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Going through the 1999 box office charts, one number one movie at a time.

Going through the 1999 box office charts, one number one movie at a time.
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Going through the 1999 box office charts, one number one movie at a time.




Ep. 12 -- Weekend of 3/19/1999 -- FORCES OF NATURE

We discuss the forgotten Planes, Trains, and Automobiles RomCom ripoff Forces of Nature. We talk about Orson Welles, some sad stuff, and more!


Ep. 11 -- Weekend of 3/12/1999 -- Moose and Squirrel (ANALYZE THIS, Part Two)

A pained conversation about the 2000 live action film version of THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE slowly transitions into an impassioned defense of Tyler Perry.


Ep. 10 -- Weekend of 3/5/1999 -- ANALYZE THIS

Life, uh...gets in the way. After an unexpected hiatus we're picking up where we left off with the dreadful De Niro/Billy Crystal pairing ANALYZE THIS. A movie so dull and forgettable we have no idea why you would listen to this episode. But it's worth it! We talk Green Book, The Sopranos, The Last Airbender, Oogieloves, and generally devolve into inanity. Have at it.


Bonus Episode -- Ipcar on ISHTAR

In a bonus episode this week Jenna Ipcar joins us once again to talk about her essay about Elaine May in Alicia Malone's new book on women filmmakers The Female Gaze. We decided to take a look at May's career and, in particular, her notorious 1987 box office flop ISHTAR, which is in fact a fantastic movie! Join us as we talk about women in Hollywood and why ISHTAR was so unfairly maligned to the point that the title became synonymous with "terrible." Also remember to check out Jenna's other...


Ep. 9 -- Weekend of 2/26/1999 -- 8MM feat. Jenna Ipcar

This week we welcome and Cinema60's Jenna Ipcar as a guest to discuss Joel Schumacher's snuff film thriller 8MM, starring the inimitable Nicolas Cage! We get deep into why people watch violent images and how this thriller is craftier than it gets credit for. We also overcome technical difficulties as the first 12 minutes of audio are subpar. But stick with it and it will snap to clarity! Check out Jenna's writing at Back Row Cinema Blog ( and her...


Ep. 8 -- Weekend of 2/19/1999 -- Mel Straight Up (PAYBACK, Part Two)

After dropping to second place last week, PAYBACK is on top once again. Rather than retread the theatrical release, we took a look at Brian Helgelund's 2006 director's cut PAYBACK : STRAIGHT UP -- a stunningly improved and punchy little movie that nevertheless still stars noted racist Mel Gibson.


Ep. 7 -- Weekend of 2/12/1999 -- The Nicholas Sparks Academy of Racism (MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE)

On Valentine's Day weekend 1999, audiences flocked to see the first of what would be many film adaptations from acclaimed romance novelist Nicholas Sparks with the Robin Wright Penn/Kevin Costner vehicle MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. This saccharine story of cliches and casual sexism is an unbearable mess, which is why half this episode is dedicated to exploring the numerous allegations against Sparks that he is, according to a court filing, a giant fucking racist and homophobe who supposedly...


Ep. 6 -- Weekend of 2/5/1999 -- PAYBACK, Part One

What if Mel Gibson were a bad person? It's hard to picture, but that's what he plays in PAYBACK, the "dynamite hit" studio-butchered remake of POINT BLANK where you get to "root for the bad guy!" We talk about the life and career of writer/director Brian Helgelund, Mel Gibson's torture fetishism, and his terrifying screen charisma that makes us still kind of like him despite literally everything.


Ep. 5 -- Weekend of 1/29/1999 -- The Matthew Lillard Appreciation Society (SHE'S ALL THAT)

Rounding out January, the existentially dull SHE'S ALL THAT is salvaged by a showstopping performance from Matthew Lillard, whom we wax poetic about for roughly 10 minutes -- and we swear this was recorded before the Shaggy meme got started! We also rag on the Weinsteins, dig into M. Night Shyamalan's curious ghostwriting career, and catch up on what happened to the tailend Gen X stars who disappeared into voice acting obscurity.


Ep. 4 -- Weekend of 1/22/1999 -- Water Sucks (VARSITY BLUES, Part Two)

For two weeks in a row VARSITY BLUES took America by storm. But hell if we're going to watch that thing again. Instead we looked at another football comedy still hanging on the charts that weekend: Adam Sandler's record-breaking THE WATERBOY.


Ep. 3 -- Weekend of 1/15/1999 -- VARSITY BLUES, Part One

This week, the boys hit the gridiron as they tackle Brian Robbins' sports comedy/drama VARSITY BLUES, starring James Van Der Beek and Jon Voight, which ruled the box office for a full two weeks in January 1999. Is it a touchdown, or does Robbins get picked on his first throw? Tune in to find out!


Ep. 2 -- Weekend of 1/8/1999 -- A CIVIL ACTION

This week, Brad, Nick and James talk about A CIVIL ACTION, a legal drama directed by Steve Zaillian that was based on a 1986 pollution case that happened just a few towns over from where they record this podcast in Massachusetts. Does it do the situation justice? Is John Travolta totally made of plastic? And why is Robert Duvall so damn good in this movie? Tune in to find out!


Ep. 1 -- Weekend of 1/1/1999 -- PATCH ADAMS

In the inaugural episode, the boys take on the existential dread of the Robin Williams vehicle 'Patch Adams,' which was #1 at the box office the same day the Euro was adopted. Is it a bad movie worthy of its creepy reputation, or is it... good?