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The weekly podcast of THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, a website devoted to all things DARK SHADOWS, as well as horror movies, fiction and comicbooks.

The weekly podcast of THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, a website devoted to all things DARK SHADOWS, as well as horror movies, fiction and comicbooks.
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The weekly podcast of THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, a website devoted to all things DARK SHADOWS, as well as horror movies, fiction and comicbooks.






Barnabas Collins and the Bodice Tipplers

Jonathan Frid is on the cover of "Barnabas Collins," the 1968 Dark Shadows novel by Marilyn Ross, but he's otherwise absent from the book. You might even argue that Barnabas Collins, at least the character you might know from the television show, is also absent from the tale. A vampire bearing that name makes his way through the course of the story but, unguided by Frid's peculiar wounded menace and a staff of writers that understood how to find humanity even in the most inhuman of...


Flowers in the Attic: Part 2

So here's part two of our epic Flowers in the Attic episode, wherein we invite a Very Special Guest to explain what happened in the rest of these bugnuts crazy books and then run out of tape. First, let me warn you: as long as you're okay with some incest and questionably consensual encounterin', part 1 was fine for you. In part 2, we find out that there are a lot of other issues in the other books, including but not limited to suicide, statutory rape, and people who keep naming their kids...


It Runs in the Family

In this episode: Evolving in the Shadows with Ella Minnope Ella Minnope talks about how the romantic aesthetic of the deep South compares to the dysfunctional Collins family. Night Rally with Dana Gould Dana Gould discusses the Kennedys, the real-life family that could give the Collinses runs for their money in The Suffering Olympics. The Dark Shadows Daybook with Patrick McCray Patrick McCray and Justin Partridge have a drink at The Blue Whale and talk about Master of Dark Shadows,...


Flowers in the Attic: Part 1

Neither Sara or I had read this book as teens even though ALL of our friends had. We were the “too cool” girls which really meant we were painfully uncool. Both of us recall this book being proudly displayed in the halls of our middle and high schools. V.C. Andrews was the most popular girl at any school during the 80s and 90s. She could have been crowned queen at a 114 different proms. In terms of who could generate a loyal army of teen girls it went Johnny Castle from “Dirty Dancing” and...


Star Trek: Imzadi

We're going where we won't slut shame you if several men, a few women, and the odd salt vampire have gone before! We're talkin' bout Darmok and Jalad between the sheets! That's right - we read Imzadi! Courtney doesn't know anything about Star Trek. Sara has a tattoo in Vulcan. Neither of us are really down for a book with FOUR FRAMING DEVICES and at least, at LEAST, four? timelines. So. Ugh. God. Like, you know Troi and Riker are exes, right? (Courtney, that's The Hair and The...


Night Song

Night Song by Beverly Jenkins - this is the first book by the First Lady of African American Romance, from 1994. Cara is a schoolmarm. Chase is a Buffalo Soldier. They do it. A lot. All over the house, y'all. All over the house. Also there are some murders. There is no sexual assault in the present of this book; however, several characters tell the traumatic stories of their pasts under slavery and one does include rape. There's also a romance novel-y rape threat by the villain but it...


Silver Angel

Silver Angel by Johanna Lindsey is evidently a book about a troll doll with boobs. There are, let's see. Twins. Harems. Corsairs. A public fight about pubic waxing. Assassins. Eunuchs. Poisonings. A vizier. As usual, you're definitely going to want to get a vintage copy with an older cover. What is it with these publishers reissuing these with the worst covers? The trigger warnings on this are... complicated. There is no sexual assault actually happening in this book, surprisingly. (I did...


Adam and Eva

Sandra Kitt's Adam and Eva was the first Harlequin romance written by an African American author about a African American couple, in 1984. It's not the first black category romance - as far as we know that's Rosalind Welles' Entwined Destinies, which was published by Dell Candlelight in 1980. There's also a rumor that Anne Weale's Blue Days at Sea is a "stealth black romance" - evidently the protagonists' race just isn't mentioned but the people on the cover are even whiter than usual. (And...



We have a January treat for you: books we actually read as criminally young girls! Sara's is Palomino by Danielle Steel. Samantha is one of those hyper-competent insanely beautiful has-a-weird-nickname Steel women who is taking the advertising world by storm while simultaneously being abandoned by her ridiculously awful husband. She goes off to heal her broken heart on a ranch in California and meets a super hot ranchin' dude. If you were like me and you loved books about horses and books...


Hearts Alight

This is a tiny little Bodice Tipplers Extracurricular Mini-Episode - we're going off the reservation and reading a modern book! Hearts Alight by Elliot Cooper is a cute little gay romance Hanukkah novella about a sad sack guy who falls in love with a golem. It's adorable and sweet and you'll read it in an afternoon and you should go do so. Please do not think we don't know when Hanukkah is, or that we think it's at Christmas - we're just late and suck. Happy super-early Hanukkah! The...


Bewitching Hour

Celebrate Christmas with us with Bewitching Hour by Anne Stuart, the kind of book where you know going in that there's gonna be a blizzard and the roads aren't the only things getting plowed. Sibyl is evidently a witch who's a secretary for other witches and Nick is a skeptic about everything except dowsing. There's also a haunted house that nobody ever mentions again and a late-game crime caper. I don't even know, y'all.


Captive Passions

Sirena, foot stamping sword waving hellion, takes her sister's place as wife to the virile Regan van der Rhys, Dutch colonizer of Java in "Captive Passions" by Fern Michaels. By day she is his quiet pious wife, but by night she sinks all his shipping and taunts him with her tawniness and her thighs. It's 1977 and thighs are very in. Buckles are swashed. Also there is a lot of nutmeg. Warning: it has some extreme violent rape content - committed by the villain, not the romantic interest, but...


The Flame and the Flower

Buckle up, buttercup –we’re doing this. This is happening. This episode we cover “The Flame and the Flower”, Kathleen Woodiwiss’ 1972 steaming cesspit. This is the face that launched a thousand sh!ts; the first bodice ripper. And it is awful. And we are furious at it. This book contains intense scenes of sexual assault (the worst kind, it thinks it’s a ravishment but believe me, it’s stone cold rape.) It’s also got emotional abuse and some truly weird expressions of racism. Also it’s...


The Ivory Key

WHO YOU GONNA CALL?! Buckle your sheet belts for this special Halloween treat as we read Rita Estrada’s 1987 Harlequin novel “The Ivory Key”, a book about finding incontrovertible proof of an afterlife and immediately boning it. If you’ve got it, haunt it! A photojournalist recovering from a traumatic experience under profoundly vague circumstances retreats to her own private Minnesota island, which turns out to be infested by a spectral Frenchman. She discovers she’s a dead ringer for his...


Bodice Tipplers - The Pride of the Peacock

Wherein we read Victoria Holt’s “The Pride of the Peacock”, a book about opals falling in love with each other. This book contains NO sexual assault of any kind. Amazing.