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Podcast by Tamara Simone




Episode 17: No Excuses with Tiffany Johnson

In the words of Nipsey Hussle "Dedication, hard work plus patience" that sums up my next guest Tiffany Johnson. A student, CEO, NBA dancer and so much more, this women's drive never stops. Through hard work and keeping her family and faith strong she has reached so many goals at such a young age. Listen to an inspirational word from such a wise soul...Take notes and enjoy!


Episode 16: Girl Talk

Step into the squads everyday girl chat! This weeks I got all my besties into the studio for a girls talk. From straight jokes to serious notes, we cover it all! This has to be one of the funniest episodes yet! So if you have a great sense of humor and want to laugh this is the episode for you! Enjoy


Episode 15: Passion into Paycheck with Allyson Scrutchens

Today's guest is going to help us make our passion into our paychecks! She’s a Creative, an author and entrepreneur. Allyson Scrutchens has been an entrepreneur for 5 years, owning a consulting and management company. She has made 6 figures before the age of 30 in less than 5 years in business with her planning techniques. Get ready to learn and make sure you purchase one of her planners!


Episode 14: Turning up the heat with Brandy Haze

So excited for this interview I sat down with my first artist on my podcast Brandy Haze. She is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Chino Hill. We talked about it all from being a women in the industry, to her viral hit Conditional and of course her EP "Roses." Make sure you check out the full interview and we have a little something special for you all at the end! Enjoy


Meet The Crew

SURPRISE!! I decided to release a special episode to introduce you to my Talk That Talk team! Meet Bri, Reggie, and Anthony! This is such a fun episode you get to know the crew a little bit better and of course we had to touch on some trending topics. To sum it all up Chris brown isn't canceled, Kanye is on our prayer list and R Kelly is for sure canceled! Enjoy!


Episode 12: First Take with Myles

Let's start Black History month off right with some black excellence! I sat down this week with Actor, Thespian, Creator and fellow Fresno State Bulldog Myles Bullock! We discussed his process of becoming an actor, trial and errors he faced and getting his first big roles on CBS SWAT & CBS Criminal Minds! Plus we of course have a few good laughs! Enjoy this episode, its one you don't want to miss!


EPISODE 11: Naturally Me

Curly hair, straight hair, weaves whatever Naturally Me Event's doesn't discriminate! This week I sat down with Abriana the creator of "Naturally Me Events" & Lead Ambassador for "Curls". We talked about it all from her personal hair journey to her creating her own curly hair events company. Listen closely because Abriana will be doing a special giveaway plus her first Naturally Me event of the year is coming up on February 9th! So sit back relax and enjoy!


EPISODE 10: The Cultured Chef

Need a private chef? Well I have someone great in mind! Stephen Augustin also known as The Cultured Chef! Check out the full interview! We talk about it all from how he came up with his name, being featured on XONecole to being on Karen Civil's show on Complex "Good Looking Out!" Get ready to get a little hungry and have a few laughs! You don't want to miss it!


Episode 9: Men's Health Movement

Get ready to gain some knowledge with entrepreneur, actor, activist Donnie Hue! We talk about his company Cafe De La Hue, his work with Movember and so much more! Y'all are gonna love it!


EPISODE 8: Hands Of Furey

Get ready to get that 5 star massage experience with Hands of Furey! We talk about it all from his mobile massage services, body oils, dos and don'ts before you get a massage and so much more! He's about to put us ALL on y'all! You're welcome!


EPISODE 7: Straight Laughs

Wanna good laugh? Well my girl Sherry Cola is about to have you on the floor! We talk about it all from her obsession with drake, her love for La Croix, to acting and so much more . She also gives us a little tease on her upcoming show on Freeform called #GoodTrouble that will be coming out in January 2019! Make sure you grab an extra pair of pants your gonna need them.


EPISODE 6: Shoot Your Shot

What would you do if you won $100,000? Shop, Travel Buy a house? Get ready to be put on! I sit down with my boys Suni and Ryan to talk about it all! Life before and after $100,000, upcoming projects, and of course what they will be doing with that $100,000 and so much more. This is an episode you don't want to miss!


EPISODE 5: Godfidence & Style

Time to get some much needed fashion tips & tricks with fashion enthusiast and CEO of Nefertiti Image Consulting Kristin King. She is redefining the Christian woman standard of modest dress and appearance in a fashion-forward way. Get ready to upgrade your closet with Godfidence and Style.


EPISODE 4: Digging Into The Restaurant Industry

Working in the restaurant industry takes patience, hard work and great social skills. My girl Sunny tells us her story on starting from the bottom and making it to the top in the industry. Plus she puts us up to speed and tells us everything we need to know about the restaurant industry!


EPISODE 3: Capturing Beautycon Culture

You don't need lipstick, lipstick needs you! Get ready to talk beauty! Talent Coordinator Leonel Barajas gives us the 411 on Beautycon from upcoming events to who could possibly be at Beautycon 2019.. And yess its bigger than Kim Kardashian!


EPISODE 2: Bridging The Gap

Get ready to be inspired! Creative Entrepreneur & Host Carlton Epic discusses his many hustles, entertainment business and so much more. Plus we talk about his company Project Pit where they bridge the gap between the entertainment industry, emerging talent, and the community!


EPISODE 1: Owning Our Natural Crown

Need to upgrade your hair products and kick off your natural hair journey? Our hair blogger Dominique has all the tips & tricks to get you queens start on your natural hair journey.