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CK Helms hosts this entertainment based podcast with an emphasis on all things nerd/geek life. New episodes every Thursday!

CK Helms hosts this entertainment based podcast with an emphasis on all things nerd/geek life. New episodes every Thursday!
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CK Helms hosts this entertainment based podcast with an emphasis on all things nerd/geek life. New episodes every Thursday!




Ep. 21 - The Reboot/Sequel Conundrum

It's CK Vs. Ryan this week over the new Watchmen series from HBO (or Red Hood vs. Nightwing if that sounds better to you.) Ryan says it is a reboot while CK insists it is a sequel. Who do you support? That's not all as we discuss some local releases from some Arkansans, Sony is finally allowing EA Access to come to PS4, Detective Pikachu and What Remains of Edith Finch are part of Whatchu Do This Week, and we pledge our allegiance to the Lord Mickey. All of this more on probably one of the...


Ep. 20 - I Love You 3000

The Endgame has arrived on the Good Stuff Podcast, and the crew brought Taylor Bishop along for the ride. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Besides just talking the top movie in 2019, the Far From Home trailer was released, Peter Mayhew sadly passed away, and Ryan passed out in the middle of recording. CK talks more about the wonder of Tom King in CBW/CK, and touches on some other Batman related comics you might be interested in. All of this and more make up a fantastic episode! Follow on our social...


Ep. 19 - Shot In The Butt

Join the GS crew in some laughs as they are joined by returning guest, Jeremiah Elliott (who you can find more about all the way back in episode 2). We discuss the new Sonic movie trailer, John Cena joining Fast & Furious 9, new Marvel Hulu series and Spectre Rising the newest Operation in Black Ops 4. On CBW/CK, our resident comic nerd CK talks about the wonder that is Tom King, the new Venom run and looks forward to a new series from DC. On Whatchu Do This Week, Bandit takes on MK11 story...


Ep. 18 - Ryan Is A Liar

The Endgame is near for the Good Stuff crew (and Ryan didn't see it early, no matter what he says.) Trailers galore this week including the new Will Smith movie, the Gotham finale, Krypton season 2 and more! On "CBW/CK," there's plenty of recommendations for you this week including No Road Home, Spider-Man: Life Story, West Coast Avengers, and Heroes In Crisis. In news we touch on the Russo Bros doing a Stan Lee doc, Far From Home ending Phase 3 of the MCU now, John Cena might be in Suicide...


Ep. 17 - So Much Star Wars

Joining us today was our new announcer, Bradley Julian and it's a celebration of Star Wars this week, pun intended. There was so many new SW announcements this week and we do our best to mention them all. Disney+ finally was unveiled, there is tons of trailers coming out right now, DC Universe is making good/bad announcements and CK raves about the Arkham Knight. All of this and more can be heard on this 17th episode! Follow on our social media pages like Twitter @goodstuff4real, Facebook:...


Ep. 16 - Rebooted

The all new Good Stuff Podcast has arrived! New music, new logo and new co-hosts Zak Bandit & Ryan Mullins with a revolving 4th chair each week (which you can get in on by contacting us). This week we are joined by Daniel Bauldwin as we get to know him as an emerging writer and YouTuber. The trailer for The Addams Family animated film dropped, The Suicide Squad reboot gets confusing, there's another Walking Dead show coming, we debut a new segment called "Whatchu Do This Week" and more on...


Ep. 15 - Keep It Goin'

Episode 15 is here and CK is joined by rapper/singer Freddie Lane! The pair talk Freddie's musical journey as well as get in some nerd talk. Also on the episode, Blackout goes free-to-play while getting a new map, DC Universe adds the entire DC digital comic book library to its already impressive service and there's a serious amount of Joker going around. All of this and more on the final episode solely hosted by CK Helms. Starting next week, Zak Bandit & Ryan Mullins join the show with a...


Ep. 14 - March CU: Endgame

The finale of the March CU has arrived! CK and producer, Zak Bandit take on the final films of Phase 3 to prepare for the Endgame. Absolute Carnage hits Marvel comics along with the return of Hickman, Ronda Rousey is main eventing Wrestlemania and the Dora movie looks good? All this and more on the 14th episode! Follow on our social media pages like Facebook: and then on Instagram @GoodStuffPodcast! The Hoodies want to know what you think they should...


Ep. 13 - March CU: Vol. 3

The MarchCU continues as CK & Zak Bandit enter Phase 3! From Civil War to Ragnarok, with pit stops on Netflix series and more, the adventure continues through just half of Phase 3 before next week's conclusion. CBW/CK has a variety of comics recommended including new Transformers, Ms. Marvel & Spider-Man. Google's new venture into the video game world, Disney/Fox deal comes to a close, new comic announcements from DC & Marvel, the return of James Gunn and more are also discussed! Follow on...


Ep. 12 - March CU: Age of CK

MarchCU continues with Phase 2! CK and Zak Bandit break down some of the most iconic moments that make up the MCU including both of their top picks for MCU films. In CBW/CK, #1's are all over the place with CK talking about many comic book choices ranging from Darth Vader, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and The Grim Knight. We also talk about Black Hammer meeting the DC Universe, several Marvel newsbits, Halo:Reach coming to Master Chief Collection and more! The Hoodies want to know what you think...


Ep. 11 - March CU

March is here and the Good Stuff crew is diving into the madness that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each episode this month our host, CK Helms along with producer, Zak Bandit break down the films making up the MCU. Comic book lovers don't fret as CBW/CK will continue each week along with your news and releases. This episode we also look at The Suicide Squad reboot cast changes, the end of Arrow and Shazam in so many different ways. All of this and more on this episode of The Good Stuff...


Ep. 10 - The Double Digits Delight

Good Stuff has reached the double digits and CK celebrates with the only live-action Batgirl, Sarah Ring. Black History Character Spotlight comes to a close with someone unexpected, CBW/CK dives briefly into Venom #11 (spoilers), and don't forget your weekly entertainment releases. In news we have new Pokemon games headed to switch, new movie trailers released, Games with Gold & PS Plus titles revealed, and Superboy Connor Kent is headed to Titans. All of this and more on episode 10 of the...


Ep. 9 - CK & The Adventure of Tanner's Kelness

Gear up and get ready for an episode full of Kelness! CK sits down for an interview with filmmaker L. Tanner Smith to discuss a few projects of his, including the meta-documentary "Because of Kelly," which also gets reviewed on this episode along with Kingdom Hearts 3 & the Doom Patrol pilot. On CBW/CK we dive into Red Hood: Outlaw #31 and then see what CK recommends for the comic book fans this week. The news day belongs to Marvel as several times the company was mentioned in this weeks...


Ep. 8 - Lady Hood Love

Love is in the air on the Good Stuff Podcast as the Lady Hood herself, Lacey Helms stops by for this Valentine's Day episode. That's right, CK got his wife on the show! Black History Character Spotlight this week is also about a lady as CK tells you about Misty Knight. Your weekly news, release and CBW/CK are also on this lovely 'cast. Last, but certainly not least, is a new "Hoodies On Life" as they play an old EMA favorite game, Toss Up. The Hoodies want to know what you think they should...


Ep. 7 - Comic Books now too?

CK brings us the first guest-less episode, but still manages to jam pack an entire episode of entertainment talk! Most importantly is the first special of Black History Month Character Spotlight, each week highlighting an African-American character in entertainment which today is about Black Lightning. Other episode highlights include a new regular weekly segment "CB W/ CK" has CK giving you a top comic book pick from last week and this current week along with the still-untitled segment on...


Ep. 6 - The Young Justice Special... Allegedly

This 6th episode of The Good Stuff Podcast is a special themed episode revolving around the acclaimed animated series, Young Justice. Allegedly, that is. CK Helms, your host, is joined by Bradley Julian, the Harvey Bullock of Gotham Knights. CK & Brad break down the first 2 seasons of YJ, so obviously spoilers. Young Justice S1&2, along with the first half of season 3 can be found on the DC Universe streaming service. Allegedly. Valentine's Day is approaching and CK's wife will be joining...


Ep. 5 - Time for Dick... Grayson

It's an EMA reunion as CK brings on Gotham Knights' own Dick Grayson, Ryan Mullins. CK & Ryan talk about their past collaboration on the EMA podcast, their latest venture as Nightwing & Red Hood, and just enjoy some brotherly bonding. The Hoodies stop by to talk about Ralph Breaks The Internet and CK debuts a new, still untitled segment that breaks down superhero television each week. NEXT WEEK IS OUR YOUNG JUSTICE SPECIAL! Valentine's Day is approaching and CK's wife will be joining the...


Ep. 4 - The Hoodies Have Taken Over

The Hoodies graduate from having a their own segment at the end of an episode to being the subjects of an interview! That's right, this episode you get to know more about Bronx, Ryker and Maverick. The boys should keep you entertained as I scrambled to find a last minute interview replacement, but actually enjoyed how things turned out. The Hoodies invite you to message on what you want to hear them talk about on a future episode for their "Hoodies On Life" segments at the end of our...


Ep. 3 - Is it 2019 already?

2019 is upon us! Did you know there's so much coming out this year entertainment wise? Can it even top 2018? CK brings along his producer, Zak Bandit, to take a trip through the next year to find what top choices you should get ready for. Which choices do you agree with or those you disagree with? Leave us a review on one of our platforms! Listen to us on Podbean, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and now SPOTIFY! Want to be on the show? Have something you want to hear? Email...


Ep. 2 - Red Hood v. Black Mask: Dawn of Gary

CK returns after taking the holiday week off due to some medical issue and he brings Black Mask with him! Jeremiah Elliott, the Black Mask of Gotham Knights, chats up his book series, Gotham Knights, and how video game storytelling has reached new heights. Also, CK tries to find a bit of news during the slow holiday trudge and introduces a new segment called "Hoodies On Life." Leave us a review on one of our platforms! Listen to us on Podbean, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and...