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Interviews and stories about pivotal moments in peoples lives, and what it takes to rise above challenging circumstances and heartbreaking setbacks to find what we call, The Groove. Hosted by Devin Pense.

Interviews and stories about pivotal moments in peoples lives, and what it takes to rise above challenging circumstances and heartbreaking setbacks to find what we call, The Groove. Hosted by Devin Pense.


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Interviews and stories about pivotal moments in peoples lives, and what it takes to rise above challenging circumstances and heartbreaking setbacks to find what we call, The Groove. Hosted by Devin Pense.






#016: Lucas Aragon

Lucas Aragon is currently the Executive Director of Branding & Design for ABC Entertainment Marketing. He also worked on the launch of the National Geographic channel and the launch of OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Prior to the start of his career, Lucas studied Graphic Design and Television Production at Eastern New Mexico University, and has also worked for Lifetime Television, NBC affiliates WRC, WHDH & WESH, and FOX affiliate KDFW. In this episode, Lucas talks about the tragic loss...


#015: John Davidson

John Davidson is the founder and CEO of Davidson Learning Company. John grew up as a professional skateboarder and is now breaking new ground in the E-Sports area. He is also a TEDx and active speaker on esports and youth marketing. In this episode, John talks about his career journey and how working as a telemarketer and a vacuum salesman paved the way into owning his own successful company. Click here to view show notes and pictures from this episode Don't forget...


#014: Kelly Mazanti

Kelly is the Founder & CEO of Pier Collective, a high-altitude design studio based in Breckenridge, Colorado building modern brands for globally-minded entrepreneurs. Kelly grew up in the Pacific Northwest - South Puget Sound in Washington State to be exact - and obtained her BS in Business Administration from The University of Colorado Boulder. She was excited to make Colorado her home, and takes advantage of all the outdoor activities that beautiful Colorado has to offer. Kelly skis,...


#013: Ted Ishler

One of the biggest moments in Ted Ishler's life happened in a restroom. Ted was fresh out of college and had just gotten a job as a tour guide at the NBC Television studios in New York City. Ted was standing in the NBC men's room, when in walked David Letterman, who gave him a nod and proceeded to a neighboring urinal. In a strange way, Ted knew he had made it. Thankfully, most of the other big moments in Ted's career have happened outside the bathroom. Ted has been a staff comedy writer...


#012: Q&A with The Pense Boys

In this special episode, I invited my boys to talk about the past, present and future. It's always fun to connect with your kids at any time in their lives. But as they grow into adults, it becomes even more meaningful because they bring a new perspective. It's fun to validate memories and talk about the story of our lives. It's good for the soul. Click here to view show notes and pictures and videos from this episode Don't forget to subscribe, like and post some love...


#011: Brian Williams

From his earliest memories, Brian Williams knew he was adopted. It was simply a part of who he was, and in fact made him feel special. As time passed, naturally Brian started to have thoughts and questions about this known, yet mysterious part of his life. And when he began having some health issues later in life, his sisters bought him a DNA kit and soon after discovering the results, a whole new world expanded right before his eyes. In this episode Brian shares his story of adoption and...


#010: Yolanda Hamm - Mothers Day Special

In this special Mothers Day episode you will meet the woman behind the man (Regie Hamm), the life of the party and a very special person all the way around. Regie & Yolanda have been married going on twenty-nine years, and together have two children. Yolanda is a dedicated mother and together with Regie, the primary care giver to their daughter Bella who has a rare disorder called Angelman syndrome, as well as their son Gabe who is a one man show himself. Yolanda is a veteran at American...


#009: Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond is an award-winning recording and touring drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles. Rich has recorded/toured/performed with: Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Joe Perry, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and many others. He's also an accomplished Author, Actor, Podcast Host & a dynamic Speaker. His book, CRASH Course For Success - 5 ways to supercharge your personal and professional life is amazing. In 2017 Rich...


#008: Jeremy Cowart

Have you ever conceived and built a hotel chain? Jeremy is a living, breathing idea machine. Not the type who sits in his basement daydreaming, most of his ideas become reality. He's one of the few people who have actually found and acted on their calling. He's overcome some of life's most tragic moments, suddenly losing his brother, adopting two children from Haiti, being diagnosed with a neurological condition, all formidable challenges and obstacles, but he doesn't let anything hold him...


#007: Holiday Triggers

The holidays can be the best of times and the worst of times. On this holiday episode of The Groove Podcast, Devin & Regie talk about the volatility of the holidays. For many, it's the best of times with family, friends, and celebrations. But for others, it's just another day or a grim reminder of holidays past where tragedy struck. And for many, it's nothing more than time marching on. Devin and Regie talk about being self-employed throughout the holidays and the challenges they faced...


#006: Bob Carlisle

Bob grew up around music all his life, even as a child he would perform in talent shows. He was a natural. ​During the eighties, he worked as a studio background singer and made the first call list. Which basically means, his voice is on the majority of records ever recorded during that time. If you listen to Motley Crew's Girls, Girls Girls, that's Bob. He sang with Sting, Barry Manilow, REO Speedwagon, Dolly Parton, and the list goes on and on, and on. ​Bob was in many bands growing up...


#005: Joe Egender & Leeor Kaufman - Co-Creators of the Netflix series, Un-Natural Selection

Joe Egender & Leeor Kaufman are the Co-Creators and Co-Directors of the Nextflix series: Un-Natural Selection. DNA, the very essence of life, can now be altered. Not only by Harvard geneticists and multi-billion dollar corporations, but also by renegade biohackers working out of their garages. This is the world we now live in. CRISPR, a new revolutionary gene-editing tool so simple, precise, and inexpensive that experts are calling it the most positively life-changing and potentially...


#004: Beating The Odds

There are going to be a few changes here at The Groove Podcast. This episode has a special announcement and updated information on some new and exciting stuff coming up. Head over to to get more information. Don't forget to subscribe, like and post some love wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, if you would like to support the podcast, head over to our Patreon page and join up! Any love would be appreciated.


#003: Brad Cummings

Brad Cummings graduated from Pepperdine University, planted a church in Malibu, launched a construction and landscaping business, all before becoming one of the most notable independent book publishers in the world and becoming a movie producer. ​Sounds like an interesting journey huh? There's a reason he was set on this path. He co-authored a book called The Shack, and after being turned down by twenty different publishers Brad and his co-authors decided to self-publish the book. They...


#002: Ankur Poseria

Sometimes to get what you want the most, you have to be willing to sacrifice your own dreams to help others first. With his eye on qualifying for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, Ankur kept coming up short by not being able to hit the qualifying time in his event, the 100M Butterfly. It wasn't until he began to help his friends and family work their way through their own personal challenges that he found a renewed strength to achieve the impossible. A 2008 Beijing Olympian, Ankur Poseria...


#001: Regie Hamm

"If you are being authentically yourself, you're giving us something we need." - Regie Hamm What would you do if a lifetime of dreams came true only to be taken away in a matter of moments? That's what happened to Regie Hamm (Facebook, Patreon). From being a child performer to being signed to the largest record label in the world. With over four hundred songs recorded, twenty-one number one hits, he’s been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, written five books, three of which have been...


Introduction to The Groove with Devin Pense

In this introduction to The Groove, host Devin Pense talks about why he decided to start a podcast and how he came up with the name. The Groove is a series of interviews with people who hit rock bottom and the pivotal moment they chose to quit or keep going. Hosted by Devin Pense. Devin Pense is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Superbly Studios, he's an accomplished Director and Executive Producer with over 20 years of hands-on experience and accomplishments in all aspects of...