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The Film Raiders are a group of friends who LOVE movies and tv shows. We podcast about it from time to time. We cover basically everything about movies and TV shows with a proclivity for comic book movies. Enjoy!

The Film Raiders are a group of friends who LOVE movies and tv shows. We podcast about it from time to time. We cover basically everything about movies and TV shows with a proclivity for comic book movies. Enjoy!
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The Film Raiders are a group of friends who LOVE movies and tv shows. We podcast about it from time to time. We cover basically everything about movies and TV shows with a proclivity for comic book movies. Enjoy!




The FIlm Raiders Present: Star Trek 10th Anniversary

In this very special episode we invite Sam Niles to discuss Star Trek 09' for it's 10th anniversary. JJ Abram's Star Trek reboot left a profound mark on us so for this episode we take a deep dive into the film. We start with the origins of the movie from announcement to the casting of all the characters. We then dive into the movie from opening story beat to the ending and to the impact it had on the franchise and Hollywood in general. Enjoy!


Film Raiders: Episode XI

Were back. After a brief hitaus we come back to discuss some recent things. First we pay our respects to the recently departed John Singleton and Peter Mayhew. Then we talk about the recent Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Hobbs and Shaw, Dark Phoenix, Sonic, and Men in Black: International Trailers. Some recent news about Adam Mckay and Will Ferrell. And the mysteries of Chris Nolan's movie.And lastly a SPOILER warning we get into detail with US and Avengers ENDGAME. Intro music by Juno


Film Raiders: Episode X

We're back! After a brief hiatus we come back to discuss a few of the things that happened during our hiatus. James Gunn getting rehired for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. His casting choices for Suicide Squad. More intermission talk. Steven Spielberg and Netflix. A few of the trailers that came out like Avengers: Endgame, Lion King, Aladdin and more. We also review a few of the films we saw during the break including Alita: Battle Angel, Us, Captain Marvel, Shazam and a few more. Enjoy!


Film Raiders Present: The 91st Academy Awards

We take a look at the Oscar's results. Discussing how some of the wins (Black Panther and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)were big and how some other wins (Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody) just straight up disappointed us. Also Marlin comes in halfway thru the episode to help discuss the results. Enjoy!


Film Raiders: Episode IX

In this episode we return to a full line up and discuss the recent Super Bowl trailers of Avengers: Endgame, Hobbs and Shaw, Toy Story 4 and many more. Marlin gives us his thoughts on Aquaman and we discuss all the DC Comics news that have come out. We also discuss trailers that sold us onthe movie but did not end up turning out to what we expected.


Film Raiders: Episode VIII

In this new episode we take a look at the recent Oscar nomination announcements. Pronounce our love for Infinity War, share our thoughts on the Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and John Wick Chapter 3 trailers. Greg talks about the Fyre Festival documentaries. We discuss the recent Ghostbusters 3 news, John Lasseter at Skydance, and Tom Hardy's snub and Venom Sequel tak. Marlin calls in from his deathbed and Jose reviews Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Enjoy!


Film Raiders: Episode VII

In the first episode of 2019 we talk about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a bit more, the Golden Globe winners, and our thoughts on them. We also discuss a few trailers that came out mainly being Us, Men In Black: International, and the new Hellboy movie. Also we discuss a few of the movies we missed in 2018 that we've been catching up on and some news regarding Star Wars: Episode IX, Disney+, Bad Boys 3 and other news. Greg voices his displeasure for Aquaman and we both give our opinions...


Film Raiders: Episode VI

In this episode we discuss the Golden Globe nominations, Netflix cancellation of Daredevil, the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Captain Marvel, Godzilla trailers and our thoughts on on a few movies mainly being Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


Film Raiders: Episode V

In this episode we catch up on all the news recently hitting the net. From Disney's recent announcements to Netflix cancelling and renewing things. We also discuss if The Nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie.


Film Raiders Present: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2

We return to analyze Marvel's Phase 2. We take a look at every film from Iron Man 3 all the way to Ant-Man. We see how Iron Man 3 divided the fanbase and this podcast. How Thor the Dark World is very mid. And how The Winter Soldier and Guardians set the bar for phase 3. Also the impact of the MCU and some of the few troubled productions that Marvel faced in this phase. Hosted by Greg, Jose with Special Guest Marlin.


Film Raiders: Episode IV

We take a look at some recent events, like Lana Del Rey, new trailers, James Gunn going to DC,DC movie news, and other news. We also review Venom, A Star is Born, and First Man.


Film Raiders: Episode III

We look back at this weeks news from Space Jam to Captain Marvel. A shocking revelation is made and Marlin almost dies from it. ECHO WARNING. Please excuse the echo. We will work on it for next episode.


Film Raiders Present: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1

We take a look back at how the Marvel Cinematic Universe started it all. Special guest Juno who also did the art for this week's episode. From the start with Iron Man and The Avengers. We also cover the landscape of comicbook movies before and during the MCU.


FIlm Raiders: Episode II

This week we talk about the Dora the Explorer movie, the 10 year anniversary of Pineapple Express, Venom and Sony's plan for a Spider-Verse, talk about TV news, and Disney's ongoing saga with the Oscars and James Gunn. Enjoy!


Film Raiders: Episode I

The inaugural first episode of the FILM RAIDERS podcast. We discuss the James Gunn firing, Star Wars episode IX cast list, Mowgli's move to Netflix, Moviepass running out of money, and review Mission Impossible: Fallout.