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A local Utah podcast focused on news and events in Utah and small businesses in the community. Fun and free with a dive into the non-standard Utah world.

A local Utah podcast focused on news and events in Utah and small businesses in the community. Fun and free with a dive into the non-standard Utah world.


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A local Utah podcast focused on news and events in Utah and small businesses in the community. Fun and free with a dive into the non-standard Utah world.






236 - Moaby

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 236: Moaby. This week we are joined by Ermiya Fanaeian, founder of the Utah Chapter of Pink Pistols and Co-Founder of Utah March for Our Lives. She is a young activist who is very politically active. We talk about growing up as a refugee and trans person. We discuss events that shaped her life, political extremism, and of course the very different activist groups she helped form. Gun control takes over a good chunk of the show. We also review Thanksgiving and...


235 - #Grateful

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 235: #Grateful. This week we talk with Kristen from Local First. We talk about Shop Small Saturday, supporting local businesses and eating local food. We talk about how buying local makes a huge impact on the local economy and stability of our community. It's also famous Utahn week, and we talk about Jerry Buss of the LA Lakers and John Warnock of Adobe. We end the show with the things we are thankful about. Follow us @tunpodcast.


234 - Rat Pecker

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 234: Rat Pecker. This week the gang talks a fair amount about covid, mask mandates and idiots in Utah. We have an initial impression of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Jeremy talks about his new pet Rat. We also review great places to get pies and 10 historic Utah momemnts you should know about. Follow us @tnupodcast and


223 - Niblings

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 233: Niblings. This week we talk to Nick Arteage from the Utah Pride Center and Trans Action. Nick is leading the way in inclusion and support for fellow members of the LGBTQ and transgender communities. We talk about the journey of life with 9 siblings, and figuring yourself out in a conservative state. We have some very thought provoking conversation on being transgender, interactions with folks that aren't "normal" and more. We also talk Covid 19 changes and...


232 - Cheese Creamy

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 232: Cheese Creamy. This episode we talk with Lacey, one of the founders of Utah Taste Off. A local group that has been generating a ton of support for local Utah businesses. Chris says they stole his idea, but it's good and ok. From cookies to cheese to rolls and more, they encourage local Utah folks to buy local and try local. Running weekly competitions for the best of the best items in Utah, it's a real treat. So of course the gang talks about Unique Utah...


231 - Candy Cannon

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 231: Candy Cannon. It's Famous Utahn time. This episode we feature 3 much more reconizable named Utahns. Roseanne Barr, Frank Zambaoni and Nolan Bushnell. We talk about why the Roseanne Barr show was ground breaking in some ways. We discuss the engineering / tinkering mind of Zambaoni. And we talk all things Atari and Chuck E Cheese for Bushnell. We also give you some unikely Utah words, and some not so unique ones. And we talk Halloween. Safety during covid,...


230 - Vote Utah

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 230: Vote Utah. This week we are joined by two hosts from The Left Show, JM Bell and JC Carter. We spend the entire show talking Utah politics, the looming election and how to be an educated voter. From Constitutional amendments to judges, to state and federal races we cover it all. Jess also tells us about her adventures in central Utah, the Scipio petting zoo and rock hounding. Follow us on social media @tnupodcast.


229 - Stripper Names

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 229: Stripper Names. This week we are joined by Greg Schoenwolf. He's the president of the Salty Saints Club, a local facial hair loving, non profit. They put on great beard competitions all over Utah and beyond. He's got the 4th best freestyle beard in the world after all. We talk about his long dancing career, beards and beer. The gang also reviews some horror films, talks fall preperations and voting. Going a bit in depth on the character of the McAdams vs...


228 - Inbred Moths

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 228: Inbred Moths. This week we sit down with the Punk Rock farmer himself, Aldine Grossi. He's a New Yorker turned Salt Laker who loves to rock and is a huge urban farmer. We talk a lot about making your own hooch, and growing your own food with him. Plus we have some amazing Plum wine and brandy right from the fruits of his yard. It's also Halloween so we review changes to haunted houses in Utah for Covid-19 . We tell you which haunts are open, and what ones...


227 - Ass Over Tea Kettle

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 227: Ass Over Tea Kettle. It's famous Utahn week and we discuss Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He was a self help and business guru thath helped make Franklin Covey a power house in business until the advent of cell phones. We also talk at length about the Multi Level Makerting companies in the state of Utah. They are pervasive and we explain why we think that is. is in all 50 states now, so we decided if you want to...


226 - Double Cougar

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 226: Double Cougar. This week we are joined by Josh Olivas, a local structural engineer, ex mormon and adult living with Autism. He has a lot to share with us about his life growing up Catholic, becoming a mormon, going on a mission to Mongolia, moving to Utah, leaving the church and so much more. We also spend time talking about the awesome new Salt Lake International Airport. It's fall and there are some events happening, including local haunts. We also talk...


225 - Cheese and Covid

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 225: Cheese and Covid. This week Jeremy brings his family in to talk about Covid-19 in Utah schools. His wife works in an elementary school and the kids go to middle and high school. We get a take on how the year is going with the covid changes, and where we think things might end up. We also spend a good deal of the show talking about great day trips you can take in Utah from the Wasatch Front. All of these are trips that can be there and back in a day. We are...


224 - Inconceivable Tornado

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 224: Inconceivable Tornado. JC Carter joins us this week to discuss all sorts of things. Why he has taken a leave from theatre, liberals in Utah and creativity just to get started. We also talk about his involvement in The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast and The LEFT Show. And he talks us through how he came up with the idea for his own comic The Shaolin Nun. We also talk local Utah comics, the weather and the Utah State Fair. Thank you to Folk Hogan for our...


223 - A Discussion on Ampersands

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 223: A Discussion on Ampersands. We are joined this week by Sergio, Dave, Mike and Pepper of the Spirit Machines. They are a local Utah alternative rock band that is a cross between dream punk and space rock, with a titch of metal thrown in. We talk about what brought them together and their new album and video. We also talk about bat attacks and Mexican import export businesses. We discuss awesome Utah musicians, and music venues as well. Of course since RSL is...


222 - As long as I only have to see you in the dark

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 222: As long as I only have to see you in the dark. This week we are joined by the founder of, Tom Milligan. Tom is a long time call center guy, that had an epiphany one night to make divorce easier and cheaper for level headed folks that just needed an out. We talk the business launch, but also about his life and his non polygamist multiple wife count. It's also the famous Utahn week and this month we focus on the Winder family. From settling...


221 - Full Frontal Star Gazing

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 221: Full Frontal Star Gazing . This week the guest is joined by the CEO of Clear Water Distilling, Matt Eau Claire. Matt talks about his life, and the decision to open a craft distillery in Utah County. We talk crowd funding, and making amazing infused spirits. Jess gives us a recap of her star gazing and hiking trip to southern Utah. We talk about Bear lake and discuss the best selling booze in the firsJosephineBaker #t quarter of this year. Thanks to Folk...


220 - Karen Conventions

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 220: Karen Conventions. This week Holly Gates joins as a cohost while Jessica is out. We talk at length about schools reopening during covid. Fall collegiate sports are all cancelled thanks to the pandemic and people should wear masks. We've beat that dead horse enough. Utah has tainted onions and helicopter pilots. We talk about some new music and saving performance venues. And wind up with some great Utah sites that are less visited. Follow us on Twitter...


219 - Boundries

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 219: Boundaries. This week the gang has a chat with Riverton Mayor, Trent Staggs. We discuss his jump into local government, all the good he has done for Riverton and his bid for the county mayoral seat. We talk about Air Quality, his massive family and covid-19 of course, because how do you avoid it. But we also talk about how he thinks local communities should work. We also have some light hearted chat about Pie and Beer pairings, albeit 2 weeks late. Sprinkle...


218 - Cat Dents

The New Utah Podcast: Episode 218: Cat Dents. This week it's our famous Utahn. We feature the Marriott family. We learned a lot about their pioneering restaurant and food service business and hotel chain. Great people and super amazing philanthropists. We also talk about new grills for most of the show and deserts. Some good food related news is talked about and we discover that crazy white people don't all live in Kearns. Thanks to Folk Hogan for our music. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast...


217 - Be Safe, Wear a Fanny Pack

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 217: Be Safe, Wear a Fanny Pack. We are joined by Bryce Hess, founder of Finding Parallels. We talk Improv, introverts and all sorts of fun stuff. We also talk a bit about the serious side of speaking, building and audience and motivation. We learn that Utah County is full of idiots. We also discuss Birthday adventures, Lagoon, and the comet's ties to Utah. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast