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That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that focuses on the industry and its culture.

That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that focuses on the industry and its culture.


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That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that focuses on the industry and its culture.






Episode 158 You Mess With the Matrix, You Lose Power

This week in news Sony dropped some pretty huge trailers. God of War, Spider-Man 2, and Wolverine!? Our hosts go through the list and talk about what they liked from this press conference. Also, Epic Games gets a huge win against Apple, and we talk a little about the Matrix 4 trailer. In games we have been playing Zach and Justin are still playing Psychonauts 2 and Shannon started up Tales Arise. No spoilers this week because Shannon was on vacation and he didn't watch a darn thing.


Episode 157 Michael Myers loves Pumpkin Spice Lates

This week the gang talks about scary movies and video games. Naturally Shannon was so opposed to the idea he flew to Minnesota. Why? who knows. Luckily Steve Wittkamp was able to step up guest host for the week. I hope everyone has a great week and remember BE GREAT!


Episode 156 Turtles and Lambs

This week the group talks about Gamescom opening night. What games are we looking forward too. Halo Infinite story mode? FarCry? how about the Cult of Lamb... Yeah check it out. The Spiderman : No Way Home trailer released this week and we are ready for Marvel to take more of our money. In Games we have been playing Shannon gets burned by a free to play game that costs $8, Zach played Psychonauts 2 and Justin played more MTG Arena. No spoilers this week! Thank you everyone for taking the...


Episode 155 Skyrim in your Membrane!

The gang has some mixed feelings about Skyrim getting a release for the PS5. However, since it's a slow news week we let Justin talk about why he will be buying this game for the 10th time. We talk about more cool Pokemon news and all the indie games coming to the Switch that we want to play. In games we have been playing Shannon has a love hate relationship with West of Loathing Zach is still playing Jurassic Park Lost World or something like that and Justin played a bunch of dating...


Episode 154 J-Roc and Mr.S go to Anime Town

This week Shannon and Zach had some stuff to take care of. Justin and Robby hold down the fort and talk some Loop Hero and a whole TON of Anime! Have a great week!


Episode 153 Hot Takes and Hot Weather

Hello! Welcome to another episode of That Pixel Life! This week the gang talks about the PS5 hard drive upgrade, Blizzard is still gross, and is the Suicide Squad a good movie? In games we have been playing we talk about the Picross Sega/ Genesis edition, Dodgeball Academia and Loop Hero! Spoiler warning! at 1 hr 30 min we dive into the new Suicide Squad movie and F9. Have a great week!


Episode 152 Snap back!

This week Justin has returned to the scorching sands of Arizona. Just in time to help us talk about a new Pokemon Snap! free update. Also Annapurna Interactive showcased many of its upcoming games this week. Are we hyped for what's to come? Picross has a new Genesis collection version of their beloved franchise coming out this week. Guess who already preordered that! Zach played more Subnautica: Below Zero, Shannon played Cris Tales and Justin jumped back into Pokemon Go with both feet. Have...


Episode 151 Justin in Da House!

This week Justin Takes a break from the sweltering heat of Arizona to chill in California! Of course he had to stop in and see his favorite host... and Zach. Old habits were indulged as Magic was played almost exclusively. In news we talk about the gross Activision lawsuit. Will this be the tipping point for the consumers? No spoilers this week! Be great people!


Episode 150 Specialerrrrr

The Gang spoils all your favorite... and maybe not so favorite viewings from the week. Loki, Black Widow and Space Jam! In video game news we talk about Valve's Steam Deck announcement. Will this end up like their first attempt into the console market? Finally, in games we have been playing Zach beats Power Wash Simulator, Justin plays more Magic and Shannon is playing Monster Hunter Stories 2. Have a Great Week!!


Episode 149 Nintend-OLED

This week the gang talks about the new Nintendo OLED switch. Why is this a thing and what do we think happened here. In games we have been playing Games with Gold strikes again as Zach gives GangBeasts a try. Also Zach plays an early release game on Steam called Terra Nil. Shannon plays Riddled Corpse and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Justin played more Magic. In spoiler talk we take a dive into Doki Doki Literature Club at 54 minutes in and we spoil episode 5 of Loki at 1 hr 11 min. Have a...


Episode 148 The Audacity of Audacity

This week the guys talk about Doom Eternal getting a Horde mode, Audacity trying to sneak in new terms to their user agreement and gaming disappointments! In games we have been playing we revisit Doki Doki Literature Club, Power Wash Simulator, Loop Hero and more! We spoil Loki Again at about an hour and thirteen minutes in, so watch out! Have a great week!


Episode 147 Luigi Moose Knuckle

This week the gang talks about the Steam Summer sale happening now. What will they guys be spending their money on? Probably Loop Hero. More Magic the Gathering talk. In our Friday night gaming session Robby pummeled us in Mario Golf. Seriously what is up with Luigi? At 56 min in we go deep into Loki Spoilers. Finally, Shannon and Justin talk about the Demon Slayer movie in anime corner!


Episode 146 Justin Wins* E3

This week Justin gets to celebrate his questionable win on E3 predictions. We also talk about the Nintendo E3 conference and what we're hyped for. Also, is this a better E3 format moving forward? In games we have been playing we talk some Ratchet and Clank: a Rift Apart, Box Boy and Box Girl and Bugsnax again! At the 1 hour mark we spoil the first two episodes of Loki so watch out! Have a great week!


Episode 145! It's Like We Had a Crystal Ball

This week the gang is back in full effect to tally up those points! Did any of our predictions come true? Who is closing in on bragging rights for the next year? Give us a listen and find out!


Episode 144 E3 Predictions!

This week Mr. S joins us for a time honored tradition of predicting E3 news! Who will earn bragging rights this year? Who predicted a new Viewtiful Joe game? Who is still waiting for Viva Piñata to make a comeback? Does anyone want a new Wario game? Strap yourselves in boys and girls this is a chonkie boy!


Episode 142!! PRE 3!

This week Shannon is out for the count, but dont worry the A team is in the house and they are ready to talk shop! Pre 3 hype is in the house! Who is ready for Microsoft to unveil a new and improved Halo demo? Who wants more Far Cry? Y'all got any more of that Horizon footage? In games we have been playing the gang played some Second Extinction together. We would have had some great footage as well to post if Shannon could figure out how to record properly. Sorry for the audio this week I...


Episode 141 Power Wash This!

Hello Gang! This week the guys talk about Nintendo Amiibo grossness! With Skyward Sword getting a HD release on the Switch, is asking $25 more for an Amiibo figure that allows you to save and fast travel going too far? Also Is Overwatch 2 really feel like a new game? or should this just be a patch. In Games we've been playing Justin played "A Monsters Journey", Zach played "Power Washer Simulator" and all three hosts played Diablo 3 together! Have a great week and BE GREAT!


Episode 140 Star Wars kinda... Sucks?

This week the guys take on the heaviest of topics. Why dont we really car about Star Wars anymore? Also Target stops selling Pokemon cards because people are jerks. In what we've been playing Shannon Plays Mini Golf in VR and Justin and Zach talk Resident Evil the Village. Have a great week! Be Great!


Episode 139 The Village of the Rabid Pokemon

This week, the guys sit down to talk about Nintendo's game creator. Will Justing just put negative space out within this platform? In games we've been playing justing talks about RE8: The Village and Shannon sits down to eat his words as he talks about how awesome Pokemon Snap is. WARNING! We spoil the heck out of the first season of Invincible at the 1 hour mark. Finally in case you missed it Shannon's house phone makes an epic comeback this week!


Episode 138 Nobody Cares About Your Pokemon Snap Pics

This week The usual crew talks about Microsofts Games With Gold for the month of May. Can anything rival Viscous Attack Llama? Also XBox series X and PS5s set new records in sales. So why can we find any on the shelves!? In our weekly Consoltation Zach and Justin play Pokemon Snap and try to sell Shannon why this game is so awesome. In our VR world Shannon played Super Hot VR and Battle Sister. No spoiler casts this week because... well... Zach decided to play Titanfall 2 again. Have a great...