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Nothin’ or Triple is a multimedia project about movies created by two nerds who want to really shake the pillars of heaven with it. No horsesh*t.

Nothin’ or Triple is a multimedia project about movies created by two nerds who want to really shake the pillars of heaven with it. No horsesh*t.


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Nothin’ or Triple is a multimedia project about movies created by two nerds who want to really shake the pillars of heaven with it. No horsesh*t.






Marvel vs The Mafia Movie Makers

Coppola brings out the big guns as he joins Scorsese in smack-talking Marvel movies. JJ has his fingers crossed that the newest Rise of Skywalker trailer gives us "a new hope" as he ends the Star Wars saga (supposedly). We also talk about some new movies in the works and Ian makes up a new word. Nothing or Triple


Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and Dwaynes!

After The Rundown, Journey to the Center of the Earth 2, Jumanji 2, and Jumanji 3, Dwayne Johnson returns yet again to the jungle for...drumroll…Jungle Cruise! We’ve got our first look, and it kinda reminds of a late 90s classic. Plus, the cast for the new Matrix gets bigger and stranger, Ryan Reynolds and John Kransinski team up, and we don’t even bother talking about Gemini Man (you’re welcome).


The Heat Is Back On!

If you know the movie tagline that this episode's title references, we'll be super impressed! Because even we had to Google it. We won't give you any hints, but we will say that you should listen in for some big news about Eddie Murphy's (hopefully excellent) comeback tour. Plus, we weigh in on the Scorsese vs. Marvel non-controversy, Ian has a pretty wild idea for the new Home Alone movie, and Christian begrudgingly gives Sony some credit for their approach to the new He-Man movie.


Must go faster. Must go faster!

Ian and Christian are slammed with (non-podcast) work, but the show must go on! Because there’s a lot of big news to discuss. We’ve got a blockbuster announcement about Jeff Goldblum and friends, perfect casting for The Batman’s Commissioner Gordon, and some super cool Star Wars news that gives us great hope for the future of the Force. Also, Sony continues to impress and shock us with its, ahem, inconceivable level of creative incompetence.


Getting Cage-y about Remakes

If we had the funding to make any movie we sure as hell wouldn’t be a remake of a John Woo classic. That’s what we vent about on this episode! Plus, we talk about a surprise project in the Jurassic universe, a cool new monster gig for Paul Feig, and Ian’s horrifying opinion about one of the best movies of all time. But which one?! You’ll have to listen...


Why, Hello There!

If you thought Comic Con was a big deal, wait until you hear about D23! We dig into some huge announcements about Marvel shows, Disney+ movies, and the exciting return of a certain Jedi. Plus, we talk about the first reviews for Joker and a cool new project from Richard Kelly — his first in 10 years.


Hey Sony – Your move, creep!

It’s rare that movie news ignites a wave of near-universal backlash. But Sony set the internet on fire by announcing that it’s divorcing Disney and moving forward with a franchise that will most likely be called ‘The Spectacularly Stupid Spider-Man.’ We breakdown the horrible decision and also mourn the premature death of an exciting project from Neill Blomkamp. Fear not, true believers, it’s not all bad news. We also have a bunch of exciting stuff to discuss…including another...


A Brief Celebration of a Real Jerk

It's Steve Martin's birthday week, so it's the perfect opportunity for us to talk about our favorites of his movies. But only if you listen until the end of the episode! Before then, we talk about the sheer stupidity of the decision to cancel the release of The Hunt. And, sticking to the theme, we dig into some really cool Fox movies that Disney has now canceled in the wake of Dark Phoenix's massive failure. Ugh.


Vampires in Zamunda?

What do get when you mix vampires, zombies, WWI, and Kevin McAllister? Our latest podcast about the movie news of the week! Tune in to hear about what’s happening with Coming 2 America, Disney’s plans to raid Fox’s buried IP, and all the trailers that you should watch instead of doing work. Plus, a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s been a pretty eventful week!


Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood (Spider-Man talk)

Ian and Christian are in different places this week. So, rather than going silent, we spent some time getting way too excited about Spider-Man: Far From Home. We talk about Tom Holland's rank in the Peter Park actor hierarchy, the sweeping implications this movie has for the post-Endgame MCU, and what those mind-bottling (Did you just say 'mind-bottling'?) post-credit scenes mean for everything we thought we knew about the Marvel's first decade of movies.


Kevin Feige is Marvelous (SDCC Part 2)

After skipping Comic Con recently, Marvel Studios made a triumphant return to Hall H and proceeded to melt our damn minds. What’s next after the ten-year Infinity Saga? Oscar winners, cosmic beings, vampires, and our favorite dude Taika Waititi, of course! You’re going to need a guide for all of the new content. We’re here to help.


The Biggest Movie Week of the Year (SDCC Part 1)

Whoever coined the phrase “Christmas in July” obviously was referring to Comic Con. Over the course of three days in San Diego, we got so much movie news that we had to divide our coverage into two episodes. Call it a Christmas in July present! You’re welcome. On this episode, we cover huge news about Terminator, Top Gun, Cats (?) and the next adventure of Captain Jean Luc Picard. And about twenty other things.


The Thunder from Down Under Returns

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. That has nothing to do with this episode. But we do have some new info about Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek project, a first look at Damon Lindeloff’s mysterious new movie, and a few bits of Spengler speculation for the new Ghostbusters movie. And, the gods must really favor us, because Taika Waititi’s new project is…well, tune in to find out! Nothing or Triple


Get James Gunn to do it

Ian thinks it’s a slow news week. Christian thinks it’s not. On this episode, we talk about a surprise new project from Pixar’s most creative storyteller, an intriguing new trailer that’s generating a lot of buzz, and a just-announced prequel to the Hunger Games movies that nobody wants. Also, Ian completely dismisses an Oscar-caliber movie based on a single production still, Christian sings the praises of Anthony Carrigan, and we both reminisce about how awesome The Shadow still is at 25....


Hey Hollywood! Stop assuming you know what we want!

Do we really need a sequel to The Shining? Hollywood thinks we do. Do we really need a sequel to the Big Lebowski? Hollywood thinks we do. Do we really need a remake of Scrooged with Kevin Hart? Hollywood thinks we do. Do we really need a sequel to Gladiator? Hollywood thinks we do. (And studio execs wonder why box office revenue is so bad?) We explore the sequel mill, consider the pros and cons of Spielberg’s new series, and get excited about the cast of Clint Eastwood’s new (and original!)...


To the stars...

After a very long wait, we finally have a trailer for one of our year's most anticipated movies: Ad Astra, a high concept sci-fi mystery with Brad Pitt. And, holy cow, we do not agree on how it looks! We also try to pronounce more French words (for film reasons), talk about the next ten years of Marvel movies, and share some news about a totally unexpected crossover project that seems to be taking shape.


Ridley's Believe It or Not

On the 40th anniversary of Alien, there's some interesting - and frankly, unexpected - news to share about the franchise's future. Alien seems like an ancient classic, but it's only five years older than us. What the hell! Also on this episode, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee finally (?) join forces, Christian sneezes a lot, and Ian recommends a cool free movie streaming service.


Two Legends Return

In the face of nearly insurmountable adversity, after what feels like an eternity, the time has come for two legends to return. And we’re back, too! We just haven’t had our act together. In this episode, aided by an annoying countdown timer so that we keep our podcasts short from now on, we cover the biggest movie news stories of the week -- starting with exciting updates about Jean-Luc Picard and Sarah Connor. Also on this episode: Christian forgets his French, Ian admits to being wrong...


A Python, A Mute, and Four Chrises

New this week, we’re trying to adhere to the sacred Rule of Six (which we just invented). We discuss five recent movie news items that excite us and one that we really, truly pretend we don’t care about. Then we lose focus and talk about other random stuff, like are the Hollywood Chrises actually sustainable outside of their major franchises? If you like Mahershala Ali, Terry Gilliam, Kevin Smith, Vincent D’Onofrio, Kumail Nanjiani, and making fun of unnecessary biopics, then you’ve got good...


The Reboot, The Genie, and...The X-Man?

We hate the term "reboot," and our mothers warned us not to use the word "hate!" It’s not the idea of revisiting old properties that grinds our gears. It’s the word itself and the way that lazy studio people use it to mean just about anything. So, first we’ll talk about some alternatve terms that might defuse our nerd rage. And then we’ll talk about two…ugh, dammit, reboots that are the talk of Tinseltown: Aladdin and X-Men.