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Doug Lund and Eric G. Hollis document their relentless search for the perfect mixture of alcohol and fandom.

Doug Lund and Eric G. Hollis document their relentless search for the perfect mixture of alcohol and fandom.
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Doug Lund and Eric G. Hollis document their relentless search for the perfect mixture of alcohol and fandom.






Episode 35 - Tappy New Year!

Recorded literally at the zero hour, Doug and Eric put the year to rest with an hour of reflection, prediction, anticipation, and other word choices we’d often shun. A brief look back on the year that was leads into a discussion about all of the pop culture that will shape the year to come. 2018 was a big year for our little beercast, and we owe that to YOU; our loyal listeners and gracious guests! BEERS Upslope Brewing Company's Blood Orange Saison - 6.0% ABV, 25 IBU: Eric 4.5/5 4...


Episode 34 - GABF '18 Riverwatch Brewery

Eric swore he would never go back to his high school town of Augusta, Georgia... But after discovering the extraordinary beers that can be found on tap at the Riverwatch Brewery, a visit may soon be in order. He and Doug are joined by the Queen of the Augusta brew scene; Anne Sloan as she closes out our week in GABF coverage with all of the heart, soul, and charm you'd expect from Augusta's first brewery since prohibition.


Episode 33 - GABF '18 Little Apple Brewing Company

Day 6 of our Week In Beer coverage from the Great American Beer Festival is a trip down memory lane (if that's what you can call eastbound I-70), as Eric joins Doug in his college town of Manhattan Kansas, home to the Little Apple Brewing Company. Brewer Shawn Howard brought as much passion and personality to this episode as he does to the distinctive beers in their taproom; leaving us thirsty for more of his stories and of course the Fruit Salad Shorts Sour Golden Wheat.


Episode 32 - GABF '18 Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery

Tumbleroot is not only an accomplished brewery, but also a seasoned distillery. With all due respect, that's the equivalent of Michael Jordan actually being good at baseball. This marriage of two crafts produces a synergy that is unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Jason and Brandon gave us a peek behind the curtain of their enlivening approach to crafting uncommonly unadulterated adult beverages. Day 5 in Doug & Eric's week of breweries from the Great American Beer Festival.


Episode 31 - GABF '18 Bismarck Brewing

When the game is on the line, do you send in the rookie or your star player? As the only brewery representing North Dakota at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, Bismarck Brewing embraced both of those roles. In just their first year as professionals, Jordan and Peter left a sizable impression with both their brewing and branding savvy. Doug & Eric were delighted to help document the first chapter of what is certain to be a lengthy narrative of success in Day 4 of our week-long...


Episode 30 - GABF '18 Melvin Brewing

Day 3 of our Week In Beer ventures north to the small town of Alpine, Wyoming; home to the big beers and ambitions of Melvin Brewing. There was no missing the Melvin Bus, and the perpetual party it drew at this year's Great American Beer Festival. Lucky for us, Travis took a break from designer onesies and classic Kung Fu to speak about the past, present and future of Melvin Brewing. Get a taste of what's to come with their bold, boozy Barrel Aged Ruckus imperial stout.


Episode 29 - GABF '18 Green Flash Brewing Company

Day 2 of our Great American Beer Festival adventure takes us to one of the largest independent breweries in the country. Green Flash Brewing Company was gracious enough to loan us two of their ridiculously talented brewers, and we think you'll agree that Ashley and Erik make great conversation in addition to great beer. Their Golden God barrel-aged blonde was our unanimous favorite of the weekend: If you're blessed enough to be in the San Diego area, go taste the enlightenment that their...


Episode 28 - GABF '18 Family Business Beer Company

Seven states, seven breweries, seven days. Our 2018 Great American Beer Festival journey begins outside of Austin, TX with a brewery known for its unique atmosphere and massive outdoor patio. Oh, and the beer is absolutely delicious too. Gino and Nate sat down with us after an exhausting but fulfilling weekend to talk about their passion for the craft, and what makes Family Business Beer Company so unique.


Episode 27 - Dueces Wild Brewery

We visited this Colorado Springs-based taproom back in February, as owners Rich and Bill were gracious enough to sit down with us in the hour leading up to their grand opening. Though originally livestreamed, these interviews (like the Dueces crew), were so fun and entertaining that we wanted to make sure they got the full episode treatment. Jeff recollects his decades in brewing learning the craft, Callie will convince you of the virtues of microbrew patrons, and Chris is ready to hashtag...


Episode 26 - Fish Sticks and Lizard Dicks

Doug and Eric are back with their trusty comic guru Carl to break down all of the DC comics announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2018. It’s a dark time for our heroes because these die-hard DC fan boys are fit to be tied with a golden lasso over this year’s news. Sit back, plug in, and check out these alpha nerds as they shred the Aquaman trailer into chum, dam up the shit creek on the DC streaming service, and lament about what could have been for Captain Marv…. Ahem, I mean Shazam....


Episode 25 - Tap In Lives

IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Eric and Doug resurrect Tap In Geek Out in time to bring you an uncomfortably close examination of Jason Voorhees' wrinkly old sack. We celebrate classic slasher cinema in our review of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. We've also dusted off our Poké balls to revisit the increasingly popular Nintendo mobile game that's somehow better than ever. In this episode, we also rate: Four Noses Orange Velvet IPA - 7.1% ABV, 50 IBU : Eric 4/5 New Belgium's The Hemporer...


Episode 24 - Fieldhouse Brewing Company

January's Microbrew of the Month is one that our hosts have admired since its inception. Owner, brewer, and local hero Travis Fields joins Tap In, Geek out to talk about the origins of his brewery, the evolution of his brand, and what the future holds for local brewing. The passion you'll hear in the description of his craft is the same that you'll taste on every tap at the Fieldhouse Brewing Company. If you're in Colorado Springs, visit the downtown taproom or pick up some cans at your...


Episode 23 - Halfpenny Brewing Company

Tap In, Geek Out kick off our monthly microbrew spotlight campaign in a taproom Doug & Eric know all too well; the Halfpenny Brewing Company. Founders Chris Reigrut and Chris Garner fill our steins to the brim with their nearly five decades of collective experience and adventures in craft brewing. This episode is 100 IBUs of sudsy fun that will pique your pallet and quench your thirst for zymurgystic enlightenment. Stop by the taproom in Centennial to sample a tap staple, or the latest...


Episode 22 - Last Jedi & Victory at Sea

This week on Wicked Ahch-Tuna: Master angler Skywalker breaks convention (and the Internet) with his patented pole-vaulting spear fishing technique. Mary Poppins makes her first appearance in the Disney Meta Cinematic Universe. Doug, Eric and Nikki roll the golden dice with opinions on The Last Jedi that'll curl your lazersword. Beer ratings now on Untappd! https://untappd.com/user/TapInGeekOut Ballast Point Brewing Company's Peanut Butter Victory at Sea: 10% ABV, 68 IBU Nikki 3.8/5, Eric...


Episode 21 - Future Man & Lagunitas

Doug and Eric can't stop running their rat-holes about their favorite new show, the Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson project Future Man now available on Hulu. If dick jokes and non-stop sci-fi callbacks aren't your thing, we pity you, fool, but feel free to skip to 25:30 for What Eric's Playing: Super Mario Odyssey, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Plague Road, and Battle Chasers. This episode is dedicated to the memory of the late, lovely Glenne Headly. Support our favorite charity, Cap for Kids...


Episode 20 - Justice League and SLEIGH'R

Doug and Eric are finally back on the mic to drink beer and talk Justice League. It's not the review that we expected to give, but the one that you deserve. We also stumble into video games late in the show, and get balls deep in But Whole. On Tap: Ninkasi Brewing Company's Sleigh'R Winter Ale - 7.2% ABV, 60 IBU Eric 3.9/5 Doug 3.6/5 Future beer ratings will appear on our new Untappd page at https://untappd.com/user/TapInGeekOut


Episode 19 - Hell Hath No Kitchen Like a Weaver Sigourned

Project: CHALLENGED delivers a vivisection of Marvel's "The Defenders" grisly enough to make Elektra herself proud. Eric finished reading Ready Player One just in time to avoid spoilers from the upcoming movie's promotion. We whip out our e-peens for an embarrassing pissing match in gamer prowess in the setup for an epic showdown that will determine the fate of humanity. Humanity, or pointless bragging rights. One of those. Or maybe both? Just to be safe, don't bet your humanity on...


Episode 18 - Give Me Some Shirt

Doug and Eric return from summer hiatus with a bang as we welcome the talented Ryan Kirley to Project: CHALLENGED. The genius behind the P:C theme, Ryan peppers insight into the creative process with Tales From The College Years with Eric that you won't want to miss. Be sure and soak in the Sun of Aquarius at the official SoundCloud page, https://soundcloud.com/user-73667850, it's sure to hit you in the head harder than an SNES controller. The Challenged Are Chugging: St. James Brewery's...


Episode 17 - The Stepped-On Annual

Carl returns to Project: CHALLENGED as the ink to Doug's pencil in our bigger, longer, and thick-cut annual. Listen to two grown men go full frontal fanboy over all of the creamy goodness oozing from this year's premier geek event; San Diego Comic Con. Make sure to catch Eric's coverage of SDCC on Bitfaced Episode 106. The Challenged Are Chugging: Pike's Peak Brewing Company's Elephant Rock IPA - 7.7% ABV, 75 IBU: Doug 3.1/5 CEL Smug Aspen Basil Kentucky Mule - probably 80% ABV knowing this...


Episode 16 - Svelte Assassin's Sage Advice

Project: CHALLENGED's good fortune with friendly visits continues as our buddy Rob flies all the way from California just to lend some respectability to our humble show. Our decimals got a little Dewey as Rob regaled us with tawdry tales of life behind the stacks: An office job not unlike most, except when your patrons are scrogging in the reference section. Reminiscing on pro wrestling starts out all Dude Love, but ends with the Iron Sheik selling autographs at a Chuck E. Cheese. Oh, and...