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Episode 11- It's all about Elon Musk and his vision of the future πŸš€

Episode 11- This episode we say RIP to Kanye West (at least on Instagram and Twitter), We talk through the meaning of the πŸš€ emoji and how it oddly enough doesn't represent something sexual innuendo and we dissect Elon Musk, inventor and entrepreneur extraordinaire and talk through all the ways he continues to blow our collective minds


Episode 10- Dating in the #Tinder world πŸ’•

Episode 10- This episode we're diving into the world of modern dating πŸ’• We cover effective and douchy icebreaking emojis, the real reason millennials are using dating apps and we hit the streets and interview real-life millennials and dive into dating in the age of tinder #swiperight


Episode 9- It's all about robots πŸ€–

Episode 9- 1010101010 Get your tin foil suits on, this week we talk about a future filled with robots! We discuss the πŸ€– emoji, the rise of sex robots, the merger of man and machine with the announcement of Elon Musk’s Neuralink project, Robot Ethics and more!


Episode 7- Fashion! Oscars, πŸ‘― women dancing emoji, Fashion and Technology, Sneakers and more!

Episode 7- This week we talk FASHION! We do our Oscars fashion and meme review, we break down the the πŸ‘― emoji (People With Bunny Ears Partying) and how to use it, we talk about the impact of technology on the evolution of clothing, we discuss the crazy and ridiculous world of sneakers, and a special fashion related "get off my lawn" segment.


Episode 6- Food and Drinks! The Millennial Wine and Snack Obsession, Cocktails with James from Simple Coffee & Wine and a yummy get off my lawn segment

Episode 6- It's all about Food and Drinks! This week we dive into the wild and crazy world of Millennials and their obsession with drinking wine and snacking, we interview GM of Simple Coffee & Wine, James, who makes us a killer cocktail and talks about the complexities of running a bar and restaurant in the 21st century and obviously a food and beverage inspired get off my lawn segment. Get your popcorn and box wine out and enjoy Episode 6!


Episode 4- Lady Gaga half time show, 🐐 Emoji, The rise of E-Sports, Beyonce is the Instagram queen, Explaining the online term "Woke", Low tech Halftime shows and Doritos

This week is a special Super Bowl edition of the Midlifer's Guide to the Galaxy! We review Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI half time show, break down the GOAT 🐐 emoji, we cover the rapid rise of E-Sports, bow down to "Queen Bey" Beyonce as she is crowned the Instagram queen, We tackle the online term "Woke", and reminisce about low tech halftime shows and Doritos.


Episode 3- Manicure Emoji, Meet Karim our Millennial, Death of HMV and CD purchasing and Pencil Sharpeners.

This week we introduce a new emoji, the πŸ’… emoji. We interview a living, breathing millennial Karim and he gives us insight on a millennial's view of social media.


Episose 2: Poop Emoji, VR, Kardashians, Nelly vs Drake

Poop Emoji, Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality, The Kardashian Social Media Empire, Nelly v Drake, Shitty Movies.


Episode 1- The Pilot

Goodbye 2016, #Saltbae, Eggplant emojis, Snapchat and Social Media, Golden Globes, Bad and Boujee, Get off my Lawn.