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Vickie Helm provides listeners with topics that are current, warrant discussion, and are designed to create thriveability and success in your business, family and life.

Vickie Helm provides listeners with topics that are current, warrant discussion, and are designed to create thriveability and success in your business, family and life.


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Vickie Helm provides listeners with topics that are current, warrant discussion, and are designed to create thriveability and success in your business, family and life.








A Recovering Capitalist Shares a Practical Guide to Mindfulness in Business, Life and Love

Join #VickieHelm and special guest #JustinCaffrey as Vickie delves into the #transformation from a recovering capitalist to All Ireland All Star Thought Leader in #PersonalDevelopment. Show Notes 18:35 What is mindfulness? 20:44 The opposite of fight or flight 27:20 Have you inflated your personal crash helmet? 31:37 What happens to your body when you don't deal with past trauma? 35:25 You interested in true spiritual awakening? 39:19 Quick relief for those who struggle with...


How to Build a Personal Brand

Vickie Helm and special guest DP Knudten, the Chief Collaborator at COLLABORATOR Creative explore the importance and depth of personal branding. DP’s worked on some of the biggest #brands in the business including Coca-Cola®, The Athlete’s Foot®, and ClosetMaid® during tenures at DDB Needham (Chicago), McCann Erickson (Atlanta) and creative shops in Denver, Sarasota, and Madison, WI. DP QUOTES 4:44 Know who you are so you can be it 9:19 Not all audiences want the truth 21:32 Brands Say,...


What Exactly is an Energetic Technologist Specialist? with Alexandra Hanly

Please welcome Alexandra Hanly ~ Chief Spiritual Advisor / International Best Selling Author / and World's Leading-Edge Energetic Technology Expert to the Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm. Let's talk about Energetic Technology... SHOW NOTES 2:01 What is an energetic technologist 4:02 Anyone can tap into the energy tech 7:00 Never be afraid to approach someone from a place of love ~ VH 13:42 3 Things You Need to Know When Going through TRANSFORMATION 19:03 Tarot reading for...


How to Use Technology to Grow More Successful

Our special guest is a Multi-bestselling author, Silicon Valley Investor and #Entrepreneur and one of my FAVORITE people to talk to Rajesh Setty joins us as we explore how we can use #technology to grow more #successful and many other conversations! #microhabits #uplevel #microtraining SHOW NOTES What's the latest practical technology coming out now? How is Tech serving transformation? Audvisor: the app and why you need it Where is the self improvement industry headed? Technology...


Creating Opportunities for Women in Tech

#JenniferDidier, founder and President of Directions Training, a successful IT and #professionaldevelopment training company, is on a mission to educate and empower women in technology. She has created a #scholarshipprogramforwomen in #technology that has already provided 75+ women with cloud computing certifications. Jennifer has proven to be a true advocate of #CreatingOpportunitiesForWomen in technology. SHOW NOTES 5:58 Still a Technophobe? 8:13 What are the entry points for women in...


Healing Trauma: Global to Narcissistic Abuse

Our guest is Dr. Melissa Kalt, a trauma healing expert...we're going deep into #traumahealing, extraction from #narcissistic relationships #Narcissisthealing #covertnarcissist SHOW NOTES 8:54 - Healing the Trauma stress in your body 9:18 - Gaslighting? So common for those trying to extricate themselves from a narcissistic relationship 12:24 - Characteristics of a covert narcissist 15:40 - Does the average narcissist know they are a narcissist? 19:37 - 1 Strategy used by a narcissist:...


How to Avoid the 6 Expert Traps

What do you need to know to have more success online as an expert, coach, consultant, or professional in 2022? What things do you need to look out for? Grab a copy of Vickie's latest book release to help you Join the FREE FB group to build your influence/authority as a coach, consultant


Let's Talk About the Great Resignation

Today's Topic The GREAT RESIGNATION... What to do now if you have said NO and need to reinvent your career! You can connect with Vickie on FB/IG Vickie is currently leading a program Purpose to Published You can find more about it here:


Dating, Relationships, Intimacy and Sex with special guest: Dr. April Brown

Welcome Guest Sex Therapist Dr. April Brown: Joins us on The Coffee Break Show to talk about #relationships, #dating, #intimacy, and #sex... Bringing Intimacy Back is led by Dr. April and Dr. Kelly, who have a combined 41 years of practice as counselors. They're experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their perspective on how people can improve their relationships, both romantic, platonic, and familial. Show Notes - Definition of intimacy - Mindfulness as a precursor to...


Becoming a Boardroom Star with special guest Beverly Behan

Do You Want to Have More Impact in the World? Today's Coffee Break Special guest is Beverly Behan who is taking you on a deep dive of joining a board. Show Notes: 08:40 What is a board? 9:43 Historically a board was likened to a hood ornament on a Mercedes, it's impressive but... 18:51 What makes a Boardroom Star? there should be some clear nexus between your expertise, your background, and the business or purpose of the organization that you're governing. 19:28 Board room star has...


What Makes a Dynamic Speaker?

Actor and performer for 35 years. Our Wednesday Guest- Tyler Foley Author of the #1 bestselling book: The Power To Speak Naked Selected credits from IMDB include: Sex, Lies & Murder (TV Series), Tru Calling (TV Series), Valentine, Freddy vs. Jason, Carrie (TV Movie), Just Deal (TV Series), Door to Door (TV Movie), See Jane Run, Jeremiah (TV Series), The Sausage Factory (TV Series), You, Me and the Kids (TV Series), and Cold Squad (TV Series) #tylerfoley #publicspeaking...


The Four Currencies of Life

Welcome Everyone... So Glad You've joined us.... Todays Guest Is Robert Riopel International bestselling author, app designer, entrepreneur and trainer... we are going to be talking about the Four Currencies of Life #4CurrenciesOfLife #RobertRaymondRiopel #VickieHelm #SuccessLeftAClue Show Notes -What are the 4 currencies of life? -Do you suffer from Affluenza? - Some of the worst stress you can experience starts here. - Remember money is just a tool - TIME: busy does not mean...


How to Scale Your Business Efficiently in Today's Market

Welcome Everyone.... So glad you've joined us today... Are you wondering if you should buy or start a business? What do you need to know and make sure you do? Our Wednesday Welcome Guest is Eric Samdahl and he is a business juggernaut that is going to share with us what you need to know! Join us for a candid conversation about our future business outlook! #mergers #acquistions #M&A #EricSamdahl #VickieHelm International Speaker | M&A | Business Strategy | On a mission to help 1 million...


Being a Sovereign Human & Finding Your Purpose

Welcome Lindsay Mustain! We will be chatting about her entrepreneurial journey, success, 7 figure business model, and what it means to be a sovereign human being... Join us for this powerful episode! #sovereign #intention #dreamjobhack #LindsayMustain #VickieHelm SHOW NOTES 6:32: I need to note is now that you have everything inside of you to create this, the challenges you don't know what to do or who to say it to and what to say 7:00 What's your career trajectory? 9:11 Is it important...


The Power to Reinvent Yourself to Have More, Do More, Achieve More

Today is going to be a deep conversation about reinventing yourself... I will share my 3 biggest secrets to reinventing your self to add more success, happiness, and adventure! Show Notes What's working, what's not working Once you know how to do this--> manifesting, bending your reality Identity shifts learning to manifest, most powerful thing you can do Act of self love = identity shift How you view something can lead to an identity shift You can connect with Vickie at...


A More Powerful Way to Reach Your Goals and Dreams

Have you ever wondered whether there was a more powerful way to reach your goals and dreams? Today I am going to share my secrets to making things happen more easily and quickly... Warning... we are going to get a bit, Woo Woo! Show Notes: There is a guide that helps direct you to your goals Make a relationship with the force Can't move around following your brain 3rd key is to pay attention, develop awareness You can connect with Vickie at FB/IG: (20+) Vickie Helm |...


Taking Your Personal Power Back

Have you ever had to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK? Today I am going to share my 3 secrets to Never Ever being without Your Personal Power! Show Notes - 3 secrets to never ever being without your personal power - When you succeed, everyone succeeds- myth - Focus on your Inner Winner - Personal power comes from the divine - Self love is a birthright Come Join me for my upcoming workshop: 10 Days to Published Check out Vickie's latest book release: The She...


The Most Powerful Things to Do to Create a Life You LOVE!

Have you wondered how to scale your business, influence, and happiness? Today I will be sharing the most powerful things I have done to create a life I love! Chapters: 5 Things to Create the life you love Take 100% responsibility A different take on the sales process Learn to communicate Catch yourself in the act 2 Choices: You can either impair or empower Looking to make a difference in your own life? Create Transformation through this simple...


3 Tips on How to Become MORE

Have you ever wanted to become more of something, Like more fit, more wealthy, more respected... If so... today we are going to share 3 tips on how to do just that! Looking to make a difference in your own life? Create Transformation through this simple process... Grab a copy of Vickie's latest book release: The She Myth: Redefining Women in Business Connect with Vickie: (20+) Vickie Helm |...


3 Secrets to Transforming Your Life

Today We Are Talking About 3 Secrets to Transform Your Life! Show Notes - Know you have the power - Access your potential and bend reality - You are unconditional - I know and the answer is coming to me - Something is leading you...the divine, source - Change is a sprint, transformation is a journey Looking for ways to transform your life? Check out our free webinar: Grab Vickie's latest book release: The She Myth: Redefining...