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Weekly musings on the absurdity of modern life. New episodes every Monday!

Weekly musings on the absurdity of modern life. New episodes every Monday!


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Weekly musings on the absurdity of modern life. New episodes every Monday!






The BritHick Ep.33 31/05/2021 'Tradition or Stagnation?'

Following on from last weeks Monaco Grand Prix, we discuss weather or not certain products, events and mindsets could be considered obsolete if it wasn't for the history surrounding them, and if the history is considered more important than it's practicality


The BritHick Ep.32 24/05/2021 'Sippin' at Heaven's Door'

We get together for the first time this year in order to review whiskeys that have been created in collaboration with recording artists and ask the question when is something a passion project or just a cash grab?


The BritHick Ep.31 17/05/2021 'Wanger 18'

This week starts off covering the unfortunate shenanigans of one David Ellefson but moves on to the issue of manipulation and abuse currently in the UK music scene following on from the recent allegations made against members of several underground UK bands If you are affected by any of the topics we cover this week please find some support websites...


The BritHick Ep.30 03/05/2020 'Trim The Fat'

This week we dive straight into discussing popular culture IP's being adapted for other forms of media. Covering Lord Of the Rings, Game Of Thrones, Resident Evil, Judge Dredd etc.


The BritHick Ep.29 26/04/2021 'Can't Teach An Old Dog New Scalextrics'

This week we start discussing new tech releases from Apple and Fanatec and weather or not you can see through the hype of new products in the world of paid for reviews, Apple's surprisingly long dispute with The Beatles and The origin of the iPhone camera click. Whilst getting distracted and going on tangents at every possible opportunity


The BritHick Ep.28 19/04/2021 'Boat Blokes'

This week we discuss working towards healthy living, The new Cannibal Corpse album 'Violence Unimagined', Kid Cudi's SNL performance honouring Kurt Cobain and the online fallout from it


The BritHick Ep.27 12/04/2021 'Firebird X-ploded'

This week we start to cover famous product recalls over the years, but in a way only we seem to manage, end up getting sidetracked on Nike's handling of the Lil Nas X situation and the rumour of Samsung paying a Billion dollar fine to Apple in nickels


The BritHick Ep.26 05/04/2021 'The Many Faces Of Babalon'

SEASON 2 BITCHES. We cover why we have been absent, what we have been up to, Andrew WK's latest single and our subsequent falling down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories around it. We also ask if the death of kayfabe in music is a thing and whether you can create mystique behind an artist in today's environment. LINK TO ARTICLE:-


The BritHick Ep.25 30/11/2020 'Idol Culture Is Sus'

This week we chat about Black Friday, fast fashion and the recent explosion of Vtubers, along with the nefarious goings on behind the scenes of the agencies that create these characters.


The BritHick Ep.24 16/11/2020 'Triple Threat'

We have our first guest this week as Lewis from Casket Feeder and The 900 joins us on a discussion about our collective memories of videos games growing up, and how the industry has evolved from an outlier into a legitimate media powerhouse in the last 20 years


The BritHick Ep.23 09/11/2020 'BOSS METAL AMAZONE'

This week we cover our opinions on the new effect pedal range launched by Amazon, the reaction by the music community and the economics of musical instruments


The BritHick Ep.22 26/10/2020 'Formative Listening'

Hybrid Theory and Chocolate Starfish both turn 20 so we have taken a look back at albums and artists who helped form our music tastes growing up.


The BritHick Ep.21 19/10/2020 'A History Of Fads'

This time around we discuss toys, fads and school yard crazes following the purchase of a $220,000 Pokemon card


The BritHick Ep.20 12/10/2020 'Fail to plan...'

This week we didn't really know what to chat about so we covered the passing of EVH, Connor getting a new dog, Aaron's housing issues and thoughts on coming off social media.


The BritHick Ep.19 05/10/2020 'Oh three zero'

Connor had his birthday over the weekend so before he went on holiday with his partner, we caught up and theorised what we might have said to ourselves in our early 20's along with what being 30 now means in modern society


The BritHick Ep.18 28/09/2020 'Six month review'

In this weeks bumper episode we are recording in the same location for the first time. So we decide to go over the madness that has been the last six months and what might be going on globally from now until next year


The BritHick Ep.17 21/09/2020 'Viewing Habits'

This week we discuss how the way we consume media has changed in the last 10 years and speculate on how we think these things may change in the next decade


The BritHick Ep.16 07/09/2020 'Old men yell at clouds'

We cover various new music releases we have listened to this week, needless to say we weren't gassed about most of it. We also discuss the stylistic differences between American Hip-Hop and UK Grime, and potential reasons as to why Grime hasn't taken off in the US


The BritHick Ep.15 31/09/2020 'Rest In Power'

We pay tribute to Riley Gale and discuss the bands we think are the next hope to break through in metal over the next few years, along with modern issues that may be holding them back.


The BritHick Ep.14 24/08/2020 'Art vs Artist'

TW:- Descriptions of racism and sexual assault This week we discuss the minefield of separating art from the artist and the moral choices you face when making such decisions