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Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!

Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!
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Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!




TFZP #233: A Neti Pot for your Butthole

Well everyone, this is going to be the last episode for a while. Everyone stops by before the hiatus, including regular subs Didj and GRONK. I’d try to sum up this episode, but it’s mostly just a bunch of callbacks and us talking over each other (there’s a reason we usually kept it to 4


TFZP #232: Double-Edging Sword

Wobbly had an anniversary trip, where he did some time travel and used a double-edging sword to perform the reverse wobbly on a ladder. Do I need to say more? Yes? How about SNACKS? How about DOTA UNDERLORDS? How about PINBALL? How about BONE HURTING JUICE? There’s more, but I’m out of caps lock time!


TFZP #231: What’s in Berz’ Fridge?

This podcast is (almost) entirely about what may or may not be in Berz’ fridge. I guess there’s books and games as well, but let’s focus on Berz’ fridge because that’s fun! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Subscribe via RSS:


TFZP #230: I Think it’s Called a Moon Rainbow

2 of the 4 Zonkeys are back from vacation, and boy are their shins and knees beat up! Hear tales of Hawaii and lake adventures, ripped shorts, drunken walks home, doggie diarrhea, love, death and robots. There’s some talk about video games and movies, and Berz has found one of the greatest games of all


TFZP #229: Clock Time with the Zonkeys

Do you want to enjoy several minutes of clock talk? I hope so, because you’re going to get to if you listen to this episode. There’s also talk of pinball, pellet grills and drunken pinball antics. Wobbly breaks open a durian candy and we all almost barf. VR is still great and you can even


TFZP #228: Eating is Both Taste and Smell

There’s E3 news in this week’s’ podcast, but more importantly there’s discussion about the best types of apples (with and without salt), books, wifi trials and tribulations, painting skeletons, proper washing technique for various body parts (ok, just one body part), virtual reality headbands, male pattern baldness and even some cake and ice cream. Yep,


TFZP #227: The Best Fudge Comes From Uranus

We’re back, and we’re here to talk about meat, meat and MORE MEAT. And road trips with head colds. It’s the normal crew, but we do lose Wobbly for a bit due to virtual reality. We also try out some super bass headphones, eat cheeseburgers, play some games and even do some painting. It’s just


TFZP #226: F You John Hamm

Top 10 dongs. Smoked meat. Rubbing butts. Need I say more? Yes? How about VIDEO GAMES? How about DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? How about TEABAGGING? Come on, that’s gotta be enough for you. Still no? How about HOCKEY FOR NEWBIES? If that’s not enough, just go watch “What’s Up: Balloon to the Rescue” and leave us


TFZP #225: Fence Puns

This episode is full of fence puns. You heard me – fence puns. Meo, Wobbly and Didj also complain a lot about not having an Oculus Quest yet. There’s also some anime talk, some D&D talk, Wobbly encouraging Berz to talk even *more* about D&D, some hick-hop (barf) and even a little video games and


TFZP #224: Cheek Chicken Is Where It’s At

I got back from the podcast last night and looked at my arcade stick and then played MK9 until way too late into the evening and now I’m very tired and have to work. But hey, this episode spends a lot of time talking about places to put chicken nuggets and cow farts, so that’s


TFZP #223: It’s called a Gandy Dancer

Draelor went to help the Blues lose, so Didj is here in his place. There’s surprisingly little gaming talk this week, but there’s plenty of the usual nonsense – questions from Reddit, lost Disney movies, books, audio books, VR (both plastic and cardboard) and more! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher:...


TFZP #222: Sittin’ in the Green Seats

Berz is back from vacation, so we get a recap of his snowboarding and pinball. Wobbly talks a bit about tacos and labia (neither of those is quite what you think they are), and Draelor just tries to keep us from going too far off track with Meo missing (but Grok is filling in!). E-Mail


TFZP #221: DonalD Duckin’ it

Allergies are a bitch, and staying in the hospital sucks. You know what doesn’t suck? NEW PINBALL MACHINE ANNOUNCEMENTS! OLD PINBALL MACHINE ADVENTURES! VIDEO GAMES! EGGS! All that stuff is great, but Meo has to muck up the podcast with talk about, uh, gym adventures. Also a mouse shows up at the end. WELCOME TO


TFZP #220: I Love Chewing on the Cheese Plug

Well, sorry about this one. Meo had computer problems, so he talked about computer problems. For a long time. To the point where you’ll probably just turn off the podcast. If you make it through that part, though – whoa buddy is there a humdinger of an episode in there. Video Games? Check! Pinball? Check! Frottage?


TFZP #219: Draelor Should Be Editing This

2 degrees of Korn, Little Golden Books (but not the stupid Elmo one), coworking and slingers, mouse hunting, random Urban Dictionary entries, emails, throwing poop, singing about scrotums… I don’t even know how we crammed all the QUALITY CONTENT into one single episode, but we did all that and EVEN MORE. Also, Draelor should be


TFZP #218: This Whole Podcast Should Be Quarantined

The Zonkeys have survived the weather and the plague, and we’re back to have lots of fun talking about weather and the plague, jobs, Muppets, doggie court, Dungeons & Dragons, pinball and video games! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Subscribe via RSS:...


TFZP #217: Doggie Court

We’re missing Meo, but he’s missing all the fun! Didj is back and helping Wobbly prepare for his day in Dog Court. Berz won’t shut up about D&D, and the Super Bowl sucked. Plus a bit of nostalgia about pinball streaming, and remembering when Grok set the Volcano on fire…. ah, the good old days.


TFZP #216: Quivering Horse Parts

This is a very hard hitting episode of the podcast. We talk about important things like underwear choice, tattoos, responsible Reddit usage, holes, something about sounds, ring bologna and horse parts. Post Malone is bad music. September is a great song. That is all. E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher:...


TFZP #215: Put the Gizzards in There

Who likes memes? Who likes Megan Fox’s thumbs? Who likes snow? Who likes scrotums on foreheads? We do! All that, some video games and even a little BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO DO BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO DO BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO DO BABY SHARK OH


TFZP #214: I Probably Screwed This Up

It’s been a while since I (Berz) was in charge of this process, so I probably screwed something up. But if it works, then we’ve got Didj filling in for Meo, a plethora of sad stories, and Berz and Draelor both playing games that Meo talked about already. E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on