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Going inside gaming.




Going inside gaming.




NEW Super Gamer Podcast – One Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

52 weeks, 52 episodes — year one is in the books! Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported the show – guests and listeners – I love you all! This week’s episode is a celebration, and a bit of a breather for me before starting Year Two! Tune in for: Thank yous! A plea […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 52 – Cosplay Champion with Akakioga

As the title suggests, our guest this week is Cosplay Champion Akakioga! Akakioga is a sewer, armour maker, cosplayer, WoW raider, Overwatcher, Pokemon-obsesseder, and meme queen…er! We talk impractical costumes, 28 Days of Black Cosplay, Pokemon fashion, uppity vampire people, musical instruments, geek origin stories, and how to break into cosplaying. Tune in! Download link […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 51 – A Virtual Girl in a Virtual World with Candice Yaacobi

If you’re an old man like me, you may well remember Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. It was an early attempt at … let’s call it a “VR-like” console, but it was a flop and quickly forgotten for reasons we get into on this week’s episode. Our guest this week is Candice Yaacobi, a Virtual Boy enthusiast, […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 50 – He’s on Fire! with Reyan Ali

Okay, so not a particularly original title, but what else are you going to call an episode about NBA Jam? This week on the show we’ve got Reyan Ali, who literally wrote the book on NBA Jam — a book that is being turned into a documentary! Listen to us gush about one of the […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 49 – The Pinball Hall of Fame Asks for Help, with Tim Arnold

The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas — both a museum and an arcade — is moving into a new, better, bigger building, at a better location, but they’re in a jam. The build is almost complete, but thanks to COVID, they don’t have the money to finish it. To make matters worse, they […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 48 – Mario and Magi with Moses Norton

(((UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that the RSS feed initially grabbed the wrong link here, so users on Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc. could not hear the episode. It should now be fixed.))) The Well-Red Mage is no more… sort of — not really! The Well-Red Mage website is rebranding, and will be relaunching with […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 48 – Mario and Magi with Moses Norton

The Well-Red Mage is no more… sort of — not really! The Well-Red Mage website is rebranding, and will be relaunching with a new name. But The Well-Red Mage, the person, lives on! Moses Norton, the Mage in question, is on the pod this week to talk about the rebrand, the genesis of the website […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 47 – All the Best with Iain Mew

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think games are as much a part of pop culture as music, film, and books. But games are a relatively new addition to that space, and it’s interesting to look back and see how we got here, and how tastes have changed over the last […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 46 – Among Us Together with ME!

It almost killed me but I made an Among Us parody to Beastie Boys’ Get It Together. I *love* the Beastie Boys. So I’m so sorry to ruin their music. But sometimes a feeling takes a hold, ya know? The backing track to this is the Get It Together instrumental version, slightly modified to a) […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 45 – Boat Cop Reunion with Chris Driscoll

Technically, this is only half a Boat Cop reunion, but this week our guest is Chris Driscoll, a Winnipeg gamedev and musician who has loads of game jam experience! Listen in as Mark and Chris talk about the good ol’ days, and Chris gives game jam advice. Plus: happy bug accidents, ghost-pirate tattoos, the Winnitron […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 44 – A Fate Untold with David Housden

David Housden is a composer and musician known for his amazing scores in games like Thomas Was Alone, Battletoads, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, and more! Tune in, and hear how Hans Zimmer helped David write the BAFTA-award nominated soundtrack for Thomas Was Alone, learn about David’s pop punk garage band roots, and take in […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 43 – Voicemod Club with Jaime Bosch

What’s your Sonic Identity? No, not that Sonic! I mean, what’s your sound? Who do you think you sound like? Who do you *want* to sound like? Well, let’s talk about VoIcE MoDulAtIoN. Jaime Bosch is the CEO and Co-founder of Voicemod, a voice changing and soundboard software that is already pretty darn cool and […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 42 – The Definitive Arcade Dreams Podcast with Zach Weddington

What’s this? A Thursday episode?! That’s right! Because you’ve only got a couple days left to back Arcade Dreams on Kickstarter! In this special Thursday edition of Super Gamer, we speak to Zach Weddington, director of Arcade Dreams: The Definitive Arcade Documentary Series. Zach tells us what the series is about, why its his dream […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 41 – I Hope This Email Finds You Well with Chris Zukowski

What good is your amazing work if you can’t get anyone to see it? (A pain I know all too well…) Our guest this week is Chris Zukowski, a gamedev and games marketing consultant who has lots of A+ advice about not only getting your games seen but actually getting people to buy them. And […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 40 – The Face of F-Zero with… me!

Hello, Super Gamers! I’ve got a new parody song for you all — a parody of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero (which is just a unbelievably fantastic song). This one is about the great bounty hunter slash hover-car driver, Captain Falcon. Did you know… apparently he was supposed to be a flagship character […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 39 – The Lost City of Atari with Napoleon Smith III

The idea of a hotel completely dedicated to video games, retro and new, would’ve blown my little mind as a kid. Now that I’m older… nothing has changed! Holy moley, they’re making Atari Hotels! Our guest this week is Napoleon Smith III, managing partner with GSD Group and Atari Hotels. The hotel chain was first […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 37 – Flipping Out with Marc Greene

Marc Greene is the director and editor of Tilt: The Sweet Science of Pinball, a new series that follows pinballer Trevor Whatman as he plays different machines, shows off tips and tricks, and interviews fellow ‘ballers in various venues. As we discuss in this episode, pinball has always been exciting for me, but is way […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 36 – No Monkey Wrenches with Jonas Rosland

Jonas Rosland is the executive director of Hit Save, a newly launched non-profit dedicated to games preservation efforts. We talk about where Hit Save fits in the already vast games preservation community, what Hit Save’s mission is, why we want to save games history, particularly indie games, as well as Jonas’ love for the Amiga […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 35 – Press P to Pay Respects with Siena East

Siena East is a writer, actress, comedian, filmmaker, improviser, and Dungeons & Dragons player! Siena plays the role of P in a brand new D&D series on YouTube, which features an all-Indigenous persons cast, The OG Oral Storyteller’s Club: NDND. Why is P named P? Why does she hate rats? What dinosaurs would Siena be […]


NEW Super Gamer Podcast 34 – Toadally Awesome with Aj Grand-Scrutton

What an unbelievably amazing episode we’ve got this week! Aj Grand-Scrutton, CEO of Dlala Studios and game director on the new BATTLETOADS game is here to talk about what it’s like to be given the reins for such an iconic franchise. We discuss: Turbo tunnel, couch co-op, hands and feet that turn into sawblades and […]