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The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like
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The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like




Episode 142 -Fabian Nicieza & The Breaking Bad Film

Deadpool Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza joins Brad to talk about pretty much anything but Deadpool. KJ Valencik & Galaxy Quest Minute's Alex Thompson discuss the announcement of an upcoming Breaking Bad Film. The Digressions: -Love for Mark Bagley -Who under the age of 30 is called Dick? -Paul Scheer is awesome -The last season of House of Cards -The podcast What Really Happened -The Emperor Joker storyline


Episode 141 - Halloween 2018

We almost got our Halloween episode out in time. Kathleen, Murren & Jessa talk their favorite iconic horror characters. Also, part 2 of Eric at New York Comic Con. This time, he talks to: Janet VarneyJohn C. McGinlyBob CampDMCJoe Bob BriggsDana GouldAnd Special throughs from Neil Degrasse Tyson The Digressions: Weird theatre coincidences (with a Crystal Beth cameo) Dracula Kathleen wants to guest on Monster Squad Minute Being Human Wolf Cop


Episode 140 - Orson Welles, NY Comic Con & The WWE in Saudi Arabia

Make yourself comfortable: It Is A Packed Episode! Murren Kennedy from Point Break Minute joins Brad to discuss the Netflix release of the lost Orson Welles film 'The Other Side of the Wind.' Eric Deutsch interviews Peter David, Bob Mcleod, Marv Wolfman, Jim Starlin, Danny Fingeroth & Jim Salicrup at New York Comic Con. The WWE's upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia is making headlines. Who better than Between the Ropes' Brian Fritz to discuss the implications? The Digressions: Orson...


Episode 139 - Bill Murray Stories & The Conners

Ray Esposito joins Brad to talk about Old Lime Productions' new documentary 'Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man.' Audrey from shares her thoughts on the 'Roseanne' spinnoff 'The Conners.' The Digressions: The vinyl Ghostbuster’s Soundtrack When you get famous enough,people will show up to see you do your hobby (The Bacon Brothers, 30 Odd Foot of Grunt). Ghost Heads is one of Brad’s favorite documentaries from the last 10 years. He especially...


Episode 138 - The Captain Marvel Trailer

Brad talks w/ Murren Kennedy, Tierney Steele Callaghan & Thaddeus Howze about the New Trailer for Marvel's Captain Marvel. Brad explains why Cosmic Geppetto won't be reviewing the new Venom film. The Digressions: There have been so many Captain Marvels The Last Blockbuster store Brad defends Nic Cage’s career Tierney made a person!


Episode 137 - Cover Conversations: Bob Dylan

Brad & Shawn talk about some of their favorite covers of Bob Dylan music. Brad attended Keystone Comic Con and interviewed Steve from Pennsylvania Browncoats, Meredith Moriarty (creator of Third Shift Society) & old friend Jason Lenox (creator of Lords of the Cosmos). The Digressions: Rod Serling ‘Planet of the Apes Visionaries’ Longenberger Baskets Precious Moments The Mendenhall family loves Kris Kristofferson The long lost Babetown interview w/ Brad & Shawn Tom Petty’s Free Falling is...


Episode 136 - Preeti Chhibber & Tim Burdick

YA Author Preeti Chhibber joins Brad & Jarf to talk about her contribution to the story collection A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. Tim Burdick returns to discuss the history and relationship between Batman villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The Digressions: The novel Naked Came The Manatee Neil Gaiman is very entertaining Idris Elba in the world of Fast & Furious Is it possible there will be a good Transformers movie? Brad is jealous of Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre Productions


Episode 135 - Danny Ross & Thaddeus Howze

Babetown's Danny Ross has new protest song 'The Son.' ( Jarf & Brad welcome new friend Thaddeus Howze (, who wrote an excellent article on the problems with Marvel's Cloak & Dagger. The Digressions: The article that inspired 'The Son': No one thinking of ever...


Episode 134 - The Definitive MCU Ranking w/ Honey Badger & Her Amazing Friends

Guests & Panelists from the Cosmic Geppetto Universe ranked the Marvel Movies from Best to Worst. Honey Badger & Her Amazing Friends talk about it. The Digressions weren't too bad this week. The biggest surprise is Katie went to the same High School as Ed Norton.


Episode 133 - Ventures Bros & Guardians 3

Entertainment Writer Tom Bacon talks James Gunn's firing from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Amy Kenerup has seen the first episode from the new season of Venture Bros. The Digressions: We will never know who won Drive Christian Slater’s The Forgotten Brad & Amy loved Pushing Daisies Find out more about Amy's band at James Gunn’s work for Troma Tom Holland can’t keep a secret Hannah Shaw-Williams excellent article at...


Episode 132 - 100 w/ Crystal Sparrow

Crystal Sparrow returns to talk about CW's 100 w/ Jarf & Brad. Brad’s parents have the viewing habits of a 15 year old girl Jarf will throw a Macbeth reference at you out of nowhere Who is the Gilligan of 100 Is Brooklyn 99 really a liberal show? Why was Underground cancelled? The passing of Legendary comic book creator Steve Ditko


Episode 131 - Dan Whitley

Brad Talks with musician Dan Whitley about his new album Calling All Gods and the career of his brother Chris Whitley. Heather & Chase review The Incredibles 2. The Geppetto Players Presents: Murren & The Geppetto Factory. The Geppetto Players are: Murren KennedyTim BurdickJarf HardenShawn ReynoldsAmy KenerupJared SmulisonDave PallasJessa LoweZach LunaBabetownHeather MendenhallThe Little Mendenhalls Wow! How did Brad get all these people to do this? Check out Dan Whitley at...


Episode 130 - Gehennam Creator Asif

Brad talks with Asif, the creator of the Visual Novel Gehennam. Digressions: Jarf returns to recommend Crash Override by Zoe Quinn.Speaking of Jarf, he guested on 20th Century Popcast. This causes tension between he and Brad. Somehow, Kyle Crane gets dragged into this mess. The Spider-Man drawn by Ron Frenz will always be Brad’s Spider-Man. Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight


Episode 129 - Summer Movies 2018 w/ Scott Carelli

Brad & Dueling Genre Production's Scott Carelli review the movies of Summer 2018. The Digressions: Is Tom Hardy wasted as Venom? Lots of Gary Ross love For it to be believable that someone can defeat The Rock, you need to remove some of his limbs The greatest joke in TV history: Scott has never seen Point Break. Brad loves the Point Break Minute guys


Episode 128 - Avengers: Infinity War & Roseanne

Best Friends Mike Watson & Katie join Brad to talk Avengers: Infinity War. Pele Media's Kyle Crane saw Solo: A Star Wars Story. Brad & Kyle give their takes on the Roseanne Barr controversy. The Digressions: When Brad jokes about Jarf, listeners worry Mom & Dad are fighting Katie is fighting trees, like The Happening Bengies Drive In Is Chris Pratt getting chubby? Witness the heartbreaking end to Mike & Katie’s friendship. Brad offers to introduce Mike to Amy to become his new best friend....


Episode 127 - Black Panther in The Avengers

Lamar leads Jarf, Dorphise & Mike Watson in a discussion of Black Panther and how they feel the character will fit into Avengers: Infinity War. Before turning over the show, Brad talks about Margot Kidder's recent passing. Subscribe to The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Or Both! Rate and review us while you’re there. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll follow you back. We have a Facebook page. Please like us! Email us at We’d love to hear your ideas for...


Episode 126 - Snapper Doodle Doo w/ Katie & Her Amazing Friends

Katie, Jarf, Mike Watson & Brad share their thoughts on Thor & The Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War. Digressions: -Who would be a good Adam Warlock -Katie & Michael are still best friends -But if things turn sour, Brad offered up Amy to become Mike's new bestie Subscribe to The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Or Both! Rate and review us while you’re there. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll follow you back. We have a Facebook page. Please like us! Email us at...


Episode 125 - Amazing Spider-Man & Might Thor Artist RON FRENZ!

Brad interviews one of his favorite comic book artists ever as Ron Frenz joins the show. Pele Media's Kyle Crane returns to talk about attending his first Wrestlemania. The Digressions: Kyle’s affection for Alexa Bliss Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson would still make a great Peter Parker and Mary Jane for a Spider-Girl movie The Reb Brown Captain America TV Movies You should buy some Ron Frenz artwork at


Episode 124 - Best of the 90s: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Versus X-Files

The Best of the 90s Tournament is back! Rick & Julia Ingham from Mad Max Minute argue what was better: Buffy The Vampire Slayer or X-Files. Kathleen Mocklin judges! Not too many Digressions this week: * Geppetto Studios is moving! Next week we will broadcast out of lovely New Freedom, PA. * Tim Burdick introduced Brad (and by extension his family) to X-Files * The similarity between Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome and Hook. Seriously.


Episode 123 - Tom Cruise in Green Lantern Corp (!?) w/ Scott Carelli

Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre Productions returns to talk rumors Tom Cruise may be joining the cast of Green Lantern Corp. The Digressions: The Avengers films broke Joss Whedon Martin Campbell directing and not caring about The Green Lantern Spider-Man 3 ALMOST works Dr. Who comic book artist Kelly Yates Panelists Jarf, Rick & Julia Ingham, Eric Deutsch, Murren Kennedy & Jessa Lowe are all awesome and have/are/will appear on podcasts such as BatMinute 89, Fans on Patrol, 20th Century...