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Episode 023: "Spittin' Chislic" with Soleil Bashale at Ode to Food & Drink

The gang is back visiting their friends at Ode to Food & Drink, where the chislic is flyin’ and the drinks and hydratin’. It’s 605 Summer Classic season, and performer Soleil stops by to talk music, cocktails, and 605 Summer Classics past and future, in between bites and sips. Meanwhile, no one can quite get over the hydrating magic of new sponsor Boulevard Brewing Co.’s electrolyte-packed recreational ale, Easy Sport. It’s the 605 Show, and it feels like being kissed by a rose. This episode...


Episode 22: "V Said it Was Fine" with Brienne Maner (DTSF) at Plum's Cooking

As of this recording, it’s snowing again in South Dakota, and the gang is in a wistful mood, recalling road trips and Twitter beefs past. Tracy Hoem of Plum’s Cooking Company joins us to talk cooking classes, olive oil savants, and gluten-free lasagna (V will believe it when he tastes it, at 10:00am on May 23). After the break, Brienne Maner, VP of Downtown Sioux Falls sits down to talk all about summer in Downtown, debate the logistics of snake-banning, and play Alana’s latest quiz game,...


Episode 021: "Beanbags & Bowls" w/ Joe Entenman (J&L Harley) at the Great Outdoor Store

You might want to pop on a helmet for this one. The team is recording live from the Great Outdoor Store in Downtown Sioux Falls, surrounded by all kinds of cool products they’re unfamiliar with… like sleeping bags, and… bowls? Luckily, Nancy Kirstein of the Great Outdoor is on hand to explain it all, and talk though some of the fun events hosted by the store this spring and summer. After the break, Joe Entenman of J&L Harley talks sidecars, fundraisers, and the J&L Riding Academy before...


Episode 20: "LIVE FROM PIERRE: Part II"

It's Part 2 of The 605 Show's coverage of the 2019 South Dakota Governor’s Conference on Tourism. But before they dive into the material they recorded, Alana and V reminisce about their trip from the relative comfort of 605 Magazine's office, smack dap in the middle of the great Polar Vortex of 2019. After a break, we're back on location in Pierre, where South Dakota Magazine pits citizen representatives from Yankton, Aberdeen, Deadwood, and Rapid City against each other in a rousing game of...


Episode 19: "LIVE FROM PIERRE: The 2019 SD Governor's Conference on Toursim: Part I"

Welcome, welcome, welcome to a very special two-part 605 Show, recorded on location in Pierre, South Dakota, during the 2019 South Dakota Governor’s Conference on Tourism. Alana kicks this one off by dropping a very casual bombshell that surprises every member of the 605 Magazine crew (except for her husband, John). Then the crew is joined by Deadwood’s own Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, who talk vodka sipping and what it’s like to be shot about a thousand times per year. South Dakota royalty...


Episode 18: "Extra Thick Aggressive Tires" with Chad Pickard (Spoke n Sport) at Woodgrain

It's December, and--if Alana is to be believed--there's a holiday-themed event in South Dakota that's perfect for everyone this month. After a casually cryptic throat-punch threat from V, Chad Pickard from Spoke N Sport joins the crew to talk about all things biking. No spandex required... But it's not NOT encouraged, either. Then Jason Currie-Olson of Woodgrain Brewing stops by the table to politely entertain V's marketing suggestions and give some insider Downtown people-watching tips....


Episode 017: “Tell Your Mom I’m Sorry” with Shaun Johnson (Tonic Sol Fa) and John Berkness (Monk’s)

It’s a rollercoaster of event notices, Santa Claus skepticism, and hazy memories of podcast interviews past this month at Monk’s House of Ale Repute. After a short break for some a cappella music, Shaun Johnson (Tonic Sol Fa, The Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience) joins us to talk about hair-collecting fans and other things that come with a 20 year career as a member of a popular a cappella group. Then John Berkness of Monk’s drops by to discuss naming brews before engaging V in an...


Episode 016: "Two Piece and a Biscuit" with Paavo Rasmussen and Nick Murphy

The 605 Show is coming hot into the Halloween season, and we don’t just mean the mic levels (but those are pretty hot, too). Up top, Alana, V, and Brian talk Fall fashion, V’s outstanding licensing invoices from Rob Schneider, and haunted house self-defense. Then Paavo Rasmussen from the Old Courthouse Museum joins us to talk about the Sioux Chapter Cemetery Walk and spooky-funny Sioux Falls history. After the break, Nick Murphy of Hydra Beer talks heavy metal, hops, and hella good beer....


Episode 015: Chris Hintz and Trish Tilberg at Remedy Brewing Company

It's another episode of The 605 Show, and this one is so educational it's practically deafening. Tyler Jepperson of Remedy Brewing Company joins Alana, V, and a (silent, mysterious) Brian to talk seasonal brews, ugly crying at the Soulcrate finale, and the inaugural 605 Black Hills Classic. The crew is joined by TH Grey's own Trish Tilberg and Chris Hintz of Pinnacle Productions to talk about TH Grey's upcoming New York themed fashion show, Friday September 21. It's the 605 Show, and...


Episode 014 Denham, Sioux Falls Pride, Fernson Brewing Company

It’s the 605 Show, sponsored by Cortrust Bank and fueled by one too many complimentary brews. Quinn Kathner and Ryan Patterson of Sioux Falls Pride stop by with a rundown of the roughly one-billion Pride-related events happening in the week leading up to the big event on June 16. Evan Richards and Pat Engel of Fernson Brewing stop by to talk Fernson Fest, and about what it’s like to take home first prize in a global brewing contest. Finally, the crew sits down with Denham to talk 605...


Episode 013 Lori Dykstra (Cure Kids Cancer, Girl Scouts), Jami Lynn & Andrew Reinartz

Welcome, welcome, welcome. It’s another episode of the 605 Show, hosted by Alana Snyder and B the Normal One, who is sitting in for V while he Instagrams his way through Hotlanta. First up, Jami Lynn and Andrew Reinartz stop by to talk about their new jazz-inspired album, Sparse; collaborating from across the state; and the proper storage of rotting pickles. After the break, Lori Dykstra of Cure Kids Cancer and Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons joins the team to talk about the 5th annual L-Couture...


Episode 012 Abby Bischoff, Josh Rieck, Nicki Ellerbroek

It’s been a minute, but the 605 Show is back and cozier than ever, recording live to tape from McNally’s Irish Pub. Josh Rieck of the Union Grove Pickers joined the crew to talk about Different Folk Records “Different Strokes” concert on 3/24/18 and the “Covers For a Cause” Skatepark Association benefit on 3/31/18. Then McNally’s own Nicki Ellerbroek popped in to talk whiskey, stopping customers from getting to fourth base in the snugs, and definitively answer the question, “How Irish Is...


Episode 011 Ted Heeren (Rock Garden Tour), Casey Ring (Old Towne Dinner Theatre)

V locked himself out of his car, and—despite Lyft’s recent arrival in Sioux Falls—is unable to get to The Gateway in time to talk with Olde Towne Dinner Theatre executive director Casey Ring about the company’s latest production, A Tuna Christmas. Luckily, Alana enlists engineer Brian to sub in for The Noble One, and he does pretty much just as good a job as V. After the break, it’s back to normal, and Rock Garden Tour founder Ted “Flowerman” Heeren joins the crew to talk about being...


Episode 010 z*stonish, Kellen Boice (Sioux Falls Design Center)

It’s another slightly spooky episode of The 605 Show, brought to you by 605 Magazine and Cortrust Bank. This month Alana and V hit up Taphouse 41 for plenty of bourbon, tots, and wings. First out of the gate, the gang gets superstitious with mentalist Zac “z*stonish” Tenneboe. Zac gives us the low down on his one man show, Superstitions, at the Orpheum Theatre on Friday, October 13, before trading shots with V during Alana’s latest drinking game, “Does z*stonish Do It (Do It… Do It…)?”...


Episode 009 Burlap Wolf King (Thomas Hentges), Jordan Knopf (Tuff Roots)

This episode of the 605 Show is an all-you-can-listen grilled pineapple-stravaganza, recorded live to tape at Carnaval Brazilian Grill. Jordan Knopf of Tuff Roots joins us straight out of the gate to talk about the band’s new album, Planting Seeds, and to politely indulge Alana’s reggae stoner stereotype game, “Cannabis or Can I Not.” (V doesn’t think it makes much sense, either.) Then our man Aiden from Carnaval takes a break from bringing us plate after plate of delicious food and drinks...


Episode 008 Adam Jorgensen/Sioux Falls Pride, NW Engbers, Jackson Rentschler

By popular demand, The 605 Show is back at The Gateway this month. Our good friend Jackson joins Alana and V to talk patio living (and drinking) and American Outlaw soccer. Then Sioux Falls-based singer-songwriter NW Engbers drops in to talk about his beautiful new EP, The Inner World, his growing family, performing at the 605 Summer Classic later this month, and book-smelling. After the break, Adam Jorgensen joins the crew with an exhaustive list of Sioux Falls Pride Week events before...


Episode 007 Chelsey Tracy, Chris Bedford, CRAVE

The 605 Show is back again. This time we’re hosted by Ileen Sayler and the exceptional staff at CRAVE Restaurant in Downtown Sioux Falls, and the crew finds out that the only way to make CRAVE’s delicious dishes better is to add a sexy backing track while describing them. Chris Bedford stops by to talk about his new album, Picasso, planning for success, and performing at this year’s 605 Summer Classic. After the break, Chelsea Tracy of Chelsea’s Boutique sits down with us to talk about being...


Episode 006 White Wall Sessions, Total Drag, Ode to Food & Drinks

The 605 Show is back once again at the lovely Ode to Food & Drinks, where to crew is toasting the show’s new sponsor, Cortrust Bank, and talking amuse bouche with Chef Bob. Co-owner of Total Drag Liz Nissen shows up to talk about the venue/record store’s renovation, running a cool all ages venue, and play Alana’s morbid celebrity death quiz, “R.I.P. Music Trivia.” Then Jeff Zueger of the White Wall Sessions stops by to talk about the show’s upcoming fifth season, band riders, and doing what...


Episode 005 Brienne Maner, Lauren Forsch, Ode to Food & Drinks

It’s the month of love, so the 605 Show is celebrating with an Ode. Theresa Flannery of Ode to Food and Drink was gracious enough to host us and woo the crew with candied bacon Old Fashioneds, chislic, and Chef Bob’s famous risotto. Lauren Forsch of The Bakery stops by to talk entrepreneurship in Sioux Falls and tell us about The Bakery’s upcoming Speakeasy Soiree (Fri, Feb 12 at Crawford’s). After a smooth interlude from the JAS Quintet, Downtown Sioux Falls Communications Director Brienne...


Episode 004 Zach DeBoer, Dylan West, Carnaval Brazilian Grill

This month Carnaval Brazilian Grill made the mistake of inviting us to record in one of their beautiful private dining rooms. They plied us with appetizers, drinks, and grilled pineapple, and now we might never leave. Carnaval bartender extraordinaire Ben joins us in the first segment, and he comes bearing specialty cocktails. Then musician and producer Dylan West stops by to discuss his newest venture, MoAmp Studios, and to participate in what may go down as the most disastrous game of “Two...