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Return of The Outliers

We're back with a new, full episode this week! Adam is here and we're catching up on the last couple of weeks and how The Outliers expansion is going. Of course we have some Batman villain news, Birds of Prey movie news, Yakuza video game remakes, Netflix recommendations, and Scarlett Johansson and her no holds barred approach to taking any and every top billed role she can. Plus: Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 hype! Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes:...


Intermission feat. Spider-Man and Jessica Jones

I know we said no episode this week. But hey, here is a mini-sode to keep you all abreast of where we're at with things. Honestly we both felt kinda bad not posting anything up on the feed. So yeah. We'll be back next week with a full episode. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone, have a little Spider-Man and Jessica Jones!


Classic Fanmob Star Trek Episode: A Podcast Divided

Changes are afoot! We are gonna be putting some serious effort into expanding The Outliers to a few more platforms. So July is gonna be exciting! This week is another classic Fanmob episode and we're talking all about Star Trek: Into Darkness. The conversation goes all over the place as we become a podcast divided on what to make of the movie. Very fun show. Hope you guys enjoy! Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies,...


Classic Fanmob Superman Episode: The Man of Steel Premier

We're celebrating Superman this week with another classic throwback episode to our old Fanmob podcast. We're very excited to publish this gem on the Outliers feed because it is the first time we've had our brother in podcasting, the unofficial official third Outlier, the Voice himself, Mr. Jumma Jahdid on the show! We open with a discussion of some of the best Superman stories out there. Then we take the recording to the Man of Steel theatrical premier, where we went through the opening...


E3 2019 Takeaway

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! E3 wrapped and we have our favorite bits of news to share with all of you. So much big news this year that we had to condense it down to the biggest, most exciting announcements. We are very excited to be back at full audio strength with a new podcast equipment setup. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us through last week's phoned in recording. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies, television,...


E3 Hype (With a Little Twist)

Its that time of year again: E3 is happening and video game news will be dropping all this week. We have a bunch of things we'd like to see and Adam is running down the most hyped up games that might make news. Also have a follow up for last week's debate about the DC Universe streaming service following the premier and cancellation of Swamp Thing. Spoiler: It is not looking good for DC Universe. A little heads up is in order for this episode because we had an unfortunate equipment failure...


DC Universe, Take My Money?!

We have a debate for everyone this week! Is DC Universe, the new streaming service for all media DC, worth subscribing to as it is now? Both of the Outliers go head to head as we go over the benefits and the not so benefits and whether its worth taking on another monthly bill just yet. Plus: Death Stranding game play trailer is here and we still don't know exactly what it is. But we're excited for all the sneaking! And there may be a new segment coming to the show... keep your ears here for...


The Outliers Build a Gaming Rig

We're back from last week's hiatus! This week its tech talk as the Outliers build a high end gaming rig and discuss what goes into building a PC. Details on the components and what is right for what you need straight from The Knowledge himself, Adam. We get into a little discussion of the new Batman casting. And end on a pro gamer esports topic: Tfue sues FaZe Clan over an oppressive contract. This and more since we're back behind the mics! Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull...


Classic Fanmob Interview: Local Shop Owner Phil Schlaefer of Comic Collector Shop

Back before there was The Outliers there was The Fanmob Podcast. We had a previous endeavor back in 2012-2013 that produced some really good content. Part of that content was an interview with a local comic book shop owner named Phil Schlaefer. His business, Comic Collector Shop in Sunnyvale, California welcomed your humble hosts in for a live interview with the man himself, Mr. Phil Schlaefer. We covered a lot of ground, from digital comics and the impact they have had on sales to comic con...


Deep Sea Exploration and Twitch Preparation

Slow news week as far as we were concerned so this was a light episode. We have some amazing deep sea science for you to go check out from the folks conducting the Five Deeps Expedition. There was a bit of movie theater drama that we had to deal with in the real world. Then we get into a meta discussion on us getting our shit together to start streaming on Twitch. And of course we had to mention the public dumpster fire that one YouTuber has made for himself.


Mortal Kombat 11 and For Honor on Star Wars Day

Now that Endgame is old news its time to get back to all the juicy new video game stuff that's happening. Mortal Kombat 11 just dropped... and of course, in classic 2019 fashion, there is drama already. Plus: Ubisoft is still bringing it with For Honor and all the holiday surprises and the Star Wars Day content did not disappoint. And we close out with a discussion on Rick Fox and his future with Echo Fox.


Avengers: Endgame with Spoilers

This is it! The Avengers: Endgame episode with all the spoilers, impressions, take aways, likes, dislikes, favorite moments, and future predictions! Been about a decade in the making for this movie. So if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame GO SEE IT FIRST! Then come listen to this episode!


Ultimate Avengers: Endgame Pregame Show

Avengers: Endgame is nearly upon us! So we're bringing you a huge SPOILER FREE Endgame Pregame show filled with the best Thanos theories, detailed analysis of where things stand in the MCU, predictions and hopes, a character recap, and so much more! This week's episode is all you'll need to be ready for the ultimate culmination of Marvel's decade long big screen adventure!


Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Jedi: Fallen Order Announced

It's all Star Wars this week with news out of Star Wars Celebration still dropping as we bring you the biggest announcements so far along with in depth discussions on theories for both Episode IX and Jedi: Fallen Order! Get ready for great things coming from a galaxy far, far away... Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies, television, video games, history, science, technology, PlayStation, Xbox, anime, cartoons, youtube,...


The Batmanless Joker

Starting this one off with some video game hardware and space science talk as we continue with our still nameless opening segment. Then we get all DC on you with a belated birthday wish to the Bat and a speculative discussion on the new Joker trailer that just dropped. Is the whole antihero villain movie here to stay? Looks like it, for better or for worse. Also: Some games are hard and will break you before letting you pass. Sekiro is the latest and some people want an easy mode. Our...


From the Keep: Jordan Peele's Us and More

A very tangential episode this week with spoilers for Jordan Peele's Us, along with a discussion about his statement on casting. Looks like the yet to be named opening segment is sticking around with a couple of new offerings. Then we get into entitled gamers and the effects that 'free first' promotion and Patreon are having on companies, consumers, and promoters alike. Its another long one, so get settled in!


Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 Revealed

There was some incredible news announced at GDC 2019 and we have a huge show covering it: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 has been revealed! We have a huge discussion on the history of Bloodlines 1 and all the news we could find on the announcement of the upcoming sequel. The excitement is high and anticipation is through the roof for this one and it really shines through in this episode! Also we're debuting a new opening segment for the show covering a few of our favorite things.


The Character Captain Marvel

Now that both of us have watched Captain Marvel it's time for a big discussion about the movie, the character, and the potential impact it will all have on Avengers Endgame. This one is feeling like a classic Outliers episode as this looks to be the penultimate MCU entry in the decade long adventure we've been on with our heroes. We have a breakdown of the character Captain Marvel through the years, impressions of Captain Marvel the movie, and a bunch of crazy theories out there about what...


Devil May Cry 5 and Hands On with Galaxy S10 Plus

A potential GOTY contender dropped this week and we have first impressions as well as a little history on the franchise itself: Devil May Cry 5. NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon posed an interesting question on Twitter about future titles gamers would want to see. We're discussing the options he laid out. And on the tech side we're going hands on with one of Samsung's latest flagship phone models, the Galaxy S10 Plus. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes:...


The History of Civilization Goes to the Moon!

Starting off this week's episode with a little science segment. A recommendation on planetary pictures and another mission to the moon. This one will bring a time capsule with tons of human info for future moon people. Also a continued look at how this season's CW DC shows have shaped up. And a look at those Activision/Blizzard layoffs. Who all is gonna be affected and how. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies,...