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#68 - "Smashed Potatoes"

This week the boys go over the weekly news stories and we go over the internet's "Must Watch Movies" and we give our 'ratings' hence the name, Smashed Potatoes. The list definitely had some of our favorites on it. What's your favorite movie on the list? Did you disagree with any of the movies on the list? Let us know at! The APM Network:


#67 - "Cyber Sea Pirates"

This week the boys explore everything to do with piracy! We go down the road of our pasts with illegal downloading and we go over the five main types of software piracy that is present on the internet. What was the first thing you ever pirated? The APM Network:


#66 - "Blow Your Mind"

This week we do our weekly news stories and go over the internet's "Blow Your Mind Facts" which didn't really blow our mind. Well they kinda did but not really. If you want to send us some facts to our blow our mind, you can do so at! Make sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes or wherever podcasts are made! The APM Network:


#65 - "Hate Us Cuz You Anus"

This week we go over the weekly news stories, answer the internet's most difficult questions and do a quick recap of Season 8 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. We kept the GoT recap till the end so that it isn't spoiled for anyone! The APM Network:


#64 - "Game of Thrones: Endgame"

This week the boys go over weekly news stories and breakdown Avengers: Endgame and Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. This episode has a TON of spoilers if you haven't seen them but we do hit you with the spoiler alert so you can shut it off when you get to that part of the episode. We give our theories and thoughts on the show and the movie and guessed what could happen next!


#63 - "Game of Theories"

This week we go through the week's news stories and then we spend the majority of the episode breaking down Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. We throw in our thoughts and some theories for next week and the end of the show so SPOILER ALERT for those that don't wish to hear it or haven't seen the episode yet.


#62 - "Oil Me Up!" w/ GameFester

This week the boys take deep dive into this or that, the last week's new stories, and we catch back up with our old buddy GameFester one what's been going on since we had him on last. We have a small interview with Donald J. Trump(voiced by GameFester) where he tells about 2020 and the vision for the United States. You don't wanna miss this episode! The APM Network:


#61 - "Random Access Memories"

This week we explore all kinds of randomness on the podcast but we do manage to get a few segments out to you folks. We talk about our childhood memories, news stories of the week, and how Acen likes to argue. Make sure to like, subscribe, and leave us a review on iTunes. APM Network:


#60 - "My Pet Peeve is Drug-Fueled Sex"

This week the boys are at it again back in the lounge room. We share news stories of the week alongside our biggest pet peeves. You ever wanted to know what really grinds our gears? I'll give you a hint, a lot of them have to do with drivers. Join us in the lounge room and enjoy this episode. Make sure to like, subscribe, and tell your friends. Oh and rate us with 600 stars for snapchat. The APM Network:


#59 - "What I've Learned About Streaming"

The boys have taken one for themselves this week to discuss what they have learned from many different streamers' perspectives in the year that they have been doing the podcast. But wait! There's more! We also go down Buzzfeed's Top 15 Most Difficult 'Would You Rather' questions and we finish off the episode with another hilarious Amazon review. Make sure to like, subscribe, and tell your friends! The APM Network:


#58 - Stevie_Franch1ze "24 Carrot Shitique"

This week the boys are joined by Stevie_Franch1ze, an Influencer Relations Manager for Twitch and is also a Twitch streamer himself. We talk to him about deli meats, drinking carrot juice(jk), carrots, and about 45 minutes into the episode we stop trolling and have a really good conversation about Twitch, being a streamer, and what he does at Twitch. Stevie also gifts us with an Amazon review of Haribo gummybears and it is amazing. Check this one out and make sure to show some love to Stevie...


#57 - RajunCajun48 "Submarines & Swamps"

This week we are joined by RajunCajun48, a Navy vet turned Twitch streamer. He teaches us about Cajun food and what it was like to be on a submarine during deployment in the Navy. Acen learns what gumbo is for the first time because he's an idiot. We talk about hanging out with a bunch of seamen hundreds of feet(allegedly) below the ocean(can't say how deep. Acen said 200 miles. He likes drilling to the center of the earth). We really enjoyed this guy's company and he gets sloshed by the end...


#56 - ItsYoshh "Small Indie Companies"

This week we are joined by Yosh(ItsYoshh), a Twitch variety streamer that has an amazing auto-tune voice(new single?). We talk to him about EA, Ubisoft, and Activision(the big three). We talk about the release of Apex Legends, the world of Escape from Tarkov, and we even take some time to talk about movies. We don't get to do that often so it was a delightful conversation. Make sure to show Yosh some love at the links...


#55 - Ellypse "Coding Addons"

This week we are joined by Ellypse, creator and coder for the Total Roleplay 3 mod for World of Warcraft. We talk to him about the process of creating an addon for the game, what the idea behind the mod was, and we also ask him some user questions from people using the addon. It was a fascinating view into what people will do for free just to improve other people's gaming experience in WoW. Actions Per Minute...


#54 - CasualLuxury "Mary Jane"

This week we are joined by CasualLuxury which is a real ouchie bro. He's an up and coming streamer on the Twitch platform and all-around helluva guy. We talk about the devil's lettuce, alcohol, Bungie, and the hopeful death of Fortnite(don't hate). Make sure to show Casual some love at the links below and make sure to swing by his channel. Tell em we sent ya for a tilly! The APM Network:


#53 - Marvin(GameHub) "The Gamer's Social Network"

This week we are joined by creator and founder of GameHub, Marvin. GameHub is a social network for gamers that is currently in development. We get down the nitty-gritty of how the social network will work, what features it has, and why you should support it. Just like when Discord took the VOIP world by storm, we think that GameHub will take the social networking for gamers to an entirely new level. Take a listen to the man himself and support GameHub at the links...


#52 - Kyente & Bunheadwhat "The True Variety Streamer"

This week we are joined by the amazing Kyente and Bunheadwhat to discuss butts. Just kidding. Kyente is a hilarious streamer on Twitch and Bunheadwhat is the Community Manager for @playdauntless(Dauntless). We talk to the lovely couple about the variety in Kyente's streams, the insane subathon in December, and musical theatre. Please show them some love at the links...


#51 - zswiggs "Swiggity Swoogity"

This week we are joined by the hilarious Seth aka zswiggs, Twitch streamer and host of the Seth and Colby Show. To say this guy is funny is an understatement. We talk about memes that we are too old to understand, Ninja's New Year stream, and Bungie(before they split from Activision). We also talked about how Activision are blood sucking vampires. So make sure to send some love Seth's way at the links...


#50 - Gremlin785 "Partner Pushing: Yay or Nay?"

This week we are joined by Nick aka Gremlin785 to talk about his stream, the NFL, and we sit down the last half of the podcast to discuss 'partner pushing.' It is a very controversial topic in the Twitch community on whether it is good or bad. We sit down and discuss both sides to the conversation and I think we all learned something from it. Actions Per Minute Network:


#49 - Adam Schultz "Cool Water Bidet Talk"

This week we are joined by Adam Schultz, host of the Water Cooler Talk Podcast. He is a self-made marketer that works with musical artists, etc on marketing their content. We talk to him about his podcast, where he produces an amazing comedy news episode with or without a guest. We talk about his favorite news story, bidets and why they will change your life, and we talk about 2019 goals. Make sure to check out everything he does at the link below. Spotify:...