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Going inside gaming.




NEW Super Gamer Podcast 86 – Unchained Pokemon with ME!

Another song for you all! This is my birthday episode so I can slack off if I want. Hrmph! But also I really really love the song that this is based on (The Unrighteous Brothers’ version of Unchained Melody). I sing this probably four or five times a day. My girlfriend probably hates me for […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 85 – Prisca Boffin with Board Gaming Mama

From Monopoly to Settlers of Catan to the Lord of the Rings deck building game to way more obscure stuff that I’ve never heard of! Our guest this week is the Board Gaming Mama, who, as her name suggests, loves board games. She’s also a mega fan of Nancy Drew and Lord of the Rings, […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 84 – An Ode to Bubzia with ME!

Congratulations, Bubzia! Bubzia, who you may remember from the NEW Super Gamer Podcast episode 74, is the first person EVER to gather all 120 stars in Mario 64 while blindfolded! He’s worked incredibly hard to get here and I thought the feat is deserving of a song. And that’s today’s episode! A song for Bubzia. […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 83 – Poking Dead Things with a Stick with Double Jump

Two self-described geeky sisters are our guests this week. Rachel and Kristen of Double Jump have a way cool stream that I check out whenever I’m able, where they play everything from Zelda to Wheel of Fortune to Ace Attorney. Rachel and Kristen are both writers; we discuss fan fiction, the best written games, their […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 82 – Space is for Everybody with Dr. Alexander Mirowski

The title of this week’s episode is part of a quote by astronaut Christa McAuliffe, who died in the Challenger explosion in 1986. I think — maybe — it applies to some of what’s discussed in this episode, with guest Dr. Alexander Mirowski. Dr. Mirowski is a historian of technology with a PhD in informatics […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 81 – Then and Meow with Mina Figueroa

I am loving finding out about all these different developers making new physical games for old systems – like Mega Cat Studios! Our guest this week is Mina Figueroa, community manager for Mega Cat Studios. She’s on the show to talk about their collaboration with Kunjee Studio, and the game Roniu’s Tale, which is on […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 80 – There are Always Hiccups with girlwithbox

This week’s episode features, Dani – girlwithbox – a Twitch streamer who streams not only games but coding and self-made “Twitch Plays” and even tech support! Listen in to hear about Dani’s plan to take on chat in Mortal Kombat, the possibility of a stream showing people how to use third party tools to combat […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 79 – Beyond the Realms of the Academy with Javon Goard

Our guest this week is a video game researcher and poet, a podcast host, and a Kung Lao enthusiast. Javon “Jaystonee” Goard is the creator of an award-winning project titled “Gaming the Gamers: Gender and Racial Portrayals in Trailers of Popular Video Games.” He’s a former graduate student who continues to research, write, and talk […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 78 – Dead Game with Elly Cockcroft

What video game death has had the biggest impact on you? Did the grief you felt stick with you, beyond the video game, in real life? Our guest this week, Elly Cockcroft, is researching death and bereavement in video games. She advocates “death positivity,” and is particularly interested in “affective death.” Tune in to this […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 77 – Seven Years with Defunct Games’ Cyril Lachel

In what is one of the longest NEW Super Gamers to date, Defunct Games editor-in-chief Cyril Lachel and I … basically fall off the rails immediately and talk about nothing in particular. We do manage to discuss the raison d’être of Defunct Games, Cyril’s favourite games of 2021, why 2020 saw less reviews than a […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 76 – Chip Off the Ol’ Chuck with Chuck Sommerville

A few weeks back we talked about Chip’s Challenge being ported to SNES and Genesis. This week we have the creator of the original Chip’s Challenge, Chuck Sommerville! Tune in to hear about the work that went into the original game and the struggle to release its sequel. Also hear the story of how Chuck […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 75 – What Happens after Seven Buttons? with LHP64D

“The power of positivity!” as The New Day would say. This week’s guest is certainly a believer in and practitioner of good vibes. We’ve got Logan, LHP64D, a streamer, cosplayer, charity fund raiser, and onesie enthusiast! Tune in to hear how Logan makes his marathon streams a success, to hear about an international Warhammer secret […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 74 – Catching MIPS with Bubzia

Here we go! Our guest this week, Bubzia, ran Super Mario 64 BLINDFOLDED at Summer Games Done Quick 2021, gathering 70 stars, beating Bowser, and setting a personal best time. How he can even finish one level is astonishing to me! Tune in to hear how he does it and why he does it, as […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 73 – Yowzer! with John Roo

Old folks like me may remember Chip’s Challenge, a tile-based puzzle game that came bundled in Windows 3.1’s Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 (but actually first came out on the Atari Lynx). Well, what’s old is new again! This week’s guest, John Roo, is creating the first ever SNES and Sega Genesis versions of Chip’s Challenge! […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 72 – Say Yes with Marlon Wiebe

Our guest this week is Marlon Wiebe, video producer for Brace Yourself Games! In this delightful discussion, hear about Marlon’s journey from freelance to full-time, all the different hats he wears, how the Winnitron was made, his involvement with Hype Jam, and how Winnipeg can claim (at least) two of the world’s greatest video game […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 71 – Starting Streaming with Gwenwyn_

Our guest this week is Gwenwyn_, who just launched her streaming career in late June. Hear about the work that went into making a first stream a successful one, the emotional moment of seeing people waiting in chat, and the reason a green screen didn’t work out. Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 71 […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 70 – The Ninja Assassin with Astaflex

Astaflex is a Call of Duty: Warzone player with more than 1,600 hours streamed and more than 1,000 wins! She streams daily at On this week’s episode, Astaflex talks hard work, how to spot a hacker, warm-up rituals, the importance of communication and keeping your cool, and more! Tune in and enter Grandma’s House! […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 69 – All These Things Farnham Has Seen with ME!

A new song approaches! This one’s an ode to Farnham, the town drunk of Diablo 1. It’s a parody of All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers (and the actual song is what I used for a backing track, as I’ve done before, because the timing is always off in karaoke versions). Hope […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 68 – Nerdcore at the IHOP with Geekswag

“We pretty much like to rap and sing about geeky topics over geeky beats.” Our guests this week are BoZ and ZEN of Geekswag — excellent nerdcore musicians who perform live on Twitch and are working on their first album release. We talk beatboxing, a cappella competitions, best gaming soundtracks, IHOP, and more! Tune in […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 67 – Be Zombie Ready with Dr. Cameron Carlson

Are you prepared for the zombie invasion? Okay, zombies probably aren’t something we have to worry about, but preparing for zombies is a lot like preparing for all sorts of real life emergencies! Just ask Dr. Cameron Carlson, a doctor of public health, epidemiologist, survival expert, active duty Navy officer, and spokersperson for the Zombie […]