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The Manifesto Of The Modern Man Podcast Episode 13: We Are All Just The Worst

WE ARE BACK! Sorry guys. Life has been hard and we had to take some time off to handle personal matters. But we decided to come back swinging! Today we decided to talk about how we are all just horrible humans. Sounds negative right? Well we discuss how its a lot worse to Be a feminist or a Manist, "yes manist is a real thing." If we can wake up and except that we all have problems and work on the problems rather then place blame life will be so much better. You can back us on Patreon!!!...


The Manifesto Of The Modern Man Podcast Episode 12: Complaining

This week we are all backwards. Not only are we recording in the morning but we are doing our entertaining discussion first. We talk about the new Bob's Burgers album coming out that I will be getting. After that we get serious and talk about is complaining an attribute that men should expel from their lives and how it can lead to negativity. We know this website probably isn't all that credible but its the thought that counts. We have included the link down below....


The Manifesto Of The Modern Man Podcast Episode 9: Self Image

Today we discuss self image. Where is that balance between fat and skinny? How and why should we just love ourselves. We also have a random tangent about conspiracy theories. We promise that we are not crazy. Then we continue where we left off last week talking about the world of Meat!


The Manifesto Of The Modern Man Podcast Episode 8: Alpha Male

Sorry we are so late but Sifa has been in the hospital! So we talk about that experience and how sometimes the greatest strength you can have is to support others when you just want to be left alone. We also talk about the aspect of an Alpha Male and look towards wolves to see if we really know what that means. Then we talk about the Oscar nominations and how over rated La La Land was. Then we leave a little homework on for you all with a documentary called Steak (R)evolution. You can back...


The Manifesto Of The Modern Man Podcast Episode 7 Authority vs. Abuse

Where do you draw the line? Some people say spank your kids. Other people say not to. Some people say never fight. Others fight to survive. Where should a man draw the line between Authority and Abuse? That is the main topic for today. We also spend some time talking about the great book and TV show "Man Seeking Woman." Make sure to Like us on Facebook and tell your friends about us. You can back us on Patreon!!! You can also Advertise on our podcast!!!...