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#33 - Alan Stein will help “Raise Your Game” as he did for Kevin Durant

“Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow” ask’s Alan Stein. As a TOP performance coach for some of the greatest basketball players of all time, Alan shares some key thoughts for our listeners. This is a great discussion about winning and being focused to say “Yes” to opportunities in your life.


Baja Sessions - re-air with Sal Fish

We dropped in the Sal Fish interview again for everyone that missed the show. Only a couple weeks after the 2019 Baja 1000 where Cameron Steele takes the win, its great to go back and hear Sals stories.


#32 - Shane Mahoney wants you to be “James Bond” in real life

When Shane puts his mind into creating the most incredible travel experience, the results are undeniable. He wants to take one person on the trip of their lifetime and become James Bond. It even includes custom gadgets, special operations training, customs suits, and an island. How did he get here, listen to his story as he said “yes” along the way to becoming a premier luxury travel planner.


Baja Sessions talks to Boca Roja about tourism and how to have a great time in Baja

Tim Barnes from Boca Roja tours opens up about traveling with his group to Baja. Despite the news, his trips are alive and well and sometimes with less people at the border. This is a great show to learn how to plan a winter getaway to baja.


#31 - Mychal Tamaki is 25 and knows exactly where he is headed in 2019

If you are in your 20’s and not sure where you are going? Be inspired by Mychal Tamaki and his ability to know where he is headed in 2019. Mychal is at the beginning of his journey in life but he is willing to share how he got where he is today and what is important to him. If you are a parent - Mychal can tell you what made a difference for him growing up as his parents led by example.


Baja Baja sessions - Travel updates and information

This show is short and sweet with Border Travel updates from our Social Media pages - helpful hints while the Mexican border is having closures


#30 - Spend some time w Naresh Vissa and gain some new tools to market your business

We have spent the last few months talking to guests that will encourage you to say "YES" to opportunities. But then what to do next... Naresh offers some great advice on marketing and podcasting as two great tools for your new business.


Baja Sessions w Austin "Fish" Farner - This is a Baja 1000 pre show, and "Fishgistics update

Almost all of our guests have had some experience with Baja and Off Road Racing. I figured we might as well talk about the Baja 1000 that is coming up this Friday w a media expert, Austin Fish Farner. Check out todays show and hear about the great stuff "Fish": has going on and his winning predictions.


#29 - Head out West to be a Country Music Star? Erin Cosgrove did…

Erin picked up her bags and headed West to become an actress and pursue her passion. She found out that singing songs in front of a crowd might be exactly what she was meant to be instead of acting. Erin also talks about her parents and the fact that they did not like this idea in the beginning and the choices she had to make along the way. I appreciate how she is just enough country and success to kick off her latest single this year!


Baja Sessions - Update on our work with Corazon De Vida and the Orphanages in Baja

Throughout the year we are involved with Corazon De Vida and their efforts to support 10 orphanages in Baja, Mexico. George Perez has been with CDV for many years and today he hives us an update on 2018 and the recent gala event in San Diego. If you are interested in helping please listen to this show for details and how you can become involved


#28 - History Channels “Missing in Action” cast member and P.I. Jax Atwell on this weeks show

If your prone to be in Law Enforcement or private investigative work, Jax is you role model. We talked about how his law enforcement career landed him on the History Channel and how he started his own PI business in Az. Great story from a guy that is busy working hard and raising three boys.


Baja Sessions with retreat Expert Tammy Peterson of Retreats Unlimited - Tecate/La Paz

Most people head south of the border for adventure, but how about some relaxation. Listen to the incredible retreats that Tammy Peterson has put together around the world but includes two locations in our favorite destination, BAJA! We all know deep down how important it is to set time aside for ourselves, Tammy gives us the perfect excuse.


#27 - A little "Salt and Pepper" with RAAD Ghantous leading the charge in interior design

Raad is not only one of the premiere interior design firm owners in Orange County, he is one hell of a guy! This shows goes deep into philosophy of life in your 50's, how to say Yes to just about everything, and deciding not to go to your dream college because their was a war going on there. Everyone will find something to love about this conversation. "We don't design interiors, we design experiences" - Raad Ghantous


Baja Sessions speaks to Collin Corrigan from Cerveceria Transpeninsular about beer and business

Thinking about heading south to start a business? Check out todays show with Collin Corrigan as he explains the do's and font's of getting started. Yes you can make money and enjoy all the things in life you seek in Baja! Plus he gets to make beer all day...


#26 - Phil Downs w/ two tours of duty will tell you to “Have a bias for action”

Phil Downs made the decision to serve our country despite his parents best wishes. He enlisted and served two tours in Iraq serving our country. He lives by the motto “Do it as aggressively as possible”. Phil walks through the decision process of saying YES to the Military and then the emotional side of leading soldiers into combat. Don’t miss this interview.


Drew Deckman - Baja Sessions re-air from earlier this year

Many people I have spoken to had not heard my interview with Chef Drew Deckman. After a very successful series of events in Baja, people are starting to know all about Drew. Here is my interview with him earlier this year at his famous restaurant in the Valle De Guadalupe.


#25 - Jim Riley Interviewed By Jim Beaver on the Spartan Ultra Beast with Fan Questions

In this special episode of the Answer is Yes host Jim Riley is interviewed by Jim Beaver of the Down & Dirty Radio Show on the Spartan Ultra Beast he just competed in and finished 2nd, his Spartan Racing career, and answers fan questions.


Baja Sessions - Visionary Mike Pearlman talks about bringing back the NORRA Mexican 1000

In this very special interview, Mike Pearlman talks about the original NORRA 1000 and how it started. Mike shares intimate stories about his father and where the term "Off Road" came from in the first place. If you love Off Road Racing and Baja - you have to hear this show!


#24 - Matt Balducci talks becoming a business coach and mentor at an early age

Matt created a successful business at an early age and turned that into opportunity. In this interview we learn how Matt took a basic painting business and made a fortune from his will to grow. He is now coaching others how to do the same. This is a rare look at the other side of a young business coach.


Baja Sessions with everyones friend, Lucas Hand, 30 year veteran of Baja

Lucas has been traveling through Baja since he was 5 years old. He is the guy that you see around town that can help you get anything you need if your in a jam. He is a off road racing fanatic and has the history to prove it.