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EP356: Work Wives, Millionaire Matchmaker, & Predator's Glossary

Today we hear a list of phrases men use to describe women, & what they really mean. We debate the use of the phrase "work wife," & Sarah has very strong feelings about it. Hear about the "trolley problem," & learn why ethics are complicated. Susie discusses a Florida man arrested for his "eunuch fetish," & we are seriously disturbed. Find out why Sarah takes the Millionaire Matchmaker's advice, Susie learns why attraction is relative, & movies reveal the truth about sex. Plus, we find out...


EP355: Nude Pics, Tinder Dating, & Designing Women

Today we debate whether a teacher should be fired for nude pics that were leaked. We find out what Sarah thinks of Tinder, & whether people recognize her from the show. Hear about a female ultramarathoner who won, & why the organizers weren't prepared for a woman winner. We discuss Harvey Weinstein, & why we remain hopeful about the future. Find out why Thoreau wasn't exactly independent, our minds are blown by a piece of animal trivia, & we find out how to argue w/ a narcissist.


EP354: Mystery Farting, Taxidermy, & Awkwardness

Today we discuss how a mystery fart can reveal your darkest prejudices (& it's hilarious). Hear about a crazy true crime tale from India's Most Wanted. Find out why advertisements can be brilliant, but also remind us why we should be discerning about persuasion. Hear why journaling can change your life. Find out why Susie & Sarah are kind of obsessed w/ taxidermy all of a sudden. Find out how social norms are weaponized against women. And we discuss how Dr. Ruth is a badass bitch.


EP353: Space Crime, Broken Hearts, & Wisdom Teeth

Learn about the first crime committed in space, & how love makes fools of us all. Sarah discusses I Love You, Now Die, about a girl who encouraged her friend to commit suicide. Susie claims there is a wisdom tooth conspiracy. We hear how "broken heart syndrome" is real & could be fatal. Sarah had a "stop being polite" moment when a man commented on her eating. We talk to Jill Twiss from Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver & author of children's book, The New Someone.


EP352: Rotten Bananas, Stop Being Polite, & Charisma Tips

Today Sarah reacts to Johnny Bananas' tweet about her divorce. We celebrate a Heinz ketchup thief, who made good. Hear about a man who was living in the woods by sourcing a trash heap, & why it taught us to trust our guts. We had a major Stop Being Polite moment, & Sarah gave someone the business. We find out how to tell you're an adult. Plus, we hear how you can become more charismatic.


EP351: Rascals, Leisure World, & Expecting Triplets

Today we share more of our Nashville adventures including a litterbug that has Sarah worked up. Susie talks about a waterpark tragedy, & we mad about record chasers who sacrifice safety. Hear about a woman who didn't know she was pregnant w/ triplets. We learn a method for coping w/ anxiety that we love. Find out how doctors are crowdsourcing diagnoses. Sarah reveals what drugs she's taken, & why she doesn't enjoy it. Plus, we talk about what it's like to watch old reality tv clips of...


EP350: Balloon ASMR, Fake Outrage, & Albert Einstein Scandal

Today we discuss an artist who went viral w/ his balloon popping videos. We talk about the helium shortage, & we have questions. We discuss outrage over fake problems on college campuses, & our theories about why students support questionable causes. Sarah offers a tip for dealing w/ petitioners. We find out a strange bit of Einstein trivia that blew our minds. We discuss a company that will make your clothes news again. Plus, we interview Jill Heinerth, cave diver & author of Into the...


EP349: Food Tattoos, Empty Meditation, & Chock Full o' Nuts

Today we discuss Ed Sheeran's strange food tattoo, & Sarah reveals why her ex got a similar one. We hear about a woman whose in-laws might be trying to kill her. We discuss a study on unsolicited dick pics. Find out why meditating on "emptiness" is better than mindfulness. Hear why some people won't drink coffee due to a fear of nuts. Plus, we hear why even lab animals experience gender bias.


EP348: Sex Cult, Catholic Cigarettes, & How Not To Be a Dick

Today we do a quick recap of our Nashville adventure, & all the crazy bachelorettes we spotted. Find out why Willie Nelson predicted Sarah's future. Hear about a strange criminal who might just be a good Samaritan. We discuss what makes someone join a sex cult, we learn about a fertility doctor who impregnated his patients, & we debate whether Uber drivers should use air fresheners. Find out why ankle monitors benefit wealthy criminals, the Vatican stopped selling cigarettes, & people are...


EP347: Divorce,Graffiti, & Anxiety

Today we start with a discussion about Sarah's divorce & the response she's received from our Brainiac community. We find out how she's adapting to her new life. We talk about street artists & how they're angry w/ influencers & businesses who profit from them. We discuss millennials & why they say they have no friends. Plus, Sarah gets worked up about Mt. Everest.


EP346: Sarah's Angel, Dr. Ruth, & Patriarchy Purses

Today we laugh about some stereotypical names on a sports team. Sarah claims she met an "angel" on a recent trip. We discuss the Aziz Ansari comedy special in the wake of the "Me Too" accusations against him. Susie talks about the Dr. Ruth documentary & reveals why purses tell us about the expectations on women. Hear whether Sarah thinks she'll ever get remarried. Susie talks about the risks you take when you donate your body to science. Plus, we talk about the military's sexual assault...


EP345: Sarah's News, Swedish Fish, & Dream Burglars

Today we learn some big news in Sarah's world, & discuss how her life is changing. We find out why Swedish people have the right idea with their candy consumption. And we find out about the best break-in of all time. Plus, we talk to Jessica Wragg about her book, Girl on the Block, what it's like to be a female butcher, & learn some surprising info about her career.


EP344: Butt Snorkels, Bloodsicles, & Bathing

Today Sarah discusses a sticker she saw on a vehicle about the driver's love for eating butt. We have several questions for him. We learn about the bloody treats they give to animals at the zoo to cool them off. We talk about why no one--even rich people--ever feels rich. We find out the best time to tell your kid she is adopted. Plus, we hear why masculine features can make you less likely to care about the environment.


EP343: Eating Contests, Baby Hitler, & Turtle Bras

Today we learn about a serial toilet clogger (or is it a cereal toilet clogger?) who is stinking up the joint. We debate whether women can be good at competitive eating, & realize maybe Sarah missed her calling. We discuss the dilemma of killing baby Hitler, & reveal our work-around. We find out whether fans help cool off dogs or just humans & why some turtles are using our old bras.


EP342: Midlife Crisis, Boys Will Be Boys, & Sushi Fires

Today we find out whether Susie is excited to turn 40. She discusses the concept of "boys will be boys," & why it's toxic. Hear what Sarah thinks is in Area 51. We learn why history books are perpetuating patriarchy, kids are better at learning languages (and it's not what you think), & tempura flakes are a fire hazard. Plus, we salute a girl who did research on a common bathroom appliance, & learned how it is harming kids. And we learn how automation is making work miserable for hourly...


EP341: Relationship Power, Citizenship Test, & Bob Ross

Today we find out why one man decided to dress everyday for a party. We talk about presents, & why we won't open them when they're special. Hear about Susie's experience at the Paul McCartney concert & a scary experience she had w/ a child. Find out how to determine whether you have power in your relationship. Learn why a ridiculous number of men think they could beat professional athletes. Find out how Sarah & Susie did on a citizenship test. Plus, hear why you can't buy Bob Ross paintings.


EP340: Fake Freckles, Bird Uber, & Unhinged Women

Today we find out why Sarah is still unemployed, & kind of ok with it. Hear why young people don't like fake influencer culture, & why Sarah is mad about freckle appropriation. Hear about a woman who loves the Flintstones so much she built a Flintstone house. We discuss a man who found an injured bird & sent him to the doctor in an Uber. Plus, we talk about "unhinged" women & why they aren't treated the same as badly behaved men. We find out why some US towns are banning wi-fi, & why it's...


EP339: Earthquake Scare, Ball Pits, & Hot Chocolate

Susie & Sarah talk about the earthquake they experienced together & why Sarah was making fun of Susie's pajamas. We learn the history of the ball pitt, & why its origins are scarier than you'd think. We find out why reading really does make you happier. We discuss the invention of powdered hot chocolate, & why the inventor inspires us. Hear why video games can be good for you, why someone celebrated a pothole, & one business owner took on Yelp.


EP338: Jesus's Poop, Bear Mace, & Honesty Test

Today we debate whether Jesus pooped, & learn why scholars think this is an important question. We find out about a new hands-free restaurant, & discuss whether we'd enjoy the experience. We talk about the conditions of Amazon fulfillment centers, & why some workers wear diapers. Sarah reveals why Norway has the secret to successful athletes, & it involves having no winners. Susie reveals whether humans are honest, & why they'll turn in a wallet w/ lots of money. Find out the science behind...


EP337: Reality TV Sex, Beach Reads, & Sarah's Stalker

Today we talk about a disturbing purchase Susie's husband made. We find out which subgroup is the happiest in America. Sarah reveals why someone made her uncomfortable & she couldn't "stop being polite." We find out what animal is most similar to humans, & it's not what you think. Susie shares the history of the beach read, we learn the truth behind "pizza tracker" apps, & Sarah reveals why they're giving sex ed on reality TV shows now.