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#38 - GameFester "Let It Fester"

On today's episode, we are joined by the one and only GameFester. He is an up and coming streaming on Twitch platform. As well as being a variety streamer, he does a pretty damn good Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog impression. We really sit down and get to know what he's like behind the stream, even getting as deep as talking about his favorite porn site. Check him out at the links below! Discord: gamefester#3243


#37 - Maggie(North Star Games) "Evolution"

This week, the boys are joined by Maggie May, Marketing and Community Manager at North Star Games. We talk about their first breakthrough into the digital gaming market with their upcoming game, Evolution. We also talk about the inner workings of indie game development and conventions. Make sure to check out North Star Games at the links below! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:...


#36 - Cory(MissildineOnline) "Reaction to Reactions"

This week the boys are joined by Cory Missildine aka MissildineOnline. He is a popular YouTube WoW streamer that also adds some variety of other games into his lineup. We talk to him about reaction videos and why they are so popular, World of Warcraft, and we also discuss Twitch streaming vs YouTube streaming as it is something that Cory has been debating. Check him out at the links...


#35 - Corokov "The Return of Disco Jesus"

This week, the boys are joined by up and coming streamer, Corokov. We talk to him about making your name up with name generators, the new Spiderman game, and dying after retirement. Make sure to support Corokov in whatever way you can at the links below! http:/


#34 - Zack(Retrotainment Games) "Retrotainment"

This week we are joined by Zack, the Lead Visual Designer for an independent game development company called Retrotainment Games. They make new games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in actual cartridge form. We talk to him about inner scoop of how an indie company works, the NES itself, and how you can get your hands on these games to try them out. Make sure to support Retrotainment Games by visiting the links...


#33 - Famou5Ivan "Blizzard in LA"

This week, the boys sit down and talk with Famou5Ivan, whom Acen met at PAX West. He's a Twitch streamer, computer tech, and a Blizzard lore nerd. We talk to him about PAX West, favorite conventions to attend every year, AMD vs. Intel, and MMORPGs(mostly WoW). Make sure to check this one out and make sure to check out Famou5Ivan at the links below!


#32 - Zarreta "Mountain Dew: Fire Sauce"

This week, the boys are joined once again by our very own Actions Per Minute Streamer, Zarreta. We talk to her about Avengers, the new World of Warcraft expansion, and the last half we spend on telling stories of when we both worked at Taco Bell. Make sure to check out her content!


#31 - Alex Delfino "The Curse of Misfortune Lane"

On this week's episode, the boys are joined by Alex Delfino. Alex is one of the creators of the new up and coming board game called "The Curse of Misfortune Lane". They recently raised nearly $20,000 on Kickstarter and have begun manufacturing for their board game. On this episode we take a deep dive into the effort it takes to a build a board game from scratch with rules, funding, etc. The Curse of Misfortune Lane is now available on Steam Workshop to test and will soon be available for...


#30 - Hurricane Tron "Hurricane Probe"

Chilling with the boys this week is the one and only Mr. Steal Yo Gurl, but most people know him as Hurricane Tron on the Twitch platform. This one starts out a little bit weird as we discuss the pleasures of getting old and what medical conditions you start to acquire. Tron is a big sports enthusiast and we talk to him quite a bit about basketball, baseball, football, and a little bit of soccer. We discuss the differences in the cost of living around the United States and then some of his...


#29 - VanderForge "Forge Your Destiny"

On this week's episode, the Boys sat down and ranted with VanderForge. He's a Pokemon Twitch Partner that plays all aspects of Pokemon alongside his team, the Guardians of Asgaard. We talk about Vander's sobriety, the backlash of Twitch partners having issues with affiliates getting sub badges, and of course we also speak about Pokemon and the future of the franchise. Be sure to check out this master of ranting at the links below!


#28 - DoodyBeard "Budtender to the Stars"

On today's episode, we get the opportunity to talk with the one and only DoodyBeard. Or was it the DiarrheaMustache? He is a partnered streamer on the Twitch platform. We talk about his different style of promoting his channel going back to his days promoting his band, the origin story of how he got his name, being a budtender, and lots of other interesting discussions. Make sure you guys drop by and check him out, and let him know the boys sent...


#27 - TheGreatHayley "NaCl"

On this weeks episode, the boys had the pleasure of chatting it up with "TheGreatHayley" (self-proclaimed title). She's a variety streamer on the Twitch platform and also a part of Team Kitty. We talk about the struggles we have with DnD, how salty we get while playing games like Overwatch and other PvP type games, a little ASMR, and what game and tv show we would choose should we be stuck on an island. Be sure and stop by her stream sometime and say...


#26 - TominationTime “Bro, Do You Even Lift?”

TominationTime is the first partnered fitness streamer on the Twitch platform. We talk to him today about health, fitness, dieting, and lifestyle changes. We also touch on Twitch ToS and how that affects fitness streamers like himself. If you are looking to change your life as a gamer this is the one to listen to. Check him out at the links below.


#25 - Lorerunner "Lorecraft"

This one is for the Warcraft lovers! On today's episode we talk to the one and only Lorerunner. He is a Youtuber, Twitch streamer and all around lore genius. He covers the lore of anything from Games to TV shows in the form of a lorerun or a rumination. There were so many things we wanted to discuss with Lore during this episode, but with all three of us being lovers and fans of Warcraft we went down a rabbit hole of Warcraft lore never to return. If you guys enjoy learning about lore of...


MM #4 - World Cup 2018, XBox Game Pass, Far Cry 5, Hearthstone, and MH: World PC

This week on the Midweek Mashup we talk about the World Cup and who Acen has winning, two new games on the XBox Game Pass, Far Cry 5's new Lost on Mars expansion, Hearthstone new expansion, and Monster Hunter: World coming to PC on August 9th. Acen is a little under the weather this week so forgive him(or don't) for his droopy ass voice. Check out the articles from this week at the links below! Looking forward to releasing the Lorerunner episode for you guys this...


#24 - Mike Boudet(Sword & Scale) "eMonsters"

Today we talk to Mike Boudet, host of Sword & Scale. His cinematic-style show has put him atop the True Crime podcast genre. On this episode we talk to Mike about Sword & Scale, outrage culture, social media backlash, and we touch shortly on his upcoming tv show which he claims is a RomCom! Check him out at the links below!


MM #3 - Lebron James, ARK: Extinction, Wrecking Ball, SSDs and Nvidia.

This week on the Midweek Mashup we talk about Lebron James' signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, the reveal of the new ARK expansion called Extinction, the new Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball, Seagate's new SSDs and the announcement of the Nvidia...


#23 - KevinKrunch "Psychedelic Speed Running"

KevinKrunch is a streamer on the Twitch platform. He is a member of Nerd Nation and he has recently switched to being a speedrunning streamer. Today we talk to him about speedrunning, favorite N64 titles, and psychedelic drugs(don’t do drugs kids). Make sure to check him out and give him support!


MM #2 - Gamestop's Demise, Steam Summer Sale, NES Classic Mini, Boeing

This week on the Midweek Mashup we talk about the nosedive of Gamestop's stocks and why it is losing money, the Steam Summer Sale and what some games we recommend, the return of the NES Classic Mini to stores, and the making of Boeing's new plane model in construction that can reach speeds of 4000...


#22 - KiddSisco "ASL?"

KiddSisco is an up and coming variety streamer on the Twitch platform with only ten months under his belt. Today the Boys talk to him about the beginning of the internet, Yahoo chat rooms, Kidd having kids, esports, and a little bit of streaming advice. We break it down! Check him out at the links below!