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Vickie Helm provides listeners with topics that are current, warrant discussion, and are designed to create thriveability and success in your business, family and life.


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Vickie Helm provides listeners with topics that are current, warrant discussion, and are designed to create thriveability and success in your business, family and life.








Are You Working on a Degree in Homelessness?

Filmmaker Glen Dunzweiler has written the book that every student considering a four-year degree, entering college, or getting ready to graduate should consider! After teaching at universities for eleven years and seeing students put themselves into debt with no exit strategy, he looks to give students the tools he wishes he had while he was in school Topics Discussed in This Episode · The pitfalls of following your passion without assigning a dollar value to it · How to not become a...


We Are More United Than We Think We Are!

How are we more united than we think? Join Vickie Helm and special guest Richard Greene as they tackle some tough political and spiritual questions that are plaguing our country and world. Richard Greene: Political Advisor to Hollywood Stars He is the Bill Nye the Science guy for politics ~ Richard Greene the Civics Dean Keynote Speaker, Top Rated TEDx speaker with over 3Million Views He will change the way that you think about politics and public speaking 📌Key Points in this...


Unleashing Your Best Self

Optimize your human potential using #Septemics, a proprietary system invented by special guest and Human Development Engineer: #JimMarshall. Mr. Marshall is a polymathic intellectual who has has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human potential and development. 📌Key Points in this Episode 1:05 Human Potential & Human Design 5:06 The cause of 95% of Human Problems 6:48 What is Septemics? 18:00 How to Optimize Your Progress using...


Financial Fairness and Wellbeing in a Divorce

Join host Vickie Helm and special guest and money nerd Jenn Wolowich Widley as they tackle the tough financial questions that can set you up for the financial future you have always dreamed of OR derail it! Key Points in this Episode 01:26 Financial Fairness 03:26 Detangle your finances 18:39 Children are not weapons in a divorce 36:11 Know the rules 43:34 Where to start building assets 48:35 Insurance is the asset and the foundation for all other assets Quotes: The children are not...


How to Build Your Confidence Muscle to Bring Your Dreams Into Reality

Join host Vickie Helm and very special guest and world changemaker, Cinnamon Alvarez to discover how to build your confidence muscle to bring your dreams into reality. Key Points in This Episode 11:25 Courage Building Life Hacks 18:18 Confidence to Take Action 31:13 Let Go of What Other People Think 39:57 Courage Takes Commitment 42:50 Surround Yourself with Like Minded People 49:10 World Changemaker Retreat ❤Connect with...


Optimizing Your Military Experience in Entrepreneurship

Join Vickie Helm and special guest Jason Skeesick as they share the best of entrepreneurial success using military experience. Jason has coached and consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs for the past 4 years. Loves working with entrepreneurs. He has owned a large CrossFit gym in Chicago for the past 12-years, has a degree in finance and worked as a commercial banker to large companies. Jason draws on his US Army experience, serving two deployments to Iraq & Stationed in Germany! Owner...


Tap Into the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You!

VICTORIA RADER 4x Bestselling Author and Founder of Empower-mE. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Studies, Founding Partner on John Maxwell's Leadership Team today we are talking about how, "You Were Born To Prosper Prosper mE: the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You!" ✨ Key Points in this Episode 8:49 Internal resistance 10:13 Scared vs Sacred 15:45 How do we remember what we learn? 16:08 Better question...How can it get better? 17:44 What's here now? 20:29 The 6 Mental...


Are You Being Played by the Media?

Is the Media Trying Create, Influence, or Destroy Your Mind? Do you think you are thinking for yourself? What does it mean to think for yourself? Today's special edition of the Coffee Break Show! ✨Key Points in this Special Episode 2:13 The media play post Nancy Pelosi attack 4:02 Media is messing with your mind 7:17 "We are people, we're not ideologies, we're not concepts" ~ Vickie Helm ❤Connect with Vickie...


Are You Ready to be a World Changer?

Cinnamon is a champion of social entrepreneurship and an advocate for people making an impact through their work. She herself has built four successful businesses. She is also an author, speaker, consultant, and artist. Her passion for service shows up in all aspects of her work. Cinnamon has honed her business acumen and discernment over decades at her thriving ceramic lighting manufacturing company, A19. She has also founded an art gallery, operated a fitness franchise, authored the...


Discover Your Own Meaningful Success

Retired NBA player, successful real estate entrepreneur, and leadership expert #DevinDurrant as we talk about strategies to discover your own meaningful #success... DEVIN DURRANT a Retired NBA player, successful real estate entrepreneur, and leadership expert , is no stranger to the confusion that overnight professional success can bring. From the basketball court to conference rooms, Devin has found success in multiple ventures, but doesn't credit his basketball prowess or innate...


Assertiveness Goes Beyond Salary Negotiation

Whether you just want to be a better advocate for yourself and others or are wondering how you can learn to use assertiveness for more than salary negotiation; you're going to want to tune into this powerful conversation between Vickie Helm and Cara Tuttle Bell on the Coffee Break Show Cara is a dynamic, no-nonsense, candid speaker on sexual harassment and assault prevalence and prevention and why and how assertiveness is crucial to communication, empowerment, personal safety, and...


Eliminate Financial Stress

Jennifer Wolowich Widney empowers people with financial stress to take control of their money by eliminating debt, saving on taxes, protecting their wealth and mastering their cash flow so they can rest easy about the future. Jenn is a Financial Coach, she empowers people with financial stress to take control of their money by eliminating debt, saving on taxes, protecting their wealth and mastering their cash flow so they can rest easy about the...


Thought Leadership

Nicky Billou The #1 International Best Selling Author He is and advisor and confidante to some of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs in Canada. He is the co-founder of eCircle Academy ( ) where he runs a yearlong Mastermind & Educational program ✨Key Points from this episode 06:08 Reframe Selling 09:58 People are tired of being SOLD 14:32 Are you a THOUGHT LEADER? 24:37 Thought Leader vs. Expert 🤝Connect with Ricky...


Get Relief From Stress Now Using the STRESS RESET

Feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed with life in general? Today Vickie Helm and special guest Isabelle Tierney are going to give you a simple strategy to gently move you through to a more peaceful and supportive space. ✨Key Points in this Episode 05:07 Opportunity is something that is moment to moment to moment to moment 07:46 The Gift of Stresslessness 11:41 Life is not controllable 23:09 Staying green does not mean ignoring anything, they are trusting in their capacity to stay...


The Keys to Aligning Your Business With Your Target Market

If you had a chance to shadow any exceptional entrepreneur who would you choose? And why? Join host Vickie Helm and serial entrepreneur Philippe Bouissou, who was in the trenches working directly with Steve Jobs to build Apple. Join in the conversation, it's sure to Rock Your World! #PhilippeBouissou, Ph.D. has spent three decades in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, a CEO, a venture capitalist, and a management consultant. He is Managing Partner at Blue Dots Partners LLC, a firm he...


What Would It Take to Build Your Own App for Your Podcast?

Are you currently podcasting and want to know how to take it to the next level? Your podcasting business is probably ready to expand to an app! Join Vickie Helm and John Lee as they dig into the pros and pros of expanding into developing an app. 🗝Key Points in this Episode 2:50 Important to move your audience from a loaned location to an owned location 4:55 Build a relationship with your audience/clients directly 6:30 Podcasters are small business owners 10:10 Good Podcasting business...


Stress Less Thrive More with Isabelle Tierney

What if you were given a road map guiding directly to the transformation you’ve been searching for? If so, welcome to the Stress Less, Thrive More Breakthrough Experience, where we guarantee that after just 10 days, you’ll walk away with all the tools you’ll need to lead a life of higher inspiration, connection, and aliveness. ✨ Key Points in This Special Broadcast 04:56 Why You Want to Listen to this Special Edition of the Coffee Break Show 20:18 Reduce Reactions, Come from a place of...


3 Words I Used to Sell 100,000 Books with Andrew Kap

Are you an author looking to launch your book, but not sure where to start or fearful of the potential cost in advertising? Join Vickie Helm, author of 41 books and special guest Andrew Kap as they share the strategies for the steps AFTER you finish writing your book! ✨ Key Points in This Episode 1:15 3 Simple words, strong message for Authors 10:08 It's about reach and bandwidth 10:53 Part of my responsibility to do so well by my reader that they feel more than comfortable in...


Embracing Disruption! Say NO to the Status Quo!

Join host Vickie Helm and special guest Natalie Viglione as they dive deep into taking your power back. What does that mean, where did we lose it, and how and why we need to reclaim it! Natalie Viglione blends creativity with science as an entrepreneur. She’s a cycle breaker, truthseeker, and an intuitive healer and a vessel for life and business guidance. Her purpose is to help entrepreneurial humans take their power back so that they can heal in their life, business, and inside their...


A Self Discovery Guide for Women, Overcoming Self Sabotage

Today we talk with Author Cassandra Crawley Mayo about her book IS YOUR WAY, IN YOUR WAY....A Self Discovery Guide For Women. Cassandra is an Author, Speaker, and Mentor with over 30 years of experience leading, training, and coaching professional men and women towards their primary career goals. She shares that she is on a mission to help people pivot away from a life of self-sabotage and toward a purpose-filled life of hope and inspiration. 💎Key Points Shared in the Episode 6:26 How to...