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I'm Vegan, not yet | Episode 18

It's the return of The 700 Block Podcast. In this episode I discuss what i've been up to... my health.... how I plan on easing my way into the vegan lifestyle, Cardi B has a new album out... Where is Remi Ma and Mase? This and more.


The Donya Williams Episode

I️ had the opportunity to chat with up and coming African American female author Donya Williams and we discussed How genealogy/family history, politics, race, social justice, and American history are aligned in a unique way in American current political climate. History is not just about the past. History is about right here and right now. It explains the world we live in and why things are the way they are. It explains a national zeitgeist – specifically, the current American zeitgeist of...


Step-Fathers raising Daughters Feat. Cus'n Kourt and King Dean

I'm back with a new episode of The 700 Block Podcast and i'm joined by Step Fathers Kourtney and Dean. These two men talk about the adjustments that was needed in their life. The challenges and obstacles each faced and the joy of having to raise a daughter. This and more. email me:


Ep.15 Black Privilege Feat. @_Q_the_great

Welcome back to The 700 Block. This week i'm joined by Q The Great and we're to let The Black Know he is Privileged! We also discuss Charles Barkley, Why Jay -Z Mother is disappointed, LeSean McCoy and MORE!! email me: Podcast Network link: Podcast Choppin it up w/ Q: Spreaker: iTunes: iHeart:...


The Balancing Act: Podcasting & Real Life Feat. @officialwwgd

Welcome Back to The Block. Joining me is AJ Fresh and we discuss how we balance Podcasting and real life. We also discuss Trump, Minnesota and how they are handling the murder of a White woman, Ice Cube being the greatest rapper of all times.. and so much more email me: my guest:


Better Life Choices feat. Stefanie

Welcome back to the The 700 Block and this week i'm joined by Stefanie ( Half of Not Your Momma Podcast ) and we recorded a dope episode. Topics include Conquering your fears, why we date at the level of or self-esteem, why flirting while in a relationship/married is healthy for some and MORE EMAIL ME: ( Free audio book )


The Sexually Charged Episode Feat. Fly

This week I have Fly from The Hold The Chaser Podcast joining me via Skype... It's a rainy summer day. This is The Sexually Charged Episode and you hear a side of Flaw 700 you've never heard. Fly tells us about her podcast and goals for now and the future. I ask 10 sexually charged question. Do women enjoy Dick pics? What if men had to cover up? Do girls like " Nice Guys "? How to politely ask for a blowjob? and a lot more...


Before you get married.... Feat. Kimmie Ink EP.10

Welcome back to the block. This is my 1st Skype interview and it's Kimmie Ink from OKC/DALLAS Texas. We talk about the major moves Kim is making and how she's living with a divorce.


Fathers raising daughters Part 2 Feat. Fred Wise & Anthony Robeson

Welcome back to The Block and Welcome to Fathers Raising Daughters Part 2. I have two Guest with me... Fred Wise and Anthony Robeson. 00:00 - Life's a Bitch 02:26 - Introduction 03:30 - The Zodiac Discussion 06:53 - Brooklyn vs Jersey ( Female MC edition ) 13:56 - Where is the Respect for New Jersey Rappers? 18:14 - Do we support our artist enough? Big Ooh, Rudy Moose 23:37 - The Fathers Raising Daughters Convo We tackle the myth of having a daughter is a punishment because you...


That Poly Life Feat Alana & Alamaj EP.8

Welcome Back to The Block and I'm here with Alana and Alamaj discussing The Poly Lifestyle. - What got you started? - What does family Think? - Equal partners? - Raising Children in a Poly Home - MUCH MORE


Mama's Baby... Poppa's Maybe Feat. Felicia & Dasani EP.7

Welcome back to the block. This week i'm joined by Felicia and her Daughter Dasani and in this episode we talk about the challenge of teenage pregnancy, the difference between teenagers now and then and are young teenage girls using birth control for the wrong reason?


Top 10 Rap Diss Songs Feat. Khris Davenport EP.5

Welcome back to the block... new listeners thanks for tuning in. I'm keeping it 100% hip hop on this episode. my guest ( Khris Davenport ) and I discuss our favorite diss records... Last weeks results (1:26 mark) Complex Conversation (2:59 mark) Top 10 rap diss songs (9:06 mark) In honor of B.I.G.G.I.E. we give you our top 5 B.I.G. songs (47:31 mark) We briefly discuss Rick Ross new album and Drakes More Life album (57:04 mark) This weeks Dope or Nope comes from Nivlac Lemaj - " Thoughts...


Hurt Me with The Truth Feat. Kenya Funches

Welcome back to the Block. I have a special today. Kenya Funches aka Redd. In this episode we discuss last week's episode from a female point of view. The Block is hot - Remy Ma vs Nikki Minaj Road to riches.. Which path would you rather take, Shawn Carter's Path or Sean Comb's Path? Get off the Corner - Chris Brown vs Karrueche Trans High School serves Fried Chicken for lunch in honor of Black History Month WNBA player was picked on for being straight.... Dope or Nope - Deevie Real -...


I Lie to you Because I Love You Feat. Ced Fred, Anthony Robeson and Joseph McKinney

Welcome to my block. It's Episode 1 and I have Childhood Friends of mine joining me. Ced Fred, Joe and Ant... We talk about how Trash The Slam Dunk Contest was Would Magic Johnson Lakers dominate Today's NBA and could Lebron James and The Cleveland Cavs Win in the 80's? Who would you replace (Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Ric Flair, or Eminem? ) and who's the replacement? Mark Charles Barnett ( Target bombings ) Immigration Boycott Pick Your Poison...