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A weekly podcast from content creators Victoriashaz and Zzayphod on gaming, technology, and pop culture. Support this podcast:

A weekly podcast from content creators Victoriashaz and Zzayphod on gaming, technology, and pop culture. Support this podcast:


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A weekly podcast from content creators Victoriashaz and Zzayphod on gaming, technology, and pop culture. Support this podcast:




So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

We have decided to end The Geek Digest. Thanks for listening over our 1.5 years of production, and please follow else everywhere else for other content. Love and kisses, Zzayphod & Victoriashaz. --- Support this podcast:


64. Epic and Apple, Nintendo Indie World, TimTheTatman and Fall Guys, Ben Affleck Returns as Batman

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the legal battle between Epic and Apple. Nintendo had another Indie World direct. TimTheTatman and Fall Guys was a crossover no one expected. Also, Ben Affleck returns as Batman. --- Support this podcast:


63. Dr. Disrespects stream on Youtube, Fall Guys Massive Success, Blizzard Employees Move to Unionizing, Jake Paul Gets Raided by FBI

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod discuss Dr. Disrespect making his return to streaming on Youtube to 500,000 viewers. Fall Guys released to massive success. Blizzard employees start making concrete steps to form the first gaming union. Jake Paul's home gets raided by the FBI. --- Support this podcast:


62. Xbox Games Showcase Review, Nintendo and the Lack of News, Rapper Logic Signs with Twitch, G4TV is Back.

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod are BACK! We discuss the Xbox Games Showcase with all the games announced and the Xbox Game Pass. The absolute lack of actual new from Nintendo. Rapper Logic retires from rap, and then signs a seven figure contract to stream exclusively on Twitch. Beloved G4TV is making a comeback, and people are excited. --- Support this podcast:


61. Twitch Blackout, RIP to Mixer, and Dr. Disrespect Permanently Banned

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the Twitch Blackout organized around sexual assault and abusers on the platform, and Twitch finally enacting change. Mixer decided to shut its doors and told everyone involved in a single tweet. Massive streamer Dr. Disrespect was handed a permanent ban from Twitch, and 18 hours after the announcement, no one is talking about why. The last 8 awkward minutes of Dr. Disrespect’s last stream: --- Support this podcast:...


60. The Slow Drip of the Post E3 Era - EA Play, Pokemon, and more

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the EA Play announcements, the Pokemon direct, and the fall of E3 as we knew it, and how it affects the game announcement pipeline. --- Support this podcast:


59. PS5 Reveal Breakdown: The Rays Will Be Traced

Join Victoria and Zzayphod as they break down the PS5 reveal from the past week — All the games, the Eve from Wall-E looking case, the drama surrounding the new Spiderman game, and more! --- Support this podcast:


58. PS5 News and Rumors, Metroid Prime Rumors, Suprise -- Google Stadia Sucks, Sonic Movie 2

This week, Victoria and Zzzayphod discuss their thoughts on the upcoming Sony State of Play, and what it means for the PS5. A rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy remake has been accidentally leaked by a Swedish retailer. Take Two CEO gives his thoughts on why Stadia sucks. And, the Sonic movie is getting a sequel. Zzay’s awesome bridge building: a fun thing about this shirt is that i wore it home on the subway and GUESS WHAT STILL HAPPENS IF YOU WEAR A BACKPACK WITH...


57. Tony Hawk Remastered, Unreal 5, Mandalorian, Paper Mario, and Anthem

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the litany of announcements made by the Summer Games Fest, Nintendo, Sony, and even for Star Wars’ the Mandalorian. --- Support this podcast:


56. Massive Nintendo Leak, Mass Effect Remaster?, Black Mirror on Hold, X Æ A-12

A massive leak of Nintendo source code hit the internet and Zay and Victoria speculate on what it means. The Mass Effect trilogy is rumored to have an upcoming remaster, and Vic loses her mind. Black Mirror creator says “the world is too much like Black Mirror for me to write more Black Mirror.” Elon Musk and Grimes named their child this week and we just learned how to pronounce his name — or did we? --- Support this podcast:


55. Animal Crossing Update, Nintendo Accounts Hacked, Fortnite Hosts Record Breaking In-Game Concert with Travis Scott

New characters on Animal Crossing selling fake art and shrubberies on your islands are available now! Nintendo confirmed that 160,000 accounts have been breached, and people need to enable 2FA and change their passwords. Fornite hosted an in game concert with Travis Scott that brought 12.6 million people to watch along in game breaking all concurrent records. Guide to fake and real art with...


54. Cyberpunk 2077, Google Stadia, FF7 Remake, Cooking Mama Drama

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. Google Stadia goes free for 2 months to all users in order to try and save the platform. FF7 Remake is now out and is beloved by everyone except Victoria and Zzayphod. And, there’s some heat in the kitchen surrounding the fan-beloved game Cooking Mama recently “released” on the Nintendo Switch. --- Support this podcast:


53. Last of Us Part II, Classic Mario Remasters, Borderlands Drama

This week, Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the announced delay to the Last of Us Part II due to Covid-19. Rumors came out this week that Nintendo plans to release remasters of Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, and Mario 3D world, and Zzay can’t contain himself. Borderlands developer 2K reportedly is significantly reducing employee profit sharing from Borderlands 3 which is expected to break all sales records for the company. If you’re bored at home and want to help out the science...


52. The Animal Crossing Digest

This week, Animal Crossing takes over the podcast. With Covid-19 running wild, a lot of people are stuck indoors and are enjoying the heck out of their islands. Victoria and Zzayphod are no different. --- Support this podcast:


51. GameStop Remains Open During Crisis, PS5, Animal Crossing, and

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss GameStop’s decision to remain open during the Animal Crossing release because they deemed themselves an essential business. Sony’s released the hardware specs of the PS5. Animal Crossing is out on the Switch and it’s everything we wanted, and the newest Shitpost of the Week: CATS has a cut of the movie in which they included CGI buttholes of the Cats, and we demand to know where it is. --- Support this podcast:...


50. Minecraft Library Creates Access to Banned Articles, A Conversation about Covid-19 and Cancellations

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss a Minecraft library that allows countries with limited or restricted access to information a “library” of articles which may not be available in their country. Also, we talk about how Covid-19 has affected the games industry, sports industry, and many others. the CDC just released these important guidelines on resisting coronavirus:— crissy (@crissymilazzo) March 13, 2020 --- Support this podcast:...


49. Streamer Banned for Shooting Gun on Stream. Last of Us as an HBO Show. TwitchCon EU Cancelled. Animal Crossing.

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss the streamer banned from Twitch and dropped from his stream team for accidentally firing a gun into his monitor on stream while intoxicated. The Last of Us is being turned into an HBO show by the creators of Chernobyl. TwitchCon EU was officially cancelled due to concerns from the Corona virus, and more Animal Crossing hype. Credit to --- Support this podcast:...


48. Ninja and dumb Tweets, Animal Crossing Direct, Mario Romhacks + Jeff Bezos Feet

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss “what dumb thing did Ninja tweet out this week?” Nintendo had an Animal Crossing direct and we’re excited. Reggie Fils-Aime inspires youth. A new Mario romhack is in development, and here’s why you should care. A Vice reporter goes out of her way to investigate Jeff Bezos’ foot size. Grand Poo World 3 Reaction GrandPooBear’s reaction: Shitpost of the week: Jeff...


47. IGN Clickbait, Geoff Keighley + E3, Uber, and Animal Crossing on PC

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss one of the worst examples of clickbait in IGN’s history. Geoff Keighley decides to quit E3 this year. Uber is testing a 1-800 number. An Animal Crossing clone called Hokko Life is being released for PC in 2020. --- Support this podcast:


46. Blizzard and the Warcraft III: Reforged debacle, Flash Game Preservation, Lead Toxic Executive at Rockstar Leaves, and Grandma TikTok

This week Victoria and Zzayphod discuss how the Warcraft community is rightfully outraged at how Blizzard has “Reforged” Warcraft III and taken away a large number of features. Flashpoint is a project which preserves around 36,000 flash games by allowing you to run them on your PC locally. Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Games and the crunch and work environment seemingly improves in his absence. Here’s where you can download all your flash game glory. There are a couple options: you can...