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Join Jess, Brett and friends as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. + cats Chiko and Poe. | | |

Join Jess, Brett and friends as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. + cats Chiko and Poe. | | |




Join Jess, Brett and friends as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. + cats Chiko and Poe. | | |






Rotten Stigma - Dread X Collection 5

Have you seen my daughter? Wait, wrong game. Kinda. Dread X Collection 5 on Steam Thank you Dread XP for the key kissing emoji. I'm sure if I put the real emoji Apple Podcasts would explode, so just imagine it in your mind's eye. Also the game came out today, look at this me getting this out in a couple hours. Now every other publisher send me keys, look how good I am at marketing.


Hunt Down the Freeman Ep.2: Headcrab in the Toilet

Is the titular moment this week an intentional metaphor for this game placed intentionally by a disgruntled designer? No one can know for sure. Except I'm just gonna say yes, yes it is.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 23: George Brett Space Centre

Team Magma and Team Aqua are so dumb dude.


Hunt Down the Freeman Ep.1: I Will Kill You

What if Half-Life but not very good. Check out Ryan's podcast here: Out of Quarters


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 22: I Made a Mistake

You're gonna hate me for this one.


Jess and Brett in The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Case

Jess and Brett spend their 10-year anniversary solving mysteries and busting a groove. Also my editing stack messed up a bit, so see if you can tell if the random clicks you will occasionally hear are all of my effects kicking on after a cut or Jess smashing the X button.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 21: 'Too Much Water' - IGN

The word I was thinking of was 'sauerkraut.'


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 20: She Sells Shoal Salt

Season 4 episode 20 is upon us. Smoke a fat doink for me gamers.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 19: Wild GRAVELER used SELFDESTRUCT!

In which we beat up them Magmas and nothing at all goes wrong unless I am lying to you to keep it suspenseful. Don't look at the title. Oh also I lied, Skeleton House Song is 7/8, not 7/4. What's the difference? I dunno dude, phrasing? Beat stress? I ain't never been to Juilliard.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 18: I Have to Think

Plot stuff happens this episode and we have some fun fights with random trainers instead of just hitting them with super effective wham-o blaster. Also season 3 and future season updates, stuff has been weird but it is in motion. I swear. I swear.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 17: Creep A Little Closer

This podcast does not condone safari hunting unless it is the Predator safari hunting human beings because dang that's cool.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 16: I Was So Confident

My audio is gonna be kinda muffled this week and next week because it was the era of me trying to be cool by using a physical mixer, but you may not have even noticed had I not just told you. Much like mentioning breathing manually, being aware of your tongue in your mouth, and noticing that one part on your body that is kind of itchy, I really should have just stayed silent.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 15: Let's Save Some Nerds

We finally get a lil something that isn't just absolutely torching children, but of course there's still that too.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 14: So Soft and Round

Please god let us find a gym fight soon, I can only beat up these children for so long. I yoinked clips from Pizzacast, First Encounter, Tales from the Cartridge, and Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays. I even asked permission this time. And then I stole basically an entire sketch from I Think You Should Leave and then Bloody Stream (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OP2) Cat Piano Cover by CatPianoClassics on Youtube. I did not ask Tim Robinson or CatPianoClassics for permission. I apologize.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 13: The Surfing Battle Episode

Sometimes Pokemon is a real fun game to listen to, a lot of tension and excitement. Sometimes it is Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 13: The Surfing Battle Episode.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 12: Hits Like a [...] Truck

Dude how scary can the normal type gym really be, I mean they're normal types. Milquetoast type. Boring type. Conventional type. Ordinary type. Standard type. Hold on, lemme google some more synonyms. Music this episode was not music, it was old Canadian PSAs.


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 11: Life Update Episode, Apparently

Songs this week are the Buck Bumble theme by Justin Scharvona and Super Buck World by JJokerDude. My beard has returned.


AOLP Discord Secret Santa 2021 - Cool Stuff and Games (Mostly Bad)

Every year in the AOLP Discord server we set up a lil Secret Santa for those who wish to participate, so here is me receiving and then playing the gifts I got. Thank you Santa! Gift 1! Gift 2! Come hang out!


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 10: Volcano, Hot Spring, Sauna

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? That's gotta be the laziest episode description I've ever done, coming immediately after 2 of the laziest episode descriptions I've ever done. I'm losing my lustre. The edit song this week is Wesley Willis - I Whipped Batman's Behind except it's the A-word for your rear, I just don't know how much leeway I got in Google yelling at me for putting bad words on the internet. Which is kind of fricked because man I swear a lot huh? Imagine Grandma...


Pokémon Brettmerald Nuzlocke Ep. 9: You Team Aqua Dingbats!

(to the tune of Weezer's Beverly Hills) Meteor Falls! Something something Zubats hmm hmm! Something something in Meteor Falls! I didn't work very hard on this. Oh also the song used for cuts is The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot