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CAMEEOS is your go to for Comics, Anime, Movies and Everything Else featuring your hosts, Oseanacy & Samsahn

CAMEEOS is your go to for Comics, Anime, Movies and Everything Else featuring your hosts, Oseanacy & Samsahn


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CAMEEOS is your go to for Comics, Anime, Movies and Everything Else featuring your hosts, Oseanacy & Samsahn








CAMEENEWS! 9th Edition - Black Panther Reactions, Thoughts, & Impressions

Another news segment from the boys. We also saw Black Panther and have some thought.....well Samsahn and O'Seanacy saw it, FouMONEY read spoilers.


CAMEENEWS! 8th Edition - Black Adam Thoughts (Sans Spoilers) & Full She-Hulk Review

More news from Samsahn and FouMONEY as O'Seanacy navigates life behind the scenes. We also saw Black Adam and we're finally ready to completely talk about She-Hulk.


CAMEENEWS! 7th Edition - And More News

Updates upon updates upon updates! Samsahn and FouMONEY had a lot to talk about. O'Seanacy sends behind the scenes notes for this one.


CAMEENEWS! 6th Edition - Werewolf By Night Thought & Some Games

O'Seanacy learned how to change diapers while Samsahn and FouMONEY talked about some nerd news, new content, and some upcoming games......


CAMEENEWS! 5th Edition - Black Panther Trailer Discussion

Samsahn and FouMONEY will play while O'Seanacy is away. More news and some thoughts. Another upload from the backlog.....


CAMEENEWS! 4th Edition - She-Hulk (Sans Spoilers) & Recommendations

More nerd news and thoughts, sorry for the delay! Samsahn is easily distracted and O'Seanacy is knee-deep in baby books, but FouMONEY is here to assist!


CAMEENEWS! 3rd Edition - House of the Dragon, She-Hulk, and more Sandman already?

Samsahn and Oseanacy are covering more nerd news this week! This is Oseanacy's last debut until parenthood! See ya'll on the other side!


CAMEENEWS! 2nd Edition - She-Hulk premier, DCEU shenanigans and more!

Join Samsahn and Oseanacy as we catch up on this weeks nerd news!


CAMEE-News! and Netflix’s The Sandman

Samsahn and Oseanacy are back at it! This week in the news- more problems for DC's fastest man alive and plenty of anime. Also, can't forget, The Sandman debuted last week and it's been takin' off!


San Diego Comic Con 2022 - Welcome back to the HYPE TRAIN!

SPECIAL NEWS BREAK! Samsahn, Oseanacy and a SPECIAL GUEST, Glenjamin, discuss the recent SDCC event. We break down our favorite announcements, surprises and tin-foil-hat-worthy theories. Forewarning~~ Spoilers abound for everything in the MCU to date!


Video Game Adaptations - Are ANY good?

CAMEEOS has a special guest! Listen to Oseanacy, Samsahn and Glenjamin talk through some notable video game adaptations in film and television. We spent last week going through some recent entries into this "genre". In this episode we talk about which worked for us and which didn't. *SPOILER ALERT* ... a lot didn't work.


Anime Happenings - Bleach can disappoint us all over again!

We're moving into anime season with new Dragonball movies and episodes, One Piece Arcs (bye Wano, it's been real), the final BLEACH Arc (hellowhat?), and so much more. Samsahn schools Oseanacy a bit and we talk about why Hunter x Hunter is the greatest anime of all time - *spoiler alert* there's disagreement here.


Ms Marvel: Ep. 6 - Kamala is a WHAT?

The season finale of Ms Marvel arrived and it dropped not only a Home Alone sequence nobody asked for, but also, some preeeetty crazy news about Kamala's powers. Samsahn is still in denial. Side note- San Diego Comic Con is later this week. Hype!


The Boys: Season 3- Ep 8 - It’s the finale none of us saw coming!

... At least Samsahn and Oseanacy didn't get any of it right. CAMEEOS precognition aside, this was a bittersweet entry as The Boys comes to a close with this last episode of the season. There's definitely still plenty of story to tell for Billy Butcher's (literal) anti-hero gang. What did we love most about this season and what do we hope to see coming up in season 4??


Ms Marvel Ep. 5 and Thor: Love and Thunder - It’s a double take!

Ms Marvel reaches it's penultimate episode and Oseanacy and Samsahn have mixed feelings on how the show seems to be closing out. Also~ Thor, the god of thunder (and apparently love) debuted his fourth solo-entry into the MCU last week. The movie was definitely met with some contentious feelings by the general audience. How did CAMEEOS think this stood up to Ragnarok? Listen to find out!


The Boys: Season 3- Ep 6 and 7 - Herogasm.That’s all you need to know.

CAMEEOS is playing catch up from a week hiatus last week. But don't let your head explode, because Samsahn and Oseanacy attended Herogasm and we've got a lot to say about it. Also, Homelander may have an even worse parental role model than we originally thought!! :/


Ms Marvel: Ep 3 and 4 - More love triangles than you can shake a stick at!

CAMEEOS covers the last TWO episodes of Ms Marvel. Kamala learns all about heritage and her family history. SPOILER ALERT- we got zero chill on them thirsty boize- looking at you BRIAN!


Ms Marvel: Ep 2- A Disney teen drama with a little something for everyone

It's woke. At least, that's what the show runners definitely want you to think about Ms Marvel. You'd not be far off after watching episode 1 to assume this show was going lean heavy into those teen drama, Tik Tok vibes. The second entry of Ms Marvel does that and a little something more. It may not be for everyone, but these two 30-something-year-olds are enjoying the ride!


Ms Marvel: Ep 1- Review and ANALYSIS

Ms Marvel has hit D+ and has grabbed our interest! It's different and we are not the target demographic for this show, but we're enjoying the ride thus far. Join us, won't you?


The Boys: Season 3- Ep 4 and 5

Join Oseanacy and Samsahn on the hype train. It's been a few weeks now since the latest season of The Boys has dropped on Amazon Prime Video. The lid is coming off for spoilers! Episodes 4 and 5 have titilated, teased, and above all, TRIUMPHED- making this the most compelling season of the The Boys to date! GO FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOR UPDATES ON STREAMING SCHEDULES-- @CAMEE_OS