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EP287: Temper Tantrums, Sweet Revenge, & Doorbell Licking

Today we talk about why kids throw tantrums, & how it applies to all of us (but especially if you've ever done a Challenge). We are outraged about a woman who was assaulted while in a vegetative state. We talk about the essence of evil, we discuss the man who licked a stranger's doorbell for 3 hours. Sarah talks about revenge, & why it might not be a bad thing. We hear about wikifeet saving the day, a ninja star incident, and a man who stayed in his house during the California fires.


EP286: Sarah's Rant, Glitter Bomb, & High Drama

Today Sarah is worked up about a man who did work at her house, & she had to "stop being polite." Susie gives the scoop on glitter, & we find out there's more to it than you'd think. We debate DNA kits for dogs & we find out why cane toads are the worst. We talk about a divorce statistic about successful women, find out why Sarah can't stop organizing, & learn why there is "high drama" in the Patterson house.


EP285: Kissing, Boobs, & Worst Movie Ever

Today we discuss a device that lets you kiss someone through your phone (& why it's disgusting). We find out theories on why we have boobs. Susie talks about a scandal involving Hershey's kisses, & Sarah is outraged. We learn about the "testicle festival," & find out why Sarah is a fan of balls. Sarah shares a disturbing method of sheep castration in great detail. Susie reveals how someone died from doing a dare & Sarah recounts how she almost died because of a prank. Find out what audiences...


EP284: Year of Babies, Viral Hoax, & Perfect Inventions

Find out why Sarah thinks this year is going to bring her a baby girl. We discuss our plans for 2019. Sarah vents about a new parenting trend she's observed, & why she had to get involved recently. Susie reveals the truth behind some heartwarming viral videos. We debate whether you should call food "crack." We find out 9 inventions that are so perfect they never needed improvements.


EP283: Sarah Predicts the Future, Auto-Tune, & Millennial Pictures

Today we talk about Christmas again even though Christmas is over. Hear how Sarah found out she was getting undies from her husband. Susie is watching a true crime documentary called The Innocent Man, & we discuss why people confess to crimes they didn't commit. We learn what millennials are doing w/ all the pics they take. Sarah gets pissed about people looking at her pictures. Susie gives the history of Auto-Tune. We discuss Einstein's God letter & Sarah analyzes Mariah Carey's dancing


EP282: Bear Repellent, Amish Phones, & Twerking Soccer Player

Susie shares how she got lucky with an errant order, & why she's conflicted about the ethics of keeping the freebie. We find out why a robot sprayed bear repellent in an Amazon factory. We learn why geo-tagging is ruining national parks. Susie calls out Amish people for using phones. We discuss the female soccer player who was asked to twerk after winning an award. We lament the downfall of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Susie talks about Paris' famous lost & found, what straight A students get wrong,...


EP281: Personality Types, Out of Body Experience, & Skeleton Boots

Today we discuss Sarah's super fancy experience in Disneyland's Club 33 (& she now needs a special cushion for her purse). We learn about Frankie Muniz's alleged amnesia situation, & why he can't remember being on Malcolm in the Middle. We find out why there are new personality types, & where we fit on the spectrum. We debate umbilical cord jewelry. We get an update on the science of why you want to eat cute things. Sarah details an out-of-body experience. Susie talks about a 500-year-old...


EP280: Shark Tank Therapy, Cannibal Couple, & Sarah's BDE

Today we find out what 4 things Kate Middleton keeps in her handbag. We hear why some people think millennials don't eat tuna--and it makes no sense. Susie talks about Russian cannibals, & why we all might have a little bit of cannibalistic tendencies in us (what?!). Hear Sarah's Christmas shopping rant. Susie talks about her surprising family connection to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter. Plus, we learn why all the Shark Tank contestants have to see a psychologist after their on-camera...


EP279: Sarah's Guilt, Cyber Flashing, & Mandatory Hugs

Today Sarah reveals why she has a guilty conscience. Susie explains how people can "flash" you through your phone, & what's being done about it. We discuss people who watch porn at Starbucks, how to catch a tiger, & why some people light a match after pooping. Susie reveals why women become more creative (& lethal!) after they have a baby. Plus, we debate the Ted Baker mandatory hug culture at work, how influencers were conned into paying a ton for cheap shoes, & Sarah cries TWICE!


EP278: Sex Recession, Creepy Motel, & Dead Body Cookies

Today we start by hearing what gives life meaning according to Americans. We hear why Sarah thinks there's a conspiracy with This Is Us commercials. Sarah watched a creepy documentary about a motel owner who watched his customers. We learn about a girl who made cookies w/ her grandma's ashes. We get mad about how there are too many "phase of life" celebrations. Susie talks about a study of men and women's faces, & now she's furious. Plus, we find out why we're in a sex recession.


EP277: Smash Cakes, Male Nudity, & Giving Birth Around the World

Hear about a bakery that makes a cake especially for divorces, & find out why Susie is pissed (again) about baby showers. We learn about a bizarre trend of adult smash cake photo shoots, & we are not impressed. Susie talks about why men are not expected to want privacy, & how it can lead to trauma. We discuss hospital bags around the world that women take to give birth--& they're very different depending on where you live. We talk about looking at other people's screens, & why it's become a...


EP276: Sarah's Spaceship, Living Underground, & Love Languages

Today we find out why Christmas music is literally making you crazy. We discuss love languages, & express our love for the hot duck swimming in Central Park. We find out the science of the placebo effect, & why it's understudied. Sarah reveals a strange Finnish practice that Susie's mad about. Susie talks about an amazing Australian community that lives underground. We debate the "most beautiful girl" in the world. And we find out who makes your coffee and the history of the ampersand.


EP275: Stolen Penises, Lady Luck, & Birth in Space

Today we discuss a cornucopia of topics. We begin with a discussion on insomnia & underwear. Find out why scientists argue that siblings are the most important relationship in your life. We discuss a new trend of grandparents watching their grandkids on their baby nursery monitors, & why it's kind of creepy. We learn why witches were once accused of stealing penises. Susie talks about a woman who survived a ridiculous amount of tragedies. Find out why some women might be giving birth in...


EP274: Fire Alarms, Yoga Pants, & Bookworm Assault

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American listeners! Today we talk about gratitude--& we're thankful for you. We learn about a study on fire alarms, & we can't believe how long it's taken for the results to be realized. We talk about a clock art installment that got our wheels turning. Hear about a guy whose books were being spoiled & he couldn't take it anymore. Find out what alcohol does to your memories, why Kit Kats are popular in Japan, & why yoga pants are so popular.


EP273: Measuring Body Parts, Couples Code, & Instagram Saved Poetry

We learn what to not say when you're talking to someone who's suffered loss. Susie talks about the importance of street names. We debate whether dogs hate our phones. Sarah provides life hacks on measuring body parts we never knew we needed & reveals horror stories from her days at Forever 21. We find out what makes couples develop their own language. Find out how Instagram saved poetry, people w/ debt are more agreeable, & why sexual promiscuity might make you miserable.


EP272: Pet Peeves, Marrying for Love, & Humanization of Dogs

Today we talk about the huge list of pet peeves our listeners submitted. Susie talks about why women's shoes are uncomfortable (patriarchy). Sarah shares tales from her friend's game night. We learn about a princess who abdicated her throne for love. We talk about the Monster Energy Ham hoax, a Facebook breastfeeding problem, & a man who broke into a home & made eggs. Plus, hear why people are treating their dogs like humans.


EP271: Sarah's Insane Story, Death at Disney, & Chastity Belts

Sarah kicks off the show with insane story where she had to fight crime. Susie talks about what happens when people choose to have their ashes scattered at Disney parks. We find out 40 terms you shouldn't use after you turn 40. We learn the importance of hobbies, & find out why Americans don't have any. Susie talks about a strange trend in the BDSM community. Sarah reveals some fun facts about Q-Tips. Plus, we talk to Kelsey Miller who wrote the definitive book on Friends, "I'll Be There For...


EP270: Something's Fishy, Horror Movies, & Kendall Jenner

Today we talk about the "final girl" movie trope, & why it's so common in horror films. We discuss Netflix & how it tracks your viewing (by race?). We debate the recent Kendall Jenner cultural appropriation scandal & learn about how sculptures have been white-washed. Hear about a recent rapper death, why essential oils might actually work, & we have a friendly debate about escalators. Susie talks about a new fish restaurant that is freaking her out. They debate current eyebrow trends.


EP269: Catchphrases, Pizza Everyday, & October Babies

We heard from our listeners & found out what our "catchphrases" are that you all enjoy. Sarah shares what happens to your brain when you read. Susie talks about Steve Jobs & "do-over dads" & how strange dads can be. We celebrate a hero who has been eating pizza for dinner since he was 4-years-old. We revisit a test that tells why introverts have a strange reaction to lemons. We talk about why we're on WikiFeet. Sarah reveals odd stats on October babies, we talk about Big Bird's retirement, &...


EP268: Man-Sized Kleenex, Family Dysfunction, & 20 Questions

Today we talk about how the birthday cake candle tradition is absurd, & we have a solution. We discuss a horrifying story of a shackled woman who rang a doorbell, & the madness that ensued. Sarah shares a story about a man who shot a boy who showed up at his door. Susie opens up about the family dysfunction that surrounded the recent death of her father. Sarah shares tricks for overcoming depression through games. We follow up AGAIN about 3 Identical Strangers. We get an update on the bagel...