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Going inside gaming.




Going inside gaming.




NEW Super Gamer Podcast 132 – Everything in Moderation with Courtney Blamey

Our guest this week is a PhD candidate who’s writing a dissertation on serious games, serious themes in games, taking games seriously, and meaning-making in games. Courtney Blamey is on the pod! We talk about some of her previous research as well, including a look at moderation and toxicity in Overwatch. Courtney is also a […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 131 – Soul Edge and Corgi with Lacey Johnson

The Keytar Kween herself is on the pod this week, talkin’ rockin’! Lacey Johnson is a video game music sensation who very recently got to perform the intro song for Granblue Fantasy: Versus at EVO 2022. Lacey talks about what it was like getting that gig, how she got into keytar, which video game characters […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 130 – Booster’s Tower with AshSaidHi

AshSaidHi is the Twitch ambassador for retro gaming and is on the show this week to talk about: why she got into Twitch, having her face in Times Square, growing up in a gaming family, being a contestant on NBC’s Frogger, and more! Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 130 – Booster’s Tower with […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 129 – Secret of Manuals with MrrKnight

MrrKnight – or Mrrrrrrrrrr Knight as I’ve decided to call him – is a triple threat, streaming retro games on one account, speedruns on another, and commentating wrestling on a third. And he wants NO HINTS! We talk about backseating, podcasting, meeting wrestlers, and I give an opinion on Bubsy that will surely be the […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 128 – He’s on Fire with me

The greatest basketball game ever made will forever be NBA Jam TE. Sorry, all future basketball games. Well, here’s my ode to the GOAT, to the tune of Hank Williams’ I Saw the Light. Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 128 – He’s on Fire with me


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 127 – A Beautiful Community with Theølogy

Our guest this week is a DJ and producer of club-ready video game music remixes — Theølogy! Theølogy and I will be hosting a panel at VGMTogether this October, something we briefly tease during this episode. We also get into Theølogy’s VGM roots, what it’s been like being a part of the VGM community, mental […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 126 – Changing of the Seasons with BravoBecca

Content creation can be taxing, so it’s good to take breaks when you need them. BravoBecca is a Twitch streamer who’s just returned from a one-month break. She’s on the pod to talk about what her new season of streaming is all about, being a spiteful kid, fanfiction, usernames, stuffing your face thinking no one […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 125 – Subverting Expectation with Yifat Shaik

Our guest this week, Yifat Shaik, is an Assistant Professor in Computational Arts at York University and experimental game developer, who has created games like The Worksheet Saga, Real Army Simulator, and What… If… Yifat is here to discuss game engines, emergence, what gamedevs can learn from reality shows, crying, being funny, and Jessica Fletcher. […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 124 – Close to a Train Track with Dan Bergman

Music teacher, music and sound designer, Games Explained-er, and host of the Overtone Warpzone podcast Dan Bergman is on the show to talk music theory, breaking (and holding) a gaming Guinness World Record, being Kirby’s official second-biggest fan, and more! Tune in, and sorry about the train. Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 124 […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 123 – Loop Angel with ME!

Hey, Chuck, it’s Marvin — your cousin, MARVIN BERRY! You know that new game you’ve been looking for? Well, listen to this! Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 123 – Loop Angel with ME!


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 122 – On Location at The Forks

Meet Winnipeg’s gamedev and digital artists community! Well, some of it, anyway. In this episode, we’re live on location (I mean, it’s recorded. But it *was* live. When it happened. You know.) at The Forks in Winnipeg, at a Winnipeg Game Collective and Winnipeg Digital Art Group crossover event. We’ve got several guests, including: Olivia […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 121 – Giant Inflatable Banana with Chris MooMan Nyarady

Trivia master, animator, musical geek, and most importantly, ReBoot fan, Chris “MooMan” Nyarady is on the show this week to talk about his gaming trivia show There Is No Easy Mode, building a nerd debate show from the ground up in Vancouver, performing as Space Core in a Portal 2 musical, and getting a mysterious […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 120 – Hot Tub Coin Machine with Dr. Anne Ladyem McDivitt

Dr. Anne Ladyem McDivitt is on the pod this week to discuss her book Hot Tubs and Pac-Man: Gender and the Early Video Game Industry in the United States (1950s-1980s). But we also talk about her ultra controversial opinion on Final Fantasy 8 (she likes it!! But not the cards!!), early gaming magazines, fishing in […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 119 – Cats are Little Ninjas with Dr. Uri Burstyn

Oh, boy, this is an exciting one! Listeners may have noticed how often I mention my adorable cat, Mossy Pete, and how much I love him. Well, this week we have Helpful Vancouver Vet Dr. Uri Burstyn on the show, teaching us why cats play and how to effectively play with our cats. Dr. Burstyn […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 118 – Roll for Initiative with Dice Witchery

Dungeons and Dragons is cool. The gameplay is cool. The make-believe is cool. The dice are super cool! And Christina Bledsoe, Dice Witchery, our guest this week, makes those dice super duper cool! Christina creates artistic dice with resin, and, personally, I’m a big fan of the ale set. Listen in to hear about the […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 117 – Records Refereeing with Mr Kelly R Flewin

A little while back my girlfriend sent me an article about Lori Baker crushing the Tetris world record. In the article, our guest, Mr. Kelly R Flewin, a then Twin Galaxies referee, is referenced; as is his hometown, Winnipeg — my hometown. I read it and thought, Wow! I’ve got to interview this guy! And […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 116 – Magical Kitties Save the Podcast with Michelle Nephew

Michelle Nephew of Atlas Games is on the pod this week to talk about the way cool D&D-like game Magical Kitties Save the Day! I got this for my birthday and had a great time playing it with friends. Michelle tells us about how Atlas came to publish the game, the adventures she’s had with […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 115 – Better Than Any King’s Horse with Kirsten Rodning

Video games are literature. But how does academia feel about that? What can we learn from a character’s horse? What’s up with all the screaming pihas in games? Is the video game industry making progress when it comes to representation of disabled characters? These questions will be answered… NOW! In this episode. With our guest, […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 114 – Doing Things Organically with Kwiat

Kwiat is a classically trained avant-pop musician in Winnipeg and a big part of Manitoba’s music scene, AND she loves video games! You can catch Kwiat playing music and games on their Twitch channel at (maybe you’ll even see a gorilla playing ukulele). Tune in to hear Kwiat’s streaming advice, where their love of […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 113 – Materia Culture with Kaitlyn Kingsland

What is archaeogaming? Our guest this week, Kaitlyn Kingsland of, is here to explain just that, as well as why it’s important, and what we can learn from it. Tune in to find out all about this less-than-a-decade-old subfield of archaeology! Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 113 – Materia Culture with Kaitlyn […]