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Diet Prada: Fashion Watchdog of the Internet

@Diet_Prada is the Instagram account with the biting wit that can make a major fashion brand stand accountable for errors in judgement—whether they've knocked off smaller designers or engaged in cultural appropriation—something that was much harder to call out before social media. Host Noor Tagouri talks to the duo running the account about the power, and responsibility, they have today.


Jillian Mercado Is Your Rebellious Best Friend

As a model, Jillian Mercado has been featured on billboards from Times Square to Venice, Italy. And, she's one of the only professional models who also uses a wheelchair. Jillian talks with Noor Tagouri about how being a rebel was her survival mode growing up, and what it was like to see herself—wheelchair and all—on a huge billboard in Italy.


Dapper Dan Defined Harlem, And Harlem Defined Him

Dapper Dan, the iconic fashion designer who defined the look of '80s hip-hop, talks to host Noor Tagouri about the early days of his boutique—which was open 24/7 for almost a decade—and about how growing up in Harlem shaped the person and designer he is today.


Elaine Welteroth Has a Message For You

Elaine Welteroth, the former Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, was the youngest person ever at the helm of a Conde Nast publication, and second ever black editor at the company. Now, she’s the author of a book about knowing your worth, and she opens up to host Noor on how she coped with naysayers and navigated professional hurdles.


Tan France Sometimes Forgets He's Famous

Tan France is the fashion expert on Queer Eye, but he's so much more than the charming stylista with the pompadour. To kick off Season 3, Tan opens up to host Noor Tagouri about why he almost quit Queer Eye during the first season, the strength of his family relationships, and the immense pressure he felt as a young professional living in Salt Lake City and running three modest clothing companies. He also reveals how he used clothes to express himself as a child, including his love for...


Meet Noor Tagouri, Host Of The Barney Podcast Season 3!

The Barneys Podcast is back with a new host, and she’s ready to shake up the conversation. This season, trailblazing journalist Noor Tagouri takes over the mic to dig deeper, challenge convention, and celebrate the people who dare to push culture forward. She brings her heartfelt interview style to Season 3, as she has intimate conversations with a dynamic guest lineup that includes Tan France, Elaine Welteroth, Diet Prada, and more.


Martha Stewart's Many Lives

Barneys CEO Daniella Vitale talks with Martha Stewart about her fascinating path to building an empire; plus, the inspiration behind the Martha Stewart burger available at all Freds at Barneys New York locations.


Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush has never bought the idea that it's not polite to talk about politics. She has been a force to be reckoned with since her breakout role on One Tree Hill, where she brought her passion for activism to her character. In this episode, she talks to host Cindi Leive about feminism, her experience within the #MeToo movement, and stepping into the producer's chair for her latest TV role.


Samin Nosrat

Samin Nosrat is a chef and bestselling author who has distilled the craft of good cooking into four elements: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, which is now a hit series on Netflix. In this episode, she talks to host Cindi Leive about the beauty in mistakes, her manifestation journal, and the secret sauce that can turn a good dish great.


Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell has found incredible success as a supermodel, but it’s the victories she's had off the runway as an environmentalist and advocate for social and racial justice that she’s most proud of. In this episode, she talks to host Cindi Leive about challenging the status quo, speaking up about privilege, and making activism more than a lifestyle.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been an international sensation for decades. First, as a member of the pop sensation the Spice Girls, and today as an international fashion designer at the helm of her namesake label, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. In this episode, she talks to host Cindi Leive about working hard, revealing her true self on social media, family, and what it means to live her best life.


Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson used to practice her comedy sets at sports bars on Staten Island. Today she’s the host of several hit podcasts including 2 Dope Queens, which has been picked up by HBO and is the author of two books. In this episode, the comedian talks to host Cindi Leive about feminism, fashion, and what it’s like to meet Bono.


Alexander Wang + Ryan Korban

Alexander Wang and Ryan Korban met at college in New York and the ink wasn’t yet dry on their degrees before they began rising to the top of their fields. Ryan Korban has designed interiors for the likes of Kanye West and Balenciaga. Alexander Wang created a movement with his elevated take on urban wear. In this episode, the two talk to host Cindi Leive about their decades-long friendship, the secrets to a good collaboration, and what's next in the industry.


Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland went from church choir to global success with Destiny’s Child followed by a solo career. In this episode, she sits down with host Cindi Leive to discuss her professional and personal evolution, all of which has led her to be a champion of self-acceptance. She also talks about her new line of sunglasses with Smoke x Mirrors; plus, she SINGS.


Thom Browne

Thom Browne’s designs forever changed the silhouette of men’s fashion. In this episode, the designer opens up about the origins and impact of his signature “shrunken suit,” the value of routine, launching womenswear, dressing LeBron, and staying true to his vision along the way.


Introducing Season 2!

Introducing our new host Cindi Leive, former Glamour editor-in-chief. In the Season 2 trailer she sits down with Barneys' CEO Daniella Vitale. Tune in this season as we go deep into the lives and minds of some of the most dynamic personalities creating (and recreating) art, fashion, and our current cultural moment. Launching September 19!


Gucci Westman x Jason Ascher

Gucci Westman is the go-to makeup artist for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, and the founder of the new beauty line Westman Atelier. She chats with Barneys Resident Makeup Artist Jason Ascher to talk about growing up in an Ashram, paving her own way in the beauty industry, and why she believes in conscious beauty.


Iman Shumpert x Jackie Kim

Iman Shumpert is a guard for the Sacramento Kings. He's also a fashion icon. Associate Fashion Director Jackie Kim sits down with the basketball player to find out when he first fell in love with fashion, what designers inspire him, and the story behind his head-turning high-top fade.


Phillip Picardi x Will Higdon-Sudow

Will Higdon-Sudow (Senior Director of Creative Services) talks to Phillip Picardi (Teen Vogue, Them) talk about how creativity and activism can go hand in hand.


Heron Preston x Drew Caldwell

Barneys Senior Men's Buyer Drew Caldwell chats with artist and designer Heron Preston about his new collection with NASA (and what he couldn't live without in outer space), the downtown Manhattan party scene that raised him, and how his inspiration for sustainable fashion comes from places as wide reaching as his grandma and the New York department of Sanitation.