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Each full episode of The Fuzzy Mic is built around casual conversation.Topics include, but aren't limited to, music, sports and pop culture, so expect a fair amount of celebrity interviews.

Each full episode of The Fuzzy Mic is built around casual conversation.Topics include, but aren't limited to, music, sports and pop culture, so expect a fair amount of celebrity interviews.


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Each full episode of The Fuzzy Mic is built around casual conversation.Topics include, but aren't limited to, music, sports and pop culture, so expect a fair amount of celebrity interviews.








Baseball Great, Pete Incaviglia

Big time fanboy moment. I chose to go to Oklahoma State University for baseball based on the success of this player and one other Cowboys immortal. He's been called the greatest college baseball player in the history of the game, posting records at Oklahoma State University, that will likely never be broken. He was named College Baseball PLAYER OF THE CENTURY in 1999. In his pro career, as a member of the Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros, New York...


V Santura from Dark Fortress

German black metal band, Dark Fortress released their latest studio album in February, 2020. "Spectres From The Old World" was to bring them to the US for some shows but with COVID-19, those plans were scrapped. My very casual conversation with guitarist V Santura touched upon the disappointment of the cancellation. We also talked about the video making process for Dark Fortress, other bands that V has played and toured with and the money that comes with being a black metal musician. V...


COVID19, Inmates, and Public Safety with Ken W. Good

COVID-19 has jurisdictions throughout the country debating how to handle the incarceration of individuals. Some states have begun releasing individuals already serving time, as well as those waiting trial. Those who advocate for this feel it is inhumane to lock up individuals and place them in a situation where social distancing will not be possible or practical. It would also address jail overcrowding at a time when the courts have ground to a halt. There is an argument that keeping...


Who needs a break from COVID-19 coverage? Thought so.

Who needs a good laugh or chuckle? Yeah, we do too. This episode of The Fuzzy Mic is about poop. Ahhh, caught you grinning. Meet Abby Ross, author of “The Poop Diaries”…on the job stories from plumbers. After the conversation, go download the ebook for something to read during this period of social distancing. It’s a quick and very funny read.


Col. Michael Lewis, MD about managing stress around infectious disease.

Col. (ret) Michael D. Lewis, MD graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, and served as an intelligence officer in Infantry Divisions for five years prior to attending medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans. Following internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dr. Lewis served at The Pentagon where he routinely cared for the highest levels of leadership in the Department of Defense, U.S. Congress, and U.S. Supreme Court. He was rated as a Senior Flight Surgeon...


Noreen Khan-Mayberry, PhD: The Tox Doc Talks COVID-19

With COVID-19 taking lives and changing the way we live, daily, we went to an expert to learn how to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. World renown toxicology expert, The Tox Doc, Noreen Khan-Mayberry, PhD, answers the questions you're asking and explains: Why this virus is so dangerous The best way to keep from getting the virus and the one spot we always seem to miss when doing this Why antibacterial soap is unnecessary and actually not a good option How useful those...


Johan Langquist: Lead Singer of Doom Metal Pioneers Candlemass

Since their debut release in 1986, Swedish metal band, Candlemass have been at the forefront of doom metal. In 2019, after 34 years as a band, they received a Swedish Grammy and were nominated for a Grammy in the US. Lead singer, Johan Langquist joined us to chat about his career, in and out of the band, their sudden rise in recognition and their upcoming show on April 18, 2020 at White Oak Music Hall in Houston at Hell's Heroes 3.


Russ Velazquez of The Hit Men

Russ Velazquez is a Class A studio musician, a 3x Emmy Award nominee, touring musician who is part of the supergroup The Hit Men. He has performed with Sting, Carole King, LL Cool J, The Ramones, KORN and many other big names in music. Russ tells us what it's like to be "20 Feet From Stardom" as a legendary "Sideman", he gives us behind the scenes tales about his time on the set of Sesame Street and you'll hear how one simple, almost accidental line from Russ became a national commercial...


Positive Comments and Country Music Star Jimmie Allen

This week starts with a new bit called How Long Until You See Something Positive. We read an innocuous online article and then see how many comments it takes to get a positive one. Our two articles feature a story about Gwyneth Paltrow and another about Anne Hathaway. We coupled that with a conversation with one of the most positive country musicians in Nashville, Jimmie Allen.


Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland

Sugarland will tour American in 2020. Lead singer, Jennifer Nettles performed a solo, private performance for Houston country station, The New 93Q. The performance was hosted by The Fuzzy Mic's Kevin Kline.


Lupe Contreras Top Rank Ring Announcer

The week before the Wilder v Fury rematch, we go inside the ropes with world renown ring announcer, Lupe Contreras. We talk about his 20-year career, the time he announced a childhood idol, met A-list celebrities and traveled the world with some of the world's greatest fighters.


Max "Hops" Pearce Harlem Globetrotters

Max "Hops" Pearce joins the Globetrotters' roster after winning the 2018 Dark Horse Dunk Competition, adding to the Globetrotters growing list of the best dunkers on the planet. In 2018, Pearce also participated in the NCAA College Slam Dunk Competition representing Purchase College, throwing down some of the most prolific dunks – one of which included a one-handed self-alley-oop slam dunk while filming himself with a cell phone camera. Pearce came shy of winning the competition by mere...


High Valley

Canadian country music duo from Blumenort, Alberta, a small community near the hamlet of La Crete. The band is composed of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel


Juan Diaz

Mexican-American professional boxer who held the unified WBA (Super), IBF and WBO lightweight championships from 2007 to 2008 and the IBO lightweight championship from 2008 to 2009.


Orry Martin: The Texas Snake Hunter

Orry Martin: The Texas Snake Hunter


Kelly Killpowski

Houston Roller Derby


City Acre Brewing

Houston Brewpub!


Damon Brandshaw

monster truck driver out of Nampa, Indiana and drove the Monster Energy truck. Damon Bradshaw began as a professional dirt bike racer and raced from 1991-1997


Linsey Weenk

Linsey Weenk is a monster truck driver out of Plenty, Saskatchewan, Canada who resides in California. He drives the Lucas Oil Crusader truck. He debuted in Jurassic Attack, shortly moving to Iron Outlaw, Blue Thunder, and finally Lucas Oil Crusader, which he has driven since 2011.


Tom Meents

a professional monster truck driver. He currently drives Maximum Destruction on the Monster Jam circuit. He has won twelve Monster Jam World Finals championships during his career