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Welcome to Zelda Dungeon's weekly podcast show, The Champions' Cast!

Welcome to Zelda Dungeon's weekly podcast show, The Champions' Cast!




Welcome to Zelda Dungeon's weekly podcast show, The Champions' Cast!








Episode 171 - Guess That Zelda Tune with Zelda Dungeon vs Zelda Universe

Happy ZDMX week everyone! This week, our pal Alasyn is away for the 10th annual Zelda Dungeon Marathon, so we're cracking open a previously-Twitch-exclusive episode pitting Andy and Al against Zelda Universe's Alex Trevino and Amanda van Hiel! There might be a few audio hiccups on here, but we figured it was better than skipping a week of the show, so come on and play with us! There are some epic doozeys in here, o come and see which competitor walks away the champion from this Fatal 4-Way...


Episode 170 - Skyward Sword HD Review - Motion Controls, Button Only Controls, and More!

It's finally here! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of both Andy and Alasyn's favorite Zelda games ever, so there was a lot to look forward to in the new HD remaster. Hear our thoughts as we go in depth covering both control schemes, what works and what doesn't, what we think of the updated visuals and performance, what's missing from HD that would level it up even more, and what QOL changes really stick out to us as invaluable. Come and enjoy Skyward Sword HD with us! PLUS, be...


Episode 169 - Nintendo Switch OLED, Zelda 35, Breath of the Wild 2, and Skyward Sword HD Daily Debates Answered

We are back with another weeks worth of Daily Debates to, well, debate! We picked the minds of Zelda Dungeon's Writing Team, getting some of the best and most engaging questions to give our hot takes on! We cover a bunch of different issues, such as: what we think of the Switch OLED, our favorite tunes in Skyward Sword, the idea that we might not be playing as Link in Breath of the Wild 2, interactive memories, voice acting, Zelda as a playable character or companion, and if Nintendo botched...


Episode 168 - Reviewing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity ~ Pulse of the Ancients

Welcome to another episode of the Champions' Cast! This week, we're joined by Zelda Universe's Alex Trevino to discuss and review the first wave of DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Pulse of the Ancients! Find out what we thought about the new skill tree, learn about all the different upgrades available, if we liked the new Flail and Master Cycle weapons, what viscous monsters were the worst, and of course, if we rated the new playable characters, the Battle Tested Guardian, as a...


Episode 167 - The Zonai Tribe, Time Travel, and Other Breath of the Wild Sequel Question/Theories Answered

We're still on cloud nine after finally seeing the latest Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, so this week, the gang tackle your fan questions and theories! We're covering a whole array of topics, including our take on the popular fan theory about the Zonai Tribe and their potential influence on the game. Plus, might we be playing both in the present and 10,000 years in the past? Will Age of Calamity's ending have any impact on Breath of the Wild 2? Is it coincidence or design that Skyward Sword...


Episode 166 - Analyzing Breath of the Wild 2's Trailer Frame by Frame

We're still coming down from the high of last week's Nintendo Direct, where we finally got to see new footage from the sequel to Breath of the Wild, so this week, we tried to put our thinking caps on and really break down what we saw. Come listen to our theories on Link's arm, how Runes might work, the relationship between the Sky and the Ground, what's up with Link's Champions Tunic, who that creepy corpse guy might be, what happens to Zelda and so much more! We only got about 1:30 of new...


Episode 165 - Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer Thoughts and Other E3 Reactions!

E3 finally happened and it did not disappoint! We got a brand new look at the still-untitled sequel to Breath of the Wild, the first footage we've seen in over two years! Come hear our thoughts on the trailer, what we noticed about Link's hand, speculation over the new ruins, our thoughts on Hyrules sky and much more! Plus, we talk about Age of Calamity's DLC, the lack of special Zelda 35th Anniversary stuff, and more! All that, plus we give our two cents on Metroid Dread (!!!), the newest...


Episode 164 - The Highs and Lows of Zelda at E3 + Twitch Giveaway Details!

We're so close we can TASTE it. Eight days away from E3 and the potential revealing of Breath of the Wild 2, Age of Calamity DLC, and Skyward Sword HD details in what seems like it could be a very Zelda heavy presentation has over the moon. Of course, the best way to know where you're going is to know where you've been, so this week, Andy and Al take a look at some of the high points and low spots Zelda has found itself in over the years at E3. This, plus BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME. We have...


Episode 163 - Will Breath of the Wild 2 Be Show at E3 2021 and Other E3 Predictions

It seems like forever since the last time we got to say this, but it's E3 Predictions time! Of course, the million dollar question for Zelda fans and Nintendo fans everywhere is after two long years will we finally see Breath of the Wild 2?! The gang disagree on that, but that's not all we're putting money on the table for. Will there be new Zelda amiibo? What's going on with the Age of Calamity DLC, Pulse of the Ancients? Have we seen everything there is to see in Skyward Sword HD, or is...


Episode 162 - Guess That Zelda Character in 16 Questions Returns!

A fan favorite makes its triumphant return this week as the gang play a game of "Guess That Zelda Character in 16 Questions" on this week show! Joined by Celeste Roberts of Another Zelda Podcast and Boss Rush Games, they pull out all the stops trying to one up each other. Come play along, and listen to Andy and Al die a thousand slow deaths on one character, Celeste's amazing Hail Mary guess, and Andy pick maybe the most obscure Zelda character ever! The gang also give their two cents on...


Episode 161 - Examining the Best Trailers in Zelda History

With E3 just around the corner, and Andy ready to bet his house, his dog, and his shirt on the fact that we'll be seeing a new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer there, we felt like what better time to talk about some of the most impactful and memorable trailer in the Zelda series! We offer commentary, insight, context, memories, and reactions as we reminisce about 11 of the greatest trailers ever, including of course, that Breath of the Wild trailer, which may stand in time as being the greatest...


Episode 160 - Discussing Our Favorite Versions of Princess Zelda

Another week in the bags as we get closer and closer to E3 and (hopefully) Zelda's return. To help pass the time, we are talking about a different Zelda this week... or actually, a bunch of them! Andy and Alasyn are discussing all of the different appearances of Princess Zelda over the years and which ones they liked and disliked. Everything from the character design to the story to the character arcs and everything else are on the table here, so make sure you check it out and weight in on...


Episode 159 - Definitively Ranking Every Boss/Mini-Boss from Ocarina of Time

Welcome back to another DEFINITIVE RANKING. This time around, we're talking the bosses (and mini-bosses!) of Andy's favorite game, Ocarina of Time! With no fewer than 16 (woo!) creatures to rank, the gang has some pretty dastardly conversation about which bosses rule, and which bosses are a little average. Is steak more important than sizzle in a boss fight? And can Andy and Al compromise to determine the greatest fight in the game? We'll see! Ganondorf, Dark Link, Bongo Bongo, Dead Hands,...


Episode 158 - Thought Experimenting the Biggest "What If" Scenario's in Zelda History

Imagine if certain things had turned out differently in the history of Zelda, if just a couple changes had been made in the "real world timeline", how different the Zelda series might look today? It's kind of a mindbend, thinking about how history might look completely different, so this week, the gang goes full bore into the thought experiments to speculate and hypothesize what would have happened if certain things had been different over the years. What if Skyward Sword's E3 demo worked?...


Episode 157 - Rental Systems, Wall Merging, Copy Cat Syndrome, and More in A Link Between Worlds Q&A!

Another week, another Legend of Zelda game specific Q&A! This week, we asked our community on Discord and Facebook to ask us anything they wanted to about one of the most overlooked games in the franchise: A Link Between Worlds! Cody Davies of Zelda Universe joins the gang this week to tackle topics like our thoughts on the rental system, was the map too similar to A Link to the Past, who was our favorite Sage, what did we think of the big twist at the end, how much time did we spend in the...


Episode 156 - Is Breath of the Wild 2 Losing Hype, Ilia as a Love Interest, E3 is Back, and More Daily Debates Answered

This week for the show, we do what we always do when there's nothing particularly pressing to talk about: steal the great ideas of our Zelda Dungeon writing team and answer some of their Daily Debates! Tune in and hear our two cents on topics like: is Breath of the Wild 2 losing anticipation? Which Zelda game offers the most replay value? Should the series introduce post game content? Would we name a kid after a Zelda character? Which game do we wish we could experience again for the first...


Episode 155 - Playing a Game of Guess That Zelda Song

Musical March Madness may be over, but that doesn't mean we're done with Zelda music! This week, we play a game of Guess That Zelda Song, where the one and only webmaster of Zelda Dungeon Mases Hagopian joins the fray to be the master of ceremonies in a "who can name that tune quicker" battle of wits between Andy and Alasyn! How bad is everyone's memory? What obvious Zelda track did we flub up? How many YouTube ads did we forget to skip before the music actually started playing!? Come find...


Episode 154 - Ranking the Most Underrated Dungeons in The Legend of Zelda

What's better than a good ol' fashioned ranking episode? Not much, so we're reaching into our bag of tricks to pull out ten dungeons that we feel are underrated! Of course, the term underrated is pretty subjective, so there's bound to be some ones that ruffle some feathers, but come listen as we rap about our picks. Listen to which games the dungeons come from, why nobody talks about them, and have fun making your own list! All this, PLUS come hear about Andy's weeeird Breath of the Wild 2...


Episode 153 - Our Third Year Retrospective Power Ranking Every Zelda Game Announcement of the Last 3 Years

What a crazy ride it's been. Hard to believe that three years have passed since starting this podcast, but here we are. Come celebrate with us this week, as Andy and Alasyn are joined by one of the founding members of The Champions' Cast, Taylor Wells, to reminisce and tell some stories of covering Zelda throughout the years. We're going over all of the announcements that the Zelda series has given us since we started the podcast, so come take a nice trip down memory lane as three friends do...


Episode 152 - Picking Our Favorite Zelda Song from Musical March Madness

It's that time of year again! The gang are joined by Corey to go through and pick their personal favorite Zelda song in the 2021 edition of Musical March Madness, and it's quite the doozy. Come join the drama as we talk which themes we like, which ones we think are overrated, and go round by round until we end up picking a winner no one could have predicted! Come listen, and don't forget to vote in Musical March Madness 2021! Follow the Champions’ Cast on Twitter: Andy Spiteri –...