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0133 - Haunted Christmas Forest

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 133, Haunted Christmas Forest, Last Course, Thayne Garner, Xfinity, Winter Market, Glitter Face, Utah Booze, Internet Stuff, Jess Needs a Roomate. Alarm System Sales. Ugly Santa, Idaho Potatoes. Mr Fluffy Pants will mess you up. Dessert Nachos, Dessert for Breakfast, Utah Food, Utah Gifts, Wage Inequality, Christmas Lights, Salt Lake City mayor, Air Pollution. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast www.TheNewUtah.Com


0132 - Best of Utah 2018 Staff Pick Edition

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 132, Best of Utah 2018 Staff Pick Edition, Christmas Trees, Turtle Soup, Turtle Killer, Roommates, Prop 2, Utah Snow, Space Jesus, Mormon Excommunications, Mormon Leaks, City Weekly, Donovan Mitchell, Slam Poetry, Utah Food, Salt Lake Night Life. The Absolute Best Utah has to offer. Way too many people, places and things to mention in a quick show note. Thanks to the folks at City Weekly. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast www.TheNewUtah.Com


0131 - Utah Conventions

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 131, Utah Conventions, Russ Adams, Ogden UnCon, Thanksgiving stories, Bangerter Expansion, Ski Land, Airports, Red Light Runners, Black Friday, Roy Wood, Old Tinder, Christmas Trees, Sticky Couches, Missionary Chairs, Sex Panther, Surviving Reality, Vaccinations, Military Service, The Monarch, Poetry, Ogden Tunnels. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast www.TheNewUtah.Com


0130 - Pinterest Peony Designs

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 130, Pinterest Peony Designs, Kelly Neal, Harry-It Winston, Melon Ballots, Dot Con Bitches, Cheese Wiz, Black Friday, Patronizing Patrons, Bohemian, Social Media, Boar Hunting, Winter Market, City Weekly, Best Of Utah, Pinterest, Election Results, Prop 2, Medical Marijuana, LDS Church, Transgender Awareness, Tupperware, Floral Design, Lux Design, Wreaths and Wine, Tupperware Dealership. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast www.TheNewUtah.Com


0129 - Cosplay Sample People

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 129, Cosplay Sample People, Cat Umano, Kiki Furia, SLC Sit Down Podcast, Podcasting, Utah Podcasts, Accents, Utah After School Network, Dance, Ballroom Dance, BYU, Cosplay, Geekdom, Streaming Video Games, Zion Park, Utah Mountains, Fandom, Tough Talk, Turkey Day, Salt Lake Olympic Updates, Election Results, Close Races, Check You Vote. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast www.TheNewUtah.Com


0128 - Election Night

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 128, Election Night, Disney Land, Dapper Days, Fake Beer, Diwali, Utah Elections, Voter Turn Out, Personal Texts and Calls, RSL, MLS Playoffs, SL Scavenger Hunt, Heber Creeper, WW1 100th Anniversary, Transcontinental Railroad, Fun Utah Facts, Great Salt Lake Whales, Department Store rants, Elevation, Greatest Snow on Earth, 11,000 miles of streams. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0127 - Why We Love Utah

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 127, Why We Love Utah, Naked Stairs, Beepocalpyse, Burlesque Show, Food Trucks, Boob Chat, UN Conference in Utah, Vote, Vote.Utah.Gov, Homestead Crater, The Tree of Utah, Our Favorite Things about Utah and our Least Favorite things. Our Secret Utah Likes. Talking it Out. Public Education, Public Transportation, Church Involvement, Utah Architecture, Community, Turn Signals, Cake Making, Outdoors, Mountains, Fry Sauce and Cheese Fries. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow...


0126 - Sexiest DA in Utah

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 126, Sexiest DA in Utah, Sim Gill, Derek Kitchen, Utah Senate District 2, Salt Lake County DA, Laziz, Salt Lake City Council, Go Vote, Irish High 5, Gay Marriage, Blue Island, Neighborhood Names, Granary Mural, Space Jesus, Affordable Housing, Redistricting, Prop 2, Medical Marijuana, Judges, Inland Port, Participatory Democracy, Mental Health, Homeless, Officer Involved Shootings, Death Penalty. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast...


0125 - Heroin Ghosts

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 125, Heroin Ghosts. AJ and Steve from The Chocolate Conspiracy, New Orleans, Haunted Drive, Corn Mazes, Vote.Utah.Gov Judge Reviews, Love vs McAdams debate, Baba Black Lager, Apollo Burger, Bear Lake Shakes, New Chocolate, Chocolate Jesus, Hard Freeze, Airport Socks, Dark Chocolate. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0124 - Utah Election Special

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 124, Utah Elections, Josh Cameron, Alex Castagno, Our Voice USA, Civolicy, Social Class War, Medical Marijuana, Gerrymandering, Facism, Utah Dems, Utah Congressional Races, Elections, Granite School District, Utah Senate District 9, Education, Utah United Party, Progressive Rampage, Prop 2, Prop 3. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0123 - The Provo Vortex

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 123, The Provo Vortex, Danny B Stewart, The Original Provo Utah Ghost Tours, Utah Stories, Cryptozoology, Theosophy, Creeling, Provo River Trail, Fairies, Fairy Walk, 3 Minute Mile, Favorite Horror Movies. A Fog of Cat Piss. Story Telling. Chris goes on a Gun Show Rant. Utah Ghost Towns. Dugway Proving Grounds. Folk Lore, Gilgal Gardens, Dead Batteries, Ruff House fundraiser. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0122 - Child of the Corn

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 122, Child of the Corn, Shireen Ghorbani, Utah House District 2, US Congress, U of U, Politics, Vote, Health Care, Air Quality, Public Lands, Opioid Crisis, Grass Roots Campaign, Our Voice, Peace Corp, Grand Staircase Escalante, Dine O Round Salt Lake, Fat Cows, Fire, Utah is a Desert, Great Basin Desert facts, Mars Desert Research Station, Drought, Vote local, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0121 - Para-illuminati Society

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 121, Para-illuminati Society, Asylum 49, Limp Plumping, Lip Burns, Dr Fear, Babies Flying out of Vaginas, Haunted Houses, Ghost Stories, Haunted Hoochie, Sherry’s Sweets, Babies on BBQ, Ghost Hunters, The Haunting of Asylum 49, The Blocks SLC, Police vs Fire Boxing, Haunted Utah, Cake Talk, Escape Rooms, Tooele Valley Wellness and Community Center, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0120 - Dude or Dad?

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 120, Dude or Dad?, Derek Parra, Olympic Gold Medalist, Inline Skating, Speed Skating, Roller Skating, Classic Skating, KOPFC, Olympic Oval, Utah Olympic Park, Curling, Olympic Sex Orgies, Small Lake City, Silver Lake, World Trade Center, Remembering 9/11, FanX Stories, Pumpkin Spice, Out of The Darkness, Suicide Prevention, Asylum 49, Green Urban Lunch Box, Mountain West Cider, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0119 - Donkeymenting

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 119, Donkeymenting, Cara Jean Means, Mental Health Art, Borrowed CDs Lead to Marriage. SLCC, Say My Name, BYU, KRCL, Family Deaths, Anxiety, Listening to People, Get a GRIP, Losing Your GRIP, Murals, Adulting, Narrative Art, Evermore, Eat Local Week, Harmons, Farmers Markets Galore, Harvest Season, Road-O-Meter, Babies Through Boobs, State Guns, Famous Utah Inventions, Things Utah is The Best At. Desolation Trail, Bee Harvest, PUppycorn, Jump in a Creek, Color...


0118 - Dr Touch Down

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 118, Dr Touch Down, Dr Doug Henstrom, Utah Facial Plastics, Killyon Canyon, Utah Hikes, Home Improvement Chat, Farmers Market Pizza and Belts, FanX, Salt Lake Comic Con, First Time Con Goers, Convention Advice, Artists, Entertainers, Twisted Toons, SheepDog Show, Olio, Water Pocket Distillery, Football, BYU, Facial Paralysis, Facial Plastic Surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, SnapChat Dysmorphia, Rat Ears, Medical Missions, Hirsche Smiles Foundation. Music by...


0117 - Emasculating Chickens

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 117, Emasculating Chickens, Kerry Jackson, Radio From Hell, x96, Geekshow Podcast, Raves with Dad, Jessica goes Viral, Young Grandparents, Raising Kids, Stalkers, Parenting, Rating Systems, Podcasting, Utah Podcasts, Radio vs Podcasts, Smelly Soap, FanX, Community Council, Eat Utah, Panel Moderation, Mormons, LDS Church, The Church, Urban Farming. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast


0116 - Pickles and Poop

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 116, Pickles and Poop, Travis Tate, Chris 2.0, Late To The Party, Cruise Stories, Flying Car Parts, Armenian Cucumbers. Lack of Public Restrooms. Orgasms. Mr Cankles. State Fair Cakes, Extra Pickles, Beer Fest, Curling, Comedy Fights, Hecklers, Book of Mormon, Self Deprecation, Utah is on Fire. Pho Cooking, Pho King, Bikram Births. Fish and Chips. Scouts Slashing Tires. I Just Need The Bristles. Unique Utah Facts. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter...


0115 - Going To Market

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 115, To The Market!, Farmers Market Special. Salt Lake Farmers Market. Jeremy Car Jack, Wendover Airfield Stories, Ghost Stories, Mashups, Ridges, Sex Dents, Common Space Nazi, Chore Chart Update, Reading, Area 51, Confetti, Curling, Meatloaf. Get some melons. Pioneer Park, Buzzed Coffee, Olio, Cottonwood Spice and Tea, Kiefer is the gateway to Kombucha. Triple Fisting, Shampoo Bars, Chocolate Conspiracy, Black Lager Chocolate, Knight Family Honey, Bee Keeping,...


0114 - Bug Bombs, Brine Shrimp and BYU

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 114, Bug Bombs Brine Shrimp and BYU, Dr Sunni Giles, Quantum Leadership, Radical Innovation, Spider Appocalypse, Bug Bomb Mishaps, Brine Shrimp eat Dog, Dave and Busters Review, Vacation is coming, Ghost Hunting in Wendover. Utah is on Fire. College Prep, Wendover Air Field, USU Barn, Solar Fraud, North Temple Crime, Cherries, Golden Glove, BYU, Transparency, TED Talks, Youthful Stupidity, Self Governance, Mirror Lake, Being one with Nature. Music by Folk Hogan....