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Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with people who are changing the world.

Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with people who are changing the world.
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Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with people who are changing the world.




109: Party Girl to Party Planner - Lisa Marie Posso

My guest today is Lisa Marie Posso. She's the brains behind Lisa Marie Projects, a company that produces events for VIP clients and influencers, handles brand partnerships, and talent management. She's curated events for Adult Swim, Marcus Hyde, Skrillex, Owsla, DJ Snake, and Sarah Bahbah, just to name a few. She got a really big break when she got hired to be an assistant for Skrillex back in 2015, and this really exposed her to the fast paced world of VIP clients, touring, and...


108: World Famous Drone Pilot - Steele Davis

My guest today is Steele Davis, aka Mr. Steele. He's one of the only full time FPV drone pilots in the world, and he flies drones in the coolest places on earth. He's been flying drones for almost 5 years and has worked with ESPN, CNN, BMW, 60 Minutes, GoPro, RedBull, VICE, Mountain Dew, Twitch, and many more global brands. He has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he's uploaded over 400 videos. His channel started because of FPV drones, but his channel has turned into so much...


107: Stay True to You - Randall Blizzard

My guest today is Randall Blizzard, the founder of RCR Video and the host of The Late Night Startup Podcast. RCR Video is an Atlanta based Video Production company that creates very high end films for massive brands around the country. His podcast, the Late Night Startup focuses on talking with local entrepreneurs about their businesses and digging deep with them about their successes and failures. During our convo we got nerdy about video, what to charge as a creator, why he started his...


106: Gunshot to the Head - Christian Kimbrough

My guest today is Christian Kimbrough, the founder of Revive Minds. When he was 13, Christian was shot in the head at point blank range. As a result, he had to relearn many of his basic bodily functions such as walking, talking, eating and the movement of the right side of his body. He was a great kid but at the wrong place at the wrong time. It's how he found his purpose in tragedy. Today, he's using his story to impact young people through Revive Minds, which is focused on education...


105: International DJ - Will Clarke

My guest today is the world famous house DJ, Will Clarke. If you haven't heard of him, he's from Bristol, England, and he's become really popular here in the states, due in part to being signed to Claude VonStroke's label, Dirtybird. On this episode we talked about what it's like to be a world touring DJ, moving to Ibiza at age 17, running his clothing company, Doing it for the Cuddles, and how it got its name, why he started growing his beard, and so much more. Make sure you follow...


104: The Epidemic You've Never Heard Of - Dr. T. Wayne Bloodworth

My guest today is Dr. T. Wayne Bloodworth. He's the founder and chairman of The Surgery Center for Female Genital Mutilation located in Johns Creek, Georgia. You're not alone if you've never heard of female genital mutilation, but over 30 million women and children around the world are at risk in the next ten years of falling victim to this inhumane practice. FGM is a cultural practice of altering or ‘cutting’ female genitalia. It is not done for any medical purpose. It is not endorsed...


103: Day Job to Digital Nomad - Chelsae Zirna

My guest today is Chelsae Zirna. She is a digital nomad and women's entrepreneurial coach who coaches women how to use their intuition in their businesses. I met Chelsae earlier this year, and since then, she has quit her corporate job, put all of her stuff in storage, and she is now living in Bali as a full time Digital Nomad. During our conversation we talked all about how she embarked on this entrepreneurial journey after years of working in corporate America, her experience in sales,...


102: Dissecting Cinema - Wes Evans

My guest today is Wes Evans. Wes is a filmmaker and podcast host located in Austin, Texas. His company, Icarus Burning Productions has made all kinds of video content including short films, music videos, educational content, videos for small businesses, and many passion projects since 2012. He is also one of the hosts of the Pestle, a podcast dedicated to in-depth movie talk. On his show, he and his co-host Todd analyze and break down some of the best films of all time. During our...


101: Create More - Preston Summerrow

My guest today is Preston Summerrow. He's a Full Time Freelance Videographer, Storyteller, & World Traveler. He's also one of the silliest and goofiest people I know too. Preston has always been someone who relentlessly chases his dreams. He's been making videos since he was 12, and he pretty much hasn't stopped since. He's got a fire youtube channel where he posts his own vlog style videos, and for his clients, he makes some buttery, epic cinematic stuff. During our conversation we...


100: Bucketlist Brothers - Matthew Deitsch

My guest today is my brother Matthew Deitsch. Back in July, we set off on a trip around Europe. We visited 9 countries in 6 weeks, and we had an absolute blast. This is Matthew's third episode, so if you want to hear Matthew's story or his previous solo adventures in Europe go check out Episode 51 and Episode 67 before you listen to this one. During our conversation we talked all about our trip, swimming in Blue Lagoon in Iceland, sneaking into Center Court at Wimbledon, attending...


99: Pain to Purpose - Victoria Madison

My guest today is my friend Victoria Madison. She is passionate about helping others overcome their fears & limiting beliefs to awaken their passions & rise from pain into PURPOSE. She's the co-author of the book: 20 Beautiful Women: 20 Stories that will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion, and Inspire Your Divine Purpose and the e-book: 3 Daily Habits to Holistic Health & Heart Healing. After tragically losing her brother to addiction, she set off on her journey of physical and...


98: The Travel Critic - Klaudia Jakubiak

My guest today is Klaudia Jakubiak. She's an avid traveler who is constantly seeking to deepen human connections and better understand the world. Through her travel blog, The Travel Critic, she shows her followers the best places to eat, stay, and play all over the world. She also sprinkles a lot of inspiration and wellness tips on her shared journey of self-discovery. On this episode, she shared her story of coming here as a Polish Immigrant and learning english as a second language,...


97: The Future of Online Education - Dr. Carrie Rose & Lechon Kirb

My guests today are Dr. Carrie Rose & Lechon Kirb, the brains behind ofcourse. Dr. Carrie Rose is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and one of Huffington Posts Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs of 2017. Dr. Carrie also holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. Now she is best known for her innovative teaching strategies & methodology. Her current research is in course completion rates & connecting online course development with The Science...


96: Netflix for your Ears - Raul Vega

My guest today is Podcaster and Digital Instrument Creator, Raul Vega. One year ago last week, he launched Rose Drive, a fictional mystery podcast. Raul writes the script, directs, produces, edits, scores, mixes, & masters the entire show. In just one year, the podcast has over 50K downloads worldwide & over 100 Five star ratings on Apple Podcasts. He acquired the skills to do this over the last 6 years working for the incredibly famous film score composer & record producer, Hans...


95: Kentucky Girl to LA Model - Jamie Leigh Thornton

My guest today is the lovely & hilarious model and actress, Jamie Leigh Thornton. Recently she packed up her life as a student at University of Kentucky to pursue a career in LA as a model & social media influencer. Since then, she's been featured in Maxim Magazine and Sports Illustrated, and has amassed over 155k followers on Instagram. Many people assume this career path is simply fueled by looks, but Jamie's outgoing personality, humor and atypical body type really separate her from...


94: Fusing Art & Science - Arden Ash

My guest today is Arden Ash. She's an interactive design and technology artist, art director, fashion photographer, and published author. She has 13 patents, she was an official photographer for the Radiohead: "In Rainbows Tour," and she has worked with tons of top companies including Technicolor, American Idol, Nestle, Earthlink, Ticketmaster, and Toyota. She's extremely passionate about psychology and science, and she is constantly working to fuse those into her art. You can find...


93: He Treats Acting Like A Sport - Chad Buchanan

My guest today is Chad Buchanan, actor, entrepreneur, and model. After dropping out of high school and in the midst of launching his gaming hardware company, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in modeling. After a lot of hard work he landed international campaigns and work for brands such as Abercrombie, Calvin Klein, and Versace. After traveling all over the world as a model he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting so he moved to LA and the rest is...


92: Cultivating Creativity - Allen Gannett

My guest today is Allen Gannett, founder and CEO of TrackMaven and author of The Creative Curve. TrackMaven is a marketing analytics firm whose clients have included Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Ave, Home Depot, Aetna, Honda, and GE. He has been on the "30 Under 30" lists for both Inc. and Forbes. His new book, The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time is all about overturning the mythology around creative genius, and reveals the science and secrets behind...


91: Crossfit Keto Momma - Megan May

My guest today is my new friend Megan May. She's a bodybuilder turned CrossFit influencer, a huge proponent of the Ketogenic Diet, she was on the last season of American Ninja Warrior, and on top of that she is the mother of a beautiful baby boy. If you're looking for an example of what it looks like to be a badass momma, look no further. She was one of the original trainers of the very first original CrossFit box in Miami. In 2012, she moved to New York City to be the manager of...


90: Power Couple - Ayaz & Zeenat Momin

My guests today are Ayaz & Zeenat Momin. Ayaz is the founder, lead designer, and brains behind Threads and Beams, an Atlanta based company that creates high quality custom shoes, bags, & accessories. They donate 50% of their profits towards community enrichment in Atlanta & abroad. Zeenat is a traveling Registered Nurse, a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, and a featured coach on the app FitRadio. During our conversation they shared how they met, Zee shared her fitness...