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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.

Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.


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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.






Episode 75: Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth

Brady, Josh and Alison have such sights to show you with Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth - the 1992 Pinhead adventure that began the cheapening of the franchise! Plus! Titane, Demonic, Midnight Mass, and TVs in every room! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 74: Braindead (1992)

Alison, Brady and Josh get splattered with Braindead - the 1992 Peter Jackson comedy horror classic. Plus! The Beyond, Midnight Mass, In The Earth, Cannibal Holocaust, and UFO festivals! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 73: The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Josh, Alison and Brady cheer on The Battered Bastards of Baseball - the 2014 documentary about the underdog Portland Mavericks owned by Bing Russell! Plus! Untold: Breaking Point, Doom Asylum, Mother’s Day, Night of the Creeps, Hunt of the Wilderpeople, Kate and galaxy brained gym trainers! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 72: Pulling John

Josh, Alison, and Brady twist wrists with Pulling John - the 2009 arm wrestling documentary with stranger than fiction competitors John Brzenk, Alexy Voevoda, and Travis Bagent. Plus! Chopping Mall, UFO, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cyborg Cop, 100 Foot Wave, Smile, Icarus, Halloween stores, and terrible Oktoberfest performers! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 71: Cold Hell

Brady, Josh, and Alison scowl along with Cold Hell - the 2017 Austrian serial killer chase movie starring Violetta Schurawlow and directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Plus! Wonder Woman: 1984, Valley Girl, The Last Shift, Phenix City Story, Mute Witness, the Spruce Goose, California vs. Texas, witnessing and is pushing a child the same as throwing?! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradyDirkpodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 70: I Saw The Devil

Brady, Josh, Alison and guest Dirk Marshall of VH US play cat and mouse with I Saw The Devil - Kim Jee-Woon’s 2010 Korean revenge insanity. Plus! Swan Song, Prisoners, Thrashin’, The Last Stand, sketch stories, the death penalty, and movie seasons! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradyDirkpodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 69: Waterworld

Alison, Brady, and Josh run waves with Waterworld - the epic 1995 action adventure starring Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and directed by Kevin Reynolds. Plus! Cherry 2000, Lady Street Fighter, Ghoulies, The Devil You Know, spray tans and terrible soundtracks! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 68: Tank Girl

Alison, Brady and Josh ride with Tank Girl - the 1995 riot grrl, comic book adaptation starring Lori Petty, Naomi Watts, Ice-T, Malcolm McDowell and directed by Rachel Talalay. Plus! Hardcore, Blue Collar, The Hunt, Near Dark, Lord of Illusions, feminism, and beating bags with Krav Maga! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 67: The Shallows

Josh, Alison and Brady surf The Shallows - Jaume Collet-Serra's 2016 survival horror movie starring Blake Lively and a bad ass shark that would make Jaws proud. Plus! Sweet Charity, The Green Knight, Pig, Magnum Force, Punisher: War Zone, A Simple Favor, 127 Hours, Krav Maga, kickboxing, Tushys, and Pesto Utahhhh! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 66: Open Water

Josh, Alison, and Brady jump into Open Water - the survival horror thriller from 2003 about two stranded scuba divers fighting for their lives. Plus! Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 70mm, Alligator, 47 Meters Down, The Day of the Dolphin, Orca, Cruel Jaws, Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda, Prototaxites, Thalassophobia, and Tom and Eileen Lonergan! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 65: The Lost Empire

Brady, Alison, and Josh travel to a mystical island with The Lost Empire - Jim Wynorski's 1984 fantastical and bouncy adventure starring Raven La Croix, Melanie Vincz, and Angela Aames! Plus! Communion, Bo Burnham: Inside, Willy’s Wonderland, Legend, Russ Meyer's Up!, Bechdel tests, and sizing up your friend’s partner. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 64: Sorceress (1992)

Brady, Josh and Alison are three who become one with Sorceress - Jack Hill’s 1982 sword and sorcery adventure starring Leigh and Lynette Harris, produced by Roger Corman, and written by Jim Wynorski. Plus! Softcore Sorceress from 1995, Take Shelter, Spider Baby, Vivarium, Julie Strain, 80s silicone bazingas, Malört, UFOs, sugar daddies and Portland is hotter than a biscuit! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 63: The Brothers Quay Short Films

Alison, Brady and Josh get animated about The Brothers Quay and their amazing career of short films, music videos, and commercials. Plus! Snatchers, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, glitches in the system, ab strains, and being a fake authority figure! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 62: Begotten

Alison, Brady, and Josh spill the guts of Begotten - the 1989 experimental horror movie directed by E. Elias Merhinge! Plus! Deadlier Than The Male, Trancers, rewatching Tenet, Dustin Diamond in Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, Bond clones, hernias, Viking meaderies, and pirate renfaires! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 61: Hustlers

Josh, Alison and Brady dance with Hustlers - Lorene Scarfaria's 2019 based on true sex worker story starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. Plus! Bo Burnham's Inside, Upgrade, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Gamer, Silent Trigger, Highwaymen, Portland heat, FOSTA-SESTA, and JLo's career! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 60: The Hustler (1961)

Josh, Alison and Brady shoot pool with The Hustler - the 1961 drama starring Paul Newman, Piper Laurie, and Jackie Gleason! Plus! A Simple Plan, Slap Shot, Hallucinations, Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia, Montana road trips, chiropractors, and rating your own podcast! 🤐 Check out Moustachioed Podcastio! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 59: Mikey and Nicky

Brady, Josh, and Alison go down in flames with Mikey and Nicky - Elaine May’s 1976 nocturnal drama about small-time mobsters played by Peter Falk and John Cassavetes. Plus! Another Round, As Above So Below, Shadow In The Cloud, Ishtar, yacht clubs, and male Siri! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 58: Gone With The Pope

Brady, Josh, and Alison kidnap Gone With The Pope - the insane unreleased mob movie directed, written, produced, and acted by Duke Mitchell. Plus! Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, The Rider, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Michael Clayton, Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway, The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak (RIP Tawny Kitaen), The Quick and The Dead, jello shots, and ASMR! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 57: 10 Things I Hate About You

Alison, Brady, and Josh muse about 10 Things I Hate About You - the 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. Plus! Sasquatch, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Swallow, Joint Security Area, The Box, and men’s enhanced chins! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 56: She's All That

Alison, Brady, and Josh reminisce with She’s All That - the 1999 teenage rom-com starring Rachael Leigh Cook, and Freddie Prinze Jr. Plus! From Justin to Kelly, The Satan Bug, Phantom Thread, We Need To Talk About Kevin, goth secrets, rockabilly conversions, and Starcraft LAN parties! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter