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Chris and Costello: things we couldn't do or say on the radio...Chris and Costello worked in big market radio together in another life, now they bring you a rather skewed version of what's happening...interviews, Attitudes, and reviews all in an interesting and captivating way, somewhat irreverent. That's what you should expect from an American radio Icon (Chris Bailey) and a man who only has one name...and turned his back on Queen and country, Costello ( He's from England).


Columbia, SC


Chris and Costello: things we couldn't do or say on the radio...Chris and Costello worked in big market radio together in another life, now they bring you a rather skewed version of what's happening...interviews, Attitudes, and reviews all in an interesting and captivating way, somewhat irreverent. That's what you should expect from an American radio Icon (Chris Bailey) and a man who only has one name...and turned his back on Queen and country, Costello ( He's from England).





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Guns, Guitars, and the Great Debate: Tackling American Controversies, the Sounds of Change, and Tech in Our Lives

Experience a mosaic of emotions and insights as we traverse through the celebration of personal triumphs and dive headfirst into the contentious waters of gun control, mental health, and the fabric of American society. Our guest, Roger Doltry, graces the HBO screen with a laser-focus on the stark differences between US and UK gun cultures. We navigate the nuances of this debate and dissect the overused narrative of mental health crises, juxtaposing it with Denver's innovative approach to emergency response. Strap in for a heart-tugging ride through the realm of country music where black artists like Charlie Pride, Mickey Guyton, and Jimmy Allen are breaking barriers and reshaping the genre. We'll dissect the double standards faced by these artists and the impact of smartphone addiction on modern social interactions, sharing stories that are all too familiar in our digitized world. It's a candid conversation about the changing tides in music and the cost of living in a world where screens often overshadow human connection. As the episode crescends, we grapple with the complexities of the Electoral College and the daunting path to U.S. citizenship, grounded in personal accounts of navigating the immigration process. We'll share a laugh over our family's attempt at musical glory (or lack thereof) and pull back the curtain on the endearing chaos of podcasting, where our technical blunders add a dash of authenticity to the mix. Finally, brace yourself for a provocative dialogue on a controversial new book that challenges our ethics on animal treatment, inviting you to reconsider the fine line between care and cruelty. Join us on this eclectic auditory adventure where laughter, debate, and reflection collide. Subscribe to 'The Original Canceled Radio Guys' . Go to Support the Show. Email


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Goodbyes and Guffaws: Saluting a Stalwart Mercedes, Sizing Up Tom Brady's Roast, and Southern Twisters Meet Soulful Songsters

Strap in for a wild ride as I pour one out for my fallen metal comrade, an endearing Mercedes that left its tire marks on my heart before succumbing to the cruel fate of machinery. We'll navigate the labyrinth of insurance claims peppered with humor and arm you with negotiation tactics sharper than a dealership's suit. And if the going gets tough, we might just let you in on why lawyering up could be your best bet in this vehicular Viking funeral. Switching gears, our chuckles continue with a front-row seat to the comedy spectacle that skewered none other than Tom Brady. Celebrities and athletes alike took swings at the football titan's expense, but we'll dissect those zingers with a dose of admiration for the man who can take a joke as well as a Super Bowl ring. Experience the hilarity and poignancy of ribbing one of sports' finest, all while maintaining the finesse of a spiral pass. Lastly, buckle up as we cruise through the tales of 'redneck season,' where the whirlwind of Southern twisters meets the soulful twang of Jelly Roll's redemption songs. From survival stories in the face of nature's fury to the harmonious chords of a man's journey from the pen to the pinnacle of music, we find the silver linings and missing cats along the way. Tune in for this melodic mix of mayhem, memories, and music that keeps our podcasting spirits soaring. Subscribe to 'The Original Canceled Radio Guys' . Go to Support the Show. Email


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Vegas Escapades and Celebrity Estates: Fishing Follies, Fame's Market, and Sin City Stories

Ever found yourself chuckling over the mishaps of saltwater fishing or pondering the complexities of celebrity culture? Chris and Costello here, bringing you an episode straight from Henderson, Las Vegas, with banter as hot as the desert sun. Strap in for a wild ride through our latest escapades, from my daughter's swanky pad to the perils and delights of reeling in stingrays and catfish. We're dishing out candid tales and hearty laughs, plus some insight into why golf is a game best served with a side of humor. Now, things get a tad more thought-provoking when we open up the vault of celebrity memorabilia. Ever wondered what happens to the value of such treasures when a star passes away? We're chatting about the O.J. Simpson effect on the market, our personal takes on the loyalty fans show towards figures like Joe Rogan, and the courtroom snoozefest of a certain political heavyweight. It's an intriguing mixture of fame, infamy, and the peculiar power of a celebrity endorsement. Finally, let's talk Vegas, baby. We share our own weight loss journies against the backdrop of Sin City's highs and lows, from the perplexing frequency of shootings to the sizzle of the local lifestyle. We're also giving you the lowdown on the probate drama that's more gripping than a Vegas show, all while speculating whether we'd dare to crash O.J. Simpson's funeral – for research, of course. Buckle up and join us for this no-holds-barred conversation that's anything but your typical radio show. Subscribe to 'The Original Canceled Radio Guys' . Go to Support the Show. Email


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Promo Lizzo Banned

The peromo was produced and sunbsiquently banned by Spotify for more go to . Support the Show. Email


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Video Ventures and Trump-Stamped Scriptures: Diving into Podcasting Perils, Cosmetic Quirks, and the Melody of Genres

Technical difficulties Audio not the best sorry! Ever wondered what happens when you mix video podcasting, a dash of Botox banter, and the uncharted territory of Trump-branded Bibles? Well, buckle up, because that's precisely the cocktail we're serving this week. We kick things off with a lively discussion about expanding our podcast into the visual realm and the hilarity that ensues when contemplating cosmetic touch-ups post-recording. Trust us, it's not just about looking good; it's about the joy and the chuckles we find in the little things, like the tale of my lone tattoo and its unexpectedly deep significance. Strap in for a raucous ride through satire and sincerity as we conjure up an alternate reality where Donald Trump peddles Bibles with a twist only he could trademark. From there, we share personal stories of my past discomfort with being on camera, reminding us all that what glitters on screen often stems from off-screen jitters. We also get real about the paradox of finding happiness in simple pleasures while still navigating the complex landscape of modern cosmetic expectations. And just when you think you've heard it all, we crank up the volume on our conversation about the ever-evolving music industry. Imagine Beyoncé twanging it up in the world of country music, inviting both applause and raised eyebrows. We dissect the fusion of genres, celebrate diversity in musical expression, and mull over the high-stakes game of speeding tickets and tinted windows. As we wrap up, join us for a candid heart-to-heart on the bold move to video content and its potential to shake up the airwaves on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. You're in for a treat that's as unpredictable as it is entertaining. Support the Show. Email


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Royal Riddles and Real Talk: Kate's Capers, Cancer Clues, and Crunching the Numbers on Finance and Education

Ever wondered what Princess Kate might be up to if she suddenly vanished? We’ve got a wild ride of an episode that takes you through the twists and turns of royal disappearances, complete with a spoof call that’ll have you in stitches! But we’re not all about the laughs; we also get real about the increasing trend of cancer among young people, sharing our own stories of facing the big C head-on as we ponder whether modern lifestyles are to blame. It’s a rollercoaster from the light-hearted to the serious, but we promise it’s worth every minute. Switching gears, we don’t hold back our thoughts on the latest music scene—yeah, we're looking at you, "Bitty Bum Bum." Then, join me as I recount the joys and challenges of distance learning and the quest for a business degree without ever setting foot in Chicago. Money matters take center stage, as we tackle listeners’ concerns with some straight talk on financial management. And who can resist a bit of office drama? This time, Gabe's in the hot seat for skimping on the snack duties. Sit back and enjoy a blend of insightful discussion and cheeky banter that just might leave you seeing the world a little differently. Support the Show. Email


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Monarchy Mysteries and Battlefield Realities: Royal Gossip Debunked, War's Human Toll, and South Carolina's Political Tango

Ever find yourself chuckling at the wild speculations about royal family dramas? Our latest episode takes a jaunty romp through the conspiracy theories that have the tabloids buzzing. We debunk the whispers of King Charles's health woes and Kate Middleton's mysterious retreat from the public eye with our signature blend of wit and skepticism. As we navigate prince scandals and Harry's stateside saga, we're peeling back the curtain on the British monarchy's allure and asking the hard-hitting question: is all this gossip just tinsel on the tree, distracting us from the real issues at hand? War is no game, and in this episode, we juxtapose the raw truths of the battlefield with the entertainment industry's portrayal of conflict. From the lethal mishaps of food drops in war zones to the eye-opening Ukrainian war documentary featured at the Oscars, we're bringing you a conversation that's as enlightening as it is sobering. We don't shy away from contrasting the distressing reality soldiers face with the sanitized violence of video games, offering a poignant reminder of the human cost of conflict that often goes unseen. Politics, humor, and a dash of southern charm - that's what you're in for as we meander through the political landscape of South Carolina. With special focus on Senator Tim Scott and Nikki Haley's dance around the Trump limelight, we examine the shifting tides of voter sentiment and what it means for future ballots. Alongside tales of Pookie, a disenchanted Trump loyalist, we're serving up a smattering of comical quips and podcasting misadventures. Trust us, you won't want to miss the laughs we share over our technical foibles and next week's anticipation for our guest, Selena. It's all here in our melting pot of discourse and humor. Support the Show. Email


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Dreams of Digital Broadcasting Amid Political Satire and Rental Mishaps

Picture yourself caught in the middle of a business deal that's more twisted than a daytime soap opera. That's just a taste of the drama we unpack on today's show as we share the story of a medical practice sale turned upside down by an SBA loan curveball. We'll walk you through the personal dynamics that threw the deal into disarray when a practitioner backed out, thanks to spousal influence, leaving us racing against time to secure a new partner. It's a saga filled with suspense, frustration, and a real-time lesson in negotiation that you won't want to miss. Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Join the club. Today, we recount our 'Absurd Adventure With Car Rentals,' where a quest for a rental ride morphs into a comedy of errors complete with a missing heart monitor and a potential theft. We'll take you on a journey from despair to laughter as we navigate customer service chaos and ponder the mysteries of lost belongings. Plus, we'll toss in a mix of political satire and demographics, revealing some unexpected insights about Trump's support base, all while giving a nod to the creative genius behind the parody anthem mocking the former POTUS. Buckle up, because we're not just spinning yarns about botched business and rental car fiascos. We're also dreaming big about our future on the airwaves. Tune in as we explore the idea of cutting ties with traditional radio to launch our very own internet station, where we can let our Arkansas roots shine and maybe even have a little 'dead air' fun. It's a heart-to-heart about the media landscape and our passion for creating a space that's all our own, regardless of the financial outcome. So grab your headphones and join us for an episode that's as unpredictable as it is entertaining. Support the Show. Email


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**RERUN** Bypass Beats and Political Heat: Costello's Comeback, Cultural Reflections, and the Wit of Survival

Just when you thought heart surgery would keep a good man down, Costello waltzes back into the studio, scar and all, trading his hospital gown for a mic. The rollercoaster of a quadruple bypass couldn't quash his spirit, or his ability to make us chuckle at the absurdity of a close shave with mortality—and the nurses. We zoom from the raw edges of a personal health crisis to the lighter side of life, with a detour through pop culture's landscape where Rolling Stones still reign supreme, and Taylor Swift might just be our next MVP in the Skybox. Of course, life isn't all rock 'n' roll and recovery wards; we also wade into the murky waters of political tides and personal battles with substance abuse, where the stories of public figures like Matthew Perry and O.J. Simpson serve as sobering reminders of the fragility of success. Then there's the global chessboard, where political novelties clash with the age-old turmoil of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we're left to ponder the weight of history and morality on our shoulders. So, grab your headphones and prepare for a trek across a landscape dotted with the unexpected and the profound. From health scares to political flares, we've got stories that will tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone. No guest needed this week; just Chris and I, promising a blend of thoughtfulness, humor, and a smidge of chaos—because what's life without a little unpredictability? Stay tuned, and let's march into the unknown together, one episode at a time. Support the Show. Email


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Political Puzzles and Trump Tower Tales: Diving into Nikki Haley's Campaign, Royal Gossip Games, and a Dash of Satire

Ever found yourself curious about the whispers and whirlwinds of South Carolina's political landscape? Chris and Costello are here to quench that thirst with a fresh episode, where we unpack the perplexing campaign saga of Nikki Haley. Despite lagging in the polls, her war chest of donations is raising eyebrows and plenty of questions. We're serving up our spicy theories on the external forces that might be shaking the political chessboard and consider how the state's economic climate could influence voters at the ballot box. But it's not all serious strategy talk. We'll whisk you away to the glitzy yet controversial corridors of Trump Tower, where the satire is as rich as the decor. I'll spill the beans on my own unnerving stay at a Trump property, all while we navigate the tangle of Trump's financial conundrums, complete with a playful poke at Ivanka's entrepreneurial endeavors. And because we love a good cliffhanger, a technical hiccup will have you guessing what comes next. For a royal wrap-up, we steer into the frenzy of royal gossip, bringing a personal touch to the conversation around Meghan Markle and the media's magnifying glass on her life. We're not just about the news – join us for a hoot with our game show spoof "Who Killed Me?" where we blend the week's headlines with a dash of the absurd. So plant your earbuds firmly in place, and let's embark on an auditory adventure filled with politics, laughter, and a few surprises along the way. Support the Show. Email