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NASCAR Race Car Driver Cassie Gannis Talks Racing

NASCAR Race Car Driver Cassie Gannis talks with show hosts Cassidy McMillan and Melissa Wilson on her NASCAR / ARCA racing work, obstacles she overcame as a female race car driver in a sport that features mostly men, and the importance of more women becoming race car drivers. Cassie Gannis provides insight into the business of racing and the great companies sponsoring her, her race car and racing team. She shares when and why she decided to become a race car driver, how she overcame bullying...


Diane Gembala Talks With Cassidy McMillan & Melissa Wilson On Bullying

Show Topic: Bullying, Cyberbullying & Prevention Tips. Executive Producer Diane Gembala of the documentary Bullies And Friends talks with Cassidy McMillan & Melissa Wilson about the growing problem of bullying. Discussed are the CDC's latest statistics on bullying, bullying related suicides; and prevention tips for parents, educators on how to prevent bullying and how to talk with teens on the topic. Also discussed are the bullying solutions provided in the film Bullies and Friends. Join...


Emmy Nominated T.O.N.E-z Talks With Cassidy McMillan and Melissa Wilson

Emmy Nominated T.O.N.E-z is the guest! Cassidy McMillan & Melissa Wilson discuss the Golden Globes & the amazing work actress/singer Debbie Reynolds & her daughter, actress/author Carrie Fisher contributed to the film industry. They chat about a "Will & Grace" taping Cassidy attended where Debbie Reynolds gave an impromptu performance. T.O.N.E-z talks about his film SED he wrote/acted in & upcoming concerts. Also T.O.N.E-z work w/ Cassidy on a music video on bullying & his and Melissa's...