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Join your hosts Anthony and Alix as they watch and discuss a horror film a week. From creepy to campy, they're covering it all.

Join your hosts Anthony and Alix as they watch and discuss a horror film a week. From creepy to campy, they're covering it all.
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Join your hosts Anthony and Alix as they watch and discuss a horror film a week. From creepy to campy, they're covering it all.






17: Episode 17: As Above, So Below

More Found Footage! This week the team is talking about As Above, So Below! Join your hosts Anthony and Alix as they dissect their favorite parts of this fan favorite found footage thriller and go through a brief history of the genre. What about the filming location was so damn creepy?! Just how similar is this movie to National Treasure? Learn the answers to these questions and more! In this discussion heavy episode! The team also theorizes on some reasons why this film was snubbed by...


16: Episode 16: Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING. This week Anthony and Alix tell a tale of two famous directors making their way to the top and given the chance to make the film of their dreams, only to have it end with their relationship destroyed. Why? Because of an on-set incident so disturbing it changed Hollywood forever. Those filmmakers? Steven Spielberg and John Landis. The film? Twilight Zone: The Movie. Don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom - John Lithgow's in this one! The team dives into the early...


15: Episode 15: Battle Royale (2000)

Hormone laden teenagers, a deserted island, and deadly weapons - what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. This week the team is covering Battle Royale! Strap in for a controversy filled episode laced with politics and history. Why wasn't this film available in the U.S until 2011 (Unless you were Anthony and 'knew people')?! What renowned director cited this movie as his "favorite since he started directing" and went on to cast one of this film's stars in one of his most popular movies? Learn...


14: Episode 14: Scream (1996)

The team is kicking off 2019 with one of the biggest game changers in the genre.... that's right - Wes Craven's "Scream." Learn how a hungry screenwriter secluded himself to quickly sell a script to pay the bills, and how that script ended up changing the horror genre forever. Anthony and Alix co-wrote this one to give you a rousing history and an in depth analysis into Craven and Williamson's iconic film. Just how many times did Wes Craven turn down the directing job for this movie? Why was...


13: Episode 13: Black Christmas (1974)

Christmas may be over but are you still feeling the holiday spirit? Are you overwhelmed with holiday joy and need to balance out with some good old stabby fun? We got something for everyone: Bob Clark's Black Christmas! Join Anthony and Alix as they explore the movie that defined the golden age of Canadian horror. How did Bob Clark go from semi-pro football player to helming one of the most iconic Canadian films of all time? What tragic circumstance nearly got the film cancelled DAYS before...


12: Episode 12: A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Per popular request (re: Alix harassing a particular co-host to do Asian Horror) this week's episode the team will be covering the 2003 film A Tale of Two Sisters! Anthony and Alix change it up this week and they discuss the more academic side of Asian horror and why it's just so damn scary. Alix translates some Ivory Tower bullshit and Anthony talks about the time he predicted a horrible early 2000s ghost movie involving a dead baby. It's a fun time for the whole family! As always,...


11: Episode 11: Child's Play (1988)

Hi-De-Ho! This week the team takes on a childhood source of nightmare fuel: Child's Play! Learn about the origins of Chucky, and how Don Mancini turned a script from his junior year of college into one of the most iconic horror franchises in history. The team also dive into the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll" (The direct inspiration for Child's Play) and explore how this eerie episode established the killer doll conventions we know today. There are also traumatic stories of Anthony's own...


10: Episode 10: The Fly (1986)

Merry Christmas! Wait...What's that under the tree? A grotesque, quickly deteriorating late 1980's Jeff Goldblum? Thanks guys! Just what I always wanted! Join Anthony and Alix this week as we do our very first, hopefully of many more in the future, Cronenberg Christmas! The first week of December we want to cover a Cronenberg flick and this year we went with the classic and terrifying The Fly! Anthony takes us through the production and everything we didn't want to know about the special...


9: Episode 9: The Evil Dead (1981)

"The gorier the merrier" as Sam Raimi would say. This week Anthony and Alix explore UK's "Number One Nasty" The Evil Dead! Learn about how an astonishingly overworked crew (led by sadists) endured one of the most grueling productions in the business. There are wounds to be played with, Styrofoam 2 X 4s to be swung, store owners to jail (oh, UK), and lots of bad impressions of Maine accents (okay, just one). History heavy! Like, subscribe, rate... definitely listen and tell like one friend,...


8: Episode 8: The Descent (2006)

Welcome back to another episode! Join Anthony and Alix this week as they journey through the Neil Marshall early 2000s classic, The Descent! The team hits a record history length (not a WHOLE lot, but Anthony packed in some fun tid bits) in lieu of doing an intense scene-by-scene breakdown of every claustrophobia inducing twist and turn this movie has to offer. Join us! Or else Anthony cries himself to sleep and Alix has to deal with it - listen to the episode if you don't believe us. As...


7: Episode 7: The Faculty (1998)

What happens when you mix Invasion of the Body Snatchers with The Breakfast Club? How about a great B+ horror film and an extended podcast? This week Anthony and Alix dive into The Faculty, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Written by Kevin Williamson. With a history section that is not kind too a certain Mirmax executive, a star studded cast of future headliners and an oddly abusive couple, our hosts have their hands full of 90's movie excess! Rate, subscribe, share with your buds and maybe...


6: Episode 6: Perfect Blue (1999)

We promised you a palette cleanser and well…we lied. But can you blame us? This week Anthony and Alix tackle Satoshi Kon's debut film Perfect Blue! The team discusses the humble beginnings of Kon's career and how this film was made, hiccups and all. Alix confesses her not-so-secret knowledge about idol culture, Anthony takes a deep dive into Kon's work. We make a personal plea to Darren Aronofsky. As always, we cry a little each time you subscribe or rate us wherever you get your podcasts,...


5: Episode 5: Halloween (1978)

What happens when a babysitter is killed by the Boogieman? Take a journey through the making of John Carpenter's cinematic masterpiece. Hosts Anthony and Alix detail the journey of the low budget, quickly shot film (with a talented crew) that changed the horror genre forever. This history heavy episode goes into the early career of John Carpenter, the fateful casting of Jamie Lee Curtis, the struggles of the filmmakers trying to come in on time and on budget and the release that captured...


4: Episode 4: The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

CONTENT ADVISORY WARNING: This is a messed up one. Join Anthony and Alix as they dive into a found footage film that would have beat Paranormal Activity to the punch - if only it weren't so graphic. Did the disturbing (and we mean this, so be warned) subject matter and imagery get the film pulled? Or was it the fateful screening at The But-Numb-Athon festival that shocked and angered attendees? Are you really, really sure you can handle scenes so gruesome we're having a hard time even typing...


3: Episode 3: The Omen (1976)

How do you guys feel about cursed productions? Terrified? Good. This week Anthony and Alix explore behind the scenes of 1976's The Omen, directed by Richard Donner. Are rottweilers doing Satan's bidding? Have these producers even read the bible (fact: writer didn't)? How many deaths (and near-deaths) surround the making of this film? This history heavy episode will probably answer some of those. Like, subscribe, and rate if you dig it! Music Credits: Classic Horror 2 by Kevin MacLedo...


2: Episode 2: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

This week we're hitting B-movie royalty, Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Join hosts Anthony and Alix in a look at how this cult horror classic was made and more. Take a tour through cotton candy caccons, Klownzilla, oddly racially diverse biker gangs, and the dreaded Terenzi Brothers in this week's episode. Like and subscribe! Rating helps too, so we've been told. Music Credits: Classic Horror 2 by Kevin MacLedo Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


1: Episode 1: Psycho (1960)

Come on an audio journey through Alfred Hitchcock's most prolific film with hosts Anthony and Alix in the first ever episode of The Horrorable People's Podcast. This week the team explores the history of Psycho's development, production, marketing and more. Ready to experience strong opinions on the pathetic nature of the Sam Loomis Character and the Team's hatred of Incels? Then give it a listen! Like, subscribe and all that jazz. See you on the next one! Music Credits: Classic Horror 2 by...