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S1 Ep 8: Kim Scott - These Girls Can Run

This weeks guest is the incredible Kim, the founder of the These Girls Can Run running groups. Kim chats to me about why she started running and how she built up the confidence to create this fantastic inspirational running group for ladies that might have never run before. We discuss how running helped with her mental health and how you can get involved no matter what your fitness level. Enjoy


S1 Ep 7: Alex Hurley - Hotpod Yoga

This week’s guest is Alex the owner of Hotpod Yoga Newcastle. I reached out to Alex because I had been to a few Hotpod yoga classes and it fascinated me and I personally wanted to learn more about Yoga in general. So what better way than to get Alex on the podcast to tell us all his personal journey with yoga and becoming a yoga instructor and also being a business owner of a franchise


S1 Ep 6: Rachael - The Daily Nutritionist

This week I am joined by Rachael a nutritional consultant that also runs the blog the daily nutritionist. On this episode, Rachael and I talk very openly and honestly about eating disorders and how we have both struggled with disordered eating. If in any way you think you will be triggered by a discussion like this, please stop and come back when you feel you can. If you want to hear more and understand this mental health issue and even how you can help people around you keep listening.


S1 Ep 5: Helen Newman - Honestly Helen

Can you believe we are half way through series one, I have spoken to so many amazing people so far and loved every second I hope you have as well. And we have 5 more incredible people and subjects yet to come before we take a break before series two. Right, let’s get onto episode five. This week I am joined by Helen from the blog Honestly Helen. I wanted to talk to Helen as we had been friend online for a while and when we met up in real life we hit it off instantly so I knew she would be...


S1 Ep 4: Rachel Kirshaw - Life in Geordieland

This week I am joined by Rachel from the blog Life in Geordie Land. Rachel is an honorary Geordie and her northeast travel blog is visited by everyone looking for recommendations for things to do in the northeast, she has been in the North East for 20 years now but still has her lovely Lancashire lass accent. Rachel is also a voiceover artist which she uses her lovely accent for, it is so interesting to hear about. Mainly we talk about Rachels diagnosis with cervical cancer, why she is such...


S1 Ep 3: Gemma - Gemma's Little World

Today’s guest is the amazing Gemma from the blog Gemma’s Little World. Gemma describes herself as a plus size fashion blogger and her confidence and honesty really is inspirational to so many people. I have followed Gemma for a while now and she has helped me with my own body confidence issues which we talk about. We also talk about her struggles with Polycystic ovarian syndrome and how it affects her life. I loved chatting with Gemma so enjoy #thelifebathpodcast


S1 Ep 2: Nyomi - Nomipalony

This week I am joined by Nyomi from the blog Nomipalony. Nyomi she is a feminist family blogger and if you are not following her on Instagram then you really have to as she is hilarious and so real. I chat with Naomi all about her parenting journey, why she is passionate about feminism, her fight for equality and why it's absolutely fine to have a hairy pit. I love watching Nyomi on Instagram, her honesty is so refreshing and she makes me want to be more passionate about certain subjects....


S1 Ep 1: Chloe - New Girl in Toon

Chloe McGuirk is the creator of popular North East Travel and Lifestyle blog New Girl in Toon, and I can proudly say she is also a good friend of mine. Chloe and I met through blogging and I have been inspired by her ever since I first read her blog. I could not think of a better first guest to have on the podcast. With her 5k strong Instagram following and North East based blog, Chloe is the go-to person for all that is good to see in the North East of England. Chloe's days out, hotel and...


Series One Teaser Trailer

It is here! It's finally a thing, an actual thing! The Life Bath podcast has been born, and I use the phrase born as it really is my baby. I have watched my lovely husband record, edit and produce the amazing Gonarch's Lair podcast and I thought, "I want to get myself one of those", and while we were walking the dog a few months ago, the idea for The Life Bath podcast was conceived (these metaphors are starting to get weird so I'll stop). The Life Bath is going to be a chatty lifestyle...