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Family games, with Thumbfood - The Podcast

This week, we're joined by Simon Smith, managing director of family games publisher Thumbfood. Smith joins us to discuss why the family and kids games market needs "a kick up the arse" on consoles, and why a wider audience is the key to driving PlayStation 4 past 100 million sales. We also touch on how to avoid the mistakes made by previous publishers with an interest in family games, how to compete with the flood of free-to-play kids titles on mobile, why educational titles might stand...


Artificial Intelligence, with Chet Faliszek - The Podcast

Recorded during Develop:Brighton 2018, we're joined by former Valve writer Chet Faliszek to discuss the realities and possibilities of AI in video games. Faliszek shares how he believes AI can be used to build more systemic gameplay, and how this can create more unique experiences for the players. He also touches on why mid-sized studios are best placed to take advantage of this rapidly developing technology, and drops a few hints about his first project with UK developer Bossa...


Shorter games and quicker releases, with Mike Bithell - The Podcast

We're joined this episode by indie figurehead Mike Bithell, developer of Thomas Was Alone, Volume and bitesize text adventure Subsurface Circular. Recorded just a few days after the surprise launch of the latter's spiritual successor, Quarantine Circular, we speak to Bithell about the advantages and potential of releasing games without any marketing build-up. We also discuss the benefits of developing shorter games, the limitations this creates, and why embracing these limitations is the...


Fighting Ageism, with Kate Edwards - The Podcast

This week, we're joined by Geogrify founder and ex-IGDA director Kate Edwards to discuss one of the less-highlighted challenges of working in the video games industry: Ageism. Recorded at E3 2018, the discussion explores who is being affected by ageism in the industry, and the impact on both victims but also the companies neglecting them. Edwards also shares the process behind her recent 50 Over 50 list, which highlights both notable figureheads within the industry and those who have...


E3 Aftermath (2018 Edition) - The Podcast

The entire team convene to reflect on this year's major games showcase in Los Angeles. Instead of talking through every announcement (which listeners are no doubt familiar with), we each choose a topic or trend that emerged from the show and discuss how it impacts the industry in general. Throughout the episode we discuss the growing presence of consumers at E3, the continuing saturation of shooters and violent action adventures as the tentpole titles of the show, and...


E3 Expectations: 2018 Edition - The GamesIndustry Podcast

The full editorial team unites to discuss the upcoming video games extravaganza that is E3. Working through the major press conferences that always serve as the tentpole for this annual event, we discuss what we hope to see from each platform holder and publisher in terms of both line-up and strategy, as well as speculate on some of the games that might get announced. The discussion ranges from Microsoft's lack of first-party titles and over-reliance on external...


Accessibility in games, with SpecialEffect - The Podcast

Hot off the announcement of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we're joined by SpecialEffect's Dr Mick Donegan, Joe Morgan and Bill Donegan - a trio of experts in the field of helping disabled gamers play the latest video games. This episode begins with an insight into the making of the Adaptive Controller - for which SpecialEffect was one of the consulting charities - and how it marries different forms of input to open up gaming to as wide a range of people as possible, no matter what...


Voice acting in games, with OMUK - The Podcast

This week we're joined by Mark Estdale, founder of leading voice production firm OMUK. Drawing on his experience directing actors for games ranging from best-selling PlayStation blockbuster Horizon: Zero dawn to Telltale's Game of Thrones series and indie hit hue, he discusses the elements that add up to a great performance in video games. We discuss a brief history of voice acting in games, the reasons why A-list screen actors aren't necessarily best suited to the medium, and the...


Making virtual reality mainstream, with Terra Virtua - The Podcast

We're joined by Kish Hirani, industry veteran and chief technology officer at new virtual reality start-up Terra Virtua. Recorded during the official unveiling of the subscription-based VR platform, this episode discusses the remaining barriers between virtual reality and mainstream adoption. Not only does this involve the ongoing search for that elusive 'killer app', but also a firmer understanding of what works in VR, the connection between the tech and rollercoasters, and the need for...


Following Florence - The Podcast

James, Brendan and Haydn discuss the impact and implications of Mountains' debut title, Florence: a short but definitely sweet love story built around gameplay vignettes. We ponder the lessons to be learned from this acclaimed titles, both in appealing to a broader audience and exploring the wider remit of what video games can be. We also discuss other titles and developers attempting to break away from the typical gaming fare of bigger, better killfests. We also compare Florence to...


The State of Indie Games, with IGF's Kelly Wallick - The Podcast

This week we're joined by Kelly Wallick, CEO of Indie Megabooth and chairperson of the Independent Games Festival. Wallick shares her views on the current state of the industry for independent developers, touching on the issues of discoverability, the varying success rate for studios that have previously exhibited at the Megabooth and the hard work that goes into sustaining an indie studio. She also discusses the need for better curation on digital stores, plans for this year's...


The Future of Free-to-play – The Podcast

This week, we're joined by Paul Barnes of App Annie and Adam Telfer of Chatterbox Games to discuss the future of the free-to-play market on mobile. Recorded at Pocket Gamer Connects, we ponder the most recent trends and shifts in the mobile market, the impact the ongoing loot box debate might have on free-to-play games, and how the monetisation model might in the coming years. Barnes and Telfer also offer advice on best practices and how to ensure your free-to-play mechanics are...


Game of the Year 2017 - The Podcast

The team reflects on the games we have most enjoyed over the course of the year, ranging from major AAA blockbusters to mobile hidden gems – and, of course, a certain Switch game. Our collective game of the year may not come as much of a surprise, but listen in to find out which other, more unusual titles we've been playing across all platforms. We also discuss which games we're most looking forward to in 2018.


Voice acting, with the stars of Assassin's Creed Origins – The Podcast

We're privileged to be joined by three prominent actors from the world of video games, all of whom appeared together in Assassin's Creed Origins. Our guests this week are Abubakar Salim (who plays main character Bayek), Alix Wilton Regan (Bayek's wife Aya) and Zora Bishop (Cleopatra). The trio share their experiences with performing in video games – which in Alix's case stretches back to 2009's Dragon Age: Origins – as well as the merits of voice recording versus motion capture and the...


Licensing your IP, with Gary D Nissenbaum - The Podcast

We're joined this week by Gary D Nissenbaum, founder of the Nissenbaum Law Group, to talk about licensing out your IP. Gary talks us through the pitfalls to watch out for, such as termination rights, and offers advice on how developers can ensure their property isn't abused by licensees. The discussion covers everything from merchandise to cosplay, and even touches on how best to secure other licenses that you can develop games around. As always, you can find all your news, insight and...


Virtual reality, at Develop:VR - The Podcast

This week, we're joined by a quartet of VR pioneers: Dave Ranyard, founder of Dream Reality Interactive and former Sony London developer; Stuart Whyte, director of VR product development at SOny London; Anna Hollinrake, senior artist at Climax Studios; and Simon Barratt, director and founder of Cooperative Innovations. Recorded during this week's Develop:VR conference, this episode discusses the next steps for virtual reality, the ongoing hunt for that killer app, the importance of social...


Getting Lucky on Xbox One X, with Playful's Paul Bettner - The Podcast

We're joined by Playful CEO Paul Bettner to discuss his studio's forthcoming release – colourful platformer Super Lucky's Tale – and more. During the episode, we talk about the potential for family-friendly titles on the traditionally hardcore Xbox One, how less realistic art styles might benefit from the power of Xbox One X and the leap from VR to standard 3D gaming for Playful's Lucky franchise. We also touch upon recent pessimism surrounding virtual reality, why Playful isn't about to...


Indie Publishing, with Good Shepherd

Recorded during the Investment Summit at last week's EGX 2017, we're joined by Good Shepherd's business and product development consultant Ben Andac. Our latest discussion explores the realm of indie publishing, touching on how firms like Good Shepherd decide whether or not to invest in a new studio, what developers should expect from their publisher and why even a one-game deal has repercussions for your business going forward. As always, you can find all your news,...


Enhancing games education, with PlayStation and Next Gen Skills Academy - The Podcast

This week, we're joined by Luke Savage (senior academic development manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment UK) and Marcia Deakin (games partnership manager at Next Gen Skills Academy). The discussion focuses on the relationship between the games industry and academia – not just universities, but Higher Education and schools as well. With the oft-pondered 'skills gap' making it harder for studios to find the talent they need, what more can the industry be doing to help educational...


Women In Games – The Podcast

Recorded during this year's European Women In Games Conference, James is joined by Dovetail Games' VP of HR and facilities Gemma Johnson-Brown, Space Ape Games' content marketing boss Deborah Mensah-Bonsu and Nyamyam co-founder Jennifer Schneidereit. Together they discuss the various challenges involved in not only recruiting more women into the games industry – thus balancing the current gender split of the workforce - but also highlighting the accomplishments of those already...