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Andy and Al bring you the latest Zelda news, theories, reactions, analysis, and shenanigans in The Zelda Cast, the internet’s best weekly Legend of Zelda podcast!

Andy and Al bring you the latest Zelda news, theories, reactions, analysis, and shenanigans in The Zelda Cast, the internet’s best weekly Legend of Zelda podcast!




Andy and Al bring you the latest Zelda news, theories, reactions, analysis, and shenanigans in The Zelda Cast, the internet’s best weekly Legend of Zelda podcast!








Episode 232 - Definitively Ranking the Dungeons in Spirit Tracks!

Al again! Judy and I are back with even more Spirit Tracks love this week. And for this episode, we are joined by a fellow DS Zelda enthusiast, and one of the masterminds behind the Zelda Dungeon Marathon, Katherine Endicott! Today we sit down and discuss the dungeons found in Spirit Tracks and rank them definitively from not bad, to the absolute best in the game! Who knew that one train game had such great dungeons? Come hang out with us and see if you agree with our list! As always, feel...


Episode 231 - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Retrospective and More With The Gossip Stones!

Hello everyone! Al here. Andy is on vacation this week, so I'm taking over! I'm joined by Judy Calder of Gossip Stones fame, and we decided to take this opportunity to give good ol' Spirit Tracks the love it deserves in a deep-dive retrospective. But that's not all! We also chat about the recent Direct, what we're personally looking forward to from all the titles that were showcased, and of course, we shared our thoughts and feelings on the Zelda series' latest title; Tears of the...


Episode 230 - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Revealed; Our Reactions!

We are coming in hot with a NEW EPISODE that features our reactions to the Nintendo Direct, and specifically, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! We analyze the trailer frame by frame, talk about the Zelda titles we didn't see, discuss the title and it's story potential, and so much more! Plus, we're breaking down the rest of the Direct, talking Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Octopath Traveler, Goldeneye, and more! Come hang out with us! Follow The Zelda Cast! Twitter The Zelda Cast...


Episode 229 - Picking Our Favorite Zelda (or Smash Bros.?) Character in Fall Brawl 4!

It's that time of year again! That's right - IT'S FALL BRAAAWL! You know the drill by now - 64 characters face off in a single elimination popularity contest until only one remains, BUT there's a catch this year: half the field are Super Smash Bros. characters! As we do every year, we go through the tournament match by match and pick our favorites until we arrive at one winner! Zelda Cast Social Media Manager Jules Gia is getting in on the action with us this week, and you can get in on the...


Episode 228 - Zelda’s Percentages: Breath of the Wild 2 Edition!

Welcome back to another episode of ZELDA'S PERCENTAGES! The premise is simple: we read off a statement and then assign a probability of said statement coming true! This week, however, we're putting a bit of a twist on the gimmick by inviting our friend and Zelda Dungeon social media manager McKenna Krebs on the show and using her blog,, as inspiration for our questions! Based on FOUR YEARS of wishlist's, we go through, read off, and assign a percentage to everything...


Episode 227 - Reviewing Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince!

What's going on friends!? This week, we are diving head first into one of our most anticipated Zelda-like games in the last several years: Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince! We were big fans of the first, so we had really high hopes for this sequel, and for the most part, it delivers! Come listen as we dissect the dungeons of the game, praise the overworld, review the items, and ask about the future of the Blossom Tales series as it now finds itself at a cross roads: either lean into...


Episode 226 - Ranking the Best NON-CASTLE Final Dungeons in the Series!

A couple weeks ago, we ranked every version of Hyrule Castle/Ganon's Tower/Final Dungeon's that took place inside of a castle, and head a really engaging discussion about what constitutes a great final castle dungeon. This week, by popular demand, we're taking that and asking what makes a great final dungeon that's NOT set in a castle, and trust us when we say this was a lot harder than it seemed. Does flow into the final boss count for a lot? Should the area be somewhere unique, not seen...


Episode 225 - Grading Every Outfit in Breath of the Wild!

Another week has crept away with no Breath of the Wild 2 news, but fret not: we're here to talk about a part of Breath of the Wild that we haven't explored yet: fashion! Well, fashion, stats, practicality, etc... Yes, that's right, we are here today to bust our best Blue Steel and critique all of Link's outfits in Breath of the Wild! Which armor set do we have a soft spot for? Which ones are the bottom of the barrel? Are our opinions of the Tunic of the Wild controversial, or do more Zelda...


Episode 224 - Ranking the Best Final Castles in the Series!

What's up Zelda fans! This week, Andy and Al are taking a trip through the series to discuss and rank all of the best FINAL CASTLES (and Towers... and Palaces... and-) in the series! About half the games feature some kind of version of Hyrule Castle / Ganon's Tower / Some kind of equivalent, so we're breaking down which one is the cream of the crop! What's the right length for a final castle? Can a dungeon lack charisma? Is re-fighting the same bosses from earlier dungeons at the end of the...


Episode 223 - Zelda Dungeon Marathon Q&A!

It's our first show since returning from the 2022 Zelda Dungeon Marathon, and this week, Andy and Al don't have a show topic per-say, but rather, are just sitting down and catching up! They go over some of the games they played at the Marathon, tell some stories about the event, discuss some recent happenings in the video game world, debate whether we'll see Breath of the Wild 2 at the 2023 Marathon, and answer some fan questions about the event and Zelda in general. Come catch up with...


Episode 222 - Zelda Trivia LIVE from the Zelda Dungeon Marathon!

After a gruelling, amazing, sleep deprived but incredibly rewarding week, Andy and Al are taking the week to recharge and recoup before getting back into the swing of things next week, but don't worry! We've got some LIVE Zelda trivia and the return of Name That Zelda Tune from this years Zelda Dungeon Marathon! Hosted by the big man himself, Mases Hagopian, come listen to our competitors (including Andy) battle to see who knows the most about Zelda! Thanks to everyone that watched and...


Episode 221 - Talking All Things Zelda with Another Zelda Podcast!

The biggest crossover event in the history of Zelda podcasts is here! Live and in person from the Zelda Dungeon Marathon, Andy and Al sit down with the host and director of Another Zelda Podcast, David Geisler! Over the years, the Champions’ Cast, later the Zelda Cast, has developed a ton of running gags, jokes, and “-isms”, and we asked David to weigh in with his thoughts! Is Twilight Princess really that ugly? Is Satori Mountain really that cool? Is the Monk Maz Koshia theme rally a...


Episode 220 - Which Mini-Bosses Are Cooler Than Their Dungeon’s Final Bosses?

Welcome back for another week of the freshest Zelda podcast around! Today, Andy and Al are taking a look over the series and trying to identify which dungeons mini-bosses are actually way cooler than the final boss of the dungeon. Dark Link? Yeah, way cooler than Morpha. Dangoro? Fyrus doesn't even come close to matching that fight. On and on, until we have a definitive list of ultra cool mini-bosses, some of which may surprise you. Plus, we give some love to some honorable mentions -...


Episode 219 - Discussing The Best and The Worst Zelda Intro’s

Strap in for a long show, because this week Andy and Al are talking about the INTRO’S to each Zelda game! Shamelessly stealing from our frenemies the Tier Force Heroes, we go through game by game and assign a tier ranking to the into of each game. What even constitutes as an intro? What goals should a great intro accomplish? Are we giving any leeway for game manuals? How can we love the long intro to one game and not the other? Maybe most pressingly – how long can Andy rant about herding...


Episode 218 - The Zelda Timeline, Demise Returning, Unbreakable Weapons and More Questions Answered

After a week off sick, the gang are back together to answer your fan submitted questions! We asked you to head to Twitter and give us questions, and you delivered big time! Has the fervor around the Zelda timeline died out in recent years? Is there any way the corpse shown in the sequel trailer is Demise? Are the days of new, top down Zelda games over? What’s a way to mix breakable weapons and classic Zelda items? What were the biggest lessons Breath of the Wild taught Nintendo about what...


Episode 217 - Our Best Ideas For A Zelda/Metroid Crossover!

Unfortunately, Andy and Al both managed to come down with Covid, so they weren't able to record a new show this week, but fret not! We didn't want to leave anyone hanging, so we dug into the Omega Metroid Podcast archives for a never-heard-before episode featuring Andy and Zelda Dungeon's own Rod Lloyd breaking down what they would want to see in a potential crossover between the two Nintendo franchises! Be sure to tune in next week as we get back on schedule and answer all of your Twitter...


Episode 216 - Zelda’s Percentages: What Are The Odds Of These Statements Coming True?

Good day, good day, and welcome to yet another show where we still don't know anything about Breath of the Wild 2 or when the next Nintendo Direct might be. It's not all bad news though, as this week, we participated in Linktober's Zelda Creator Con and had a really fun show, debuting a new segment called Zelda's Percentages. The premise is simple: we read a statement and then assign a percentage on the likelihood of it coming true or not! Does the sequel sell less than half of the original...


Episode 215 - Breath of the Wild 2 Will Finally Be Fully Revealed and Other Nintendo Direct Predictions!

Welcome to the Zelda Cast! This week, we are laying down some heavy predictions for the as-of-yet unannounced Nintendo Direct that we're presuming will slot in the usual E3 time frame (if E3 was happening this year, that is). Andy and Al argue about whether or not it's finally time for Nintendo to pull the lid back on Breath of the Wild 2 and completely show us what this game is all about, plus, have differing opinions as to if any ports of classic Zelda games will get revealed or not. Plus,...


The Champions’ Cast Is Getting A New Name: The Zelda Cast!

To everyone that's been following the Zelda Dungeon podcast for the last four an a half years, we've got some news for you: the podcast will be undergoing a name change! Four and a half years ago when I decided I wanted to revive the Zelda Informer Podcast (that's going waaay back!), the hip and happening thing in the Zelda world was The Champions' Ballad, the last piece of downloadable content for Breath of the Wild. Wanting to play on that name, The Champions' Cast was born! For over four...


Episode 214 - Would A Playable Princess Zelda Make Breath of the Wild 2 Worth The Wait?

Recently, we ran a staff feature asking our writing staff what one specific thing Breath of the Wild 2 could do that would make the 6 year development time worth the wait. Answers varied from having a playable Princess Zelda to introducing a Dark World to featuring underwater exploration to an emphasis on Malice and its origins and much, much more, so this week, Andy and Al dissect each answer and react and give their own analysis on how likely our staffs wishes are. Come hang out with us,...