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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.

Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.


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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.






Episode 43: To The Stars By Hard Ways

Josh, Alison and Brady discuss To The Stars By Hard Ways - the 1980 Soviet sci-fi movie by Richard Viktorov. Plus! Greener Grass, Death Wish 2, Letterkenny, Matinee, Switchback, The Nice Guys, Ikarie XB-1, Stalin’s love of film, the KGB vs. John Wayne, and podcasting during wartime. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 42: Solaris (1972)

Josh, Alison and Brady retreat to a dacha to discuss Solaris - Andrei Tarkovsky’s sci-fi mood piece from 1972. Plus! Congo, Judge Dredd, The Head Hunter, Ravenous, Beast, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, fish tank pH levels, Amish genetics, Stardew Valley, and Robert Picardooooo. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 41: Santa Claus (1959)

Brady, Josh, and Alison celebrate the holidays with Santa Claus - the 1959 Mexican movie pitting Santa against a devil! Plus! Death Machine, Earth Girls Are Easy, L.A. Wars, family traditions, monster truck t-shirts, Stardew Valley, and Santa and Jesus are dæmons? Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 40: Casting JonBenet

Brady, Josh, and Alison fall down the rabbit hole with Casting JonBenet - Kitty Green's 2017 meta-documentary about a staged audition for a fictional movie about the JonBenet Ramsey murder that occurred on Christmas night. Watch the trailer. It'll make more sense. We promise. Plus! Bombshell, Rare Exports, Trollhunter, The Assistant, expensive music videos, Beyonce, work fatigue, Sick Jan, Portland strip clubs, and dolphins can't be trusted. Don't forget!...


Episode 39: The Greasy Strangler

Alison, Brady and Josh lather up with The Greasy Strangler - the 2016 cringe comedy directed by Jim Hosking. Spoiler: this movie has haunting d0ngs. Plus! Scener during Covid times, Firecracker, Gremlins 2, Johnny Mnemonic, Robocop 2 and 3, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Clancy Brown, cats and Christmas trees, aquarium snails, and favorite cringe historyyyyy. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 38: Happiness

Alison, Brady, and Josh get deeply uncomfortable with Happiness - Todd Solondz' 1998 ensemble satirical, dark comedy starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jane Adams, Dylan Baker, and so many more wonderful actors! Plus! Love Exposure, miniseries as movies, spoiling the ending of Carlos, Chernobyl, The Sinner, Chinese food for Thanksgiving, Jackbox party pack, Steel Magnolias, Bone Tomahawk, penitent Mel Gibson, Great British Bake Show, The Mandolorian, and The Crown. Don't forget!...


Episode 37: Beyond The Black Rainbow

Josh, Alison, and Brady immerse themselves with Beyond The Black Rainbow - Panos Cosmatos' trippy sci-fi movie from 2010. Plus! Shrimp murder, Women In Love, The 10th Victim, Marcello Mastroianni, Blind Fury, samurai blood sprays, Torque, and World on a Wire. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 36: Altered States

Josh, Alison, and Brady deprive their senses with Altered States - the 1980 hallucinatory, sci-fi movie by Ken Russell, begrudingly written by Paddy Chayefysky, and starring William Hurt and Blair Brown. Plus! Spotlight, The Ninth Configuration, Cobra, gun preppers, The Beach Bum, crossword puzzles, cave movies, and psychedelic experiences! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 35: World of Tomorrow

Brady, Josh and Alison clone themselves for World of Tomorrow - the sci-fi animated trilogy by Don Hertzfeldt. Plus! Turbokid, the Terminator series, The Expanse, animation from the 90s, feeding shrimp to bettas, sugaring, and the election (of course)! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 34: Son of the White Mare

Brady, Josh, and Alison are in awe of Son of the White Mare - the 1981 Hungarian animation feature by Marcell Jankovics. Plus! Hangovers, dope-ass costumes, Jeepers Creepers, You’re Next, Hard Rock hotels, Krewe of Boo, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Cabin Fever, The Undoing, and being misunderstood by family. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 33: Frankenhooker

We close out our spooky October spook-fest of spook surplus spook-juice with the cast’s favorite movie of the season - Frankenhooker - Frank Henenlotter’s comedy, exploitation movie from 1990! Plus! Galaxis, Child’s Play (2019), 80s slasher franchises, horror video games, Something Weird, AGFA, love letters, Kenneth Strickfaden, and latex glove colors! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 32: The Sentinel & Bones & Mama

We unleash a hydra of horror picked by each member of the show: Alison's The Sentinel (1977), Brady's Bones (2001), and Josh's Mama (2013). Plus! Deadly Prey, Hands of Steel, Greener Grass, Halloween decorations, earwax, Trump billboards, Halloween Town, LA Jetpack Man, and Josh Hartnett is better than Ashton Kutcher? Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 31: The Vampire Lovers and Horror Express

Josh guides us through part 3 of our spooky October spook-fest of spook surplus spook-juice with his picks of Hammer film's lesbian flick - The Vampire Lovers (1977) paired with Eugenio Martín's Horror Express (1972) starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Plus! Celebrating estheticians, Brain Dead, Slugs, Basket Case, Upgrade, Hellraiser 2, Notting Hill (yep!), Demon Wind...Master?, Reddit shame, and the legend of Chrstopher Lee. Don't...


Episode 30: House (1977) and Hereditary

Brady continues our spooky October spook-fest of spook surplus spook-juice with his picks of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House (1977) and Ari Aster’s Hereditary (2018). Plus! Mandom, News Chill, Killer Workout, Death Spa, Night of the Demon, Witches, basketball movies, Hooptober, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, glistening vixens, AFI (not the band, dummy), Casey Affleck pickup lines, horrible accidents, and Russian dash cams! Don't...


Episode 29: Cursed Monsters - Rawhead Rex & Pumpkinhead

Alison kicks off our spooky October spook-fest of spook surplus spook-juice with her picks featuring Rawhead Rex (1986) and Pumpkinhead (1988). Plus! Temple of Doom’s incorrect rating, Tito’s, tuna, confusing AI, heat rays, adopting cats, and lake draaaaaainage! Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 28: Unlikely Monsters Pt. 2 - Phase IV

Josh, Alison, and Brady study Phase IV - Saul Bass' 1974 cult sci-fi horror film about killer ants. Plus! The Vow, Songs On Trial, motorcycle gangs, creature features, credit sequences, New Hollywood, ant behavior, and women's midsections. Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 27: Unlikely Monsters Pt. 1 - Razorback

Josh, Alison, and Brady hunt down Razorback - Australia's 1984 killer boar movie directed by Russell Mulcahy. Plus! Evacuations, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Babe, fish out of water, mosquitoes, monster pigs, slang, jumpsuits, taxidermy, and Australia's love affair with cars. Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 26: Hong Kong Horror Pt. 2 - The Boxer's Omen

Brady, Josh, and Alison practice black magic with 1983’s The Boxer’s Omen - the Shaw Brothers’ hallucinogenic, religious, gross out movie directed by Kuei Chih-Hung. Plus! The Stuff, Nightcrawler, Shirley, Scooter gangs, ayahuasca, and Mormonism!


Episode 25: Hong Kong Horror Pt. 1 - Possessed II

Brady, Josh, and Alison give a run down of Possessed II - the 1984 Hong Kong horror movie from David Lai. Plus! Whiskey, Dolls, the Garry Factor returns, drive-ins, cancelling Kindergarten Cop, protests, leaf blowers, White Fire, ice bullets, and is Reddit real? Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 24: German Expressionism Pt. 2 - The Man Who Laughs

Alison, Brady, and Josh get serious with The Man Who Laughs - the 1928 heart breaking, melodrama directed by Paul Leni and starring Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, and Olga Baclanova. Plus! Unstoppable, The World’s Greatest Sinner, The Believers, blood boys, Alison guests on VHUS podcast, slow runners, Stepford children, Sicilian body hair, the history of Universal Studios, and film restoration! Don't forget! voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter