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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.

Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.


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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.




Episode 51: Listener's Choice: The Nice Guys

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Bust out your groovy vibes, man, because this week Lisha and Jules are covering the Listener's Choice pick, Shane Black's 2016 crime comedy, The Nice Guys! Pick up those protest signs (for the birds!) and chant along as Lisha laughs over some stuff (and stuff) (including RDJ), and yells about a lot of other stuff (and stuff) while Jules points out alllllll of the fence-sitting while gushing over the innocent violence of Russell Crowe...and also, of course, both...


Episode 50: Swiss Army Man

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Reserve all of your rainwater and gather your juiceboxes; this week, Lisha and Jules are gushing over 2016's Swiss Army Man, a film lovingly directed by 'Daniels'! A truly unique and bizarre film has resulted in a pretty unique and fun episode: share a homemade earbud with a pal (or perhaps the living corpse of a gay lover, we won't judge), and listen in as Lisha gets Freudian about queer coding, self-love and farts (we know), Jules gets hype over practical...


Episode 49: Love and Monsters

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Pocket check: make sure you have your map and your doggo companion before you set off with Lisha and Jules as they cover Michael Matthews' 2020 film, Love and Monsters! Listen up as Lisha chokes up over Dylan O'Brien and sky jellies, as Jules gets heavy into Art Stuff and animal companion love, and both of your hosts lose their minds over brilliant writing/directorial balance and badass monster design! Hitch a ride with your friendly neighborhood boulder snail...


Episode 48: Blindspotting

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Crank the speakers in your Uber and get ready as Lisha & Jules cover Lisha's favorite movie (yes, again, it's a whole thing), Carlos López Estrada's 2018 feature length directorial debut, Blindspotting! Grab some green juice (but not from the Kwik Way tho) and dial it up as Lisha digs (Diggs?) deep into the amazing writing and borderline loses it over movie preference hierarchies, Jules keeps on with her apparent issues with cry-acting and highlights stellar...


Episode 47: Wonder Woman 1984

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Lisha and Jules not only watched Wonder Woman 1984 twice, but also recorded this episode TWICE (they finally experienced every podcaster's nightmare: the IMMEDIATE LOSS OF TWO HOURS OF WORK) so that you could listen to them get angry over a really, terribly written movie. So, they're pleading with you: ENJOY. PLEASE. THAT'S THEIR WISH AND THEY WON'T RENOUNCE IT. WELL SHIT, DIANA. Sources for information gathered for this episode were:,...


Episode 46: Howl's Moving Castle

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Stoke Calcifer and put on the kettle, Lisha and Jules are rounding out a month of animated films with Hayao Miyazaki's 2004 fantasy adventure film, Howl's Moving Castle! Listen up as Lisha goes on a tirade against weird love stories while simultaneously loving on a fire-demon, as Jules pokes at some writing issues and salivates over beautiful animation, and both of your hosts lament over how the titular character is really just a lil punk. It's a bit of a...


SPECIAL Episode 45: Hamilton

Welcome to a special episode of Screen Tea Podcast! She did it: Jules won spouse of the year and gifted Lisha the chance to cover her favorite on-screen media of all time, 2020's film release of Thomas Kail and Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton! Grab a Sam Adams (spoiler alert: Lisha had a few during this recording) and listen as your hosts give their impressions of the hit Broadway musical, track-by-track! Lisha unlocks a level of fangirling you've never quite heard before, mostly over Aaron...


Episode 44: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Don't adjust your screens or your speakers: this week for animated movie month, Lisha & Jules are covering the insanely multi-faceted, visual/audio masterpiece, 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! Web yourself into a cozy corner and listen up as Lisha discusses the importance of Miles Morales, character dynamics, and manages to reference vines somehow, as Jules gives the deets about the many feats of animation and pledges her moral allegiances to all...


Episode 43: The Triplets of Belleville

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Bonjour et buvez beaucoup d'eau pour vous préparer à l'épisode de cette semaine! For week two of all-animated film December, Lisha and Jules are coming at you with the feature length directorial debut from Sylvain Chomet, 2003's The Triplets of Belleville! Ecoutez as Lisha 1. Mangles the French language and 2. Get's really, really bent out of shape over some sound and character design, as Jules becomes the protector of all things Grandmother, Dog, and 2D...


Episode 42: Kubo and the Two Strings

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Please get cozy with whatever warm beverage brings you the most comfort, because for their first ever animated film episode, Lisha and Jules have chosen possibly one of the most heart-wrenching animated films created to date: Travis Knight's 2016 masterpiece, Kubo and the Two Strings! Settle in with some loved ones and listen as Lisha explains exactly why Kubo ranks amongst her top nine films of all time (yeah, top nine, she knows what she said), hear Jules...


Episode 41: Son of Rambow

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Grab your fish-bowl for spittin' and make your way to the garage for a listen to this week's episode covering Garth Jenning's 2007 film-within-a-film, Son of Rambow! Lend us your ears as Lisha swings wildly between loving and hating the writing, Jules somehow brings Memory Vampires into the mix, and both of your hosts find a way to agree on how much they just don't like the French kid. Get yourself cozy; everyone is welcome (hi, Lee Carter!), and we'll make...


Episode 40: Paterson

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Whether you plan on grabbing a pint at the bar, or sipping tea from a black and white spotted mug, get comfortable and prepare to be soothed (actually, not likely) by the dulcet tones (ha!) of your podcasters as they cover Jim Jarmusch's poetic masterpiece, 2016's Paterson! Be lulled by Lisha as she pines over a fictional bus driver and laments the fact that he's, you know, FICTIONAL, don't be put off by the fact that Jules might use this film as a hypnotic...


Episode 39: Standing Up, Falling Down

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! The beverage of the night this time around is the classy Jägerbomb; 3,2,1, drop it in and get ready to lose your balance with Lisha and Jules this week as they cover Matt Ratner's 2019 directorial debut Standing Up, Falling Down! Listen up as Lisha finally gets to lose her mind over her current celebrity infatuation David Castañeda, Jules gets a bit salty over some good 'ole J.J.-style lens flares, and your hosts get a bit snippy over a difference in...


Episode 38: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Get the espresso machine up and runnin' for this one, or head on down to the Bean-N-Gone for a cup 'o java to get your energy up as Lisha and Jules get down 'n dirty with Kevin Smith's 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno! Turn the volume up and listen as Lisha cackles over her favorite one liners, Jules can't get over the adorable Jason Mewes, and both of your podcasters croon over how Craig Robinson is honestly too good for this world. Get Barry over here...


Episode 37: Trick 'r Treat

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Load up on candy and sugar this week, friends and fiends; it's Trick 'r Treat time! Throw on those costumes and light up those jack 'o lanterns as Lisha tries to adopt a demon and a baby witch, Jules does her best to clamber out of the basement this week, and both of your hosts nearly murder each other over a movie that has nothing to do with Trick 'r Treat or the brilliant Michael Dougherty before the episode even starts. Don't...


Episode 36: The Blair Witch Project

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Your podcast hosts encourage you to fill your canteens to the brim this week, because they're taking you deep into the woods to talk about the 1999 cult classic, The Blair Witch Project! Listen close as Lisha reminisces about being a terrified and obsessive ten-year-old weirdo, Jules keeps meandering down into the basement, and both of them relate to and defend Mike to death because he's just the best and that's a hill they will...


Episode 35: Hereditary

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Brew yourself something strong (and preferably nut free!) and join us around the séance table as we discuss Ari Aster's 2018 feature length debut, Hereditary! Listen closely (cluck) as Lisha passionately devolves into madness over her admiration of Alex Wolff's performance, Jules somehow squees and laments at the same time over many things (squaments? lamees?), and both of your podcasters lose their heads (cluck) over the...


Episode 34: Afflicted

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and happy Spooky Movie Month! Grab yourself a red (wine, rooibos, platelet drink?) and turn down the lights, because your hosts are thrilled to be covering Derek Lee and Clif Prowse's 2013 found footage masterpiece, Afflicted! Cover your eyes and open your ears as Lisha waxes poetic about tragic characters, Jules gets excitable over the technical aspects of frugal filmmaking, and both of your podcasters marvel over the fact that two friends with a few cameras...


Episode 33: Filth

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Grab a pint and a bunch of Clorox wipes (if you can find 'em!), because it's about to get gross as the gals cover Jon S. Baird's 2013 adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel, Filth! We swear it's not a hallucination, Lisha really is outraged over just about everything depicted onscreen, Jules really is obsessed with James McAvoy, and both of 'em somehow find a lot of nice things to say about the filmmaking aspects of one of their lowest rated films covered on the...


Episode 32: The Devil All the Time

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! We hope that whatever you're brewing up for yourself this week, it's stronger than hell, because you're gonna need it to jump into the pit of horror and spiders that is Antonio Campos' 2020 adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's novel, The Devil All the Time! Pull up a seat at the prayer log (but, like, please don't) and give Lisha a listen as she damn near goes DEEEELUSSSSIONAL over Robert Pattinson's performance, lend Jules a helping hand as she rank-orders the...