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A podcast community featuring all things horror, then and now. We bring you all the new genre trailers, headlines, reviews and interviews.

A podcast community featuring all things horror, then and now. We bring you all the new genre trailers, headlines, reviews and interviews.
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A podcast community featuring all things horror, then and now. We bring you all the new genre trailers, headlines, reviews and interviews.






Saddle Up Episode # 13 Deadwood Season 1 and 2

Hey y'all, welcome the F**k back. Pat and Lance sit down with me to discuss some favorite things about not only one of the greatest western shows of all time, but one of the F**king greatest shows period, Deadwood. We discuss our highlights for season 1 and season 2 and will be back for for Season 3 and long awaited movie that debuted a few weeks back in a couple weeks. So grab a F**king shot of whiskey, put those headphones on that hoople head of yours listen the F**k up..........Cocksucker


THR Episode #159 - The Dead Don't Die / The Return of the Living Dead

This week, it's a double dose of Zombies as we talk about the new Jim Jarmusch movie, The Dead Don't Die, and also 1985's The Return of the Living Dead. Cool of the week includes Rocketman, Us, Swamp Thing, Braid, and I Am Mother. Trailers this week are The 16th Episode, 3 From Hell, and Doctor Sleep. And we need to catch up on feedback, so we hear from Samantha Bean, Lisa Cole, Chad Pingno, Johnny Mendoza, Adam Bunch, Marcey Papandrea, Bede Jermyn, Beatrix Harper, Lars from Denmark, Patrick...


THR Episode #158 - The Year in Horror 1982, Part 2 - Cat People / Pieces / F13 3D

What do you do when you when you get one of the icons of horror movie set design, special effects, and art design on your show? You play it up for all it's worth, and have a hell of a lot of fun in the process. We are joined this week by very special guest Mick Strawn. You've seen his work in Candyman, Blade, several of the Elm Street films, the list goes on and on. Cool of the week includes The Twilight Zone, the trailer for F13 Vengeance, Star Trek Discovery, NOS4A2, What We Do in the...


THR Episode #157 - Godzilla King of Monsters / Godzilla (Gojira 1954)

Oh No! There goes Tokyo. Go, go Godzilla! We've got the dynamic duo here tonight! It's Brian and Phillip.... wait, who has to be Robin? We take on the brand new Godzilla: King of Monsters and pair it with with, arguably, THE classic monster movie, the original gangsta himself, Godzilla (Gojira) from 1954. These movies are all called 100 different things based on where they were released, so it gets complicated. Phillip updates the Brightburn score after the beating it took last week. Brian...


THR #156 - Brightburn / Superman

This week, you'll believe a man can fly, and you'll believe a boy can fry...his classmates! It's the brand new film Brightburn as well as 1978's Superman. Joining us this week is the magnificent Thomas Mariani from Double Edged Double Bill. Cool of the Week this week includes Destroy All Monsters, The Perfection, Lords of Chaos, and Lance gets in all his Robert Pattinson Homework to determine if he's worthy of playing the role of the World's Greatest Detective. Trailers this week are Freaks,...


Saddle Up: Bonus Episode 1: Star Trek: TOS Western

Hey Y'all, we snuck in to bring you a bonus episode of Saddle Up. West is going to space....(cricket sound)...just bear with me. Star Trek is of course a phenomena that’s been around for over 50 years and originally conceived as a wagon train to the stars, so there’s my tie in….stop it. I sit down with two folks that have a love for Star Trek as much as I do, Mr. Lance Langford of Horror Returns and Jack Falvey IV of Binge Media. Today we bring 1 of 2 commentaries on western themed...


THR Bonus Episode - Interview with Deborah Vorhees

Nez joins us for a very special interview with actress, writer, and director Deborah Vorhees. Deborah has a new project in the works called 13Fanboy, in which a crazed fan is in pursuit of several veterans of the Friday the 13th Franchise. Deborah talks about where the inspiration came for the film, which is eerily close to home, her other projects, and of course acting in Friday the 13th A New Beginning. Thanks for listening!


Saddle Up Episode #12: I'll Make You Famous

Hey y'all, we are back....well, I'm back. Pat has the night off and Gene is off to greener pastures, something about leaving our rowdy ways and becoming Sheriff or something. Hope that doesn't come back to bite us.....speaking of, this week we discuss the movies that made Billy the Kid synonymous with Emilio Estevez, Young Guns and Young Guns II. No Gene, no Pat? No worries, I gots me a new crew, Brushy Bill Brian and Nez y Nez sit down with me to talk about our love (or hate, I don't...


THR Episode #155 - The John Wick Saga

This week we are joined by our guest host, Jack Falvey IV, to discuss all 3 films in the John Wick Franchise. Cool of the Week includes Don't Look Now, Fighting With My Family, and Chernobyl. In the Trailer Park this week, we look at The Lodge, Midsommar, and Black Mirror Series 5. A VERY SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO BRAND NEW PATREON SUBSCRIBER LARS FROM DENMARK. Also in feedback, we hear from Cindy Sanabria, Eddie Ramirez, Marcey Papandrea, Beatrix Harper, and Paul Stevenson. You know where the...


THR Episode #154 - The Year in Horror 1982, Pt. 1

This week, we are joined by Vanessa McEnery of The VD Clinic Podcast to travel back to the year that was 1982. We talk about Creepshow, Basket Case, and The Slumber Party Massacre. Cool of the Week includes Broad City, Black Summer, The Act, and Dead To Me. Trailers are Crawl and IT Chapter 2. We get feedback from Lars From Denmark, Samantha Bean, Jason Gorton, Thomas Mariani, Johnny Mendoza, Marcus Wilturner, Tim Davis, and Jesse Bollinger. Extra Special thanks go out to our very first...


THR Bonus Episode - Interview with Marilyn Ghigliotti

Thanks for joining us for this special episode featuring an interview with Marilyn Ghigliotti. Marilyn is best known for her role as the outspoken Veronica in the Kevin Smith cult classic, Clerks. Marilyn also does tons of hair and makeup work for the movies, and is involved in many independent film projects. Joining us on this show is our very good friend Eric Bylenok, AKA Emo Kev. We really loved interviewing her, and we think you're gonna love her too!


Saddle UP Episode # 11: Wounded Knee

Hey y'all, we are back after a small delay, spent time with the Horror Returns guys and gals this weekend at Texas Frightmare and had a great time. This week we bring a special episode with a special guest, Samantha Bean. We discuss a delicate issue regarding the treatment of Native Americans with two events that crosses nearly a hundred year span. We take a look at the film Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and the much unknown event that happened in 1973 near the same site with the American...


THR Episode #153 - Texas Frightmare 2019

Thanks for joining us for our annual Texas Frightmare Weekend roundup! This year, Brian flew all the way down from Anchorage to join Phil and Lance. We also got special guests for ya, including Music City Mel from The Stream Queen and Two Dead Chicks to talk some Walking Dead Season 9, Cactus Jay and Pistol Pat show up from Saddle Up!, and of course our old friend The Nez from E Society and The Mac Nez Podcast! We had a blast talking with David Gregory of Severin Films, Shawn Gaborrin at...


THR Episode #152 - Avengers Endgame / Joe Lansdale Interview

Not only do we have an interview with Joe Lansdale (a writer from Hap and Leonard, Bubba Ho-Tep, the new Creepshow, and Love, Death, and Robots) stuffed in the middle of this show, but we brought our own Avengers to battle. Our main man, Cactus Jay shows up from Saddle Up, and from Binge Media, we've got Johnny Moreno (secret identity: Alyx Ancira). We talk about what shows are leaving Netflix and whether Hulu is worth it. And of course, we geek out over Avengers Endgame with spoilers...


Saddle Up Episode # 10: Blazing Saddles Commentary

Hey y'all, been awhile but we are back and this time Gene and Pat, our newly appointed sheriff or is it town drunk? Either way Patrick Lear joins us permanently to bring our team to a trio (that means 3, Phil). This week we watch, talk, laugh, cry, pee, and fart around the campfire as we bring you a commentary to the Mel Brook's classic Blazing Saddles. A movie that crosses every line including racial satire to different sound stages....wait what? Does this movie still hold up after 45...


THR Episode #151 - The Curse of La Llorona / Darkness Falls

With Phillip out of town, it's up to Brian and Lance to carry the load. So did we luck out with a great new film in the conjuring universe, or were we cursed? Cool of the week includes Warrior, Game of Thrones, and The OA. Trailers this week are The Perfection, Child's Play, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Swamp Thing, and The Boys. We get feedback from Doc Rotten, Don Anelli, Cindy Sanabria, and Steven Lowblad. Thanks for joining us! And next week, we pull out all the stops for Endgame...


THR Episode #150 - Hellboy

This week, THR goes to Hell with the brand new movie Hellboy as well as the del Toro original. David Harbour puts on his best Ron Perlman face to battle the forces of evil...was it an improvement over the original? Cool of the week includes getting kicked out of The Dungeon in New Orleans, Motley Crue, and Motley Crue getting kicked out of The Dungeon in New Orleans. Trailers are Chambers, I Trapped the Devil, and Star Wars Episode 9. We get feedback from Jessica Tucker, Angela Shank,...


THR Episode #149 - Pet Sematary

It's remake week again as we review the brand new film Pet Sematary as well as the 1989 original. Joining us this week is our good friend Adam Thomas from Double Edged Double Bill. Cool of the week includes Game Night, Shazam, After Life, and Doom Patrol. Trailers are The Dead Don't Die and Joker. And feedback this week features Samantha Bean, Tim Davis, Daeron Wilson, Steven Lowblad, Darien Brock, And Matt Wood. Try to guess that who thought instead of this remake, Dead would have been...


Saddle Up Presents: An Interview With Emma Tammi, Director of The Wind

The Saddle Up Posse teams up with The Horror Returns to bring you a very special interview with Emma Tammi, Director of the brand new IFC Midnight film, The Wind. Starring Caitlin Gerard, The Wind is both a Western set in the American Frontier, as well as a psychological horror story told from one woman's very unique point of view. So, you knew we had to check it out! The Wind is available today (April 5, 2019) in limited release and everywhere you can find movies on demand, including iTunes...


THR Episode #148 - Is It Really THAT Bad? Critters / Munchies / Ghoulies

This week, we talk about 3 movies dealing with little varmints - and could they really all be THAT bad? Thank goodness we don't have to do this one alone! We are joined by Daeron Wilson from The Midnight Horror Show, The VD Clinic, and The Psychosemanticast. Cool of the week includes What We Do In The Shadows - the Series, Love Death + Robots, The Walking Dead, and The Dirt. Trailers this week are NOS4ATU, The Silence, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Annabelle Comes Home. Feedback...