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Venom Deconstructed

The planets must've aligned because both of the Outliers watched the Venom movie and were ready to give impressions in the same week. Yeah the joke is that we're super busy with different schedules. BUT, great Venom discussion to kick off this episode. Speaking of episodes, we learned that Netflix won't be making any more for the not so Immortal Iron Fist unfortunately. Back half of the show is a follow to the Youtuber/Betterhelp debacle. The rabbit hole does indeed go deeper. Our host...


MCU: Dark Avengers and The Eternals

Marvel fatigue? After learning about the comic book roots of the characters they're talking about in recent news, no fatigue from us. In fact, the potential for another great generation of the MCU is very much there. We're digging into The Eternals. And its quite interesting how they could fit right into the current MCU. We're also looking at the Dark Avengers rosters to see how they could make such a team work and stay true to the comics. Packed show this week! Our host says ITunes...


YouTubers: Accountability in Advertising

This week's episode touches on mental health issues and resources available for those suffering. That being said, the discussion is framed around advertising choices that YouTubers have been making of late. Videos of YouTubers claiming to be "burntout" and "depressed" are all over. Funny thing is, a new sponsor is making the rounds on some of the biggest channels on the platform. And yes, the sponsor claims to offer services for just what all the YouTubers are going through. Coincidence?...


Batman, the Joker, and Tokyo Game Show Highlights

Big things to talk about this week! Batman: Damned dropped with some controversy. And it looks we have a new live action Joker to laud over. Or maybe loathe. Depends on who you ask. But the makeup looks good. Back end of the show we cover a few highlights from Tokyo Game Show 2018 including Devil May Cry 5 and the microtransaction mess, new trailer for the Resident Evil 2 remake, and a few games that we'll have to wait for to release out west here. Our host says ITunes uses this section...


Superhero Shows and Youtuber Woes

Live action superhero shows and movies have had their share of controversies over the years. At their heart though they all aim to please the fans. And being the fans we are, of course we have a lot to say about the next round of offerings. Titans is coming, the Arrowverse is returning and the DCEU is apparently undergoing major cast changes if the rumors are to be believed. On the not so flip side this week we're discussing Youtubeing as a job and the expressed burnout experienced by some...


SCIENCE: Space, Sea, and of course the MCU!

Yeah Spider-Man PS4 dropped, and yeah EW just dropped some Captain Marvel news, and of course we're gonna touch on that. But there are a few very interesting and potentially big scientific stories in the headlines this week. First up is the Mars rover Opportunity. It's been down because of a planet wide dust storm for three months. Will this be the end of the 15 year long journey for the rover? Next is a story more close to home. The Pacific Ocean has a huge pile of plastic garbage floating...


SCUM of the Earth

What do you do when a really fun looking game is coming out and you're hyped to buy it, but you learn of some really questionable things the devs might have done that are actually in the game and being monetized? Well. This unfortunate set of circumstances is what we're talking about this week with Gamepires' new online survival game SCUM. Some fun food for thought coming out of a PAX West about making a good Superman video game. Plus: Doki Doki Literature Club and the Cyberpunk 2077 demo.


I Stream, Therefore I Can

Remember the internet before YouTube was making millionaires? When the big thing was who you were gonna build your homepage with instead of who you're subscribed to? Before Twitch streamers were framing the way social issues were discussed? We do. And it was not so long ago. Alas, now we're in a world where all these things are reality. So whether you like it or not, YouTubers and Twitch streamers are able to insert themselves into the social narrative in way that some would say is negative....


Star Wars Toxicity and Shenmue Remastered

Lately there has been entirely too much bitterness in certain fandoms. Star Wars is the latest in that category. With fans being so vicious that they have caused actors to flee social media rather that subject themselves to the barrage of daily toxicity. Front end of the show is a little discussion/rant about all the negativity being spewed surrounding the new Star Wars stuff thats coming out. Back end of the show is a preview of a video game saga almost 20 years in the making. Shenmue 1 and...


EVO 2018 Aftermath

This week we are digging into and recapping highlights from all the top match-ups from EVO 2018. From Smash Bros to Street Fighter to Dragon Ball FighterZ there is something for everyone. And this year was a controversial one. So there is a lot to cover. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies, television, video games, history, science, technology, PlayStation, Xbox, anime, cartoons, youtube, books, the internet, pop...


Fall Gaming Guide: What Titles to Watch For

Summer is coming to a close. But that doesn't mean there are no more hot video game titles to look forward to. I know... that was a cheesy line... good thing we're just a little podcast and not writing huge headlines huh. THIS WEEK: Which video game titles to keep your eyes on as fall quickly approaches and a wave of sequels is set to hit the shelves. True to form we have a short science segment up front with some exciting news from NASA about the next crew they're sending up and some...


There is actually a Comic Con Wrap Up at the End of This Rant

So much news so litt- oh wait, nevermind. There wasn't much news from San Diego Comic Con this year. But there was some... If you can manage to stay with us until we clear some personal stuff up during the front end of the show we have a nice little wrap up discussion regarding what was news out of Comic Con. We talk Venom, Godzilla, Aquaman, and Grant Morrison on Green Lantern. Also got news about the Fox/Disney merger. So much news... Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull...


The New Shock Jocks: IRL Streamers

Twitch streaming is becoming this generations go to form of online entertainment. When the IRL section launched on Twitch viewers were able to peek inside the lives of streamers doing some pretty weird things. Eventually, some of the stuff became dangerous. And in some cases straight up illegal. There are complaints from all sides: Twitch, the streamers and the viewers. Of course we're wading into the swamp that is IRL streaming this week. Also a short Comic Con segment up front since we...


Watch What You Read: Ethics in Journalism

An article appeared on this week. The headline was 'TotalBiscuit's Legacy And The Collateral Damage of GamerGate.' We have discussed ethics in various areas of pop culture and science. Ethics in journalism-gaming journalism specifically, has been a volatile topic in the recent past. The mere mention of GamerGate in any context can be damning to one's reputation. The article in question this week calls attention to all of these topics-ethics in gaming journalism, TotalBiscuit's...


New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special in SF Preview

We're wrapping up our little examination of Warhammer 40k lore with The Scouring. If you wanna know what happened after the Horus Heresy, we got you covered. At about 39 minutes in we switch gears and begin a preview of the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 special today in San Francisco, California. True to Outliers form HALF of us is gonna be there and this is our rundown of the card!


Warhammer 40k: The Horus Heresy

Ok folks we decided to ATTEMPT a Warhammer 40k episode for your consumption. Now, we are fully aware of the vast scope of Warhammer lore. So narrowing the episode down was gonna be a task in itself, let alone researching the details. Nonetheless, our efforts have resulted in a pretty informative Warhammer 40k primer. Admittedly, it did get pretty bogged down as we trudged through the details of certain events in order to demonstrate the sheer volume of information within the lore. The format...


Designing AAA Video Games and CW Villains

Buried inside of that alphabet soup of a title are two great discussions. The first of which covers the CW's DC universe villains as portrayed in Arrow and the Flash. Are the shows running in circles with their heroes chasing the same old big bads? We talk what direction we'd like to see the shows go in terms of villains. Second half of the show we get deep into what makes a good AAA video game now days. From level design to objective indicators to useless items- many of these are included...


Massive E3 2018 Wrap Up Review

It's becoming a tradition around here that we record a huge episode right after E3 to sum it all up. This year is no different. We have the best post E3 wrap up coverage for you. Dare I say we mention everything that was announced? Just about actually. From Resident Evil 2, to Elder Scrolls 6 its all here. Once again Adam brought the knowledge for ya. There's even a lightning round. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies,...


San Francisco Comic Con 2018

It is yet another Comic Con weekend! This time we're in Oakland for the 2018 San Francisco Comic Con (yes it was in Oakland) and as usual at least half of The Outliers were on hand to meet the creator of Thanos himself, Jim Starlin! This and many more take aways from SFCC2018. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we may talk about comics, movies, television, video games, history, science, technology, PlayStation, Xbox, anime, cartoons, youtube, books,...


San Jose: Become Human

Its a video game grab bag of a show this week as we're discussing the nuances of Detroit: Become Human. Along the way we touch on Jurassic World Evolution, Yakuza, and more. While we're on the subject, Sony announced the beginning of the end of the life cycle of the PS4. What exactly does that mean for console gaming and how can they be so sure? Plus: some short spoilery impressions of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Our host says ITunes uses this section to pull keywords... so here goes: we...