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Our ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcasts aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview at least one guest on our chosen topic, engage in a little ‘Death Chatter’ before hearing the 'Voice from the Chaplain’s Chair’.

Our ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcasts aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview at least one guest on our chosen topic, engage in a little ‘Death Chatter’ before hearing the 'Voice from the Chaplain’s Chair’.


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Our ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcasts aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview at least one guest on our chosen topic, engage in a little ‘Death Chatter’ before hearing the 'Voice from the Chaplain’s Chair’.




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Episode 28: The Art of Listening Well

Well, we’re emerging into the light from the pandemic – much as it has not fully gone away - and we’re socialising and speaking to each other more. But how are our conversational skills? A bit rusty maybe? Conversing well requires a good listening ear and the ability to make good judgment calls before opening our mouths. This podcast looks at how we break bad news, console people, explore feelings and emotions, and everything that's involved in having those meaningful conversations in the...


Episode 27: Men and Grief

We've all heard the stereotypes... men aren't good with their emotions. Men don't talk about things close to their hearts. It's all 'stiff upper lip' and 'show must go on'. So what happens when a man's dying? Or suffers a bereavement? What's visible on the outside doesn't always reflect what's going on inside. When a loved-one dies, people rally around, offer their support and try to find some helpful words. It may be a generalisation but men don't find these things particularly easy to...


Episode 26: Grief in the Classroom

It has been a very strange 18 months for young people – not just at home but in our schools too. The pandemic has reminded us all of the nearness of death and how we as a society look after ourselves and each other. How often do we hear the wisdom "children are resilient"? But coping with death and dying as a young person is not easy - especially the first time they experience the death of a loved one or friend. How does this play out in the classroom? How can our teachers equip themselves...


Episode 25: Diagnosing Dying

We're tackling a very difficult subject on this 'Art of Dying Well' podcast. What happens when you get the news that nobody wants? How do you cope with a diagnosis that changes everything? We're looking at how we can listen to, accompany and support a loved one who has received a terminal diagnosis. It’s a traumatic time for everyone but it can be a time for taking control, setting goals and making sure you’re able to make the most of that often short but very precious time towards the...


Episode 24: The Internet and End of Life

As we emerge into whatever version of 'normal' we end up with after the acute phase of the pandemic, some of us are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Others, facing death or accompanying a dying loved one, may feel that light's a little further away. That's why we’re here, really, to cover the subjects that matter on this human journey.That painful lack of face-to-face contact has been discussed a lot during the pandemic – not least by us here on the pod - so we're looking at how we can...


Episode 23: End of Life Accompaniment and Lone Deaths

In recent years we've seen signs that more and more people are able to talk about death and dying. However, many more list death - and particularly dying alone - as their number one anxiety.This podcast juxtaposes two end-of-life realities - one commonplace, the other far less so. And it's the 'far less so' we're starting with. Lone deaths.Nobody chooses to die alone, right? Wrong. Some people plan very carefully to make sure they die alone. But why? Helping us to answer that question is...


Episode 22: Reporting on death and dying during the pandemic

Covid-19 has hit the UK hard. 100,000 deaths is a statistic. 1 is a tragedy. Each death leaves a family bereaved, each hospital admission results in a person facing a fight - loved-ones anxiously hoping for the best from a distance. Covid-19 presents journalists with the biggest news story on sickness, death and dying for a generation.It's very timely, then, that we’re talking to a very well-known broadcast journalist for our first 'Art of Dying Well' podcast of 2021 - someone who regularly...


Episode 21: Bereavement and Remembrance in November

The 'Art of Dying Well' is exactly four years old and it's fitting we're in the month of November, or, as we call it, 'the month to remember'.Bereavement, grief, memories and remembrance make up the subject matter for this, our last Art of Dying Well podcast of 2020. The P word - pandemic - of course provides a different backdrop this year as we talk about those who have died but, importantly, those left behind.So to tackle this, we have a real expert on grief and bereavement -...


Episode 20: Dying well starts with living well

We've long said it, but how you live has a bearing on how you die. Dying well starts with living well. Being ready, being prepared, being reconciled, being happy and at peace with the way you treat yourself and others - they're all factors. Everyone has their own version of 'living well'.In these pandemic times, health, fitness and well-being have come to the fore so we have the perfect guest to discuss the drive to live better - Elliott Reid. Elliott is the founder of the Revitalize Health...


Episode 19: Lockdown, loss and pandemic trauma

This 'Art of Dying Well' podcast picks up where Episode 18 left off - counting the cost of COVID19 and how it has touched our lives and communities. Lockdown may be easing but the virus is certainly not a thing of the past. Politicians turn their thoughts to re-firing the economy, restrictions are being removed and the public at large is being encouraged to use its 'common sense'.But many people are coping with grief, separation and isolation in an entirely new way. Some have been denied...


Episode 18: Dying, Recovering and Caring during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This 'Art of Dying Well' podcast comes from a state of COVID-19 lock-down but covers an incredible amount of ground by way of an exclusive interview with friend of the show, Dr Kathryn Mannix.Kathryn is a Palliative Care physician, author of ‘With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial’ and a woman who's on a mission to get us all better acquainted with the idea of dying well. She has returned to work during the COVID-19 pandemic and in this podcast tells us what it’s...


Episode 17: We're all going to die!

OK so the title of today's podcast sounds like a line from a dodgy science fiction film but actually there's a serious point to be made. We've all heard the one about the certainties in life - death and taxes - and today we're talking about the former. This podcast focuses on confronting the realities of death and remembering that life is temporary and, at some point, we're all going to die. In Latin, the phrase is memento mori - "remember that you will die".Memento mori has preoccupied the...


Episode 16: Life Interrupting Grief

The last 'Art of Dying Well' podcast of 2019 sees us focus on the painful subjects of loss and grief at a time of year that can be particularly hard for those of us spending Christmas without a loved one. Simply getting from one day to the next can be a major challenge while all around you are seemingly in party mode.Today we hear from former Sky Sports and Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas who talks about the pain and grief of having to cope with the death of his wife Gemma two years ago....


Episode 15: Theatre, Medicines and Hospice Care

In a packed and powerful 'Art of Dying Well' podcast we're bringing you the insight and experiences of three really interesting people. First up is the talented actor and writer Harriet Madeley - the main creative force behind a unique play about death and dying called 'The Colours'. It's based on interviews Harriet conducted with palliative care doctors and patients in Welsh seaside hospices and creatively moves through fantasy, memory and reality. 'Death Chatter' sees long-term friend of...


Episode 14: Deathbed Etiquette

Today’s podcast focuses on the launch of a new 'Deathbed Etiquette' resource - a guide to help friends and relatives prepare to be at the deathbed of a dying loved one. Dr Amy Gadoud - a palliative care professional and lecturer in palliative medicine - helps us explore deathbed etiquette. As well as being an expert in the field, she has her own personal experience to share with us. 'Death Chatter' features the award-winning LBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty who explains that the death...


Episode 13: Death, dying and pets

Caring and accompanying people along the very human journey of dying lies at the heart of our podcasts - not to mention how we honour and remember our friends and family. Today, however, we're looking at animals and bereavement. We start by discussing the difficult task of talking to children about the death of a much-loved pet. Daniella Dos Santos - a veterinary surgeon who is as much at home talking to people as caring for animals - joins us to talk about how the professionals help animals...


Episode 12: Time to talk about death

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since the last Art of Dying Well podcast but we’re back talking death and dying and all the issues surrounding this difficult but very human journey.Our main interview this month is a really interesting conversation with an actor – the very charming and engaging Greg Wise. If you’ve been watching The Crown on Netflix you’ve probably seen Greg playing Lord Mountbatten. But we’re not talking acting, we’re talking about his sister Clare. Clare died in...


Episode 11: Am I allowed to grieve?

Something's not right. You've not heard from your father-in-law for a few weeks. You're close. That's not usual. The milk's on the doorstep, yesterday's papers are poking out of the letterbox. You know what's happened but you don't want to think it let alone say it. This is how Erica Buist felt when she encouraged husband Dion to cross London to check on his father. "I had to find a way to get him to check on Chris knowing I was sending him to find a dead body..."Finding a loved one dead at...


Episode 10: Love, Loss and Coping

February's Art of Dying Well podcast features an extended interview with BBC financial journalist Sally Bundock - co-presenter of the BBC’s flagship business programme 'Business Live'.Sally's story is moving and inspiring. Sadly last Summer, after an eight-year battle with cancer, her husband Paul died. Devastating – especially when you leave a wife and three young children behind - but in the face of this grief, Sally is strong, positive and gives a great example of Christian witness.Well...


Episode 9: Music and Consolation

Here's our packed 'Art of Dying Well' podcast focusing on how music is vital for our well-being. Whether it acts as the soundtrack to our lives or as consolation at a time of grief, music is at the heart of the human experience. First up we speak to Eric Clarke, Professor of Music at Oxford University about how music can actually be an empathiser - almost a person - in how we listen and respond to it. Next it's 'Death Chatter' and we connect via Skype with Sue Kemple from...