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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.

Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.


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Hosted by Alison DeGrazzio, Josh Griffith, and Brady Kimball. Three friends white-knucklin' through gorgeously imperfect movies. Every two episodes, we explore a cinematic theme and pepper in fun segments.






Episode 54: Fantastic Voyage

Josh, Alison, and Brady get shronk with Fantastic Voyage - the 1966 sci-fi movie starring Raquel Welch, Steven Boyd, and Donald Pleasance and directed by Richard Fleischer. Plus! 10 Rillington Place, Fraud, Tina, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, warp fields, muons, untreated syphilis, and the length of balls! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 53: A Field In England

For part two of our alchemy series, Brady, Josh, and Alison look for treasure in A Field In England - the 2013 psychological horror movie directed by Ben Wheatley. Plus! Solarbabies, Bad Trip, Night of the Creeps, Cthulhu Mansion, and Q: Into The Storm! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 52: The Alchemist Cookbook

Brady, Josh and Alison hide out with The Alchemist Cookbook directed by Joel Potrykus starring Ty Hickson. Plus! The history of alchemy, Bumblebee, Dagon, My Octopus Teacher redux, scary dinosaurs, and the ebb and flow of finishing movies! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 51: Harold and Maude

Alison, Brady, and Josh attend a funeral with Harold and Maude - Hal Ashby’s cult, dark comedy from 1971 starring Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon. Plus! My Octopus Teacher, Brewster McCloud, Demonlover, Double Team, The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez, breaking away from parents, diamond hands with meme stocks, and movie theaters too big to fail. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 50: The Graduate

Alison, Brady, and Josh have a dalliance with The Graduate - the 1967 dark satire starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft and directed by Mike Nichols. Plus! Cast A Deadly Spell, The Witcher, Spring Breakers, Postcards From the Edge, Lance Henriksen, fish demise, and Taco Bell NFTs. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 49: Stone Cold

Josh, Alison, Tyler and Brady ride with Stone Cold - the explosive, outlaw biker movie from 1991 starring Brian Bosworth and Lance Henriksen and directed by Craig R. Baxley. Plus! Bigger fish tanks, Beyond The Law, Werewolfs on Wheels, The Loveless, Double Team, Possessor, Willy's Wonderland, Five Night's At Freddy's, Alien: Isolation and The Abraham Lincoln. Check out some of Tyler's projects: Kip's Tik Tok & Ghost Garage! Don't forget!...


Episode 48: Stone (1974)

Josh, Alison, and Brady take a trip with Stone - the Australian outlaw biker movie from 1974 directed by Sandy Harbutt. Plus! The Wild One, The Wild Angels, Johnny Guitar, Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Only You, Darkman, Geoguessr, fungal spores, and celebrity plastic surgery! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 47: Orgazmo (1997)

Brady, Josh, Alison, and Andrew proselytize wtih Orgazmo - Trey Parker's Mormon comedy! Plus! Equalizer 2000, Tenet, Animal Crossing, City of Lost Souls, Kllling of a Sacred Deer, Mormon ceremonies, college humor, the MPAA, Blockbuster, V-chips, and CleanFlicks! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 46: Orgasmo (1969)

Brady, Josh and Alison are deranged with Orgasmo - Umberto Lenzi’s 1969 sexy giallo starring Carroll Baker. Plus! Fontinalis, Sea Fever, Psycho Goreman, Django, The World’s Greatest Sinner, Fireball, Amanda Knox, and belly buttons! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 45: Saturday Night Fever

Alison, Brady, and Josh disco with Saturday Night Fever - the cultural phenomenon from 1977 directed by John Badham and starring John Travolta. Plus! Perfect, Disco Godfather, Manborg, Night Stalker, Surviving Death, Star Trek Beyond, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and “this or that” dances! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 44: Boogie Nights

Alison, Brady and Josh dick around with Boogie Nights - Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic about the 70s porn industry in San Fernando Valley. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Heather Graham, John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and so many more! Plus! Matewan, The Devil’s Rain, Grizzly 2, Night Stalker, Fatal Attraction, The Bodyguard, favorite pornstars, porn names, John Holmes, montage music, and biodegradable dongs. Don't forget!...


Episode 43: To The Stars By Hard Ways

Josh, Alison and Brady discuss To The Stars By Hard Ways - the 1980 Soviet sci-fi movie by Richard Viktorov. Plus! Greener Grass, Death Wish 2, Letterkenny, Matinee, Switchback, The Nice Guys, Ikarie XB-1, Stalin’s love of film, the KGB vs. John Wayne, and podcasting during wartime. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 42: Solaris (1972)

Josh, Alison and Brady retreat to a dacha to discuss Solaris - Andrei Tarkovsky’s sci-fi mood piece from 1972. Plus! Congo, Judge Dredd, The Head Hunter, Ravenous, Beast, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, fish tank pH levels, Amish genetics, Stardew Valley, and Robert Picardooooo. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 41: Santa Claus (1959)

Brady, Josh, and Alison celebrate the holidays with Santa Claus - the 1959 Mexican movie pitting Santa against a devil! Plus! Death Machine, Earth Girls Are Easy, L.A. Wars, family traditions, monster truck t-shirts, Stardew Valley, and Santa and Jesus are dæmons? Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 40: Casting JonBenet

Brady, Josh, and Alison fall down the rabbit hole with Casting JonBenet - Kitty Green's 2017 meta-documentary about a staged audition for a fictional movie about the JonBenet Ramsey murder that occurred on Christmas night. Watch the trailer. It'll make more sense. We promise. Plus! Bombshell, Rare Exports, Trollhunter, The Assistant, expensive music videos, Beyonce, work fatigue, Sick Jan, Portland strip clubs, and dolphins can't be trusted. Don't forget!...


Episode 39: The Greasy Strangler

Alison, Brady and Josh lather up with The Greasy Strangler - the 2016 cringe comedy directed by Jim Hosking. Spoiler: this movie has haunting d0ngs. Plus! Scener during Covid times, Firecracker, Gremlins 2, Johnny Mnemonic, Robocop 2 and 3, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Clancy Brown, cats and Christmas trees, aquarium snails, and favorite cringe historyyyyy. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 38: Happiness

Alison, Brady, and Josh get deeply uncomfortable with Happiness - Todd Solondz' 1998 ensemble satirical, dark comedy starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jane Adams, Dylan Baker, and so many more wonderful actors! Plus! Love Exposure, miniseries as movies, spoiling the ending of Carlos, Chernobyl, The Sinner, Chinese food for Thanksgiving, Jackbox party pack, Steel Magnolias, Bone Tomahawk, penitent Mel Gibson, Great British Bake Show, The Mandolorian, and The Crown. Don't forget!...


Episode 37: Beyond The Black Rainbow

Josh, Alison, and Brady immerse themselves with Beyond The Black Rainbow - Panos Cosmatos' trippy sci-fi movie from 2010. Plus! Shrimp murder, Women In Love, The 10th Victim, Marcello Mastroianni, Blind Fury, samurai blood sprays, Torque, and World on a Wire. Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 36: Altered States

Josh, Alison, and Brady deprive their senses with Altered States - the 1980 hallucinatory, sci-fi movie by Ken Russell, begrudingly written by Paddy Chayefysky, and starring William Hurt and Blair Brown. Plus! Spotlight, The Ninth Configuration, Cobra, gun preppers, The Beach Bum, crossword puzzles, cave movies, and psychedelic experiences! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter


Episode 35: World of Tomorrow

Brady, Josh and Alison clone themselves for World of Tomorrow - the sci-fi animated trilogy by Don Hertzfeldt. Plus! Turbokid, the Terminator series, The Expanse, animation from the 90s, feeding shrimp to bettas, sugaring, and the election (of course)! Don't forget! 🍿 voicemailAlisonJoshBradypodcast@solidsix.netInstagramFacebookTwitter