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EP 41: Kavanaugh, Delilah & Clementine, Beto, Butt Plugs, Squatty Potties

Ever use a butt plug for fun? Then you’ll love Episode 41! Kevin is joined by special guests, “Delilah & Clementine.” They cover the most important topics of the day, including the size of Beto’s package, what’s “extra-medium?” What’s up with butt plugs? What is the meaning of life? Brett Kavanaugh stops by for a chat, and Kevin has a beef with Slickhawk from KJR. Birthdays are back, bitches! GO DAWGS!


EP 40: S4S in Seattle, Lindsay Living, Red Death

It won't make you horny, but listen to Episode 40! Kevin is back in Seattle this week and is joined by Lindsay Thurston, from her lifestyle blog, ! Kevin grills Lindsay for not already mentioning S4S on her blog, they relive college memories and Kev is reminded how quickly he’d be placed in the friend zone by Alpha Phis. They explore feminism and fight for higher teacher salaries. Kelly Green is the best puppy EVER! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame...


EP 39: Bon Returns, Vagina Roundtable, Disney Conspiracy Theories

Aged like a fine wine….it’s Episode 39! This week, our old friend, Bonnie IS BACK! She shares how lame her life has been since she stopped doing the show and how much she misses Kevin. Eric & Jamal stop by to discuss vaginas and other important topics. Was Walt Disney a Nazi? Why do all the parents die in Disney films? What is the meaning of life? Tune in to find out! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame


EP 38: Bumble Sarah, Crying dates, Alex Jones, Bon return?

Life’s too short for hate….listen to Episode 38! This week, Bumble Sarah joins to show to explain why she immediately put Kevin in the friend zone, shares a horrible dating experience, attempts to find out what’s going on in Kev’s dating life, and explains why she loves….Alex Jones?! Kevin whines like a biotch after getting a speeding ticket. Salamaderous Scoundrels return! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame