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Successful screenwriters and filmmakers discuss what it takes to make it in the industry. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (

Successful screenwriters and filmmakers discuss what it takes to make it in the industry. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (


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Successful screenwriters and filmmakers discuss what it takes to make it in the industry. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (






Ep31 - Using Artificial Intelligence by ScriptBook to Analyze a Screenplay feat. Nadira Azermai

Geoffrey discusses using the ScriptBook's unique A.I. software to analyze your screenplay. They discuss the future of artificial intelligence and its influence on the film industry. To use the free option of ScriptBook and have your script analyzed by an A.I. go to!/


Ep30 - The Process of Screenwriting and the Industry featuring Geoffrey D. Calhoun

The script is flipped in this episode as Geoffrey D. Calhoun is interviewed by Guest Host Jess Paul of Listeners have been asking for an episode where Geoffrey is the guest and he answers all kinds of questions from his own process of writing and developing a script to the state of the industry itself. Make sure to visit: Don't miss out on your chance to grab a free Ebook of the best...


Ep29 - Adventures in the B Movie Trade with Brian Trenchard-Smith

Geoffrey interviews the legend of B Movie Ozploitation films, Brian Trenchard-Smith. He chats with Geoffrey about his new autobiography (Adventures in the B Movie Trade) where he discusses his time on set of various cult classic films like Turkey Shoot, The Man From Hong Kong, and the Leprechaun sequels. He even discusses his surprise at discovering he was one of Quentin Tarantino's favorite directors. You can find his book Adventures in the B Movie Trade on our website at...


Ep28 - Directing and Cowriting Dave Made A Maze with Bill Watterson

Geoffrey chats with Bill Watterson, Writer/Director of the fantastic genre film, Dave Made A Maze. They discuss the origins of the script and the importance of theme, originality, structure, and the writing process itself. Dave Made A Maze is now available on Amazon Prime.


Ep27 - Using the Interactive ScriptHop Packet to Pitch a Script with Brian Austin & Scott Foster

Geoffrey D. Calhoun interviews the founders of ScriptHop Brian Austin and Scott Foster. They discuss the groundbreaking new way of creating an Interactive System for a screenplay that will allow you to pitch and market your script like never before. You can see what ScriptHop has to offer at


Ep26 - An Indie Filmmaking Conversation with Damien Swaby

Geoffrey D. Calhoun interviews producer and host of the Filmmaking Conversations podcast Damien Swaby. They discuss how an indie writer can approach a producer, what a producer looks for in a screenplay, and they even discuss the hazards and perils of a vanity project. You can find Damien on his Podcast at


Ep25 - Making a Good Script Great with Linda Seger

Screenwriting legend Linda Seger discusses her landmark book, Making a Good Script Great with Geoffrey D. Calhoun. They discuss script consulting, rewriting, creating dynamic scenes, structure, and beyond. Prior to her retirement, Linda Seger was a screenwriting consultant on over 100 produced feature films, television shows and plays. Her clients have won numerous awards, including Academy Awards, recognition from numerous film festivals and achieving box office hits. She has lectured on...


Ep24 - Developing the Series for Fauda, Now on Netflix with Michal Aviram

Michal Aviram discusses with Geoffrey how she developed the Israeli hit show Fauda which has now reached season 3 on Netflix. Michal also teaches a course on writing for television on her website Use our exclusive discount code for 10% off with SUCCESSFUL-SCREENWRITER


Ep23 - Writing and Selling Drama Screenplays Featuring Lucy V. Hay

Geoffrey interviews screenwriting guru Lucy V Hay as they discuss the differences between genre and drama plus the best way to find success with a drama screenplay. You can find her book Writing and Selling Drama Screenplays on our website\ Catch Lucy's blog and courses on her site


Ep22 - Getting Exposure with Script Revolution Featuring CJ Walley

Geoffrey interviews the founder of Script Revolution, a groundbreaking way to list your script online and have it read and rated for FREE at Want to learn more about CJ visit his site at


Ep21 - Writing the Script for Final Destination with Jeffrey Reddick

Geoffrey D. Calhoun sits interviews the screenwriter for Final Destination, Jeffrey Reddick. They discuss how to come up with an original concept that can be written into a franchise. Mentioned Links: Don't Look Back - The Guide For Every Screenwriter -


Ep20 - Taking Advantage of the ISA as a Screenwriter with Craig James and Molly Kasch

Geoffrey interviews Craig James (Founder) and Molly Kasch (Director of Operations) on how screenwriters can take advantage of the ISA Platform (International Screenwriters Association) to grow their network, get exposure to their screenplays, and even exclusive new pitching opportunities which are coming soon. Check out the ISA at


Ep19 - Screenwriting and Directing Indie Film: The Shade Shepherd

Geoffrey interviews Actor/Screenwriter Jordon Hodges & Writer/Director Chris Faulisi about their new drama set in 1987 'The Shade Shepherd" They discuss what it takes to successfully collaborate on a period film and ways they were able to create a script around it. Check out the site here The Shade Shepherd is now available on Amazon.


Ep18 - How to Take Advantage of Coverfly and Get On The Red List with Tom Dever

Geoffrey interviews Thomas Dever the Head of Development from Coverfly where they discuss how screenwriters can take advantage of the platform and leverage the Red List to promote themselves and their scripts. Check out CoverFly at


Ep17 - An Actors Perspective with Vincent M. Ward

Vincent M. Ward (The Walking Dead, True Blood) discusses his acting career, storytelling, and how to continue finding work in the industry.


Ep16 - Using Proper Format to Get Read by a Producer with Dave Trottier

Screenwriting Guru Dave Trottier discusses with Geoffrey how to get your script read by a producer. They examine ways to take a screenplay to the next level and impress a script reader, director, or producer. For more on Dave and his incredible book, The Screenwriters Bible check out his site at


Ep15 - How to Use InkTip to Option Your Screenplay with Chris Cookson

Geoffrey interviews Chris Cookson, the head writer from InkTip. She explains the best ways to capitalize on their platform to help producers discover your script. Check out InkTip at


Ep14 - Taking Advantage of a 48hr Film Fest as a Screenwriter

Geoffrey interviews Emmy award-winning producer Jennifer Gentner. She is the director of the 48-hour Film Fest in Detroit. We discuss the advantages, challenges, and networking opportunities that come from competing in a 48 as a screenwriter. To participate in the Detroit 48 visit To Find a 48 hour film fest in a city near you visit


Ep13 - How to Give & Receive Story Notes with Kevin Hanna

Live from Script Summit 2020 staff writer from, Kevin Hanna answers questions from the community on how to properly give and receive script notes.


Ep12 - How to Create a Strong Antagonist with Ryan LaPlante

Live at Script Summit 2020, Ryan answers questions from the community on how to write an antagonist. He talks about his 5 keys to writing villains and even touches on a few follow questions on interactive content.