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The South Kongress Podcast is an Austin based lifestyle show where I interview great people doing great things in the great state of Texas, and talk with my buddies about the goings on in pop culture, music, movies, TV and more!

The South Kongress Podcast is an Austin based lifestyle show where I interview great people doing great things in the great state of Texas, and talk with my buddies about the goings on in pop culture, music, movies, TV and more!
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The South Kongress Podcast is an Austin based lifestyle show where I interview great people doing great things in the great state of Texas, and talk with my buddies about the goings on in pop culture, music, movies, TV and more!






South Kongress #67 - Slavory

This week's topics include: - Alabama Abortion Bill - Deonte Wilder Fight - Bathing Revisited - Robert Pattinson as Batman - Wyatt Baby (Knash Sixx Rotunda) - San Antonio PD - Paying all your significant other’s bills - Chris Rock and Saw - It Trailer, Loqeesha Trailer


The GooseDown #4 - Say Cheese and Die!

GOOSEDOWN MERCH!!! On this week's episode, we cover "Say Cheese and Die!", the story with one of the most memorable covers in the series. We reference 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?', 'Thinner', and 'It' as this story leaves the "desolate town" theme and introduces us into a living, breathing world with multiple protagonists, station wagons, and evil, cutthroat ass adults! All this and what NOT to do to your spouse while...


South Kongress #66 - Everybody Wants Hoes

This week's show is sex heavy, covering - Ayesha Curry's woes - Alyssa Milano's "Strike" - Women's Hygiene - The Rockets and Sports Loyalty - The Integrity of the Interview


The GooseDown #3 - Monster Blood

The week, Cam reviews the first "running theme" book in the 'Goosebumps' series, "Monster Blood". He talks about real estate, dice games, trusting old people, and cats being the bane of all existence. Also, a hint towards the next gem for Patreon subscribers.


South Kongress #65 - Two Colored Brothers

Intro - "My Heart Belongs To You" (Cover) - Raheem DeVaughn GoFundMe - Help For Elijah and Britney, by Melvin Johnson This week, the guys talk about Cam's appearance on "Jeff vs. the World", kids ordering Uber Eats to School, the insanity that is "Six Brown Chicks", and the bar bringing tacky back to the Domain.


The Goosedown #2 - Stay Out of the Basement

Thank to everyone for supporting the new show! This week, we talk about the second story in the Goosebumps series, it's tie in with 'The Fly', and it's overarching idea of "can you trust adults?" All this, and all of the times I snuck into the computer room to open my stepdad's sealed 1-of-1 comics.


South Kongress #64 - The Cuddlist

*INTRO - "5 Steps" (Dru Hill Cover) - Junior Maile & Yahosh This week, we record the show from Permament RCRD Studios in Austin, TX. The topics include: - Avengers Endgame - Cam's New Show - Peanut's Sneaker Game - Houston Madison's Parent Dress Code - Josh Rosen's attitude - Is Nick Bosa getting a pass? - Jones getting drafter before Haskins - The crazy number of DBs drafted - The DK Metcalf Hype - A Lori Loughlin Update - The Office and Netflix -...


The Goosedown #1 - Welcome To Dead House

Our new show revisits a simpler time, when all your hard earned allowance went to the school book fair! Cam talks about his love of Goosebumps, and covers the initial story's characters, plot points, and how adult the subject matter really was!


South Kongress #63 - Keep It Cholesterol

WE'RE BACK! After a week off, we're back, talking about the goings on in pop culture. We cover: - BAD breakups - Nick Saban on kids leaving early - Texas Abortion Bill - Lil Boosie's shower woes - Magic leaving the Lakers - Lori Loughlin NOT coppin' pleas - Trump on the dangers of San Antonio - Getting your girl back vs. getting your old work back


South Kongress #62.5 - The Process (w/ Jeaux Anderson Jr.)

Jeaux Anderson Jr. (Co-Creative Director, Featured Actor, 'The Mahogany Project) takes some time to process his live show "For Lovers Only" as he and Cam answer fan questions, talk about the what goes into creating his art, and brainstorm his new podcast under the South Kongress Banner.


South Kongress SPECIAL: PWTorch East Coast Cast Wrestlemania Preview Special! (w/ Travis Bryant)

*This was recorded prior to the main event being announced as a winner take all match* In this special edition of the Pro Wrestling Torch East Coast Cast, Travis and Cameron go over every WrestleMania match, pick the winners and losers, discuss whether the build to each match was done properly, and what to expect in the aftermath.


South Kongress #62 - Not Okurrr

Intro: "Clouds (ft. CLifton Simmons & Lucy)- Liveola Cam complains about all of the cool stuff he's blessed to do, Peanut tries to get listeners to buy him snacks, and the guys try to articulate the men's height vs. women's weight debate that's fired up again thanks to tinder. And oh yeah, that little "Cardi's drugging people and robbing them" thing...


South Kongress #61 - LTSD

Intro: "Don't Ever Wonder (Maxwell Cover)" - Linae Peanut and Cam are joined by Shadow to talk dating, sports, music and more! Peanut played a lot of games, Cam celebrated an anniversary, and Shadow's trying to figure out this thing called love. The talk Gronk's retirement, the movie 'Us', Tom Izzo, and Cam takes one for the team and goes state by state to determine who has the wildest porn searches. All this and more on this week's episode!


South Kongress #60 - Becky's Blues

Cam, Peanut and Miles talk about the college acceptance scam rich folks have been working, LeBron's Lakers tenure, NFL Free Agency, and much more!


South Kongress #59 - The Juul Pod

Intro: "I'm Going Down", Natasha Michael *Special Guest - Mo from around the way* *link to show in bio* Cam, Peanut and Mo talk about the week where everybody wanted to get on, some brand new shows on the horizon, HBO's Michael Jackson documentary, and the crew goes through Gayle King's R. Kelly interview line for line, with ALL THE JOKES you crave.


South Kongress #58 - The Arcola Redemption

Cover - "If I Ever Fall in Love", Midnight Red Tristan Thompson can't cheat hard enough, Michael Cohen can't snitch loud enough, and boyyyyyyyy is the justice system a funny place! Cam and Peanut talk cheating, telling, and break down an IG live story for the ages. All this, and the great feeling of your circle appreciating your hard work.


South Kongress #57 - Mr. Robert's Neighborhood

Cover 1 - "Ms. Jackson" - MattyBRaps Cover 2 - "Rain" - Good Girl Robert Kraft gets caught out there, Robert Kelly gets put in there, Tristan Thompson can't get away from there... and Peanut does a FLAWLESS Mr. Rogers impersonation? This week, the guys talk Black History Month assemblies, Peanut wanting to stomp w/ the Q Dawgs, Cam riding the HBO wave, and paying for... yeah, you know....


South Kongress #56 - Sadie's Interlude

Intro - Houstonlantavegas/Marvin's Room (Cover) - Jojo Cam and Peanut talk about their experience at The Mahogany Project's "For Lovers Only", Peanut's beef w/ Rockstar Games, and Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reed getting to the damn money. Cam celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Drake's 'So Far Gone' and what it meant to him on a personal level, and they express their disappointment in the Jussie Smollett assault case.


South Kongress #55 - Views

Intro Cover - "Sativa" - Corey Nyell *Bonus Cover* - "End of the Road" - FreeStay The guys are back to regular programming, talking about skipping the super bowl, fake underdogs, and the AAF/XFL thoughts and hopes. Rampant racism is invading Black History Month, with Liam Neeson trying to make brothers Qui-GONE, Virginia is the new (and old and forever) home of...


South Kongress #54 - The Mahogany Project (w/ Jeaux Anderson Jr.)

In this week's special episode, we interview Jeaux Anderson Jr., Co-Creative Director and Featured Actor of The Mahogany Project, a collective of black queer men that serve to tell the stories of other black queer men covering an array of different societal issues, with a particular focus on building community in central Texas. We talk about it's origins, purpose and obstacles, as well as Jeaux's experiences both surrounding the project, and things he's dealt with in college and adulthood...