This is the most fun your hosts...


Episode 69: Don't Worry Darling

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, your hosts are getting down and dirty with all of the drama (on and off camera) around Olivia Wilde's sophomore feature length film, Don't Worry Darling! Making a joke about 'strapping in' feels wrong here, so relax (perhaps with a martini?) and listen to the dulcet tones of Lisha tearing apart so, so many plotholes, Jules getting...confused, and both of your hosts giving love where love is due (mainly to the dazzling, spectacular cast and...


Episode 68: Blair Witch

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! For their Halloween episode, your hosts have chosen to cover one of the only decent spooky movie sequels made in recent history: Adam Wingard's 2016 sequel to the Blair Witch Project: Blair Witch! (Which, really y'all? Who gave this movie such awful reviews? WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF FUN?!) Take a nice stroll into the woods while you listen as Lisha has yet another existential crisis over whether she loves or hates time travel, as Jules tries to mash characters...


Episode 67: Donnie Darko

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! It's October, and your hosts are here to deliver with a film that they have accidentally deemed "SpiFi" in dedication of spooky month: Richard Kelly's 2001 genre-bending cult hit, Donnie Darko! Whether you're here for the time travel, the creeper bunny, or Bubble Boy himself, put on some Tears for Fears for ambiance and listen closely as Lisha gets down and dirty with the symbolism of it all, Jules picks apart the pacing, and both of your hosts put their big...


Episode 66: Annihilation

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, your hosts are stepping into The Shimmer (aka 2018) to review Alex Garland's visually stunning sci-fi mind-twister, Annihilation! Prepare yourself for what is essentially a half-hour venting session as Lisha vehemently and aggressively questions what the hell supposedly makes this a good movie, Jules remains insistent that the movie is cool, dammit, and both of your hosts find themselves wheeze-laughing, admiring the visuals, and coming up with...


Small Screen Tea: Stranger Things (Season 4)

Welcome BACK to Screen Tea Podcast! Surprise dudes, we're alive and kicking, and coming back at you from another realm (just kidding, we're in Delaware now!). We decided to jump back into things with a Small Screen Tea, so find yourself a nice body of saltwater and sink into the sounds of us geeking out over season four of the Duffer brothers' Stranger Things! Be prepared to do some eye-rolling as Lisha does what she does best, which is get loud and gay over (loud and gay) characters, while...


Episode 65: Encanto

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, Lisha and Jules do what all y'all have been doing: they talk about Bruno ♥ Prepare to either continue listening to the soundtrack on repeat or start listening to the soundtrack on repeat after your hosts cover Disney's 2021 mega-hit, Encanto! To nobody's shock, this episode is chock-full of Lisha hopped up on caffeine, psychoanalyzing all of the Madrigals and heart-eyeing over Lin-Manuel Miranda, while Jules hates on slow songs, examines diversity...


Episode 64: Needle in a Timestack

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, Lisha and Jules have a treat for you, in the form of the best-titled film in film history: John Ridley's 2021 romance/sci-fi/fantasy Needle in a Timestack! Yep. Needle. In a Timestack. Don't be too quick to judge; as much crap as your hosts give the title, they heap on the praise in equal measure. Listen up as Lisha dies on a few hills (and has an Orlando Bloom-related epiphany), Jules admires some stellar cinematography, and both of your hosts play...


Episode 63: Martyrs

*WARNING: The film we cover this week contains extremely violent content that is discussed during the episode. Please listen carefully to the trigger warnings at the top of the episode, and skip it if you need to!* Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join your hosts this week as they cover the 2008 French Extremism film Martyrs (directed by Pascal Laugier). There's no sugar coating this one, folks; it's brutal, it's violent, it's horrific...but also, as Lisha harps on, it's beautifully written...


Episode 62: Spider-Man No Way Home (...with a side of all things Marvel)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast; Surprise, we're still alive! And we're swinging into 2022 with the biggest hit of last year: Spider-Man No Way Home. Load up your web shooters (and some WD40 in case of web block) and hang on tight as Lisha yells at Marvel for mistreating sweet baby boi spiderling Peter Parker, Jules proves that she has feelings (Dock Ock related feelings), and both of your hosts squee over all aspects of so many Peters, so many villains, so many MCU easter eggs. This is free...


Episode 61: Tick...Tick...Boom!

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Come back to the mystical 90's with Lisha & Jules as they cover Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial debut, the musical-movie adaptation of Jonathan Larson's Tick...Tick...Boom! Grab your drinks of choice and listen up as Lisha cries because writing is hard, cameos are *chef's kiss*, and Lin Miranda is a fucking genius; as Jules croaks her way through praising cinematography, bashing terrible critics, and giving Lisha hell for her inability to suspend disbelief in...


Episode 60: Who's With Me

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This Halloween, Lisha and Jules review a different kind of film: Austin Allan James's 2021 independent, micro-budget film Who's With Me? (You can watch for free; links after the cut!) Make sure you have a back stock of clean water (for your tea of course!) before digging in as Lisha gets deep into theory, Jules puts her education to work, and they get into a ridiculous debate about who would escape a deadly quarantine and who would be left to die in misery 😃...


Small Screen Tea: Midnight Mass

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and the first ever Small Screen Tea! That's right, Lisha and Jules stepped away from the big screen for a moment because there was a spooky Netflix series that was just too good not to talk about: Mike Flanagan's Midnight Mass! Do it up with a themed drink this week like your hosts and turn the lights down low as you listen to the dulcet tones of Lisha screeching about the hot, dorky, tragic priest; Jules demanding answers to the hard questions about poison;...


Episode 59: The Mist

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, Lisha and Jules cover a spooky monster movie that they both remembered being much better than it actually is: 2007's The Mist! Keep the lights off (BECAUSE LIGHTS IN FOG DON'T WORK THE WAY THIS MOVIE SEEMS TO THINK THEY DO) and get ready to giggle at things that aren't supposed to be funny as you listen to Lisha demolish an ending that she once loved while Jules tries really, really hard to find the positives re: terrible special effects. Also, in...


Minisode: A Quiet Place Part II

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and our first ever minisode! (Ignore Jules and her grumbling about how the minisode is still 43 minutes long). Since this is a mini, here's a mini description this week: Lisha really hated A Quiet Place Part II, and Jules really wanted her to rant about it because she thought it would be funny. There you have it; brew yourself some holiday-appropriate pumpkin spice black tea (you basic bitches), get cozy, and be vewwy, vewwy quiet as you enjoy this lil baby...


Episode 58: Black Widow

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, Lisha & Jules are back on their Marvel nonsense with Cate Shortland's Black Widow! Should you so choose (of your own free will, of course), listen up as Lisha zooms back and forth between loving everything about the film and being angry about the fact that it exists (as well as discussing the, erm, 'fatherly' qualities of David Harbour), Jules gets hype over a happy O.T. Fagbenle and gets stoked about choreography, and both of your hosts lose their...


Episode 57: The Martian (feat. Keep Your Voice Down)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! For the second week running, Lisha and Jules managed to coax some guests along for the ride! Alek and Doug from the podcast Keep Your Voice Down join your hosts for a deep dive into the (much requested) 2015 Ridley Scott adaptation of Andy Weir's The Martian! It's a long one, so make sure you have plenty of sustenance (may we suggest tea with your potatoes?) as you get cozy with this podcast crew for debates about who the real asshole here is (is it Jeff...


Episode 56: In the Heights

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! It's a special episode, folks, as we welcome our very first guest: scary internet friend Kat from Delaware! Kat (who is honestly wonderful as you'll learn) joins your hosts as they cover their first musical adaptation, Jon M. Chu's 2021 adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda's In the Heights! Get your headphones ready to listen as Lisha gets put on the spot re: WHICH USNAVI IS THE BEST USNAVI? (hint: Javier Munoz), Jules relates to the Heights' piragüero, Kat has a...


Episode 55: Listener's Choice: Another Round

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast...and our second Listener's Choice episode! If you need to grab a drink before buckling down to listen to Lisha & Jules dig into Thomas Vinterberg's Another Round...maybe make it tea? Coffee? High quality H2O? This episode cycles between hilarity and sober seriousness (see what we did there), so prep for some whiplash as Lisha tries to balance her appreciation for incredible mental health representation and a frankly unhealthy obsession with Mads Mikkelsen,...