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Heat's podcast - your complete guide to all things pop culture, celebrity, entertainment and fun.

Heat's podcast - your complete guide to all things pop culture, celebrity, entertainment and fun.
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Heat's podcast - your complete guide to all things pop culture, celebrity, entertainment and fun.




We're Obsessed with... Love Island, Ariana Grande and X Factor shake ups

This week the Heat team get heavy into Love Island, and give our opinions and the faves and un-faves of the series so far. Is Alex really as sweet as he seems? Is Adam actually a nice guy after all? When did the whole country collectively decide that Eyal was The Worst?! We also give our opinions on Ariana Grande's shock engagement, the supposed X factor shake up that sees Louis Walsh out and Robbie Williams in and reveal all the things you didn't know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Got...


We're Obsessed With Love Island, the Hadid/boomerang sisters, Lady Gaga's movie debut and 20 years of Sex and the City

This week the team admit they are addicted to Love Island - and break down who they love, hate and are pinning their hopes on. Next up, Caitlyn Jenner misses her son Brody's wedding due to work commitments- is that fair? Kylie and Kendall also apparently didn't RSVP - bit rude?! Meanwhile Kendall's been pictured snogging Anwar Hadid - younger brother to Bella and Gigi. Speaking of them, we're labelling them the boomerang sisters as they've both gone back to their exes! Then onto Bradley...


We're Obsessed With the Love Island line-up, Justin Theroux and Emma Stone's relationship status and Kim K meeting the President

It might not have started yet, but the team are already talking all things Love Island - specifically what we make of the line-up and whether we're going to take to them in the same way we did last year. Next up, what is going on with Emma Stone and Justin Theroux? Are they a couple, just friends, is this fair on Jen? Third on our list - Dec's been solo hosting again - do we think Ant and Dec will ever be a duo again? And last, but by no means least, we turn to the Kardashian's. From Kim's...


We're Obsessed With...the new Duchess, Celebs Go Dating and Love Islands return

This week the heat team discuss how Meghan Markle's first week as a Duchess has gone - and of course what they thought about the Royal Wedding. Next up Katie Price has got a new man - and wants more kids, while Ariana Grande's opened up about her relationship with Mac Miller, saying she ended it because it was toxic. Finally they get into the nitty gritty of reality TV - from Marcel being booted of Celebs Go Dating to their excitement about the return of Love Island and Shipwrecked. Want...


We're Obsessed With... The Royal Wedding, Posh Spice's new PA and Kim's failed #sponcon

This week the heat team take on everything Royal Wedding, celebrity baby fever and our very own massive mental health campaign. We also deep dive into Kim Kardashian's sponson faux pas - is schilling appetite suppressing lollipops irresponsible? Did Jameela Jamil have the right idea in calling her out on Twitter? and we also take a look into the finer points of Victoria Beckham's PA job description. Why is discretion such a key attribute? Want to chat? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... The Met Ball, Royal Wedding fever and Taylor and Katy

This week the Heat team discuss all things Met Ball. Who were our faves? Who were our least faves? Will men ever venture away from a simple black suit and bow tie? We also discuss the two biggest events on our calendar - The Royal Wedding and Eurovision. I wonder which one we're more excited about? Finally we venture into the end Katy and Taylor's feud as well as Khloe's decision to to take back Tristan. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... The Royal Baby, Kanye's Twitter return and BGT

This week the heat team get patriotic as we discuss all things Royal Baby! Is baby fever a little over the top? Is Kate's post-baby photo-op a bit much? and what is the name?!! We also discuss our other favourite family - namely Kanye being given his Twitter logins again and wreaking havoc for the whole clan. We also get into the new series of BGT and talk about Ed Sheeran's viral bodyguard. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... Beychella, post-pregnancy Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham's birthday

This week the Heat team gush over Beyonce and her killer Coachella performance. Let's face it, it's just called Beychella now right? They also dissect all the social media posts from the Kardashian's post-Khloe giving birth. Will any of them ever reference Tristan and those pesky cheating rumours? and finally Victoria Beckham turned 44, which is a good enough reason to bombard all of our social media right? Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... Khloe's relationship dramas, Meghan's wedding guest list and Brad's new lady

This week the Heat team dissect all the dirty details on Tristan Thompson's alleged dirty cheating ways. Khloe is ready to pop, so is this just terrible timing, or a cunning plan from momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner? and with the Royal Wedding edging ever closer, the team try and work out who will be attending, and more importantly, who is going to make the coveted bridesmaid list. Also Brad Pitt's new genius girlfriend and Chloe Grace Moretz' shady swipe at ex Brooklyn Beckham. What...


The Heat Podcast

This week the heat team talk about that solo 'Saturday Night Takeaway' performance. They discuss everything from Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan splitting. Female boss Tulisa finally winning the court case against Britney and, and celebrities with normal jobs? Plus all about Black Chyna and THAT fight at Six Flags theme park. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With....Blue Ivy's big spending, Spencer and Vogue's big news and the changing faces of TV stars

This week Blue Ivy's been bidding big on some art - is the most precocious six year old to have ever lived? The team break that down, discuss Spencer and Vogue's baby news and pick their favourite from heat's 'Changing Faces' feature - which highlights all those times TV shows and films have replaced an actor. Did they really think we wouldn't notice?! They also discuss some of the sadder things that have happened this week, including the news that Ant McPartlin is going back to rehab...


We're Obsessed With... Reese Witherspoon and a journalist's Dissertation

This week, Heat's very own Lucy Ford went viral after she handed Reese Witherspoon a 15,000 word dissertation she'd done on Legally Blonde. Not only that, she did it in front of actual Oprah. Lucy talks about how it felt in the room, and how the viral response has made her feel. We also talk about celebs who hire their families, Khloe Kardashian's baby shower and Liam's royal faux-pas. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... The Oscars, Jennifer Aniston and Mother's Day

This week the Heat team discuss all the best parts of the Oscars - from Frances McDormand's epic female empowerment speech to all the outfits they loved, and didn't love. They also dish all on the latest from the messy divorce between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, and Khloe Kardashian's less than enthusiastic response to the gender reveal of her baby. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... Spice Girls reunion, Kylie Jenner and Queer Eye

Heat's podcast - your complete guide to all things pop culture, celebrity, entertainment and fun! This week the team are obsessed with the news that the Spice Girls could be reuniting at the Royal Wedding in May - 2 becomes 1 has never been more appropriate! They also discuss Kylie Jenner's $1.4 million 'push present' from baby daddy Travis Scott, Sunday's Oscars and just why they love Netflix's new Queer Eye series so much. Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... The BRITs, Katie Price and Stormi Webster

This week the team give you all the gossip from the UK's biggest night in music - The BRITs. Did Stormzy steal the show? Was Ed Sheehan snubbed? and where was Ariana Grande? They also deep dive into Katie Price's confusing love life, the mystery surrounding Kylie Jenner's baby Stormi Webster and the latest on Ant McPartlin's messy divorce. Want to chat? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With... Paddy McGuiness, Chris and Olivia and Ellen's superstar 60th

This week the team take sides in Paddy and Christine McGuinness' very confusing love woes, dissect all the celebs who turned out for Ellen Degeneres' incredible 60th birthday party and try and figured out just what the hell ITV's Survival of the Fittest is ACTUALLY about! Got something to say? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed With: Kylie's baby, the Spice Girls reunion and the Royal Wedding guestlist

This week the team admit to getting tearful watching Kylie Jenner's pregnancy video and give their take on her daughter's name. They also discuss the Spice Girls reunion and whether or not they should release new music, give their verdict on whether Gemma Collins is becoming too much of a diva on Celebs Go Dating and take some guesses about who will and won't be invited to the upcoming Royal Wedding!


We're Obsessed With: Blue Ivy's diva behaviour, the celeb filled video announcing David Beckham's Miami Football team and Kim K's naughty instas!

This week we're obsessed with Blue Ivy shushing her Mum and Dad (Beyonce and Jay-Z, if you didn't know) when they were clapping at the Grammy's and David Beckham's new football team, including the video messages that came with it. They also share their thoughts on Brendan Cole's sudden departure from Strictly Come Dancing, who they think will win the Big Brother final (and who really shouldn't) and discuss Kim Kardashian's naughty Instagram posting streak.


We're Obsessed With...The NTA's, Chris and Oliva and Ed Sheeran

This week we are wedding obsessed! We've got another Royal Wedding on our hands - no, not Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, although he is King of the Charts. We also have all the gossip from the NTA's, including all the stuff you didn't see on TV - can you guess the unlikely couple grinding on the afterparty dancefloor? Want to chat? Get in touch @heatworld


We're Obsessed Kimye, the BRITs 2018 and weddings and divorce!

So baby Kimye is finally here, surrogate and baby both happy! Apparently Kim was in the room and got the first skin-on-skin contact... at the time of recording we STILL don't know the name! We do know that Kim is LOVING showing off her svelte figure! In sadder news Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong have finally announced they're divorcing - supposedly splitting a £62m fortune - but we want to know who's getting custody of their beloved dog Hurley and will he suffer consequences of a broken...