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Ep.4 | Girl In Da Corner

Vee's holding you down this week! She jumps straight into What's Popping?! This weeks trends include shoddy logos & #VisaBae. Up next, Vee introduces a new segment; Stripped, where your host gets naked and shares their personal take on a particular subject.Today's topic is Depression & Anxiety: Vee's Experience. Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their song, Traffic Jam. Find more of her work here.


Ep.3 | Goddess of Love

This week, with Ria & Kess being away, Vee is joined by Donald, Laud & Aminat! We play 21 Questions with Aminat (Because finding out random things about new people is fun!) & find out more about her spirituality, her podcast, her art & herbal medicine. Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their song, Traffic Jam. Find more of her work here.


Ep. 2 | Management said whaaaaa...?

The ladies welcome you back to The Other Room! meow meow (1:18)! After a quick rundown of their respective week (3:11), the roomies introduce A NEW SEGMENT!! titled You CAN Sit With Us!! highlighting events you can catch them at in the upcoming week(s) (6:28). For What's Popping, it's period pain, women's football & women empowerment! ✊🏾 (15:17) & for The Sizzler, we talk artist-manager relations in the Ghanaian music industry. Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use...


Ep. 1 | #SugarDemToPamperUs

Welcome to season 2 of The Other Room! TOR 2.0! (0:50) Meet your hosts; Kess, Vee & RiaBoss! We're excited. It's going to be a juicy season (2:20). We give you our mini life updates, then (4:00)...bring on THE SIZZLER!! Are women their own worst enemies? We give our views on an "anti-feminism" group that recently emerged in Ghana & share social media reactions to them & their propaganda (14:43). Listen and share! Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their...


Chopping It Up With Pepper Dem Ministries!!

The ladies of Pepper Dem Ministires stopped by the room to talk all things Pepper Dem with the roommates. We discuss (2:12) how the "ministry" began, (9:32) the origin of their name (11:50), the F Word in Ghana (16:53), the Equality Vs Equity debate, (20:40) being feminist enough & more! Grab a snack. Have a listen! Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their song, Traffic Jam. Find more of her work here.


Class Dismissed

Loads of laughs, shots fired and a little banter as hosts from your favourite GCR podcasts come together to share their thoughts and experiences on what has been a great year at GCR. We also look ahead to season two and talk about our plans in the off season. Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their song, Traffic Jam. Find more of her work here.


Ep. 29 | The One About The Girl Project

The whoop gets sadder (1.02). Cel and Kess are joined by Lael for Yin with a hint of Yang (1.35) to discuss The Girl Project. The roomies delve into the inspiration behind The Girl Project (4.44) and discuss stories with Lael sharing his reactions (32.49). Make sure to check out previous episodes of The Other Room for more Yin with a hint of Yang. Thanks for listening! Song Credit : Special thanks to Adomaa & VI Music for use of their song, Traffic Jam. Find more of her work here.


Ep. 28 | #MeToo: Living Apart Together

Vee, Cel, AJ and Kess are together again on the best podcast ever! Donald tries to intrude, and is shut down (1.06). Vee’s going on holiday to a coded location, whoop (1.30)! Cel begins with the global social media trend #MeToo where men and women shared their sexual assault/harassment stories (2.02). Ghana wasn’t left out, with trotro groping stories amongst others (3.18). AJ dishes on Gabrielle Union’s story in being raped although she was fully covered up (3.57). On a lighter note, Vee...


Ep. 27 | Free The Tatas!

It's a triple delight as guest roommate, Afia joins Kess and Vee to discuss Pinktober and a host of juicy issues (0:44). Two Nigerian teenagers cause a stir on social media (1:24). #StabARapist makes a comeback (8:26) with a few plot twists (9:37). Oh and shout out to Norway for being pure "country goals" (12:10). On Twitter Feelings (15:20), we talk pretty little liars, age gaps and marital deceit (18:36). A certain celebrity makes a controversial comment (22:19) and we've got 10,000...


Ep. 26 | It's Been A Long Ghana Week!

AJ, Kess & Cel welcome you to TOR! Hurry back Vee(1:28)!! AJ announces her great news (congratulations guuuurl!) & the ladies go off on a tangent (4:28). What's Poppin'? Kess starts us off with something positive (7:20), Cel brings up a TOR favourite (11:17), Kess gives us an "all that glitters..." story & the ladies give a PSA on sensitivity. (17:03) On to someone other news...AJ talks Ankara-gate at Paris Fashion Week. On to The Sizzler (27:22)! Cel wonders if ethnicity/tribalism is...


Ep. 25 | "Dear Roommates..."

Lemuel and Cyril join Kess and Vee in the room and they do the whoop (1.00)! Kess takes us straight into what's popping (1.27). For the sizzler, Vee reads an email the roomies received from a listener (17.47) and everyone pitches in to advise her (19.01). There seems to be a consensus on the dilemma (31.00). Another listener email is dissected (32.49) Vee has a Nollywood reference for all of life's situations (39.15) and she shares one. Thanks for listening! See you next week. Song...



It's a full house again as AJ returns for a special #GHPodWeek edition of #GCRTOR (0:27). The Roommates are also joined by Eames and Coffie from the #ForYourConsideration podcast (@ForYourConGH). Get the first-hand scoop on the FYC pod and their upcoming projects, complete with a serving of pancakes (1:35). Eames is bubbling with excitement (5:45) and does a Vee impersonation as he takes the lead on What's Popping (6:10). We talk big wins by Nnedi Okorafor (6:45), British Airways' mega...


Ep. 23 | No More Rape Culture

Vee reveals Cel is high on sugar (0.46) after which Cel suggests the whoop be replaced with “the ting goes skrrrrrrrrrrrrrahpap pap kak kak kak skibidipap pap and a pupubrrrrrrrrrrdoom” (1.26). The ladies share their worst experiences on a date (2.45). We get on with What's Popping , starting with a date involving scooping of poop... awkward! (6.00). Cel shares the scoop on big fashion industries cutting underweight models from shows (22.40). On Twitter feelings, we talk marriage...


Ep.22 | Return of the Whoop!

Kess takes the reins as host this week and manages to revive TOR's signature whoop (0:13). Cel spills the tea on the Mugabe family's misadventures in South Africa (02:00), which lead to some rather extremely unfortunate consequences. Vee rates Mrs Grace Mugabe's presidential chances (4:54) while Cel reviews her academics credentials (5:12). Get the rundown on the alleged assault case at the popular Kona Bar (6:10) and on a Malawian chief championing the cause against child marriage in her...


Ep. 21 | Welcome Back!

Kess is back from her honeymoon! & gives a solitary whoop. We jump straight into Whats Popping (1:55). Cel tells us about a different painting. Art or nah? (8:36) & there are 3 female vice presidents on our continent!! Will the rest of Africa catch up any time soon? Vee is not too hopeful (19:00). Kess gives the latest Otiko Update as street children are the focus of her ministry (23:00). Vee brings up Zimbabwean 1st lady, Grace Mugabe's legal battle (28:35) & Cel issues a TOR Disclaimer...


Ep. 20 | #SaveTheWhoop

Cel and AJ launch a campaign to save the TOR Whoop after Vee proposes to retire the iconic chorus. Sacrilege (0:43)! Hey now --- who got stuffed with what? sips tea (2:03). Cel puts the spotlight on Black Women's Equal Pay Day (July 31) and the ongoing fight for workplace equality (2:30). And what do Timon & Pumbaa have to do with workplace diversity? Turns out, quite a lot (6:47). Hakuna Matata! (PS: Watch out for the TOR mixtape, y'all. Coming to a streaming service near you!) Vee...


Ep. 19 | Wows & Woes

After a week of "adulting" the ladies are back in The Other Room (2:15). Cel tells us about the things that disqualify a woman from joining the Ghana Armed Forces (7:54). AJ was at the recent #MotherOfHeirs concert at the Elle Lokko warehouse, Osu & shares her experience. Shout outs to honorary roomies Dzyadzorm, Adomaa & Poetra Asantewaa (11:20)! Are you on "the gram"? Vee and the ladies applaud Lupita Nyong'o's carefree Comic-Con adventure & highlight the growing interest & recognition...


Ep. 18 | No more Mr. Nice Guy.

The episode opens with Vee and Cel throwing stones at Donald (0.25). The Roomies are joined by the guys from the Unartiste podcast(1.30). Cel discusses the faux wax figure of the Queen Bey at Madam Tussauds (1.59) R. Kelly is up to some weird stuff (10.00),the roomies say no to the grooming (10:20). Boycott R. Kelly? We discuss Issa Rae's thoughts on this (26.16) The gang harmonize on cue. Main topic: Do nice guys finish last? (33.18) What is it about bad guys that's such an allure...


Ep. 16 | The Breadcrumb Trail to Infidelity: Would You Stay?

The roommates are baaack(1:50)!! After wishing Kess well, the ladies jump straight into What's Poppin' (2:19)! Cel takes us to Uganda, where The Ministry for Public Service seems to be taking the term fashion police to a whole other level (6:23). AJ brings to our attention one of the most under reported acts of violence against women, acid attacks! Heartbreaking! Let us breathe for a sec...(15:00) Vee tells us about 3 young Ghanaians being honoured my HRH Queen Elizabeth. Big deal. Harry...


Ep. 14 | Horrible Bosses

After their week in the mancave, the #roommates return to The Other Room with some choice words for the guys (01:02). Hairy musty balls? Ewwww. Cel recalls an interesting conversation with some pals (01:44) and wants to know, “Do women bosses tend to be tougher and harder to please than men?” (02:40). AJ doesn’t think so (03:03) but Kess is not so sure (04:15). Vee says it’s harder for women to be taken seriously (05:27) and thinks people just want to be mollycoddled (07:12). Women are...


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